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Can You Use Amazon Gift Card For Kindle

Add Your Amazon Gift Cards To Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire HD – How to Redeem an Amazon (Kindle) Gift Card | H2TechVideos

You can use any of your available Amazon gift cards to shop for books and apps for your Kindle Fire. It doesnt matter whether your Amazon gift cards are marked as Kindle gift cards or not. Since Kindle is an Amazon service, you can use all of them.

You have two options for adding these cards to your Kindle account. The first is to add them directly on the Kindle, and the second to add them through Amazons website.

  • If you want to add your card directly to your Kindle Fire, you need to go through the Settings menu. Simply swipe down and tap on More.
  • After that, select Applications and tap on Appstore.
  • Once you have done that, you should find and tap on Gift Card.
  • When you fill in all the requested information, click on the Redeem button.
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    Does Amazon Gift Card Expire

    There is no expiration date for an Amazon gift card. More so, you can use your Amazon account balance accrued from gift cards to purchase goods and services on Amazon without an expiration date too. This leaves you with great flexibility when spending your gift card balance.

    According to the platforms terms, gift cards issued after October 1, 2005 dont expire. Only those issued before October 1, 2005, expire. But once redeemed into your Amazon account, it wont.

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    You Can’t Use An Amazon Gift Card For Audible Here’s How To Use A Credit Or Debit Card To Purchase Audible Audiobooks

    Unlike Amazon, which accepts gift cards, pre-loaded debit cards, and Amazon store cards, Audible only allows payment from the four major card companies. In order to buy an audiobook, you must purchase it with a Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or a Discover credit or debit card as no other methods, including Paypal, will be accepted.

    To purchase books through Audible, you can either sign up for a monthly or annual subscription, use your Visa, Mastercard, Discover or American Express card, or your Amazon card with a credit card logo to purchase an audiobook at full price.

    For readers who don’t want to buy an Audible subscription, which starts at $14.95 a month with your first month free, you can use your credit or debit card to purchase the book for full price. On, once you’ve selected the title from the search results, selecting the “Audiobook” payment option to the right of the title changes the payment box on the right to “Buy with membership” or “Pay with 1-Click.” This allows you to choose whether you’d like to try a monthly membership or stick to paying full price for the audiobook.

    If you already have an Amazon account and are logged into it, the purchase will automatically charge to the card you associated with your account. If you don’t have a login, Amazon will walk you through its standard checkout process, and you will be asked to input your valid credit or debit card information to buy the audio title.

    Amazon Gift Cards As Gifts

    Can you buy kindle books with an amazon gift card ...

    Who doesn’t love receiving gift cards? There may be a few grinches out there, but I bet most of you are mentally saying, “I do!”

    are perfect gifts for holidays and other special occasions, like birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries, Christmas, etc.

    You can give one, or even ask for a gift card yourself. I’ve personally asked for a few and my husband lovingly obliged. Yeah for wonderful husbands!

    When I received my first Kindle Fire for Christmas I was also given an Amazon gift card. This was a perfect additional gift as it gave me extra money to buy some fun apps, books, games, music, and other digital content to start enjoying my new toy.

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    How To Redeem Your Card On A Kindle

    When you’re shopping for new Kindle content, you can pay for purchases such as e-books, business apps and other items with funds from an Amazon gift card. To use your gift card, you’ll need to redeem it on your Amazon account. Gift-card redemption links the funds to your account, enabling you to make purchases on the Kindle device or on the Amazon website.


    Find your gift card’s claim code. If you received the gift card via email, you’ll find the claim code in a message from Amazon. If you have a plastic card, scratch off the coating on the back of the card to reveal the code.


    Go to the Your Account page on Amazon.



    Enter your 16-character claim code in the Enter a Gift Card Claim Code field.



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    How Do Amazon Kindle Gift Cards Work

    So how do Kindle gift cards work? These gift cards work identically to other gift cards, meaning you can use them on millions of items storewide on . They also never expire and dont have any fees.

    And if youre wondering how to use Kindle gift cards for books, all you have to do is redeem your gift card prior to your purchase and then the gift card will be available to use.

