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Can You Use An American Express Gift Card On Amazon

How To Earn American Express Membership Rewards Points For Shopping At Amazon

Can You Use Amex American Express Gift Card On Amazon?

Earning Membership Rewards points for your Amazon purchases is easy. Every time you pay with select American Express credit cards, you automatically earn points for every dollar spent according to your cards earn rate.

Depending on the card you choose, you can earn accelerated miles on dining at restaurants worldwide, on purchases made at US supermarkets and US gas stations, on flights purchased directly with the airlines or on prepaid hotels booked on

Follow these steps to earn American Express reward points for your Amazon shopping:

  • Log in to your account.
  • Enter your American Express credit card details.
  • Browse items.
  • Select the items you wish to buy and follow the prompts to the checkout.
  • Finalize the order.
  • Before shopping on Amazon with your Amex card, consider these details:

    • Shipping fees.Without an Amazon Prime membership, you could pay hefty fees on shipping, depending on your item and its weight and size.
    • Processing times.It can take several working days for your order to be processed. This also factors into delivery time if you need your purchase urgently.
    • Interest charges.If youre carrying an outstanding balance on your Amex card, interest will begin accruing from the day of your purchase. This can further contribute to costs outweighing the possible benefits of paying with your card.

    What Are The Advantages Of Can You Use An American Express Gift Card On Amazon


    1. can you use an american express gift card on amazon are less likely to be wasted.

    When you give a gift, you want it to be something special that the recipient will appreciate. Since a gift card can be spent on a desired purchase, it is much less likely that it will be wasted.

    2. can you use an american express gift card on amazon are great for shopping and online shopping and it is convenient!

    Every year more and more people make purchases on the Internet. From books and music to clothes and designer glasses, you can buy anything on the Internet. can you use an american express gift card on amazon do not fight this trend, and follow it.

    3. Youre not overspending.

    During the holidays, you can easily lose money, especially if you need to buy gifts to several people. The advantage of buying can you use an american express gift card on amazon is that they can be bought with a set value.You will not be tempted to spend a large amount. If your budget is limited, a gift card will help ensure you buy gifts for everyone.

    Swap Your Mastercard Visa Or Amex Gift Card For An Amazon Gift Card

    At this point, you could start using your Mastercard, Visa or for purchases on Amazon. The problem is, though, that Amazon doesnt let you divide purchases among multiple cards. So if you have a $30 gift card, you cant make purchases for more than $30. And if you make a purchase for less, youll be stuck with a small remaining balance that is even more difficult to use.

    The trick to get around this is to use your Mastercard, Visa or Amex gift card to buy an Amazon gift card. With Amazon gift cards, the full amount can be credited to your purchase, and any additional funds required can be paid with your regular credit card.

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    Which Payment Methods Does Amazon Accept

    While Amazon is somewhat limited to the payment methods they accept, they currently accept the following:

    • Visa credit/ debit cards and prepaid gift cards
    • American Express
    • China Union Pay credit cards
    • Amazon gift cards
    • SNAP EBT

    As stated above, some valid payment methods on Amazon are only allowed in certain countries and U.S states.

    Therefore, if customers are curious if their location accepts certain limited payment methods, they can check by visiting the website of the card/payment method issuers.

    Why You Might Want A Different Card

    Can you use an american express gift card on amazon ...

    Other cards are more travel-friendly

    The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card isnt an ideal companion for all business trips. It doesnt charge foreign transaction fees, but American Express isn’t as widely accepted internationally as Visa or Mastercard. The card does pack some travel protections, but so do many other cards. The $0-annual-fee Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard® credit card, for example, features travel accident insurance, lost luggage reimbursement, trip cancellation coverage and trip delay reimbursement. You’ll earn a flat 1.5 points per $1 spent . As a Mastercard without foreign transaction fees, this card is well equipped to travel.

    There are cards with simpler reward structures

    The aforementioned Bank of America® Business Advantage Travel Rewards World Mastercard® credit card is a good option to consider instead thanks to its flat rate on everything you buy but you can do even better if you’re willing to pay an annual fee. The Capital One Spark Cash Plus earns 2% cash back on all purchases, not to mention a massive sign-up bonus.

    There are cards bigger bonuses and longer 0% intro APR periods

    The Ink Business Unlimited® Credit Card will earn you 1.5% back on everything, including Amazon purchases, but it also offers some stellar introductory offers. Youll get a hefty sign-up bonus and some interest-free breathing room.

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    Get Up To 50% Off Some Great Amazon Products

    Lets take a look at some examples of how you can apply this discount to your upcoming purchases, even if you dont need anything from Amazon right at the moment.

