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How Much Should You Spend On Bridesmaid Gifts

Being A Bridesmaid Sounds A Little Intimidating Is It Worth It

How Much Should You Spend on a Wedding Gift 2020?

Most former maids would say yes! According to WeddingWires survey, a whopping 95 percent of bridesmaids found their experience enjoyable. So though there is indeed a financial cost involved, standing beside a loved one during this milestone occasion is a huge dealand totally worth the money.

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  • Bridesmaid proposal gifts are a fun way to recruit your crew, and we’re sharing all the cutest ideas.
  • Wedding PartyYour besties have had your back since the day you asked them to join your “I do” crew. Show your gratitude with one of these cute bridesmaid gift ideas.
  • Wedding PartyNot sure how much to spend on bridal party gifts? How about where to buy them? We’re sharing the answers to all of that and more in this handy guide.
  • Wedding PartyYour bridesmaids have lives, jobs, families, and budgets, and should be respected. To that end, be mindful of how you treat each maid and avoid the following phrases.
  • Wedding Party

For Elegant Bridesmaids: Pearls

Pearls, bridesmaids, and maids of honor go hand in hand especially the pink kind. Invite your bestie to be your bridesmaid with a dainty pearl pendant in an irresistible peach-pink shade, like this one from The Pearl Source. The best part of it all: your bridesmaids dont need to invest in a statement jewelry piece for the wedding, as theyll be charmingly sporting their pearly bridesmaid proposal gift. Alternatively, you can choose a different shade that matches their dresses or your décor, be it gold pearls, classic white, or, why not, black pearls, perfect for jewel-colored bridesmaid dresses.

Get The Wedding Morning Started Right With Bridesmaid Mugs For The Whole Crew

Avoid a rough wake-up call on the morning of your wedding by gifting all of your bridesmaids with adorable mugs! I dont know about you, but we are practically incapable of walking through an Anthropologie without at least buying one of their stunning monogrammed mugs, and we think theyd make for the absolute cutest bridesmaids gifts. Looking for something more classic? We love these gold monogram mugs.

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How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift: 8 Things You Should Know

When you receive a wedding invitation and RSVP as Attending, its common practice to give the happy couple a wedding gift. You can think of this gift as a sweet gesture from you to the couple, and a way to celebrate their love.

But you may be wondering how much to spend on such a gift among other expenses you might incur to attend the wedding, like airfare and lodging. While there isnt a one-size-fits-all wedding gift amount to aim for, there are some essential factors to consider. Here are eight tips on how much to spend on a wedding gift to help you make a decision thats right for you.

Tip: What if you cant attend the wedding? While its not expected or required, gifting the couple is still a nice gesture and thought, but how you approach it is completely up to you.

What Exactly Should You Get Them

Wedding costs: How much should you spend on a gift?

Before jumping in and deciding what to get, you have a few things to consider. First, you’re not obligated to get everyone the same present. What works for one person might not work for another, so don’t be afraid to give different gifts, but all within the same price range. That way, everyone knows you took the time to pick out something just for them. We also encourage you to gift them something multifunctional and timeless.

Anything with their name or monogram is a good callthink leather goods, jewelry, phone cases, robes or pajamas. Gifts with bridesmaid-related phrases are fun for the bachelorette party or getting-ready festivities, but probably not something they’ll use outside of your wedding. You can also branch out and get creative. Gift cards to workout classes, a blow-dry bar, their favorite restaurant or theater tickets are always appreciated. When in doubt, take the “would I want it?” test. Or why not make something? Jars of homemade jam, hand-poured candles or a sentimental scrapbook are perfect picks for the crafty bride.

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If A Bridesmaid Has To Travel To A Wedding What Should She Expect To Spend

If youre a bridesmaid in a wedding thats taking place in the city where you live, youre in luck. However, it doesnt always happen that way and you may have to travel to the weddings location. Sometimes the wedding is within driving distance or a train ride, but destination weddings may require a long flight, overnight accommodations, and more. A bridesmaid spends an average of $115 on travel to a wedding destination and $205 on accommodations. Of course, a couple can help out with these expenses by booking hotel room blocks , or negotiating a group rate with an air carrier.

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift Once And For All

If the question of how much to spend on a wedding gift is keeping you up at night, heres the answer for every type of gift-giving scenario.

While its certainly an honor to be invited to a wedding, it also can be a major expense. When it comes to giving a wedding gift , yes, your presence at the wedding may be present enough, but you should also give an actual gift whether its cash or a gift off the couple’s registry. If youve never attended a wedding before , it can be difficult to figure out how much to spend on a wedding gift. And while the average guest spends about $100 on a wedding gift, this varies widely depending on your relationship with the couple and more. So if the question of how much to spend on a wedding gift is keeping you up at night, heres the answer.

