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How Can I Gift Audible Credits

Ways To Maximize Your Audible Membership

How To Buy More Audible Credits

Yes, theres an Audible free trial for a month and youre free to cancel at any time. If you havent enjoyed the free trial yet, or you want to sign up for another one, well walk you through how to sign up and some hidden benefits prior to your free trial.

The best Audible discounts come from the free trial. Normally, you can get 3 titles for free, but here you will learn how to get the 4th even the 5th free title.

IMPORTANT UPDATE!Audible is now offering a 60% off coupon for the first month of ends, you can enjoy your first month at a discounted price.

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  • How To Buy Credits On Audible

    Unlike services such as Spotify, Audible doesnt have a free plan. Even Amazon Prime does not provide free access to Audible. There is an option to try the Audible Plus and Audible Premium Plus for 30 days, free of charge, but after the trial period, you wont be able to use the app.

    The basic Audible plan, Audible Plus, costs $7.95 per month, while Audible Premium Plus will set you back $14.95. The former doesnt land you any credits, while the latter subscription gets you a single credit per month. To get credits, youre going to have to upgrade to the Premium Plus subscription.

    Audible allows you to get 12 credits at once if you opt for the Audible Premium Plus Annual plan at $149.50 per year. This plan will save you 16% when compared to making monthly payments. In addition to being cheaper, the benefit is that you can use the 12 credits whenever you please.

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    What Is The Audible Cancelation Refund Policy

    Audibles Conditions of Use state that should you cancel your subscription or membership, you wont get a refund of any paid fees. Audible will terminate your member benefits when your membership is canceled, but you will still have your license and access to purchased content.

    Even though Audible is pretty adamant regarding the no-refund cancelation policy, there is an exception to this rule. At their discretion, Audible reserves the right to terminate anyones membership without notice. They will allow you a prorated refund for the remaining membership days that you wont useon condition that you do not infringe the Terms or any applicable laws, commit fraud, or use the Service to the detriment of the company or other users.

    Send An Audible Book As A Gift

    If I Cancel Audible, Do I Lose My Credits? And Other ...

    You can use your credits to give audiobooks to friends or family members. To give someone special the gift of a great listen, follow these steps:

  • Find the audiobook you want to purchase as a gift. On the audiobook’s summary page, click Give as a gift next to the purchase options.
  • Choose how you want to send your gift – either through an email or as a printable card. Fill in the blank spaces provided and click Continue.
  • Review the information you added and click Buy Now with 1 Credit.
  • Click Confirm Purchase to finalize your purchase.
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    If I Cancel Audible Do I Lose My Credits

    We’ve covered the mechanics of how to cancel Audible before, but it’s good to review, as there will be options to hold on to your credits and take a break. First off, there is no way to cancel Audible completely and retain your credits. However, if you don’t want your hard-earned money to go to waste, you have three options:

    • First, you may spend your credits on audiobooks , and rest easy knowing that you always have access to your full audiobook library even after you cancel your subscription.
    • Second, you may pause your Audible membership for thirty, sixty, or ninety days. This alleviates from pressure off of your wallet while giving you time to catch up on your listening!
    • Third, you may gift your Audible credits to someone else who will enjoy them–although there are limitations to that.

    Download The Audible App

    Through the Audible app, you have the option to send books from your library to other Audible members, and vice versa. If you have other friends who are audible members, have them send you a book.

    Of course, you will want to return the favor and send audiobooks through the app to your friend as well. by doing this, you can both save money while continuing to enjoy your favorite audiobooks.

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  • Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card To Buy Audible Credits

    How to Give an audible book as a gift (audible send a book)

    However, you can use google play gift card. Learn here how to gift a title to your loved ones. These credits are slightly different to other book vouchers across australia, as they are good for an audiobook of any price on

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    How Often Do You Get Credits On Audible

    You can get free Audible credits by signing up for a free trial, by getting someone you know to gift you some of their unused credits or by returning an audiobook you didnt like and receiving a refund credit for it. Keep in mind that Amazon doesnt allow you to abuse its return policy by consistently making returns.

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  • Learn How To Buy An Audible Book For Someone Else

    How to gift someone an Audible membership, or specific ...

    Audible is the most popular distributor of audiobooks in the world right now. It is our favorite platform for audio and we have a great review of the platform if youd like to learn more.

    But have you ever wondered how to buy an Audiobook for someone else? Learning how to give an Audible book as a gift is actually incredibly easy. Which is lucky, because audiobooks make great gifts.

    In this article, well quickly go over how to buy an Audible book for a friend or family member. Note, a bunch of this info has been taken from the Audible help centre, and I checked it all personally to see if it is still relevant.

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    Sign Up For The Audible Plus

    Audiobook enthusiasts who listen to many audiobooks every month can have unlimited downloads through the Audible Plus plan. This plan includes many audiobooks, plus Audible Originals and podcasts completely free.

    The list of available books and podcasts on Audible Plus is constantly changing. As long as you are a member, you do not have to use your credits to download and enjoy these books and other audio entertainment options.

    The Man Who Died Twice

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    Lookout For Daily Deals

    Just like on Amazon, Audible also puts up crazy discounts on a variety of audiobooks, mostly on new releases. These are the perfect moments to get new content for free.

    We know its not getting you a direct credit, but it gets you a free book, which is the ultimate goal here.

    You will need to turn on notifications for new deals. Heres how you do it:

    • Navigate and click on Notifications.
    • Tick the Sales and Offers box.

