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Can You Pay Spotify Premium With Gift Card

How Do I Pay For Spotify With Digi

How to Redeem & Use Spotify Gift Card Online 2021?
  • Open Spotify or go to Select the premium plan you want and choose to pay by mobile.
  • You can get YouTube Premium by clicking Get YouTube Premium under the Account icon in the YouTube app.
  • On, log in to your Garena account and select Digi Direct Billing.
  • Ways To Get Spotify Premium For Free Forever

    In this part, we’ll offer 100% working methods to get Spotify premium free on Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. These solutions include being a part of someone’s family plan, registering multiple free trial accounts, downloading Spotify mod, and installing Spotify++ with an installer app.

    Remember, we’re trying to use all the premium features without paying, not just removing the ads. So, if someone tells you to install some apps to block the ads on Spotify, don’t listen to them. You can get more than that.

    Understand The Gift Cards Fine Print

    There are several rules to be aware of if youre purchasing a Spotify gift card for someone.

    • You can only buy a gift card for someone living in the same country. So if your brother will be redeeming his Spotify gift card in England, and you purchase the gift card in Kentucky, your brother will be out of luck.
    • Even though there may be other stores selling Spotify gift cards through the Amazon website, make sure you only purchase them through the official Amazon retailer. You may be able to find a gift card at a local retailer as well.
    • The online gift card that you purchase from Amazon cannot be used for family or student subscriptions. This is not clearly stated when purchasing the gift card, and many online reviewers gave the Spotify gift card scathing reviews because of this.
    • Make sure you know what you are purchasing. Gift cards for Spotify premium through Amazon cannot be returned.

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    Is It Worth To Subscribe Spotify Premium

    Spotify Premium: Is it worth it? ? A Spotify Premium subscription is a brilliant purchase if you use Spotify more often than once per month. one digital album per month, you get high-quality music, the ability to download a song to your phone , and you dont have to deal with interruptions from ads.

    Visit Amazon Or A Local Retailer

    Spotify Premium Gift Card 10

    For some crazy reason, you cannot buy a Spotify gift card from their website. We know this doesnt make any sense, and there is no explanation for it to be found.

    Since you are unable to buy a gift card at, you either need to or visit a local retailer that sells gift cards. The Spotify website gives nebulous help, saying that the cards are available at counters of selected stores, and theyre available in most larger markets. There is not a link that lists those selected stores, nor is there a description to explain what constitutes a larger market.

    A quick look shows that the gift cards can be purchased in increments of $60 but keep reading before clicking the Buy Now button.

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    How To Pay For Spotify Premium Outside The Us

    Spotify, like most services, is available in both free, and paid version. You can listen to the free version of Spotify from anywhere in the world by using a VPN or pay $9.99 per month. You, not only get ad-free music but also, the ability to listen to high-quality music and download it on your system.

    But what really bugs me in the free version, is not having the option to jump tracks, which is why I decided to try Spotify Premium, only to find out, Spotify premium is not available in my country due to distribution rights.

    It turns out, if Spotify is not officially available in your country, you also cant enjoy its ad-free premium version. For example, you can get the free version of Spotify in India by using a VPN, however, if you want to sign up for Spotify premium of US, youll need the US credit card or a Paypal account of that country.

    But fortunately, there is always a way. I was finally able to get Spotify premium even though its not officially available in my country. Lets find out.

    Join Someone’s Spotify Family Plan

    Spotify gives users four options when choosing premium plans. If you’re not a student, there’re only three options. One of them is the family plan, which includes six premium accounts. If you happen to know a friend or a family member who purchased the family plan, just ask him/her to invite you as one of the six family accounts.

    This method is much simpler than the above three, but the premise is you have a family member or a friend who will help you. And there’s one disadvantage, you’ll get a family-mixed playlist that includes all the music played by the members of this family plan, including yours. That means a little lack of privacy. But you saved the money. Just weigh and balance by yourself.

    Pros & Cons of Joining a Family Plan

    • * Advantage: No need to take operation in person
    • * Disadvantage: Passive choice, rely on others
    • * Available on: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android

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    Spotify’s Terms & Conditions For Gift Cards Egift Cards Premium Codes And Pins

    Throughout this document: Residents of Québec means residents of Québec who enter into a contract to which the Consumer Protection Act applies.

