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How To Add Google Gift Card To Google Pay

Loyalty Card Disappeared From Google Pay

How to add gift cards or loyalty cards in Google Pay app?

Added card from Gmail

If you delete the email with the loyalty card, the pass will be removed from Google Pay. If you delete a Gmail message, it stays in your trash for 30 days. After that, the email is deleted permanently.

You can add the card again using the app.

Added card another way

Your loyalty card might disappear if you:

  • Do a factory reset on your device.
  • Remove your Google Account from your device.
  • Clear all data from Google Play services or Google Pay.

To continue using your cards with Google Pay, add them to the app again.

Add A Loyalty Card Or Gift Card

Add a loyalty card by scanning it or sign in to your loyalty card account and then save the card.

Note: If your gift card has a network logo on it , youll need to add it as a payment method.

  • Open the Google Pay app .
  • Swipe up from the bottom.
  • Tap Add a card
  • Find and tap the merchant or program name.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions.
  • How To Redeem Google Play Gift Card Outside The Us

    Due to region restrictions, you cannot redeem Google Wallet code from outside the US. This is because Google Play Gift Cards are regionalized and can only be redeemed from a specific countrys Play Store. However, there is a way you can still redeem it. Heres how to Redeem Google Play Gift Card Outside the US.


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    Redeem Google Play Gift Card Outside The Us

    The Gift Card option has been out for quite a while now, but you still cant redeem it in your country. This is because your regions currency is not in USD. When you redeem the code, the currency added to your account is in US Dollars. If you try to redeem it on an unsupported region, you will only get an error saying This code cannot be redeemed from your country.

    Adding A Payment Method

    How to Add a Card to Google Pay: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

    This option works similarly to adding a payment method to any eCommerce website or app. Heres how to do it on Google Play.

    Open the Play Store app, typically located on your Android devices Home screen. Inside the app, navigate to the upper-left corner and tap the hamburger menu icon . You will see a menu on the left side of the screen.

    From this menu, select Payment methods. It has a card icon next to it. It will ask you to log in to your Google Play account. If this action prompts you to select a browser, choose the one that you prefer and tap Just once.

    In the next screen, select Add credit or debit card. This option allows you to enter the required card information. Bear in mind that you may be eligible to add a bank account or use PayPal for this. That, however, will depend on your location, as well as on the store selection.

    Now, enter your card info. The card number is the 16-digit number located on the front of your physical card. The next field represents the cards expiration date . Next, enter your CVC/CVV code. On your card, you can find this three-digit number on the back or the side.

    Finally, enter your billing address, which includes your full name, country, and postal code. Next, tap Save. Keep in mind that you may be required to verify the payment method before proceeding.

    Thats it! Now you have a payment method on your Google Play account.

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    Adding A Paypal Account

    If youre hesitant to use your credit/debit cards for purchases and want a second level of security, using PayPal is a great option. Before setting things up on Google Pay, I recommend you head to PayPals website and create an account if you havent already.

    Now, just like all of the above options, head to the Cards section and tap on the blue + floating action button. This time, youre going to need to choose the Add other payment methods option before then selecting PayPal.

    From there, youll be taken to PayPals website in a web browser. Youll then need to sign into your account and grant permission to Google Pay.

    How To Add Credit Card To Google Pay

    Make sure you have installed the latest version of Google Pay on your smartphone. Click on your profile picture > payment methods > and click on the add bank account option. Do note that, you need to use the same phone number that your Google Pay account uses to add a credit card to pair it to your account.

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    What Is Paypal And How Does It Operate

    PayPal seems to be a big topic in most money-related conversations today. It feels wrong to skip a brief introduction and explanation of what PayPal is and how it works. This way, if you havent started using it already, you will.

    The simplest way to put it is that it is a means of sending money online, but there is more to it. You need a PayPal account, and you can create one free of charge. PayPal is a digital wallet of sorts.

    It holds cash for a given amount of time before the money is transferred to your bank account or the recipient.

    You can link one PayPal count to several bank accounts, so you have centralized control of all your money.

    When making a payment, you will have all your accounts there, and you can choose which one to use.

    All your funding sources are protected inside the PayPal wallet. This means that the recipient will not get any sensitive information about your accounts.

    You might not see this as a big deal, but it is. If you shop on ten websites and enter the credit card number in each of them, there are ten chances that you will get hacked.

    With PayPal, you dont have to risk this since all your data is hidden. PayPal takes care of both the buyers and the sellers.

    PayPal makes receiving payments quick and easy with no risks of fraud from the buyer. There are numerous ways you can integrate it into your website to make it work better.

    You can take PayPal payments from buyers with accounts, or you could use credit cards over a virtual terminal.