    If youre in the market for a tablet that isnt flashy but gets the job done at a low price, we think the Fire HD 10 is one of the best budget tablets you can buy, and the retailer has a kids edition with a tough, colorful case but the same internal hardware as the main version. The Fire HD 10 Kids Edition currently prices at $119.99 before taxes and shipping, but if you apply the 50% Amex discount, that price drops to an insanely low $59.99.

    Or, if youre hoping to pick up a pair of Apple AirPods during the holidays, right now Amazon has them at an impressively low $159.00. But if youre targeted for the Amex 50% off discount, you can get them for an insane $79.50 before taxes and shipping.

    And even though these discount offers dont apply to Amazon gift cards, they do apply to many other third-party retailer gift cards that Amazon sells. Amazon has literally hundreds of options, including retailers that might be useful right now, such as Netflix, DoorDash, Whole Foods and more.

    So even if you dont have anything to get at before Dec. 31, you can always buy a gift card for yourself using the discount and bank the savings for later.

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    Are Prepaid Cards Good For International Travel

    Prepaid cards may also be sold where youd get your favorite gift card, but they are not the same thing. Prepaid cards differ in one specific way: they can and are meant to be reloaded. However, while they can be used internationally, thats not a given. A prepaid card has rules and regulations just like gift cards, although often far fewer rules. If you can get a reloadable gift card, note the restrictions as most labeled gift cards are only spendable within the United States. Prepaid cards, specifically, are not guaranteed to have any protection, regardless of which logo is on the card. Fortunately, each prepaid card or company will list those protective clauses.

    Prepaid cards for specific stores or businesses can rarely be used internationally. But even a Visa or Mastercard prepaid card may have domestic limits. Reloadables are meant to be purchased once and then have additional funds added as the initial value is spent. For that reason, theyre often safer and smarter budgeting solutions for domestic travelers than debit or traditional credit cards. If you do want an international prepaid card, youll need to opt for a specific travel card such as Visa Travel Money which is intended for such needs.

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    Can American Express Be Used Online

    You can use your Card anywhere American Express® Cards are accepted. Amex Express Checkout: Eligible Card Members with an online account can make purchases through Amex Express Checkout with participating online merchants and in participating merchant apps by entering their User ID and Password.

    Summary: American Express Gift Cards

    How to Use a Visa/Amex Gift Card on Amazon when the Balance is too Low (2019)

    Here is everything you need to know about your American Express gift card.

    • You can purchase AMEX cards at most retailers. However, Walmart seems to be the retailer with the lowest purchase fee.
    • You shouldnt have to activate your AMEX card, but you can call the number on the back of the card to do so. Online and phone activation are also possibilities.
    • To check your AMEX gift card balance, check American Express Balance page.
    • Unfortunately, you cannot add funds to your AMEX gift card.
    • You can use AMEX gift cards anywhere American Express is accepted.

    Do you have any other questions? If so, let me know in the comments below!

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    How Do You Activate And Check A Balance On An American Express Gift Card

    Most American Express gift cards will come ready to use. In some cases, gift cards may require activation and instructions should have been provided.

    You may need to register your gift card to make online purchases.

    It is recommended that you record the following in case your card is ever stolen.

    • Gift Card number
    • 3-Digit Security Code number
    • Customer Service phone number

    It is also recommended you sign the back of your gift card.

    Can You Use American Express Shop With Points

    Only US issued American Express Cards that are eligible to participate in the Membership Rewards program are able to use Shop with Points. Participation in the Membership Rewards program is only available to select American Express Card products issued by American Express. I have more than one American Express Card. Why is only one eligible?

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    How To Get More Value From Your Visa Amex Or Mastercard Gift Card On Amazon

    Following the steps outlined above will only add the gift card as a payment option. You will quickly run into problems when you want to buy something worth more than the amount you have on the card.

    If you have $50 on the gift card, you can only buy something worth $50 or less. If you buy something worth $47, youll be left with $3 on the card thats barely usable.

    What if you want to buy something worth $55?

    Amazon will not let you split the payment across multiple cards and you cannot top up the gift card. So what can you do?

    Simple: Exchange your Mastercard, Visa, or Amex gift card for an Amazon gift card.

    You want to use your Visa, Mastercard, or Amex gift card to buy an Amazon gift card.

    This way, all the money on the gift card will go towards one purchase. And when you use an Amazon gift card on Amazon, it is tied to your account so you can use it as often as you like until it is depleted.

    Plus, if you want to buy more expensive items, you can split the payments between multiple payment options.

    Which Payment Methods Does Amazon Pay Reject

    Can you use an american express gift card on amazon ...

    Amazon Pay is slightly more limited with its payment methods than Currently, the only payment methods Amazon Pay accepts are the following:

    • Visa credit/ debit cards and prepaid gift cards
    • MasterCard credit/ debit cards and prepaid gift cards
    • Discover credit/ debit cards
    • American Express debit/ credit cards and prepaid gift cards
    • Diners Club
    • JCB

    Currently, Amazon Pay does not recognize Amazon gift cards as a valid form of payment. Other Amazon cards such as Amazon Store and Amazon Secure may also not be accepted.