  • The “Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use”, which can be found at, form part of these Card Terms. The Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use may include terms and conditions in respect of the collection and use of personal data, general provisions regarding the services offered by Spotify, choice of law, mandatory arbitration and venue.
  • The Card is redeemable for full price standalone Premium subscription months only and cannot be redeemed for discounted or group subscriptions .
  • Not Applicable to Residents of Quebec: The Card cannot be redeemed for cash or credit and cannot be returned or resold .
  • In order to redeem the Card, you must have or register for a Spotify account in the country where the Card was purchased. In order to use or register for a Spotify account you must comply with the applicable age requirements set out in the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use.
  • To redeem, please visit
  • The Card is a single-use card: the full face-value for an individual account is deducted at redemption and no incremental redemption or credit is permitted.
  • The Card is provided by Spotify AB, registration number 556703-7485, with the address Regeringsgatan 19, 111 53 Stockholm, Sweden .
  • For assistance and questions regarding Cards, go to
  • Terms And Conditions Spotify Gift Card Uk

    How to enable Spotify Premium Using Gift Card and Cellular data

    At it’s not only possible to top up phone credit for several providers within 30 seconds, you can also purchase game vouchers and entertainment vouchers. The checkout process is safe and reliable. After a successful payment, you will immediately receive an email or text containing your voucher code.

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    How To Get A Spotify Yearly Subscription

    I always try to keep my monthly subscriptions to a bare minimum to save money. Working from home, Spotify is one of those things I have running almost 24/7. In 2020, I listened to over 62,000 minutes of music. Synthwave especially helps me write and gets my creative juices flowing. Check out below how to get a Spotify yearly subscription and save over $32 a year.

    Spotify Premium On Iphone And Ipad

    Similarly, to get Spotify Premium on iPhone, you need to change your App Store to the US, to download the Spotify App.

    To do that go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Your Apple ID > View Apple ID. Log in to your Apple ID, by typing in the password. Now, you should see the option to change the country.

    Now, tap on Country/Region > Change Country or Region.

    From the drop-down list choose the United States. A new window will open the tap on Agree on top right to save changes.

    You will have to fill in a billing address and tap on Next to continue.

    Again, just like we did with the Android, turn on your VPN and switch to the US server and log in.

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    Electronic Gift Cards For Spotify Premium

    The quickest and easiest path for gifting Spotify is an electronic gift card that you can email to your recipient. You can find Spotify eGift cards online at Target, NewEgg, Kroger and PayPal usually in amounts of $10, $30, $60.

    If you’re wondering how far a gift card will go, you should know that Spotify Premium costs $9.99 a month. You can’t use a Spotify gift card toward a discounted $4.99-a-month Spotify Student plan, however, or the $14.99-a-month Spotify Family plan.

    More fine print to keep in mind:

    • Gift cards are valid for 12 months from date of purchase.
    • Spotify gift cards can only be redeemed on Spotify accounts registered in the same country where they were purchased.

    How To Gift Someone Spotify Premium: Step

    [100% Original] Spotify Gift Card for Premium for one ...

      Cake values integrity and transparency. We follow a strict editorial process to provide you with the best content possible. We also may earn commission from purchases made through affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases. Learn more in our affiliate disclosure.

      Are you looking for a unique and thoughtful gift idea that anyone would love? Why not purchase a Spotify Premium account? This is the perfect present to give someone as a birthday or Christmas gift, but you may even consider it for those occasions when the perfect gift eludes you. Who doesnt like music? For example, the gift of ad-free music would be great for someone who is undergoing chemotherapy, or it could be used as a get well gift for someone recovering at home.

      Jump ahead to these sections:

      Ordering subscription services online is sometimes tricky. You want the recipient to be in control of the account, so you dont want to open the account in your name. At the same time, privacy protocols, passwords, and two-step authentication sometimes make it difficult to maneuver through technology.

      Let us help walk you through the steps of purchasing a Spotify Premium Account for someone else.

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      Get A Spotify Yearly Subscription

      Apple Music lets you buy a yearly subscription. Spotify only lets you subscribe per month. But the great news is that they do accept Spotify gift cards. You can buy a 12-month Spotify Premium $99 gift card on Amazon and effectively get a year subscription.

      The Spotify card is currently out of stock at Amazon. But you can still buy it at GameStop.

      Pay For Spotify Premium Outside Of The Us

      So, this is how you get Spotify Premium from anywhere in the world. In my opinion, Spotify Premium is one service thats worth paying for, especially if you listen to music every day. The downside is of this method is, youll have to buy a gift card to renew your subscription. But if you like the service, its worth it.

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      Why Purchase A Spotify Premium Prepaid Subscription

      Because a prepaid subscription does not renew automatically, it makes it easier to control your spending. It also makes it easier to give Spotify Premium to your loved ones as a gift. Let them enjoy personalized playlists, ad-free, high-quality listening and unlimited downloading of their favorite tracks. Just add one of the free gift card templates we offer, write a personal message, download it, and print! Consider adding an iTunes Gift Card for even more media streaming and download options. Why stop at music? Maybe add a for those game enthusiasts!

      Can I use this gift code when I already have a Spotify Premium account?

      A Spotify gift subscription stacks upon an existing subscription. At the end of the prepaid period, your regular payment method will be used again to pay for your membership. Or simply keep using prepaid cards to pay for your premium membership!

