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How Much Is On My American Express Gift Card

American Express Gift Cards

How To Check American Express Amex Gift Card Balance

Amex gift cards look like credit cards, with the card number on the front, an expiration date and the Amex logo. You can purchase business gift cards or personal versions, depending on your need. Companies can have their logos imprinted on the cards with a thank you message and a more formal design. Personal cards are suggested for orders of five cards or less and come in less formal designs.

You can order plastic gift cards or e-gift cards that are emailed to your recipient. Plastic gift cards can be used in person at locations that might not take online gift cards. Both plastic and e-gift cards can be used online by inputting the card’s number and PIN.

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Add Your American Express Gift Card To A Digital Wallet

Do you regularly use Google Pay, Samsung Pay or Apple Pay? If so, add your American Express Gift Card or eGift Card to your digital wallet to use when making regular purchases. This can be done by opening the wallet app on your device and entering your card number or by taking a picture of the plastic card.

More About Using Prepaid Gift Cards Through Paypal

Can I use prepaid gift cards to make a purchase using PayPal?

Yes. Anywhere in the U.S. where PayPal is accepted you can use prepaid gift cards that have a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover® logo on it. Please note that this doesnt apply to merchant-specific gift cards, which do not have a Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, or Discover® logo on them.

How do I use prepaid gift cards using PayPal?

Just like any other credit or debit cards. No difference at all!

For PayPal members, you can simply add prepaid gift cards to your wallet then start using them during checkout – just like any other credit or debit cards.

For users without PayPal account, you can just enter the card information during checkout in the same way you would do with credit or debit cards.

Can prepaid gift cards used for all services and products through PayPal?

Prepaid gift cards can be used to make payments for any product or service except for recurring payments or reference transactions.

This is because due to the nature of prepaid gift cards, they can become low in balance over time to cover the recurring amount. In order to protect our members from unintended service interruption, prepaid gift cards cannot be used for payments automatically pulled from PayPal accounts.

Im using a prepaid gift card, and Im getting a declined message.

You may also get an error message if your prepaid card was not issued in the U.S. or if you are trying to buy from an international merchant.

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How To Use Your American Express Gift Card For Online Shopping

The process of shopping online with an American Express Gift Card is the same as using your debit card. At checkout, youll be required to enter your name, billing and shipping addresses, the gift card number, expiration date, and the 4-digit security code on the front of the card.

Once you have entered your gift card details, youre ready to make your purchase. If your gift card balance is high enough, your order will process and be complete.

Just like a normal debit transaction, your purchase will not be processed if your gift card has insufficient funds. That is why it is always advisable to check your Amex gift card balance online before shopping online or at a store.

Make sure that you have enough money on the card to cover the purchase.

Many online merchants dont allow splitting purchases over multiple payment methods. Apps like Wish for online shopping only let you choose one form of payment.

Important Steps To Consider When Using Amex Gift Card Online

How To Check Your American Express Gift Card Balance ...

Always Check the Balance

Before making any transaction, you need to make sure that you have proper funds on your card. For this purpose, you have to check your gift card balance. You can check your gift card balance online on the official website of AMEX.

  • Go to
  • Now enter your card number and security code
  • Login and check your remaining balance

Check your Recent & Upcoming Transactions

You need to check the recent and upcoming transactions as well. Sometimes, your merchant cuts your money from your card but it takes time to show in your account balance. So in this case, your card balance could be higher than it should be.

So these are the tips that you should always perform so can prevent any unsuccessful transitions.

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Redeem Amex Points For Shopping

You can visit to use your points to shop at hundreds of stores spanning various categories. You can use your Amex points to purchase Apple products, appliances and even furniture.

For most of the products listed, each Amex point will be worth 0.5 cents each, which isn’t necessarily the best use of your rewards. American Express will offer special offers where you’ll need fewer points for certain items. Even with these offers, you generally won’t get more than 1 cent of value per point.

What Is An American Express Gift Card

An Amex Gift Card is a prepaid payment card preloaded with a selected US dollar amount. It can be used in any online webshop in the US that accepts Amex Gift Cards as payment and unlike traditional credit, debit, or charge cards, it comes with no usage fees! Just shop online with secure prepaid funds until the cards balance reaches zero. Amex lets you pay simply and with confidence online.

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Can You Exchange American Express Gift Cards For Cash At Walmart

No, you can not exchange your American Express gift card for cash at Walmart. The gift cards are incompatible with ATMs. Walmart associates will not provide money back when you pay with an American Express gift card.

