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Can You Buy Steam Gift Cards On Amazon

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In addition to gifting games on Steam, you can now send digital gift cards through email. Gift cards come in predetermined amounts from $5 to $100. You’ll even have the option to include a personalized message to the recipient.

Gift cards can’t be purchased using funds from your Steam wallet you must use PayPal or a credit card. The recipient will have the option to return the gift card, in which case Steam will refund you for the purchase.

There are two ways to buy digital Steam Gift Cards: through the Steam app, or by accessing your Steam account in a web browser. Navigating to the actual purchase is a little different depending on how you go about it, but once you get there, the process is the same.

Buying a digital Steam Gift Card through your Steam account accessed on a web browser is much more user friendly, and we recommend this approach.

Digital gift cards on Steam are a neat idea. But, in addition to being kind of a pain, you have to have been friends for three days, and you cannot use money already in your Steam Wallet.

As mentioned above, you can buy a physical Steam Gift Card. In a hurry and your friend lives far away? Read the number off of the back of the gift card yourself and send it to them in a text or email for them to enter online.

How To Buy Digital Steam Games From Amazon

Suppose you have an Amazon Gift Card or credit on your Amazon account. In that case, you can use it to buy digital Steam games from Amazon, which are delivered to you instantly. This way, you convert your Amazon gift card into Steam games. The idea is that the Amazon Gift Card should be applied to your Amazon account before buying games.

Once that is done, go to or the Amazon site in your country, search for the name of the game you want to buy, and add Online Game Code or PC Code Steam after your keywords. Amazon will show you the results.

Keep in mind that not all games on Amazon are available as digital Steam codes. However, some of them are, like the FIFA 22 Ultimate – Steam PC . As you can see in the screenshot below, the DRM mentioned is Steam, and the platform is PC Online Game Code – Steam. The game you want to buy must have similar wording and references to Steam. When you buy it from Amazon, you receive the activation code that you can paste into Steam.

FIFA 22 Ultimate – The Steam version can be bought from Amazon

There are several pros and cons to buying Steam games from Amazon:

After you have bought a Steam game from Amazon, it is time to activate it on your Steam account. Continue reading to learn how.

Where Can You Buy Steam Gift Cards

Steam gift cards are sold at a number of online outlets.

The easiest place to buy them is directly from the website.

You can either buy a physical gift card or a digital one.

For the online option, all you have to do is to log into Steam, select a Steam Friend and a gift amount and the receiver will see the gift in their Steam wallet.

Gamers can choose how to spend their gift by purchasing games, software or hardware.

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Are There Any Stream Gift Card Scams To Watch Out For

Steam has warned shoppers that there have been reports of fraudsters posing as official agents scamming people into buying Steam Wallet Gift Cards and giving them the codes over the phone.

Steam gift cards can only be activated and used on Steam to purchase video games, software or other Steam products.

If someone contacts you to pay them in Steam gift cards you are most likely targeted by a scammer.

When buying a Steam gift card you need to make sure the number listed on the activation receipt matches the gift card you receive.

Also it would be best to save the purchase and activation receipt until the gift card is redeemed.

Steam Digital Gift Cards

Steam Gift Card $20 USD GLOBAL

Steam is the largest online store for buying games. Much like youd get a digital gift card for iTunes, you can get one for Steam. A Steam gift card can be used to buy games, and to buy other items from the Steam Community Market. They make great gifts if someone you know is looking to buy a major/expensive title that going to be released on or around New Year.

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But Wait Where Can I Buy Digital Steam Gift Cards

Unfortunately, you cant find digital Steam Gift Cards on Amazon or anywhere else other than Steam. The advantages of buying digital Steam Gift Cards are that they are sent instantly and dont cost more than their value. You can also buy a gift card as small as $5 up to a very generous $100.

Buying digital gift cards is done directly from Steam

To buy a digital Steam Gift Card, go to this page on Steam: Digital Gift Cards.

How To Redeem The Steam Wallet Card Or Gift Card

If you have received a physical Steam Wallet Card or a digital Steam Gift Card, copy the corresponding code from it. Then, open the Steam app on your PC, login and go to Games -> Redeem A Steam Wallet Code.

Go to Games > Redeem a Steam wallet code

Paste or type the code on the redeem page, and click or tap Continue to add it to your Steam account.