      Spotify’s Terms & Conditions For Gift Cards Egift Cards Subscription Cards Premium Codes Pins And Similar Items

      How to redeem Spotify gift card?

      The following Spotify Gift Card Terms and Conditions describe the terms and conditions that apply to use of Spotify Gift Cards, eGift Cards, Subscription Cards, eCards, Premium Codes, PINs and similar items . This Agreement is between you, the Cardholder, and Spotify USA Inc. . By purchasing, accepting or using a Card, you agree to be bound by this Agreement. If you do not agree with this Agreement, do not purchase, use or accept the Card.

      IMPORTANT: This Agreement includes resolution of disputes by arbitration instead of in court and a class action waiver.

      1. Spotify’s Terms and Conditions of Use Incorporated

      The “Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use“, which can be found at , are hereby incorporated into this Agreement. The Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use may include terms and conditions in respect of the collection and use of personal data, general provisions regarding the services offered by Issuer and/or Spotify, choice of law, mandatory arbitration and venue. In the event of any conflict between this Agreement and the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use, this Agreement will govern.

      2. Types of Cards

      3. Issuance of Cards Unauthorized Sellers or Resellers

      4. Card Redeemable Only for Premium Subscriptions Cannot Be Used in Conjunction With Any Discounts

      5. Card Not Refundable or Redeemable for Cash

      The Card is not refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash, and has no cash value, except as required by law.

      13. Fraud

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      How Can I Get A Free Spotify Gift Card

      Earn Free Spotify Gift Cards

    • Sign Up & Login. Quick sign up and login to earn free gift cards of your choice.
    • Earn Points. Earn points by completing offers or completing simple tasks.
    • Redeem Points. Redeem your points in exchange for free gift card and money.
    • Get a Reward. Get rewarded with free gift cards by exchanging your points.
    • Better Than Spotify Premium Free Spotikeep

      In the next part, we’ll introduce you to some methods like joining a friend’s family plan, using a Spotify premium mod, or installing Spotify++. However, these solutions are not ultimate. You may get a free Spotify premium with no ads, unlimited skips, and music download feature, but the songs you download from Spotify will still be encrypted as Ogg Vorbis â an audio format you can’t possess. That means you can’t play the music on other apps.

      What if you can enjoy something better than Spotify’s premium features? For example, to convert Spotify to audio formats that can be played on other music players? SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter can help you with that.

      SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter is a professional and powerful tool to download and convert Spotify music, playlists, and albums to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, etc., without Spotify premium accounts. Follow this step-by-step instruction to set you free from Spotify premium!

      Step 1. Free download and install SpotiKeep Spotify Music Converter. Windows and Mac versions are both available.

      Step 2. Run Spotify and find the song, album, or playlist you want to download. Right-click on it, then go to “Share”> “Copy Song Link” or “Copy Spotify URL”.

      Step 3. Launch the converter, paste the URL on the blank bar, and click “Add File”. Now you’ll see the music track appearing on the interface.

      NOTE: You can also add music to SpotiKeep Converter by simply dragging and dropping.

      Pros & Cons of SpotiKeep

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      Best Vpn For A Cheap Spotify Premium

      VPNs are increasingly popular as internet users demand anonymity and safety from online threats. With the marketplace crowded with various VPN providers, youll want to choose the right one to access a cheap Spotify Premium.

      The VPN must have no DNS-leak issues to guarantee that the Spotify VPN server identifies your device as connecting from the virtual VPN server. Also, youll need a VPN that has an extensive network of servers, particularly in countries where the subscription fee is cheaper.

      Of course, youll want the VPN to be secured by industrial-grade encryption and offer reasonable connection speeds. These VPNs meet all the requirements and will serve you well in getting a cheap Spotify Premium.

      How To Redeem Spotiy Gift Card

      Can You Use An Itunes Gift Card For Spotify Premium ...
      • To recover your Spotify gift voucher basically follow the means beneath:
      • Sign in to
      • Enter the code we shipped off your email.
      • Great to know: The gift voucher is applied to your membership installments beginning your next installment date. Your installments proceed typically later the full gift voucher sum is spent.

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      Make Sure The Person Receiving The Gift Knows How To Redeem It

      Before you purchase, you may need to ask the recipient if he or she currently has a Spotify subscription. Buying a gift card may complicate things for the person if he or she is already a customer. It may be especially challenging to manage if the recipient has a family or student subscription. After all, you want a thank you notenot a series of irritated texts about how your present was a pain.

      Here are some other things you might want to let your recipient know about the gift.

      • Premium subscriptions can only be purchased for up to 18 months at a time.
      • Spotify gift cards are only valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.
      • You must have an account with Spotify to redeem the gift card. Open an account at

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