    If customers are unsure about whether or not a payment method they use is accepted on Amazon Pay, they can further clarify by going to Customer Help > Paying for goods and services on

    To learn more about Amazons payment methods, you can also read our posts on , , and .

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    How To Convert An Amex Or Visa Gift Card To Your Amazon Gift Card Balance In Only 10 Days

    You just received an Amex or Visa gift card! It is a physical card that you have to carry around to use! Or you could just convert it to an Amazon gift card since you buy things there anyway, so you wont have to carry yet another card in your wallet. Unfortunately, this process can be tricky and will take 10 days to fully transfer your gift card balance, but hopefully this step by step guide will help!

    How To Use Your Visa Mastercard Or Amex Gift Card On Amazon

    While it is possible to use prepaid gift cards to make purchases on Amazon, youll have to jump through a few hoops to get things working for you. Amazon does not allow you to use any other gift cards apart from Amazon gift cards on the site. So how can you put the money you have in your prepaid gift cards to good use on Amazon? Well, heres what you have to do.

    In Summary: The trick to how to use Visa, Amex, or Mastercard gift cards on Amazon is to think of your gift card as a credit or debit card, not a regular gift card. The only way you can use it is to add it as another card to your account, not as a gift card. For this to work, you also need to know what your gift card balance is. There should be a balance check number on the back of the card that you can call if you are unsure. You can also use this number to confirm the name on the card if it is not provided.

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    % Back Or90 Day Terms

    on UK purchases at Amazon Business,, and Whole Foods Market on the first £120,000 in purchases each calendar year, 1% in reward points thereafter. Terms apply. 0.5% Back everywhere else.2

    Variable. Your interest rate will change in line with the Bank of England Base Rate.



    Is The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card Right For You

    Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Playstation PS4 Store?

    The Amazon Business Prime American Express Card is a great choice for Prime or Business Prime customers who already shop and its eligible properties frequently. The option for an interest-free period, in particular, is a welcome one if your business is stretched thin a few months out of the year.

    To view rates and fees of the Amazon Business American Express Card, see this page.To view rates and fees of the Amazon Business Prime American Express Card, see this page.To view rates and fees of the American Express Blue Business Cash Card, see this page.To view rates and fees of The Blue Business® Plus Credit Card from American Express, see this page.

    Information related to the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card has been collected by NerdWallet and has not been reviewed or provided by the issuer of this card.

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    Guide To International Gift Cards

    Giving a gift nowadays is easier than ever, thanks to the availability and variety of gift cards on the market. After all, where else can you score that perfect surprise ranging from $10 to $200 for everyone from a reclusive coworker or your childs substitute math teacher to your spouse or close family member?

    The right gift card can do wonders for building or reinforcing a relationship as well as help pad your budget while traveling. Unfortunately, over $1 billion of these little plastic treasures go unspent annually, so its essential to know which ones to buy, send, and use whether traveling abroad or sending them Internationally.

    S To Load Your American Express Gift Card Into Amazon:

  • Add your card as a payment option in Amazon
  • Log into Amazon
  • Navigate to Account | Your Payments
  • Under the “Credit or debit cards” section, click the “Add a credit or debit card” button
  • Enter the card information
  • Uncheck the “Set as default payment method” button
  • Make sure it was successful
  • Verify the hold Amazon placed on your gift card by going to the Amex Gift Card Balance website.At time of this writing, my auth hold was $0.10, but your mileage may vary depending on when you attempt it. If you confirm the amount on the Amex website, you will know how much to deduct from the full amount when reloading your Amazon gift balance.
  • Reload your gift balance on Amazon
  • Navigate to Account | Your Gift Card Balance
  • Enter the adjusted amount in the “Enter an amount” textbox
  • Select the American Express “credit” card under “Your credit and debit cards”
  • You will get the message that the order is being processed and should receive an email a few minutes later confirming that the balance is reloaded.
  • Again, you can discover the proper amount by investigating the auth hold on the Amex Gift Card Balance site… then subtracting that amount from the total of the card.

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    Amazon Business Prime American Express Card Review

    Our editors independently research and recommend the best products and services. You can learn more about our independent review process and partners in our advertiser disclosure. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

    As its name suggests, the Amazon Business Prime American Express is designed for subscribers to Amazon Prime, the company service that provides free two-day shipping and other benefits from However, its unique rewardsyour choice of either cash back or 90 days of interest-free purchasesalso apply at Whole Foods Markets, Amazon Web Services, and other Amazon properties. The card has no annual fee, but cardholders must pay $119 per year for a Prime membership in order to receive full benefits.

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