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How To Add Amazon Gift Card To Baby Registry

Benefits Of The Amazon Baby Registry Canada

How To: Create an Amazon Baby Registry

Did you know that the Amazon Baby Registry Canada is one of the best places to register for your baby shower gifts?

Read on for all the details and why I love Amazons Baby gift registry. Plus how to score your free gift!

Finding out you are pregnant is such a fun time, not only are you creating a new life and a new chapter but you will spend the next 9 months being celebrated and preparing for your baby to arrive.

One of the most fun moments of pregnancy is your baby shower . Baby showers are a fun celebration of your pregnancy and also an opportunity for you to be showered with gifts for baby!

Whether you are having a traditional shower before your baby is born or choose to have a a sip and see a baby shower after baby is born, you will need to register for gifts to make sure you get what you need and not a bunch of duplicates.

Registering for the right things can make a real different in preparing financially for baby and having your baby on a budget.

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The Ultimate Guide To Baby Gear For Minimalists

Why You Should Register With Amazon

Here are just some of the benefits and features of an Amazon wedding or baby registry:

  • Large selection of brands and products: has a staggering amount of brands and products everything from housewares, decor and appliances to baby gear, diapers and formula. You can register for anything on Amazon, making it easy to complete your shopping list and get everything you need.
  • Registry completion discount: When you register with Amazon, youll get something called a completion discount, which gives you great savings on a purchase of products from your registry.
  • Wedding registry completion discount: Qualifying Amazon Wedding registrants receive a 20% discount for Prime members for one order of up to $1,500 or a one-time 10% discount for non-Prime members on select items shipped and sold by Your completion discount will be sent to the primary registrants email address seven days after your event date. The completion discount can be redeemed by the primary registrant up to 90 days after your event date.
  • Baby registry completion discount: The completion discount is a discount on select remaining items from your baby registry. The discount offer is 10% for primary registrants . You can apply the discount on up to two orders of up to an aggregate of $2,000, which means you can enjoy savings of up to $300. Youre eligible for this discount 60 days before the arrival date youve indicated on your registry and at least 14 days after your registry was created.

How To Create An Amazon Gift Registry

Lets start at the very beginning. Heres how to find the Amazon Baby Registry Page:

  • On the top of the page, on the right side of the navigation bar just under your name, hover over accounts and lists.
  • When the menu pops up, look to the left hand side to find Baby Registry.
  • From there, you can get started setting up your profile.
  • Oh, and in case you were wondering, you dont need a Prime membership to create a baby registry list. As long as you have an Amazon account, you can curate a complete baby registry checklist that lets you select and share any and all essential items you are interested in. Whether you come across the perfect stroller, baby diaper bag, car seat, changing pad, or other adorable baby gear that would fit your lifestyle and baby’s needs, add it to the list with one click. Share this list of favorite items with your friends and family to give an insiders scoop as to what products you have your eye on. You never know, they may come wrapped as baby shower gifts.

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    Create An Amazon Account

    In order to have an Amazon Baby Registry, it only makes sense that you need to have an Amazon account.

    The best part is that creating an Amazon account and a baby registry is completely free. If you choose to get, it does offer some unique perks for your registry including a Welcome Box full of goodies!

    How Do I Make An Amazon Gift Registry

    Shower Gift Registry Card Pink and Gold Baby Shower

    To create your first Baby Registry:

  • Go to Baby Registry. You can also select Gift Cards & Registry from the navigation menu and select Baby Registry.
  • Click Get Started.
  • Follow on-screen instructions. You can edit profile information in About you.
  • Click Create Baby Registry.
  • . Likewise, people ask, can you do a gift registry on Amazon?

    You can register for anything on Amazon. Enjoy a special completion discount on any items left on your registry. Two-day shipping on eligible registry itemsyou‘ll get your gifts in a snap! You can return any gift within 180 days.

    Additionally, how do I find my Amazon gift registry? To claim your free Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box, follow these steps:

  • Create your Amazon Baby Registry.
  • Sign up for Amazon Prime’s free 30-day trial.
  • Add products to your Baby Registry.
  • Purchase $10 worth of eligible products from your registry
  • Claim your Welcome Box!
  • Also to know is, how do I create a gift registry on Amazon?

    Create Your Wedding Registry

  • Go to Wedding Registry , or click Wish List at the top of any page and select Wedding Registry from the drop-down.
  • Search for items you want to add to your registry.
  • Can you search for someone’s Amazon wish list?

    Simply navigate to Amazon’s Find a Wish List page to search. Click on the link Manage This List near the top of your Wish List and you can choose “Change privacy settings.” From here, you can select public, private, or shared.

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    Using The Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount

    There are definitely some rules around using your Amazon completion discount, so make sure to follow them thoroughly. I love this post from Are We Adults Yet, which walks new moms through how they can get the most bang for their buck with the completion discount.

