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Can You Gift Ps Plus

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Psn Plus Gift Card Faq

Most orders will be approved and sent within a few minutes of your purchase. If it is your first time ordering, and depending on the method of payment you choose, it is possible we will need some extra time to process your first order.

Once youve redeemed your PSN card to your account, you will have full access to all the content on the US Playstation store including games, add-ons, upgrades as well as movies and TV shows.

The card can be used only on the US PlayStation Store. You should also have a valid PSN Store account. Once you redeem the card, your PlayStation Wallet will be loaded with the cash value of the card. You can then use the cards as you wish.

Yes! You can redeem this card from any country, but you will need a PSN account registered to the United States. You can easily register your own US PSN account in under five minutes.

Your information is not stored on any servers, which keeps it 100% private. Using a Playstation gift card to make purchases on the Playstation store guarantees protection of your personal identity.

Redeem PSN gift card on your PS4/PS3 System:

  • Click the Store Icon on your system home screen.
  • At the bottom of the menu select Redeem Codes.
  • Enter your PSN gift card code and select Continue.
  • Agree to the Terms of Service and Continue again.
  • Redeem on a Playstation Vita

  • Enter Playstation Store from the Vita home screen.
  • Login to your PSN account.
  • Select the Redeem Codes icon.
  • Enter your 12-digit PSN gift card code and click Next.
  • Combine Your Ps4 Ps Plus Cards For Over A Year Of Ps Plus

    by GabrielKross

    If you’re like me, you received at least two different PS Plus codes with your PS4. The first thing I wanted to know when I looked at them: do they add up? I had a seven-day, a 30-day and a 12-month code. So I figured, why not test it?

    I went in to the Playstation Store and entered my seven-day code. It said a bunch of stuff about automatic fund transfers if it expired when I entered the code. Nothing about whether additional trials/membership codes stacked. Afterwards, I entered in the 30 day trial. Again it gave me the automatic funds transfer information.

    To check the status of my subscription, I had to go into settings. From there, I went to PSN, account information, services list, and PS Plus. Note: the menu you are at now shows subscription status of the highest subscription you’ve activated. This menu will not show you the total time you have remaining on PS Plus. To see time remaining, click the PS Plus option below your subscription details. All the time you have activated is added together and displayed on this menu.

    Activate all your codes some have expiration dates, it would be silly to let them expire.

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    What Is Playstation Network

    PlayStation Network is an online gaming service that distributes entertainment media content. Although it is primarily available through the PlayStation 4 console, it can also be found on Sony tablets, TVs and such. If you have a PlayStation 4, the access to Playstation Network is free and it offers access to Entertainment Apps and PlayStation Video. That being said, you will be able to use media streaming services like Youtube and have access to free-to-play games. Signing up to and using the PlayStation Network is free, however, there is a paid subscription option called PlayStation Plus that adds a number of beneficial features.

    Simple Way To Activate Ps Plus

    Can You Gift Games On Playstation 4

    The main code activation mechanism is the same when you sell a PlayStation Plus card or a PSN gift card. To redeem PS Plus codes, follow the steps outlined below. Remember that in EZ PIN we have a huge selection of PlayStation gift cards that can be used to help your customers raise the amount of money in their PSN account. Of course, PSN is a fantastic service network, but it lacks the enhancements and juicy rewards that come with a PlayStation Plus subscription, so if you want to give the full capacity of the PSN service or PS console, guide your customers to buy PlayStation Plus gift card!

    How to activate PS Plus code?

    • Create a PSN account for Sony Network Entertainment
    • On the PS4 or PS5 console home screen, choose the PlayStation Store icon
    • Pick Redeem Codes at the bottom of the PlayStation Store menu
    • Enter the main code that was emailed to you or you sent it to your customers
    • On the dialog box, choose Continue
    • To approve the terms and services pop-up, choose Confirm
    • Select Continue to finish activating PlayStation Plus code

    For more information, please contact us or fill the form.

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    Fast Secure Digital Delivery

    137,282 customers in 248 countries including United States

    I love all the exclusive content that is available on the PSN Plus network. Every month they give me new games to try for absolutely no cost!

    Boris R.

    I found out my PSN Plus subscription had expired at 2 in the morning on a weekend. I found MyGiftCardSupply and placed my order and had the code in under a minute! Thank for this amazing service!

    Oliver L.

    I love playing the free trial games on the PSN Plus network, as well as playing with my cousin who lives in Germany. I highly recommend this service to all my friends and family!

    Isabella B.

    Get Access To Exclusive Psn Plus Content

    Did you know when you are part of the PSN Plus network, Playstation actually gives you access to exclusive content that otherwise isnt available? With a PSN Plus subscription you get access to free games, exclusive discounts, and private trials to upcoming games!