However, in some cases, there are certain hacks you can try to get cashback from gift cards. To learn more, you can see my full guide on how to get cashback from gift cards at Walmart.

Does Walmart Sell American Express Gift Cards

How To Activate American Express Amex Gift Card

Yes, Walmart sells plastic American Express gift cards in stores and online. Customers can purchase pre-loaded gift cards for $25, $50, $100, and $200. Alternatively, load the

American Express Gold Sparkle eGift card with a chosen balance between $25-$200 and directly sent to the recipients inbox.

Customers are charged a one-time purchase fee when buying an American Express gift card at Walmart. $6.88 is charged for each $200, $5.44 for every $100, $3.94 for each $50, and $3.44 with every $25.

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American Express Points Value

How much your American Express Membership Rewards points are worth depends on what you use them for. Most people will use their points for a statement credit when booking travel expenses. In this scenario, it takes 1,000 MR points to claim $10 in travel. That would give your points a value of 1 cent each. This is without a doubt the easiest way to use your points since you can redeem them for any type of travel expense.

Redemption type
Up to 2 cents per point
Statement credit
Merchandise.70 â .75 cents per point

While the standard travel redemption rate is not bad, you can double your value if you take advantage of the fixed points travel program. Gift cards, statement credits, and merchandise should be avoided since theyre worth the least, but if you find yourself in a financial emergency, do what you got to do.

Use American Express Gift Card On Online Shopping

So you dont know how to use the AMEX gift card on the web? Worry not, we have covered you. You can use these gift cards just similar to credit or debit cards. You dont need to do something extraordinary for that purpose.

  • Just visit the merchants website or store and then add the favorite item in your shopping cart.
  • Now you need to check out with credit card payment option
  • Choose your card as an AMEX gift card or simply American Express credit card
  • Now enter your 15 digits card number
  • The expiration date of gift card
  • And lastly, you need to enter the 4 digit AMEX card security code
  • Now click on payment buttons and make a payment
  • If you would have balance in your card then your transaction would be successful and you can shop as much as you have in your card

So this is the way that you can use your American Express gift card online and make some purchases as well. So next we will find out how to shop online with AMEX gift cards.

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Activate Your American Express Gift Card By Phone

Suppose you find online activation a hassle or dont have internet connectivity. In that case, you can activate your Amex gift card via phone by calling the Amex Customer Care representative to do it for you. Follow these steps:

  • Provide the card details, including the card number, valid thru date, and Card ID. You may also be prompted to provide your personal information, such as your home address or Social Security number.
  • Once you provide these details, Amex Customer Service will activate the card on your behalf.

Does Walmart Accept American Express Gift Cards

cost to redeem skymiles for a amex gift card

Americas dominant departmental retailer Walmart stocks a wide range of gift-worthy goods, but knowing precisely what to get someone is often challenging.

American Express gift cards are a great way to show your appreciation to friends, family, and business colleagues. So you may be wondering: does Walmart accept American Express gift cards? This is what Ive found out!

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American Express Cobalt Card

  • $12.99 Monthly fee
  • 2,500 monthly Membership Rewards points after charging $500 in purchases each month for a year
  • 20,000 additional Membership Rewards points when you spend $3,000 in the first three months of cardmembership
  • Earn 5 points per $1 spent on eats and drinks
  • Earn 3 points per $1 spent on streaming services
  • Earn 2 points per $1 spent on travel
  • Earn 1 point per $1 spent on all other purchases
  • Comprehensive travel insurance package included
  • Mobile device insurance
  • American Express Invites access
  • Free supplementary cards

As mentioned the Amex Cobalt card earns you MR-S points which arent as valuable as regular MR points, but that doesnt mean theyre no good. You can still use your points via the fixed travel program and you can transfer them to Marriott Bonvoy. This card also gives you an insane 5 points per dollar spent on food and drinks. This includes grocery stores and food delivery, so you can earn a lot of points fast. Read my Amex Cobalt review now for more details.

Activate An American Express Gift Card Guide

Are you looking to gift a friend, family member, or colleague at work for a special occasion or a holiday? Instead of sending an item, you can send a gift card to buy what they want. Or maybe, you just want a place to buy gift cards for yourself and use them, later on, to buy stuff online or in-store instead of using your debit card.

Whatever your needs, American Express gift cards offer a lot of flexibility and gifting choices. From classic cards to personalized Amex Express cards for special occasions, you have options between electronic and traditional versions based on your gifting and giving preference.