    Now you will receive emails from Audible for any deals/discounts on any audiobook in the biggest library.

    But Theres A Workaround

    8 Best Audible Tips to Save Money on Audible

    While there is no way to use an Amazon gift card on Audible, theres a workaround that will help you to listen to your favorite book. The trick is to purchase a Google Play gift card with an Amazon gift card and later use the money in your Google Play wallet to purchase an audiobook on Google Play Books. I know, right! This means that you would have to listen to the audiobook on Google Play Books app. Just like Audible, the books that you buy on Google Play Books are yours to keep forever, and can listen to them on any device smartphone, laptop, or web. Most audiobooks are also priced the same on both Audible and Google Play books i.e. $15. In fact, in my case, I wanted to listen to Entreleadership which was only $13 on Play Books compared to $15 on Audible. A bit of saving is always welcomed.

    However, there are a few disadvantages of using Google Play Books over Audible like:

    • You cant transfer the audiobooks from Google Play to Audible
    • You may not find every title listed on Google Play
    • Echo Sync doesnt work with Google Play audiobooks
    • You would need a US Google Play account
    • You have to buy a gift card for $25 and above

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    What Happens When My Audible Trial Is Over

    After your trial period ends, Audible will convert your membership to a paid tier. If you want to cancel your subscription before that time, you should do it before the trial ends. You can still access all of your audiobooks if you choose to do so.

    You can cancel your subscription at any time after signing up for the trial. The free trial will continue for 30 days. You don’t have to worry about forgetting how to cancel.

    You can choose to upgrade to a paid subscription if you want to. The membership plans start at $7.95 each month. There are sometimes special offers that combine several months of the same subscription. However, at the moment there is nothing.

    Audible Free Trial: What’s Included

    Get a standard 30-day trial for

    • Audible Plus trial
    • Unlimited access to the new Audible originals catalog .
    • Access to the Audible app for Windows, iOS, Android and Amazon devices is free
    • Audible Premium Plus trial
    • Start the trial with one free audiobook token
    • Unlimited access to the new Audible originals catalog .
    • Access to the Audible app for Windows, iOS, Android and Amazon devices is free
    • Access to your titles offline

    You can currently take a free trial for both subscription tiers of Audible. However, as you can see the more generous tiered Audible Premium Plus trial is the one that offers the most value. The Audible Premium Plus trial gives you access to one audiobook. It’s not a lot but it will give you a taste of what Audible is all about. You can also keep the freebie after your trial ends.

    All free-trial tiers have unlimited access for 30 days to the Originals selection. This collection currently contains over 11,000 titles in a variety of genres, including fiction, nonfiction, and podcasts. The new Audible subscription plans are more affordable than the old free book token system.

    If you choose to keep your subscription even after the free trial, you will still receive free audiobooks as part your subscription if your tier is Premium Plus. This tier is similar to the Audible subscription plans last year. You get one audiobook per month or up to 12 with a single upfront payment.

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    Encourage Family Members To Sign Up For Audible With Credit Cards

    If you have family members who are not on Audible, ask them to sign up. If they have a credit card that you aren’t already using for Audible, they will get their free audiobooks with their free trial.

    Then, simply cancel the membership after the free trial period. You can all share the audiobooks while you have them.

    The key to using this method is ensuring that all the accounts are for different people with different credit cards.

    What Happens With Credits If You Pause Your Account

    If I Cancel Audible, Do I Lose My Credits? And Other ...

    Pausing your Audible account is a simple process. If you decide to pause your account, you wont have to pay your subscription fee, but you wont be able to obtain your monthly credits. Regardless, youll still have access to all your books, be able to receive audiobooks as presents, and be able to go shopping for new ones.

    You can pause your account for up to three months. You wont get any new credits, but you can still spend the ones you already have.

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    How To Buy Credits On Audible As A Gift

    You can also gift credits to someone else. You can send one, three, six, or 12 credits to someone, and theyll also get the Plus Catalog feature. Gifts can be sent in email or can be printed.

    To send gifts, go here and select one of the four options. Then, choose whether you want Audible to email the gift to someone or get a printed version that you can give to the recipient in person.

    Fill out all the required information, which includes the recipients name, email, your name, and the delivery date. The Print option requires the recipients name and your own.

    Then, youll be prompted to select the customized card of your preference. Finally, youll be able to preview the gift and confirm sending it.

    How To Gift Audible Credits

    Say you want a clean break from Audible, but you want to make sure your credits do some good first–you paid for them, after all! Audible doesn’t let you simply offload your credits to someone else. Instead, you must purchase a specific audiobook and then you may gift that audiobook to anyone, whether or not they have an Audible account already!

    1. From the home page, click on Gifts, at the top in the menu bar.

    2. Once you come to the Gifts page, at the top are options to give someone credits or a subscription. Ignore this–these options will charge your account, and cannot be paid for in credits. Scroll down to “Give a specific Audible book.” From here, you can either click on the most wished-for and most gifted, or you can search the site for individual audiobooks. Keep in mind that not every Audible audiobook is giftable.

    3. When you find the book you want to gift, look for the little “Give as a gift” icon below the the purchase options. If you do not see that link, then the book is not gift-able and you’ll have to pick a different title.

    5. This page will summarize your order and allow you to review your recipient’s information to make sure everything is correct. It will also allow you to choose between charging the gift to your payment information, or redeeming your credit! If you have credits available, you will be able to use your credit!

    And that’s it! Use up all your credits, and then proceed to the instructions on how to cancel your Audible membership!

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