Note that many of these answers are presented as price ranges. If youre attending a wedding solo, you can spend toward the lower end, but if youre attending a wedding as a couple, err on the side of spending more.

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How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift For A Close Friend Or Family Member

Perhaps your best friend or a close cousin is getting marriedyou likely want to spend a little more on the wedding gift amount. According to our data, the average guest spend on a wedding gift is $120, though guests spend closer to $130 for a couple theyre close to. Depending on your budget, you might consider spending anywhere between $100-$200+ on a gift.

If youre also in this persons wedding party, though, Volkom suggests evaluating the amount youve already spent on an engagement gift, a shower gift, the bachelorette party, and any other wedding-related expenses. With this in mind, its perfectly acceptable to opt for a more sentimental gift rather than an extravagant gift, she says. You can always give something on the lower end of this spectrum considering the large role youve already contributed to their big day.

What Is A Good Gift For Bridal Shower

How much you should spend on a wedding gift Forever 39 Podcast

The greatest tool for guests and the wedding party when shopping for gifts is the registry gift list . This list is put together by the bride and groom of all the gifts theyd like to have for their future together.

Traditionally, this list is made at big-box retailers or specialty stores like Bed, Bath and Beyond. However, in recent years, the registry gift list is found on many platforms including online websites.

There are even cash registries now for couples who want cash for honeymoons or to spend in other areas of the wedding.

These extensions outside of the typical retail store are really unique and help guests and the wedding party find something absolutely perfect for the coupleâs need!

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Should You Give A Bridal Shower Gift And A Wedding Gift

While it seems redundant to buy a secondary gift for the wedding, it is important to know that these are two very different parties.

Bridal showers are special events meant to make the bride feel exceptional. The types of gifts given at the bridal shower include things that help her set up her new life with her significant other.

These gifts can range from household items but can really be a variety of things.

The wedding gift, on the other hand, is a gift meant specifically for the bride and groom to enjoy together. This gift includes the groom in the gift process and helps make him and the significant other feel appreciated.

Yes, the wedding day is the brides special day but it is also about the groom! Getting a shower gift and a wedding gift help to celebrate the bride and the groom equally for the big day.

If budgeting is an issue, the bridesmaid should attempt to divide her expenses between both gifts. This elevates any burden on the pocket and makes the whole decision-making process easier.

The bridesmaid shouldnt feel obligated to spend up to $75 or more for each gift if she cant afford it. The division of expenses is an easy compromise to still ensure the couple gets excellent gifts!

How Much To Spend On A Wedding Gift If I Am Not Attending

iSave to

What to give for a wedding gift if not attending depends on your relationship with the couple. How much to give for a wedding gift is dependent on your financial disposition per time. If you have a personal relationship with the couple and cant make it, send a healthy gift.

If you feel you were a last-minute guest consideration to a couple you arent close to, send a handwritten congratulations. This may be through the RSVP. You are also saved from spending as much as you would have spent if present. A gift between $30 $40 will do.


How to appropriately send a wedding gift in the form of a check is by addressing it to either the husband or wife. This will enable them to cash it, instead of getting a bounce at the bank due to a conflict in account details. If you have the urge to add a complimentary message, then pen it down in the part of the check allocated to comments.

It is very wrong to address a joint check to newlyweds using their new surname. That is an assumption on your part as you dont know if they will retain their individual names.

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How Much Should You Spend

Now that you have moved Bridesmaids Gifts to the top of that ever-growing wedding to-do list, the next big question is how much should you spend on a bridesmaids gift.

As a general rule, you should expect to spend anywhere from $75 – $150 on each bridesmaid. This will ensure that you are picking out something truly special and of high-quality for their gift. Another deciding factor for the range of cost for the gift is considering that your bridesmaids may be flying out, driving, or contributing financially in other ways. You want to make sure you show them appreciation for coming out for the bachelorette party and the big day.

For The Flower Lover: Bridesmaid Proposal Blooms

How Much Should We Spend on Bridesmaid and Groomsmen Gifts ...

When it comes to classy gifts or maid of honor gifts, nothing beats a bouquet of gorgeous flowers. Pair up your bridesmaid card with a lush arrangement of blooms for an unforgettable bridesmaid proposal. This one right here is an eclectic mix of pink roses and lush real succulent plants the perfect vibe to go with a modern, romance-filled wedding.

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Is It A Destination Wedding

Are you travelling a great distance to attend the wedding, or do you have to pay for airfare, hotels, etc? If yes, take this into consideration when deciding whether or not to give an expensive gift. Some couples who have destination weddings will opt to have their guest forgo gifts.

