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How To Activate Vanilla Gift Card

The Canada Post Prepaid Visa

How To Activate And Register Vanilla Visa Gift Card

The Canada Post Visa Prepaid Card is a prepaid card which you can use globally in any country that accepts VISA cards as electronic payments for online and offline transactions. You can also use ATM facilities anywhere in the world. Like the CIBC prepaid cards, this card is ideal if you are travelling and dont want to carry cash.

With this card, you:

  • Dont need a credit check
  • Dont need a bank account
  • Can reload it at any time, as often as youd like
  • It comes with purchase security insurance and an extended manufacturers warranty

The main downside to this card is its maintenance fee which is $3.00 and the reload fee which is $3.00.

How Do I Use A Vanilla Gift Card Online

For a Vanilla Gift Card delivered by email and mail, you can use online, via phone, or for mail order purchases. At the checkout screen, phone purchase, or mail-order form, provide your account number, expiration date, and security code. To shop online, you should assign a ZIP Code to your Virtual Account first.

Do Vanilla Gift Cards Have Pin Numbers

Vanilla Visa gift cards do have a PIN that youll need to use to make online purchases. These PIN numbers are not located on the cards themselves. Instead, youll need to call the number presented on the back of your gift card and enter your gift card number a sixteen-digit number to set up your PIN.

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Do I Have To Activate My Walmart Visa Gift Card

Most merchants require address information. Your Card number and 3-digit security code are required to register. Write down your Card number and the Customer Service number on a separate piece of paper in case your Card is lost, stolen, or destroyed. Your Card is automatically activated when it is purchased.

What Is Gift Card Activation

What to do when your Vanilla Visa card doesnt activate ...

Gift card activation can be a little confusing because we use the word activation differently depending on where you buy the gift card. But its really simple.

When you buy a gift card at the store , you take the gift card to the cash register and ask the cashier to load money onto the card. The cashier takes the card, activates it and loads the dollar amount requested onto the card. Now the card is ready to use.

If you buy the gift card online, however, the recipient may be asked to activate the card once it is received. The card is valid and the balance purchased is on the card, but the card may not work until you go through the process of activating it. This is a security measure.

CLICK HERE: To Activate a Visa or Mastercard Gift Card from

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Can Vanilla Gift Cards Be Used On Amazon

You can use a prepaid Visa gift card to make purchases on Amazon, but you have to work around the system to make it happen. Amazon will not allow split payments between gift cards loaded onto an account and other payment methods, so you have to line up the price of your purchases with your gift card balance.

How To Activate A Gift Card

Visa® gift cards, Mastercard® gift cards, Discover® gift cards and other bank-issued gift cards typically come with activation instructions. Those instructions often include a link to a website address or a telephone number to call. Cards purchased at are delivered with an instruction sheet and a shorter set of instructions on a sticker across the front of the gift card.

To activate a gift card, you will need to have the gift card account number and the card verification number from the card itself. The gift card account number is typically 16-digits and embossed on the front of the gift card, while the CVN is typically printed on the back of the card, to the right of the signature.

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Cmo Activar La Tarjeta Vanilla Gift Card

Puedes obtener una «tarjeta de inicio» en un minorista antes de recibir por correo la tarjeta Visa MyVanilla permanente, o simplemente solicitarla en el sitio web de MyVanilla. De cualquier manera, deberás activarla antes de poder usarla, tal como lo haces con otras tarjetas de crédito y débito Visa. MyVanilla también ofrece tarjetas con la marca MasterCard que funcionan de manera similar. No hay tarifa de compra para una tarjeta MyVanilla cuando te registras en línea.

Para obtener una cuenta debes registrarte en el sitio web de MyVanilla. Si te surge algún problema, puedes llamar a la línea de atención al cliente de MyVanilla al 686-9513 para pedir ayuda.

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Using The Myvanilla Visa Card

How Long Does It Take To Activate Vanilla Visa Debit Gift Card

Once your card is activated, you can use it as you would another Visa debit card. You can add funds to it with cash at various retailers such as Walmart, receive direct deposit through your employer or deposit checks using MyVanilla’s mobile app. You also can transfer funds from one MyVanilla card to another.

The MyVanilla smartphone app can help you find retailers where you can load money onto the card or check your balance.

Once you have money on the card, you can use it to make purchases at places that accept Visa debit cards or make withdrawals through an ATM. You likely will have to pay multiple fees at out-of-network ATMs, but you can find in-network ATMs that charge smaller fees through the MyVanilla website. You also can withdraw money from the card at Walmart for a fee.


  • Due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, MyVanilla call centers are experiencing unusually long wait times and they recommend controlling your account online or through the mobile app.

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Can You Cash A Vanilla Visa Gift Card

When it comes to the question of cash withdrawal, Visa has several rules in place dictating which cards you can cash out and which ones you cannot. While you can cash out a Reloadable Prepaid Card, you cannot cash out a Vanilla Visa gift card. Similarly, you cannot receive cash back from different retailers who you shop with, as Vanilla Visa gift cards are not closed-loop gift cards.