But before you send an Amex gift card to someone or use it to make purchases online or in-store, you need to make sure the card is activated to avoid inconveniences. If the card hasnt been activated or the balance is insufficient, the purchase will be declined. It can be embarrassing at a retail store or a restaurant when paying the bill and tip.

How do you activate American Express gift cards?

Short Answer: Most American Express gift cards, especially those bought online, come ready to use and may not require activation. But other cards, mostly those purchased in-store, require you to take further steps and activate the AMEX card before you can use it.

Alternatively, call the number on the back of the card and give your card details to the customer care representative to activate your Amex gift card.

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Activate An American Express Gift Card Summary

American Express Gift Cards offer a lot of flexibility and choice for gifting friends, family, colleagues, or employees-from custom personalized cards to traditional designs. Before you go shopping, you should first activate your American Express Gift Card and check the balance to avoid unwanted surprises at checkout.

While cards bought directly from Amex Online come ready to use, in-store Amex gift cards require activation. Simply navigate to to activate your card and check the balance. Alternatively, use the Amex mobile app or call the number at the back of your card and give the card details to a customer service representative to activate it on your behalf.

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Amex Upgrade With Points

Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Paypal?

Membership Rewards Points can be used to place an offer towards a seat upgrade with more than 20 airlines.

After you’ve purchased your ticket with a participating airline, you can jump to the American Express Travel Site to enter your reservation details. If the itinerary is eligible for an upgrade, you can then use points to make an offer.

You will find out where or not the offer has been granted usually within 5 days of the flight.

The following airlines allow you to make an upgrade offer using Membership Rewards Points:

  • Boxed

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How To Check American Express Gift Card Balance

American Express Company or also known as Amex is one of the most popular multinational financial service corporations which was founded in 1850 and it is one of the leading credit card company and Travelers Cheques issuer in the world and also the 28th most valuable brand.

American Express also offers gift card service and these gift cards can easily be purchased online from the official website and also from popular websites like Amazon, eBay etc. The American Express gift card is a perfect gift for your loved ones and people love giving out these gift cards on different occasions such as birthdays, holidays, weddings.

American Express Gift Card comes in different value and amounts and if youâre in possession of an Amex gift card you can continue reading this article weâll provide you information on how you can check your American Express gift card balance and also address some of the most commonly asked questions related to American Express gift cards!

There are a number of ways for checking your transaction history and gift card balance, Follow any one of the methods mentioned below to access American Express Gift Card balance.

Can I Use Membership Rewards Points To Cover The Charge For My Prime Subscription

Yes. When you charge your purchase or renewal of your Prime subscription to your Membership Rewards-enrolled American Express Card, you can choose to use Membership Rewards points to cover the charge. Points will be debited from your program account towards the total amount of the Prime subscription, and will be subsequently debited towards the total amount of the renewal if your subscription is set for auto-renewal. In the event your Membership Rewards points balance is not enough to cover the charge for the total amount of the subscription, American Express will separately charge the portion of your subscription that you did not cover with points to your American Express Card account and you will receive a statement credit only for the amount of the points used. You can choose to select a different payment method to pay for the subscription at any time on the link below. In the event you are using a Prime trial subscription, you can still choose to use your Membership Rewards-enrolled American Express Card as the payment preference so that you can use points to cover the charge for your subscription after your trial period ends.

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Redeem Amex Points For Gift Cards

American Express offers the ability to redeem your Amex points gift cards in five categories: air and lodging, car and rail, dining, experience and retail. The points value will depend on which gift card you choose, as low as 0.5 cents per point. Out of these options, most dining and retail gift cards will yield the highest value at 1 cent per point.

How To Use Your Amex Egift Card For Online Purchases

AMEX Membership Rewards Changes: No Points for Cash ...

Your American Express Gift Card is ready to use in seconds after you receive it from Dundle . To pay with it, simply enter the card code, security code and expiration date when checking out on US websites that accept American Express gift cards. If you would like to register your card, please visit or call their customer service at +1-888-846-4308.

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I Have Enough Rewards Points For My Order Why Do I Have To Specify The Credit Or Charge Card Linked To My Rewards Program Account In My Order

Orders for which you use rewards points must also include the Credit or Charge Card associated to the rewards account from which the rewards points are applied. When you use points for your entire Amazon purchase, American Express will charge your purchase to your Card account and deduct the points you used from your program account, and you will see a corresponding statement credit for the points you used.

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