Please note that staying in a hotel for one night does not mean youre off the hook!

Gifts From Bridal Party Members

Speaking of group gifts, members of the wedding party can jump in on a group gift without any hard feelings too. Bridesmaids and groomsmen typically shell out quite a bit of cash for the wedding. Dresses, suits, hair, makeup, shoesthe cost of standing by your friend adds up! Not to mention time and effort, since some wedding parties double as the setup and teardown crew.

Need some ideas? Crowdsource an out-of-reach wedding gift that will stand the test of timelike the classic KitchenAid mixer.

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Unique Bridesmaid Proposal Cards

Thinking of avoiding gifts altogether and already hunting for the best bridesmaid proposal cards out there? After all, you can never go wrong with a heartfelt message or a hilarious one, your pick. Schedule a picnic in the park with your besties, skip the gifts, and pop the question to your bridesmaids and maid of honor with a cute card. From sentimental to hilarious and witty, you can find a wide range of bridesmaid proposal cards on the market. And, youre in luck: weve already rounded up the best out there below.

Bridesmaid Gifts: How To Thank Your Bridal Party

Wedding Etiquette 101:

Once your wedding date starts getting closer, youll want to start thinking about thank you gifts for your bridal party. Your bridesmaids, maid of honor or matron of honor have been helping you plan and get ready. Theyve been buying clothes and accessories. Booking time off. Plus hosting and attending all your wedding events. Its time to choose a thank you gift and show them how much you appreciate all that theyre doing for you.

Bridesmaid gifts are different from bridesmaid proposal boxes. If you gave them out when you asked, thats wonderful. But youll still need to give a thank you gift to your maid of honor and your bridesmaids.

You should buy bridesmaid gifts a few weeks before your wedding. Decide when youll hand them out, then buy them in time to wrap them and write the cards.

Sometimes bridesmaid gifts are given out at the bachelorette party. Most brides choose to hand them out at the rehearsal dinner. The easiest option is to give them at the end of the dinner. Everyone from your wedding will be there, so you can give out your bridesmaid gifts, groomsmen gifts and parent gifts at the same time. If you have flower girl or ring bearer gifts, they can be given out as well.

Please note: this article contains affiliate links. That means that I may earn a commission if you decide to buy something.

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Should I Ship A Gift Directly Or Bring It To The Wedding

“The preferred method for gifting is to send it to the couples home, versus bringing with you on the wedding day. There are just so many things to keep track of the day of the event, that its appreciated if you can make it a bit easier on the newlyweds. Luckily, its practically a given that youll be able to ship your gift with relative ease thanks to registries,” says Carlson.

Bringing a physical gift to the wedding is typically reserved when someone goes off the registry to purchase a wedding gift. When in doubt, follow the instructions on the registry website and avoid the headache of wrapping the present yourself!

If You Dont Attend The Wedding Do You Still Have To Send A Gift

This may come as a surprise to you, but the answer is yes. A gift is just a small gesture and a way for the couple to know that they are important to you. After all, they invited you sincerely wishing that you would be joining them to celebrate, thus sending a gift is the least that you can do, especially if you are not attending their special day.

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Gifts For Weddings You Cant Attend

Missing out on your friends big day is the worst, but at least you can support the happy couple with a thoughtful gift. Online planning site WeddingWire suggests $50 is the norm, and most couples dont expect to receive anything from guests who couldnt attend.8

If youre reading this section, it means youre the generous type of person who does give gifts even if you cant attend. Way to go.

Can My Presence Be A Present

How Much to Spend on Bridesmaid and Groomsman Gifts

Dont let the cost of a gift keep you from attending the wedding. If youre traveling quite a distance to attend, or just dont have a budget for a big gift, remember that being there to celebrate the union might be enough.

You could opt to send a kind handwritten note, or something small and sentimental to the new couple. Dont let your gift budget get in the way of you attending the wedding and being there for your friends or family.

The Emily Post Institute even reasons you can give something you already own as a wedding gift, pending a few caveatsonly as long as it is in good conditionnot a castoffand youre confident that the couple will like the item.

Think heirlooms. If you are close with the couple, this can be a great gift with lots of sentiment that doesnt require you to break the bank.

Additionally, the idea that you need to bring a gift that costs as much as the hosts spend on each person is a myth. Dont sweat it thinking you need an extra pricey gift for a black-tie wedding.

On the flip side, a casual wedding doesnt mean the gift has to be inexpensive if you budgeted for more. Consider the wedding gift a token of congratulations, not something given in exchange for your attendance.

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