Drawbacks To The Vanilla Prepaid Card

Both the Mastercard and the Visa versions of this gift card can be used to make shopping online easier. However, there are a few disadvantages to these cards:

  • You cannot reload the card
  • You cannot make pay-at-the-pump transactions
  • You cannot use them to pay recurring bills
  • You cannot use them to withdraw card from the ATM
  • They cannot be refunded for cash back
  • If your card is lost or stolen, you can only get a replacement if you have your card number written down or memorized.
  • The card has low maximum balances. You will need to use this card with a combination of other payment methods if the purchase you are making exceeds the balance on your card.

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Find Your Initial Balance And Track Card Value

Before you use your card you should know your cards initial balance, and remember to track your remaining balance after each purchase.

You can check your card balance by visiting the website of your card issuer or calling their toll-free customer service number.

If you would like to make a purchase for an amount greater than the balance on your card, youll need to use a second form of payment to cover the differencejust tell the cashier in advance the amount youd like applied to your gift card. The balance will then need to be paid with the second payment method.

Activating Your Card Online

Activate vanilla visa gift card
  • 1Visit the activation link listed on the sticker on front of your card. If you dont feel like making a phone call, you can usually activate your gift card online. There should be an activation link listed either on back of your card or on the sticker on the front of your card. It will likely prompt you to register your card online as well.XResearch source
  • 2Use the website listed on the back of the card if theres no sticker. If isnt a specific activation link listed on a sticker, you can flip the card over and find the website of the issuing vendor. The vendors website should contain a link to activate a gift card.XResearch source
  • 3Enter your information to register your card. While it isnt mandatory, it may be a good idea to register your card in the event that you have problems with it in the future. You also need to register your card with the original vendor to make online purchases.XResearch source
  • Activating your card allows you to use it for purchases you make an in-person purchase. Registering your card allows you to use the account associated with the card, which is what you do when you make an online purchase.XResearch source
  • You may be asked to provide your full name, address, date of birth, or Social Security number. This is a legal requirement in most cases.XTrustworthy SourceUS Consumer Financial Protection BureauU.S. government agency for protecting consumers in the financial sectorGo to source
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    What Do You Do If Your Gift Card Doesnt Work

    One of the most common forms of gift card fraud involves thieves tampering with cards inside the retailer’s store before the cards are purchased by legitimate customers. Using a handheld card reader, crooks will swipe the stripe to record the card’s serial number and other data needed to duplicate the card.

    Why Cant I Use My Vanilla Gift Card Online

    If you have a problem using your gift card for online or telephone purchases, the most likely reason is that the merchants fraud screening process is matching the billing information entered at checkout with the billing information on your gift card account. If the addresses dont match, the card may decline.

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    How To Get A Vanilla Visa Gift Card For Free

    Are you looking for a gift card thats compatible with all retailers? Then youre going to want a Vanilla Visa gift card. These gift cards are part of a new line-up released by Visa and can be used by your friends and family to make purchases through platforms like , and more.

    Want to bring home one of these gift cards free of charge? Read on to learn how!

    Buying A Gift Card In Person

    How To Activate And Register Vanilla Visa eGift Virtual Card
  • 1Pick the gift card that you want to purchase. Some stores have a range of gift cards available to purchase from many different retailers. This is common at supermarkets and department stores. Alternatively, other stores will only sell gift cards that can be used for that particular retailer. This is typical of clothing stores, food outlets, and smaller, local businesses.
  • There are often many different designs and patterns available for the same gift card, so look at the full selection before you decide.
  • 2Choose the amount you want to load onto the card. A gift card is the equivalent of cash that can be used with a particular merchant. There is usually a minimum and maximum amount that can be loaded onto the card, which typically ranges from $10 and up to $500. Decide the amount that you want to be loaded onto the gift card once you have purchased it.XResearch source
  • Many gift cards have the option of you choosing the exact amount to load. However, some gift cards are only sold with set balances such as $25, $50, or $100. In this scenario, pick a gift card with a set balance that is closest to the amount that you want to spend.
  • 3Purchase the gift card to get it activated. Take the gift card to the cashier and say the amount that you want to load onto the card if it doesnt have a set amount specified. The cashier will load and activate the gift card as you purchase it.XResearch source
  • The receipt will be useful if you have any problems with the gift card at a later stage.
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    Whats The Difference Between A Visa Gift Card And A Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    Visa has recently expanded its gift card family with the introduction of its Vanilla line. Where Visa Gift Cards are meant to be used either by the person doing the purchasing or by another recipient, the Vanilla strain has a more specific purpose. Vanilla Visa Rewards Cards are meant to be used as viable payment methods for employees whove received them as a workplace incentive with a card balance. Comparatively, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are meant to be given to friends or family members as gifts, with the details handled at the time of purchase.