    If you need to purchase a PSN Game you will need to use a PSN Gift Card. Stay on top of all the new exciting things in the online gaming community with a PSN Plus subscription!

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    Playstation Network Refund Policy

    Even if you have never regretted purchasing a game for your PlayStation console, you may be in a situation to rethink that PlayStation Plus or Now subscription. Buying or renting a bad movie over PlayStation Video might motivate you to check what your options for getting your money back are.

    With so many products available on the PlayStation Network, things can get confusing. The first thing to remember is that you cannot initiate a refund request on your console. You will have to use a browser on your computer or your smart device.

    Stay Subscribed To Ps Plus

    How to redeem PlayStation Plus cards into your PS4

    Dont miss out on any of your PS Plus monthly games, discounts or online multiplayer access with the Automatic Renewal feature.

    • When you join PS Plus, the Automatic Renewal feature is switched on by default, meaning youll automatically pay for a new membership period when your current one expires. You can switch Automatic Renewal on or off from the PS Plus hub on your PS4 console or from your Sony Entertainment Network account page on any web browser.
    • If you prefer to switch Automatic Renewal off, you purchase a new subscription or add more time to an existing subscription period from the web, or in store by purchasing a PS Plus gift card.

    1Subscribers must have an account for PlayStationNetwork with access to PlayStation®Store and high-speed internet. PSN, PS Store and PS Plus subject to terms of use and country and language restrictions PS Plus content and services vary by subscriber age. Users must be 7 years or older and users under 18 require parental consent, except that users in Germany must be 18 years or older. Online features of specific games may be withdrawn on reasonable notice – Certain restrictions may apply to game downloads. PS Plus is an ongoing subscription with a recurring subscription fee which is charged automatically at the frequency you choose at purchase until cancelled. Full terms apply: see PSN Terms of Service and PS Plus Usage Terms at

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    Playstation Refund Requests Dont Work For Every Product

    The PlayStation refund policy might be strict, but if you pay attention to the dates of your purchase, you will get your money back. While this applies to games and most of the other digital content, there are some situations where a refund request will be declined automatically:

  • PSN top-upsIf you put money in your PlayStation Network wallet, you can either spend it or say goodbye to it. The PSN Cancellation Policy strictly states that funds added to your wallet are non-refundable
  • Change of online IDMany users waited a long time for the day when changing online IDs would be possible. Now that you can do it, only the first change comes at no cost. All other changes are charged $9.99 , and they are non-refundable
  • Purchases made outside of PlayStation StoreIf you buy gift cards, voucher codes for certain games, or vouchers to top up your PSN wallet from a third-party retailer, PlayStation wont issue a refund for those items
  • How To Buy A Digital Copy Of A Ps4 Or Ps5 Game For Your Friend

    Unfortunately, you technically can’t gift a digital copy of a game anymore, on PS4 or PS5. While this used to be an option, it’s no longer possible. Now, if you want to give a digital game to a friend, you’ll want to send them a PlayStation Store gift card so they can buy the game themselves. It’s far from ideal, but it’s the only real option. You can buy someone a physical game, but then you’ll have to ship it to them, and they can’t play it if they are using a PS5 Digital Edition. While inconvenient, if you truly want to buy a game for someone without them, a physical copy will be your only option.

    Fortunately, if this is truly the way you want to do it, Sony continues to produce physical copies of all its first-party games from Sony Worldwide Studios and major third-party titles from other companies. All of the best PS5 games will be available physically and digitally for the foreseeable future.

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    Where Can I Redeem My Psn Card Code

    You will have immediate access to the PSN Card code which you can then redeem on your Playstation Network account, or you can gift it to a friend. Games, all digital games available on the Playstation store for the following devices: Fortnite the worlds most popular online multiplayer game is available on Playstation.

    Gift Them Playstation Store Gift Cards

    Save $11 On This $50 PlayStation Gift Card

    Going full James Bond to purchase a game as a gift may end up being too overwhelming. If thats the case, you can easily buy them a PlayStation Store gift card and call it a day.

    Note that there are a total of seven PlayStation Store gift cards, and most recent triple-A titles cost around $70. If you have a game in mind, find out how much it goes for on the PlayStation Store and match its price with gift cards.

    Here are all the PlayStation Store gift cards:

    • $10
    • PlayStation Plus: Three-month membership
    • PlayStation Plus: 12-month membership
    • While PS Plus purchases wont include any recent triple-A titles most of the time, the subscription gifts two free games to users every month. This means that if you were to get a three-month PS Plus membership to someone, youd essentially get them six mystery games.

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    What Is Playstation Plus

    At this point, you might be wondering what exactly PlayStation Plus is and if its worth buying.

    PlayStation Plus is a subscription service offered by PlayStation that allows online multiplayer access, free monthly games, 100GB of online storage, and exclusive discounts on the PlayStation store.