    After you are notified that you have your completion discount available, its time to shop! On a phone, you can get to the discount screen by clicking Offers & Benefits in the Baby Registry drop down menu.

    If youre using a laptop or desktop, a message will appear once youre eligible for the discount. Just click on it to be taken to the discount page.

    Important: Eligible items must be added to your cart from this page in order for you to get the discount.

    There is a limit to the completion discount. You can only use it on two orders up to $2,000 worth of products, so the maximum discount you can receive if you have Amazon Prime is $300 and $200 without Prime.

    You can buy more and spend as much as you want, but the discount will stop at $300 for Prime members and $200 for non-Prime members.

    Finally, only the primary registrant can use the completion discount. So if its set up in moms name, dad has to go in her Amazon account to get it.

    What Is An Eligible Item

    Not all items on your registry will get the discount applied to them. Eligible items are items that are fulfilled by Amazon or sold and shipped by Amazon.

    Look for the sold and shipped by message, right by the Add to Cart button to make sure the items youre purchasing are eligible for a discount. You can buy whatever you want, but check this out if youre focusing on your discount.

    The completion discount also wont work on any of those universal items you added from other sites or stores using the Amazon Assistant extension.

    Once youre finished shopping, the discount will be applied at checkout.

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    Returning Items Off Your Amazon Baby Registry

    Returning gifts is inevitable. You might change your mind, receive duplicate products, or receive a hand-me-down from a friend and no longer need the item new. I literally changed my mind on the stroller I wanted at least 5 times, so its totally okay if you change your mind on big and small baby products that you want!

    I think one of the biggest perks of the Amazon baby registry is the large return window. Its 365 days! You have a whole year to decide if you are going to keep something.

    Now, that doesnt mean you can use a stroller everyday and return it at the end of the year! But if you have products you never actually used or opened, then yep, you can send them back.

    For this reason, I recommend waiting until you are certain you will use something before taking it out of the package.

    Returning items from your Amazon baby registry seems fairly straightforward. You just navigate to your Thank You List and Returns, find the item and click Return. It will give you some prompts to follow and voila!

    I always hated packing up an Amazon return to ship out, so I love that Kohls stores now accept Amazon returns. It truly makes it so easy!

    One little tricky note on the Amazon returns is that it says gifts purchased by the registry owner are only eligible for a 90-day return window. Sneaky, sneaky. But if you bought it yourself, chances are you know youll love it.

    Otherwise, the items purchased off your registry from others will be within the 365-day window.

    My Honest Thoughts On The Amazon Baby Registry

    UNBOXING MY BABY GIFTS From Amazon Baby Registry! How To Order From Amazon To Nigeria.

    If we thought wed have another child, Id use Amazon Baby Registry again in a heartbeat. The discount codes alone are worth the time I spent adding items to the registry and going through their checklist.

    Im also a raving fan of the free two-shipping that Prime offers. I love that I could get almost any product I need.

    Plus I know that Im getting a competitive value on items like diapers, formula, wipes and bigger ticket items like car seats.

    How about you? Have you tried the Amazon Baby Registry? What did you think?

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    How To Create A Baby Registry On Amazon

    To create an Amazon Baby Registry, follow the steps below:

    • Login to your existing account. If you do not have an Amazon account yet, create one using this link .
    • When you click Get Started, the one-page registration form opens. The page is shown below.

    To help you decide what options to select, I have explained parts of the form that are not very easy to understand. I skipped parts that are straightforward.

    Since you already logged into your Amazon account, your details are auto populated for you.

    Add a Co-Registrant: Is another person you can allow to edit your registry from their own personal account. A Co-Registrant could be your partner, husband or wife. To add another person to your registry account, click Add a Co-Registrant. Then enter the persons details including their valid Amazon account email address.

    Allow gifts to be shipped to my address from all sellers: This checkbox is checked by default. Amazon has sellers that sell products on their platform. Checking this box means any product you purchase or purchased in your baby registry can be shipped to you. It is recommended to leave this checked.

    When you finish selecting your options, enter the number beside the Image on the Type characters field. Then click Create my Baby Registry. If all goes well, your Baby Registry page will load automatically. See the image below:

    Other Benefits Of Registering With Amazon

    Beyond how easy it is to make a baby registry on Amazon, the retailer offers a few other great benefits if you choose to use their service.

    When you sign up, you’ll get a welcome box filled with up to $35 worth of baby products. They also offer the option for group gifting. If you plan on choosing particularly pricey items, this is a great feature, as it allows your friends and family to contribute to bigger gifts together.