    What To Expect After You Activate A Gift Card

    After you activate the gift card, it should be ready to use. I have seen some cases where a gift card issuer imposes a waiting period after purchase, meaning the gift card may not be usable for up to 24-48 hours even though it has been activated. This waiting period gives the gift card issuer time to ensure the gift card has been purchased legitimately and is not part of a gift card scam like described above.

    After activating a card, its a good idea to check to see there are any gift card fees to know about and what the gift card expiration is. In many cases, you will be able to use the full balance of a gift card as long as you use the card at least once every 12 months.

    If you need help remembering to use your gift card in a timely manner, try these tricks to help you remember to use your gift cards.

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    How Can I Get Cash From A Vanilla Gift Card

    How to convert Visa gift cards to cash

  • Use your Visa gift card to buy other merchants gift cards.
  • Add it to your PayPal wallet.
  • Add it to your Venmo account.
  • Pay your bills with your Visa gift card.
  • Go to a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk to trade it in.
  • Sell your Visa gift card through an app.
  • Convert your Visa gift card to cash by selling it to a website.
  • Activate Vanilla Visa Gift Card Vanilla Visa Gift Card Activation

    How to Activate a Vanilla Gift Card

    Lets take a view of the basic steps for Vanilla Gift Card Activation or Activate Vanilla Visa Gift Card.

    If you recently get a new vanilla card and need some help on How To Activate Vanilla Visa Gift Card then dont be afraid about it.

    Here we will help you to How Vanilla Card Activation happens.

    The candidate has to provide details about the Vanilla Card Activation.

    The candidate has to give attention here.

    The cardholder can activate their Vanilla Gift Card by taking the help of this well-researched article.

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    As A Temporary Method Of Payment

    If you are going on a short weekend trip in or out of Canada for 2 or 3 days and you dont want to carry cash, this card can be used to make purchases on-the-go. This card is a much safer approach compared to carrying your credit card. In the event you lose it, you only lose the money you purchased the card, which is a maximum of $500 for Visa and $200 for Mastercard.

    Using Your Card Safely

  • 1Sign the back of your card to prevent identity theft. Flip your card over and sign the strip on the back to prevent future issues surrounding fraudulent purchases. When using your card, merchants may check the signature on the back and compare it to the sales receipt in order to verify the cards use.XResearch source
  • 2Record the cards information in the event that you lose it. Write down the account number and registered information associated with the card and store it somewhere safe. In the event that you lose your card, you cant replace it. However, you can still use it for online purchases if you have the account information stored somewhere.
  • 3Use your card before it expires. Visa gift cards often have an expiration date. If you dont activate and use your card before it expires, you wont have access to the remaining balance.XResearch source
  • The expiration date is usually printed on the front of your card, but it is occasionally found on the back as well.
    • How long after activation do I have to wait for the card to be usable?DonaganIt should be usable immediately after activation.Thanks!

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    How Can You Get A Free Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    Want to give a Vanilla Visa gift card to a friend or loved one this year? Swagbucks can help you secure one of these visa debit cards free of charge. How? When you sign up for a Swagbucks account, youll have the opportunity to take quizzes, watch videos and play games in exchange for points. Once you earn enough points, youll be able to cash those points out in exchange for a gift card.

    Ready to get shopping? Sign up for a Swagbucks account today.

    Uso De La Tarjeta Visa Myvanilla

    How To Activate Register Vanilla Mastercard Gift Card

    Una vez que tu tarjeta está activa, puedes usarla como lo harías con otra tarjeta de débito Visa. Puedes agregarle fondos en varios minoristas como Walmart, recibir depósitos directos a través de tu empleador o depositar cheques utilizando la aplicación móvil de MyVanilla. También podrás transferir fondos de una tarjeta MyVanilla a otra.

    A través de la aplicación para teléfonos inteligentes MyVanilla puedes buscar minoristas para recargar tu tarjeta y también puedes verificar tu saldo .

    Una vez que tengas dinero en la tarjeta, puedes usarlo para realizar compras en lugares que acepten tarjetas de débito Visa o realizar retiros a través de cajeros automáticos. Es probable que debas pagar algunas tarifas por uso de cajeros automáticos fuera de la red. Sin embargo, en el sitio web de MyVanilla pero puedes buscar cajeros automáticos de la red que cobran tarifas más pequeñas. También te permiten retirar dinero de la tarjeta en Walmart, pero también tendrás que pagar una tarifa por este servicio.

    Posiblemente has visto carteles que anuncian Vanilla Reload en varios minoristas que permiten agregar fondos a tu tarjeta. Todo lo que necesitas hacer es llevar tu tarjeta MyVanilla a la caja registradora de las tiendas participantes, entregar al cajero la cantidad de dinero que deseas cargar en tu cuenta y deslizar tu tarjeta. Los fondos se cargarán en tu tarjeta inmediatamente.

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