Enter your Steam wallet code

The Steam Gift Card or Wallet credit is added to your Steam account. If you never used Steam credit on your account before, you may be prompted to enter your address to determine the correct currency. Once all is done, you can purchase any game on Steam.

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Riot Games Prepaid Cards

You can purchase Riot Games Prepaid cards that you can use as Valorant gift cards or in other Riot titles. You can purchase them in the following denominations:

  • $10
  • $50
  • $100

Prepaid gift cards for VALORANT can only be purchased in the United States and Europe. These cards are region-locked, so even if you purchase a card through Amazon, it will not be redeemable in a non-eligible Region. Valorant Points are available globally from multiple online retailers like Codashop. You can see the list of supported retailers from the in-game store in your region.

Buy Steam Digital Gift Cards

How to Buy a Steam Gift Card?

You can buy Steam digital gift cards directly from Steam.

  • Select the denomination of the card you want to buy: $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100.
  • Sign in with your Steam account.
  • If youre buying the gift card for a Steam friend, you can select them from your friends list or enter an email for the person you want to send the gift card to.
  • Enter a message and then enter your credit card information.
  • Once the purchase is complete, the gift card will be sent.
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    Where Can I Trade In My Oculus Quest

    Oculus Quests are great VR gaming platforms, but they eventually require upgrading to newer and better versions. Maybe you have an older model that you want to dispose of and use the proceeds for a current-generation OQ. The following are some of the current top-rated stores to sell your used Oculus Quest.

    You can opt for Swappa, a convenient site where you can list the VR headset for sale and get cash as soon as a buyer accepts it. On this platform, you can get your OQ’s exact worth at the time of sale.

    Alternatively, you can trade it in Techpayout, provided that the device is in good condition. The GreenBuyback site is another excellent place to get an ideal trade. Lastly, you can go for sites like Amazon trade-In or the r/hardwareswap, although it majors in PC parts.

    Amazon lets you sell used but working electronics like your Oculus Quest. The program functions as Amazon’s retail store, where you can upload and submit the Oculus from the app on your mobile.

    The steps are simple and self-explanatory, but you may need to register to make submissions easier. Ensure that you enter the device√Ęs conditions according to the prompts and note that products in poor states will fetch less money.

    Luckily, Amazon can process the transactions in about ten business days. After evaluating your product and getting the exact price it can sell for, you can top up to get enough to purchase an improved OQ from Amazon.

    Where To Buy Steam Gift Cards And Steam Wallet Codes

    The following list features several popular retailers where you can buy Steam gift cards around the world. We have included links to their respective store finders to help make it easy for you if you are searching for Steam gift cards near me.

    This list is not exhaustive as Steam gift cards are available at thousands of stores. However, it should be more than enough to give you a starting point in finding Steam gift cards in stores near you.

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    How To Activate The Games You Bought From Amazon On Steam

    After you buy the Steam game you want, it gets added to your Amazon account as an activation code and a digital order. It can be accessed by opening your and going to Digital content and devices-> Digital games and software.

    Go to Digital games and software in your Amazon account

    Look through the list of items you ordered, find the Steam game that interests you, and look for the Activation Code or Activation Key highlighted below. Copy this activation key and open the Steam app on your PC.

    Copy the activation code for your Steam game

    Go to Games -> Activate a Product on Steam.

    Go to Games > Activate a Product on Steam

    The Steam product activation wizard opens, informing you that you need a product code. Click or tap Next.

    The Steam Product Activation wizard

    Read the Steam Subscriber Agreement, click or tap Next and youre asked to enter the product code. Paste the activation code/key from Amazon, click or tap Next, and then Finish.

    Enter the Activation Code/Key for your game

    The game you bought from Amazon is now in your Steam library and can be installed on your PC.

    Steam Wallet Codes Vs Steam Gift Cards

    Buy steam gift card amazon

    Before we get into the list of stores, it is important to provide a distinction between Steam Wallet Codes and Steam Gift Cards to help you know what to get.

    Steam Wallet Codes are like game activation codes. On the other hand, Steam Gift Cards work like any other gift certificate. Both of these provide ways to add funds to your Steam account. They can also be given as gifts to friends and family.

    You can redeem your Steam Wallet Code or Steam Gift Card for games, wallet credit, software, among other items on Steam.