    How To Add Funds To Google Play

    Can You Add Visa Gift Debit Card To Google Pay

    William StantonRead more March 17, 2020

    Some content on Androids official Google Play app store is free, but other stuff requires payment. There are two main ways to pay on Google Play. You can add a payment method, which means adding a credit/debit card to your account. Alternatively, you can use Google Play credit through gift cards.

    Heres how you can add funds to Google Play.

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    Can You Pay For Xbox Game Pass With Google Play

    Google Play is now the place to download the Xbox Game Pass Android app, which is available for free. Furthermore, if you are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber, you can also use the app to purchase games to own for a 20 percent discount. The app can also be used to install Xbox Game Pass games on your Xbox One if you have one.

    Spending Money On Google Play

    There are two main ways of adding funds to Google Play adding a card to your account or using gift cards. In some countries, you can add cash from convenience stores. Use whichever of these methods you find the most convenient and enjoy quality Google Play content.

    How do you add funds to Google Play? Are you considering linking a card to your account, or do you prefer gift cards? Feel free to hit the comment section below with any questions you may have.

    Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. This does not effect our editorial in any way.

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    Google Pay Now Supports Credit Cards In India: How To Add Credit Cards To Google Pay

    Google Pay has gone mainstream in India in the online payment segment. Users with Google Pay can now transfer/pay money to their friends and merchants with a click of a button. However, up until now, Google Pay only supported debit cards, and the company has finally added Credit Card support for Google Pay.

    This means you can now pay your bills using via supported credit cards just like a UPI payment, without using the physical card. Again, this will be limited by the credit limited allocated to you by your bank account.

    On Android Redeem Google Play Gift Card Outside The Us

    Google Pay

    You can, however, trick Play Store into thinking you are in the US. You can achieve it using any VPN service. Follow the steps below

    Step 1: US the VPN service of your choice.

    Step 2: Go to the region list and select the US.

    Step 3: Fire the app up.

    Step 4: After the connection is established, go to Settings> Apps.

    Step 5: Find the Google Play Store. Tap on it.

    Step 6:Force stop the app if the option is not grayed out.

    Step 7: Clear Data and Cache.

    Step 8: Open Google Play Store app.

    Step 9: You will find the currency in dollars.

    Step 10: Navigate to Google Play Stores settings.

    Step 11: Tap on Redeem.

    Step 12: Type in your code and tap on Redeem.

    Step 13: The code should be successfully redeemed.

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    Set Up The Google Pay App

    First and foremost, you need to download and install the app from the Apple AppStore.

    Once the app is installed, launch the app and log in your Google account or create an account if you dont have one yet. You can create one through the app.

    Once logged in, follow the instructions to complete setting up.


    • For business purchases account, you may be asked to switch to a different payments profile. Simply follow the instructions on-screen to set up an individual profile.
    • If required, add a payment method. You can add a debit card for quicker transactions.

    Redeem A Google Play Gift Card Gift Code Or Promotional Code

    You can get Google Play gift codes by email, physical gift cards, or other methods of delivery. Find where to buy gift cards or digital gifts. When you redeem this code, the gift will add to your Google Play balance. You can also get Google Play promo codes, which can add to your Google Play balance or give you specific apps and digital content.

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    Currently Available For Select Android Users

    As of now, credit card support on is only available for select Android smartphone users in India, and the same feature is expected to be rolled out to iOS users in the next few days. Some users are also reporting that even though they have received the update, they are still not able to add their credit card to their Google Pay account.

    S On How To Add Credit Card In Google Pay India

    How to Add Google Play Gift Card Value Into Android Phone
    • Step 1: First, download G Pay on your mobile.
    • Step 2: Once you open Google Pay, click on your profile picture.
    • Step 3: Select Bank Accounts and Cards’.
    • Step 4: Now, click on Add card.
    • Step 5: Type in your credit card number, the expiry date, and the CVV.
    • Step 6: Now enter your name and the billing address.
    • Step 7: Click on Save.
    • Step 8: Click on Accept issuer Terms & conditions.
    • Step 9: Google Pay will contact your bank and verify the credit card.
    • Step 10: You will be asked for an authentication through OTP.
    • Step 11: Once you enter the OTP, next to the credit cards payment methods, click on Activate.
    • Step 12: Type in your one-time password.
    • Step 13: You will see a confirmation of the card having been added.