    Lets dig deeper into each of these benefits to understand how they work.

    How To Gift Games On Your Ps4 Using A Playstation Store Cash Card

    1. Purchase a PlayStation Store Cash Card in the amount of your choice. These gift cards can be purchased at various retail locations and on the PlayStation website.

    2. Physically give your friend the gift card or simply the card’s digital code.

    3. Your friend can redeem the gift card in the PlayStation Store using their PS4 console. From the PS4’s Home screen, navigate to the “Settings” tab on the upper right part of the screen and press the X button.

    4. Navigate to “Account Management” and press X. Then, select “Account Information” and press X.

    5. Select “Wallet” and press X, then select “Add Funds” and press X.

    6. Select “Redeem Codes and Gift Cards” and press X, then use the controller to enter the code listed on the gift card itself. When you are finished, select “Continue” and press X.

    Your friend should now be able to access the funds you gifted to them via the PlayStation Store Cash Card.

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    Vale A Pena Assinar O Playstation Plus

    Tal qual no Xbox Live Gold, só é possível jogar jogos multiplayer online sendo assinante do PlayStation Plus. Portanto, se você tem interesse em jogar com seus amigos ou desafiar outras pessoas pela internet, só por este motivo já vale a pena assinar o PlayStation Plus.

    As outras vantagens oferecidas podem ser interessantes se você deseja economizar um pouco mais em compras digitais na loja da Sony. Em quase todas as promoções, assinantes do PS Plus têm descontos maiores do que os não assinantes.

    Por último, é sempre bom receber jogos gratuitamente todos os meses. Porém, nem sempre a qualidade dos jogos oferecidos agradam a todos os jogadores. Há meses em que são dados jogos conhecidos, como Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain, e até exclusivos, como Bloodborne, mas também há meses em que são oferecidos apenas jogos menores, indies ou não tão populares.

    O resgate dos jogos gratuitos fica disponível por tempo limitado. Após expirado o prazo, não é possível adicioná-los à sua conta. No entanto, enquanto você for assinante, sempre haverá o próximo mês com novos jogos grátis, que geralmente são anunciados no mês anterior.

    How To Gift Games To Friends On Playstation 5


    People that gift games are the best kind of friends.

    The PlayStation 5 is the ultimate gift for any PlayStation fan.

    Getting one for your loved ones may end up being more challenging than one would expect, however, since the demand for the console is through the roof. Most retailers are struggling to keep up with pre-orders. Just like during the launch period of previous consoles, scalpers are going rampant, and its certainly less than ideal to pay two times the price of a regular PS5.

    Whether your giftee already has a PS5 or is playing the waiting game to purchase it from a retailer, you can still gift them games. This allows them to jump straight into the action when they get their console or lose themselves in an epic story right away if they already have a PS5.

    The launch period aside, gifting games is one of the best ways to make a console owner happy since a triple-A title can cost around $70 and buying them separately can slowly add up. You dont have to think about a theme either while getting a game, since a quick Google search to see the new releases and how hyped they are should be more than enough to make a decision. Youll be the cool gifter of each birthday, special occasion, or anniversary by gifting games.

    Heres how you can gift games for that PS5 user on your shopping list.

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    What Is The Price Of Playstation Plus

    The price of a PlayStation Plus subscription varies based on the length of the subscription. You may also see the prices reduced during sales like Black Friday and around Easter time.

    Below youll find a table that summarizes the cost of each PlayStation Plus subscription in 3 regions .


    Gameflip Is The Safest Way To Sell Psn Gift Cards For Cash

    Gameflip is the simplest way to sell unwanted PSN gift cards for cash. You can sell any unused, prepaid and non-reloadable gift cards on Gameflip. Popular gift cards on Gameflip are Steam cards, PSN, Xbox Live, Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play cards.

    Your PSN gift card will be listed in front of the thousands of buyers participating in the marketplace. To sell PSN gift cards quickly, set the price between 2% and 15% off the original amount. Depending on the popularity of your PSN gift cards, you may need to adjust the asking price to attract buyers.

    Simply list your PSN gift cards using our website or our free mobile app. We recommend choosing auto-delivery for fastest and smoothest transaction. After the buyer receives your git card code, redeems and completes the transaction by rating, the sale proceeds are immediately deposited into your Gameflip wallet. You can choose to withdraw your sale proceeds any time.

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    Playstation Plus Gift Card

    As we mentioned at the start of the article, the best way to get PlayStation Plus without a credit card is by purchasing a PlayStation Plus gift card.

    You can buy these digitally online or in physical form in stores like Gamestop etc.

    Once youve bought your PlayStation Plus gift card, simply enter the code into the PlayStation Stores Redeem Codes section.

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