    Both Steam Wallet Codes and Steam Gift Cards are sold at these stores and online.

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    Can You Purchase Valorant Gift Cards From Any Region

    Digital gift cards are sold globally while physical gift cards are sold only in specific regions. You cannot purchase a code from one region and use it in a different region. For example, if you are purchasing a Valorant gift card from Amazon, make sure you access your local Amazon website instead of unless you are in the US.

    Remember that the Valorant gift cards are PC-Only and are region locked, meaning if you purchase a card in Australia or New Zealand, that card will only be redeemable on the OCE server. Similarly, if you purchase a card in the United States or Canada, the card will only be redeemable on the NA server.

    Gameflip Is The Safest Way To Sell Steam Gift Cards For Cash

    Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted Steam gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

    Your Steam gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell Steam gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your Steam gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

    Simply list your Steam gift cards using our website or our free mobile app. We recommend choosing auto-delivery for fastest and smoothest transaction. After the buyer receives your git card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time.

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    What Can You Do With A Steam Gift Card

    4.3/5Steam cardgift cardcanSteamSteam cards can

    Similarly one may ask, what can a steam card be used for?

    Steam cards are just like any other gift card. Once redeemed, they can be used to buy stuff on steam, such as games, DLC’s and cosmetics. Just go over to where gift cards are sold, and buy it. Then activate it on steam.

    Additionally, can Steam cards be converted into cash? There is no official website or way to convert a Steam gift card, a stored value money card into cold hard cash. But there are always alternatives. Perhaps ask your friends or family if they would want to trade with you. But as for now, there is no official way you can do that.

    Hereof, what can I buy with a steam gift card?

    Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes work just like gift certificates, which can be redeemed on Steam for the purchase of games, software, and any other item you can purchase on Steam. You can find Steam Gift Cards and Wallet Codes at retail stores across the world in a variety of denominations.

    Can you give someone money on steam?

    You can now put money directly into your friendsSteam Wallets. A new gifting service called Steam Digital Gift Cards is now available on Steam. To send them, log into your Steam account and head to the Digital Gift Cards page. Select your amount, from $5 to $100, and the recipient.

    Valorant Gift Cards: How To Purchase Valorant Points And Redeem Them

    • You can purchase Valorant gift cards to send to your friends or redeem on your account to unlock cosmetics or purchase the battle pass.
    • Currently, physical gift cards are sold only in the US but there are Valorant Points recharge services available officially from many online retailers globally.
    • You cannot redeem gift cards from a different region in your region and there is no way to convert the currencies like Steam gift cards either.

    Valorant gift cards are available at a number of online and retail stores but you should be careful about which places you can trust. There is an official list of retailers that Riot Games has partnered with and you should never purchase codes from any other source. There are no exclusive Valorant gift cards available with Riot Games unifying their League of Legends prepaid cards into Riot Gift Cards that can be redeemed for League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics, Legends of Runeterra and Valorant. There are official Valorant Points sellers as well like Codashop that let you top up your account at the same price as the games in-game store. Here is a quick rundown of which stores you can trust to purchase Valorant gift cards.

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    What Are The Dangers Of Stream Cards

    Sadly gift cards are the main targets for scammers and gift card fraud can leave merchants vulnerable to damaging chargebacks from the credit cards that were originally used to purchase them.

    Consumer watchdog Which? has urged shoppers to reconsider buying gift cards after a survey found that one in 10 people had received a gift card for a retailer that collapsed during the pandemic.

    A survey of 2,000 consumers found 7% received a gift card for a retailer which has collapsed since March 2020.

    The data suggested that almost two fifths of these shoppers were unable to spend the full balance of their voucher Рwith an average of £25 left unspent.

    Valorant Gift Cards Supported Retailers

    Here is a non-exhaustive list of officially recognized retailers listed by Riot Games. There are other retailers that offer cards officially but we recommend reaching out to Riot Games Support to confirm if they are officially partnered with the studio before making a purchase.

    • Amazon
    • Electronics Boutique
    • Couche-Tard

    Upon purchasing your cards, remember to keep the card and the store receipt until you are able to verify that you have successfully redeemed the card. If any error occurs with the redemption process, your card and store receipt will be required by the Valorant support staff.

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