    Gift Cards For All Occasions

    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card For A Kindle Gift Cards can only be used to purchase eligible goods and services on and certain associated applications, as provided in the Balance and Gift Card . To purchase a gift card for Amazon’s website in another country, please visit:,,,,,,,,,,,,, or

    Finding the perfect gift for someone isnât always easy. has an incredible selection of products, but sometimes you just canât find the right gift for that special someone. Whether itâs a birthday present, holiday gift, employee reward, a gift to celebrate a special occasion, or a simple gesture of appreciation, a Gift Card is the perfect present. Gift Cards are redeemable toward millions of items at, have no fees, and never, ever expire. Gift Cards can be purchased in different amounts, from AUD $1 to $2,000. Your recipient can spend their gift card right away or link it to their account and wait for that sale of a lifetime. Any unused Balance will remain associated with the recipients account for future use.

    Did you know you can purchase gift cards on issued by a range from brands including Apple, Google, Uber, Netflix, Xbox, DoorDash, THE ICONIC, Swap and many more?

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    How To Use An Amazon Gift Card For A Prime Membership Kindle Books And More

    Although Amazon offers daily deals, theres always the option of using your Amazon gift card on one of the many subscription services. NJ Advance Media for

    is full of products that can have you browsing for days especially if you have no idea what to buy.

    That may be the case even more during this time of the year, when Amazon gift cards are a common holiday present to give and receive.

    Although the e-commerce giant is routinely offering daily deals, theres always the option of using a gift card on one of Amazons popular subscription services if youre stumped on what to buy.

    Heres how to use an Amazon gift card to buy an Amazon Prime membership, Kindle books and other popular items.

    Amazon Prime

    If youve been wanting to give Amazons popular delivery service a try, new members can use a gift card to . After the 30-day free trial ends, a membership costs $13 per month or $119 per year. You can cancel at any time, including before the free trial ends.

    Amazon also offers a Prime Student membership that includes a six-month free trial. After the trial ends, it costs $6.49 per month or $59 per year, which is half the price of a regular membership.

    Kindle books

    If your 2021 resolution is to read more, you can purchase Kindle books, which are digital titles, with an Amazon gift card. Simply enter the code from your gift card at checkout. You can browse titles starting at 99 cents here.

    Amazon Video

    Use An Amazon Gift Card For Yourself

    Besides giving these sweet little cards as gifts, there’s another fabulous reason why you might want to buy one for yourself.

    Since Amazon doesn’t have a direct option to let you prepay for electronic content adding a gift card balance to your account is a great work-around solution.

    Having a prepaid amount on your Amazon account makes it easy to buy apps, ebooks, videos, and of course any other fun stuff on their website, without having a ton of individual charges to your debit or credit card.

    Using an Amazon gift card also helps keeps a lid on your purchases to keep from overspending if you have a tendency to do so. Just budget how much you’re willing to spend and then get yourself a gift card for that amount!

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    Google Play credits are gaining traction nowadays they can be redeemed, given, and loaded to ones accounts for use in the ecosystem of Google Play. But, can you use this balance outside of Google Play and in global marketplaces like say, Amazon?

    Is a Google Play balance as useful as a credit card in Amazon? Lets find out.

    Where To Buy Kindle Gift Cards

    Can You Use PayPal on Amazon Update 2020

    Wondering where to buy Kindle gift cards? You can find Amazon gift cards in plenty of grocery stores and drugstores, but if you want the Kindle gift card design then it is usually best to get them . Heres everything you need to know about Kindle gift cards and how to buy them!

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    How To Add An Amazon Card To A Kindle Fire

    Any Amazon gift card, whether branded as a Kindle gift card or not, can pay for books, apps and other media for your Kindle Fire. To use your card’s credit, you can enter the card number directly on the Kindle or type it in on Amazon’s website. Redeeming a card ties the funds to your Amazon account, so make sure you log in with the email address used to set up your Kindle.

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    How To Use Amazon Gift Card: Where To Find Amazon Gift Cards

    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card (And Use Your Gift Card Balance To Buy Stuff)

    The easiest place to find and buy an is right on They have both electronic and physical cards you can email, print, or mail to your loved ones, friends, or yourself.