    The Diaper Fund is another unique and practical feature. Amazon realizes that one of the biggest costs parents will incur while caring for their newborns is diapers the average annual cost of diapers is $550. In anticipating that cost, you can choose to opt in to the Diaper Fund, which allows friends and family to contribute any amount of money, up to $550 total, toward diapers. You’ll get this money in the form of an , which can be used toward diapers and a variety of other eligible baby products as well.

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    How To Create An Amazon Wedding Registry

    Follow these steps to create your Amazon wedding registry:

    • Visit Amazons Wedding Registry page click on Wish List on any page and select Wedding Registry from the drop-down menu.
      • Search for items you want to add to your registry and click Add to Wedding Registry.
      • To share your Wedding Registry, select Settings from the top of your registry then select Share Your Registry.

      Your registry information is made public so that your guests can easily find your registry . The shipping address you select is confidential. People viewing your registry will only see the name, city and state. If selected in your preferences, it may take up to 36 hours for your new registry to appear on

      Manage Group Gifting And Diaper Fund Contributions Gift Card for Any Amount in a Hello Baby Reveal ...

      Enabling items for Group Gifting allows family and friends to contribute an amount of their choice towards higher-value items from your registry. Each Group Gifting contribution is received as an Amazon Electronic Gift Card.

      You can activate and deactivate Group Gifting settings for any item in your Baby Registry, or change the default dollar amount for items selected for Group Gifting.

      To set Group Gifting for items in your registry:

    • Go to your .
    • Select Registry Settings in the menu options.
    • Check the Allow Group Gifting box.
    • Enter the dollar value for group gifting enabled items.
    • To set Group Gifting for an individual item:

    • Go to your .
    • Locate the item you want to change and select Edit.
    • To activate, check the Enable group gifting for this item box.
    • Save your changes.
    • To redeem Group Gift contributions:

    • Select the item to view contributions.
    • Select Redeem to add the individual contribution to your Gift Card balance.
    • You can also access this information in your Baby Registry by selecting Thank You & Returns.
    • To set a Diaper Fund for your Registry:

    • Go to your .
    • Select Registry Settings.
    • Check the box to enable Diaper Fund.
    • To redeem Diaper Fund contributions:

    • Go to your .
    • Select Redeem to view Diaper Fund contributions to your Gift Card balance.
    • Select Redeem to add individual contributions to your Gift Card balance.
    • You can also access this information in your Baby Registry by selecting Thank You & Returns.
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      How To Add Gift Cards To Your Amazon Baby Registry

      From the app, tap on Add Items at the bottom. Then tap the Babylist icon. Scroll down and click on Gift Cards & More Cash Funds the Cash Fund youd like to add to your Babylist. To edit how you receive funds, click on Menu Registry Cash Fund Preferences. If you already know exactly what you want, you can also go directly to a specific product page on Amazon and add that product to your baby registry. After creating your registry, a new button will appear on the right-hand side of the page. A new option to add items directly to your baby registry appears on product pages. To add gift cards from other stores, youll want to find their gift card page and use the Add to Babylist button to add it to your registry. Heres an example. Registry tips: Leave the quantity blank . This makes it so you can receive an unlimited number of gift cards. Add a zero to the price box.

      In lieu of putting specific clothes , my Husband and I simply put gift cards on our BabyList registry, so that folks know what stores we like, etc. BabyList is our only registry, since its so simple to post things from any store and does not

      What’s The Difference Between Cash Funds And Gift Cards

      Now you know that you can add gift cards to your wedding registry, but is there a difference between cash funds and gift cards? It’s important to make the distinction between different types of funds and experiential gifts you can add to your registry on The Knot. In addition to registering for physical gifts, you can also register for gift cards, cash funds, honeymoon funds and charity funds. Each of these options include different perks and uses, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one or two. You can include all of these options on your registry. In fact, we recommend it!

      A cash fund allows guests to donate any amount to your registry. These funds can be used for anything√Ęthe sky’s the limit. You might want money for a starter home, or for a pet that you plan to adopt after the wedding day. You can also put these monetary gifts toward shared experiences, like cooking classes, concert tickets or postwedding date nights. A honeymoon fund, on the other hand, is specifically reserved for activities on your newlywed getaway. These funds can be applied to airline tickets, couple’s massages, nearby excursions or a special dinner.

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      Amazon Family: Get Even More Benefits

      I only discovered Amazon Family after creating my baby registry for my second child. I wish I had known of it for my first child because it helped me save so much money!

      With Amazon Family, you can save up to 20% on diapers and baby food, for example, but also get the 15% Baby Registry discount and receive regular Amazon coupons and discounts. Its brilliant!

      Honestly, I think Amazon should simplify a bit its offering because it gets a bit confusing between Prime, Family, and the baby registry. But basically, they all work hand in hand to give you extra discounts when you buy on Amazon.

      Its free if you already have a Prime subscription. You just need to enter your childrens age and Amazon will give you age-based tips and discounts. Its that simple.

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