    You can even post your gift right on the recipient’s Facebook page .

    If you mail an actual gift card from Amazon you’ll get free one-day shipping.

    And there are some awesome gift card boxes to choose from, with everything from pop up balloons for birthdays, to a little washing line with baby clothes to welcome a newborn!

    How neat is that?

    Amazon Gift Cards in Local Stores

    If you’re out shopping there are lots of places where you can find and buy Amazon gift cards. Most department stores, electronic stores, and even drug stores have them readily available.

    Of course your options for the design and amount will be limited, but some stores will let you set your own amount within a certain range.

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    Amazoncouk Gift Card And Gift Voucher Terms And Conditions

    1. Redemption. Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers may only be redeemed towards the purchase of eligible products on . Purchases are deducted from the redeemers Gift Card balance. Any unused Gift Card balance will be placed in the redeemers account. If a purchase exceeds the redeemers Gift Card balance, the remaining amount must be paid with another payment method. Amazon EU S.à r.l. or its affiliates may provide Gift Card purchasers with information about the redemption status of Gift Cards that they purchase. To view your Gift Card balance, visit Your Account on No fees apply to Gift Cards.

    3. Risk of Loss. The risk of loss and title for Gift Cards pass to the purchaser upon our electronic transmission of the Gift Card to the purchaser or designated recipient, or our delivery to the carrier, whichever is applicable. We are not responsible if any Gift Card is lost, stolen, destroyed or used without your permission.

    4. Fraud. We will have the right to close customer accounts and take payment from alternative forms of payment if a fraudulently obtained Gift Card is redeemed and/or used to make purchases on or any of its affiliated websites set forth above.

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    A Board Game That Everyone Will Enjoy Playing

    Use your Amazon gift card to become the master of game night. I highly recommend getting Codenamesit’s seriously so much fun. The premise simple: One player gives their team a single word clue and the number of cards on the board that clue pertains to and they must then figure out which cards they could be. It’s much easier if you “know” your teammates, so friendships will be tested.

    The Best Cast Iron Skillet Money Can Buy

    How to check if amazon gift card has been used ...

    One way to majorly upgrade your cooking is to invest in a cast iron skillet. This cookware is super versatile and can be used on the stove, in the oven, on the grill, and even over the campfire. Lodge makes the best cast iron cookware out there because it lasts a lifetime, comes preseasoned, and is always very affordablewhich makes it a great thing to spend your gift card on.

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    What Amazon Gift Card Is

    Amazon gift card is simply a card preloaded with a specific amount of money and sent to a recipient for various purchases. It can be sent via email or post.

    Upon collection, the recipient will redeem their gift card on Amazon and purchase anything within the stipulated amount. Amazon gift cards come in different types. Lets have a look at them.

    A Weighted Blanket For Cold Winter Nights

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    Can You Use Amazon Gift Card For Kindle A Must

    Amazon is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing eCommerce businesses on the globe. Shopping on the platform is not only super easy and quick. Theyre also a one-stop-shop for online shoppers seeking to purchase many items but prefer doing that from one platform.

    Additionally, the addition of Amazon gift cards to the fleet of payment options have made shopping on the platform even swifter and more convenient. You can even purchase a bunch of items on Amazon and pay with your gift cards.

    However, if you have gift cards but dont fancy shopping with them, you can exchange them for cash on other third-party platforms. But note that Amazon wont exchange your gift card for cash. Even when you return purchased items, theyll only credit your account.

    Now heres the question many people have been asking.

    Can you use Amazon gift card for Kindle?

    Yes, you can use an Amazon gift card for Kindle. If youre a book lover planning to read a wide range of e-books on Kindle, you can use your Amazon gift cards to achieve this.

    All you have to do is redeem your gift card or promotional code before clicking buy. Your new balance will automatically be used to pay for downloads once your gift card has been redeemed successfully.

    But have in mind that you cant use an Amazon gift card to buy kindle subscriptions. These include newspapers, magazines and blogs. You also cant use gift cards to buy other gift cards.

    Keep reading for more details on this topic.

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