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    Redeem A Google Play Card Via Email

    1. Open the email that contains your Google Play card.

    2. Select the redeem button .

    3. As prompted, enter your email to validate that this is your card.

    4. Select “Click to redeem.”

    5. You’ll be redirected to the Play website.

    6. Confirm your account.

    7. Enjoy your credit!

    Note that if you plan to buy someone a Google Play card online and send it via email, you must do so via online distributors such as Walmart, Amazon, Target, and the like. Different distributors require different minimum card purchases for online gift purchases.

    Faqs On How To Add Credit Card In Google Pay India

  • On what apps can I make payment using Google Pay?

    Bharat QR code-based Payments at online & offline merchants.

  • Can I use my credit card added on Google Pay at ATMs?

    No, Google Pay, as of now not supported at ATMs.

  • If I change phone, will I have to add my credit card again?

    Yes, if you change the phone you are using, then the credit cards will need to be added again. Credit Card tokens are device specific when it comes to Google Pay.

  • Will my credit card work on G Pay if my card is blocked or closed?

    No, if your credit card is blocked or closed, then your credit card will not work on Google Pay.

  • Can I remove my credit card from Google Pay?

    Yes, it is very easy to remove your credit card from your Google Pay.

  • On which devices does Google Pay work?

    Google pay works on numerous electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, watches, and tablets.

  • Does Google Pay issue credit cards to its customers?

    Yes, Google Pay has partnered with few banks to issue credit cards to its customers.

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    Wherever You Can Tap You Can Pay With Your Android Device

    A Secure Way to Pay

    When you pay in a store, Google Pay uses an encrypted number instead of your actual card number, keeping your card details safe. Plus, your payment information is protected with multiple layers of security.

    Tap to Pay Within Apps

    Use your personal RBC credit card on your Android device to pay, in any app that accepts Google Pay.

    Track Your Spending

    View your balance, available credit and RBC Rewards® points balance while youâre on the go using the RBC Mobile app1.

    Adding A Credit/debit Card

    how to buy google play gift card in google pay

    With the redesign, Google Pay is now divided into two tabs: Home and Cards. While you can see whichever credit/debit card is set as the default from the Home tab, most of your personal accounts and cards will be displayed in the Cards section.

    To add a credit or debit card, youre first going to need to head on into the Cards section. From there, tap on the blue + floating action button. After, a pop-up will display various options. Select Add a credit or debit card.

    Next, you can choose one of the different cards that Google already has on file for your account or you can select the option to Add a new card.

    If you decided to go with a card already on file, you will just need to verify some of the credit or debit cards information and verify the Google Pay installation with your bank. If you choose to add a new card, the only additional steps youll need to take is filling out all of your cards details.

    Use the images below to help if you get lost along the way.

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    Payment Methods On Android

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Tap Menu > Account > Add payment method
  • Follow the onscreen instructions
  • The new payment method will be added to your Google account
  • For more information about available payment options, go see this Help Center article.

  • Tap the package you want to purchase
  • Tap on “Payment methods”
  • Choose from one of your existing payment methods or add a new one
  • Complete your purchase
  • Note: if you add a payment method while making a purchase, it will be saved in your account.

  • Open the Google Play Store app
  • Tap Menu > Payment Methods
  • Select the payment method you would like to remove
  • Tap the ‘More’ button in the top right, and select “Remove Payment Method”
  • The payment method will be removed from your Google account.

    Google Play processes all purchases made via the in-game shop. Google purchase methods vary by country.

    • Carrier Billing: depending on customer country and carrier
    • Google Play gift cards: available in selected countries
    • Google Wallet Balance: only available in the US and UK

    If it’s your first time making a purchase, your payment method will be added to your Google account.

    For a list of available methods by country, please refer to this link.

    How To Add Cards To Google Pay On The Galaxy Watch

    Since you have Google Pay installed on your device, you just need to open it and start adding your cards. Heres how:

  • Open Google Pay on your Galaxy Watch 4 by swiping up from the watch face and looking for the Google Pay icon.
  • Tip: If you just downloaded Google Pay, itll be at the bottom of the app drawer.
  • Once you open the app, youll see GooglePays plus icon for adding cards. Tap the icon and open your phone.
  • On your phone, a list of available cards will pop up on your screen. Choose the first one by hitting the small plus icon on the right.
  • Youll need to enter your CVC and go through the remaining prompts for adding the card.
  • Once you add one card, youll be asked if you want to add more. This is an easy way to keep adding cards to your watch without having to enter anything else on your Galaxy Watch 4.

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    Redeem A Google Play Card As You Make A Purchase

    1. When you start the purchase, select the “G Pay” icon to select your Google payment method.

    2. Select “Redeem code” from the list of options.

    3. Enter the code on your gift card.

    4. Tap “Redeem.”

    5. Confirm the purchase.

    6. Enjoy your credit and new purchase!

    You can also redeem cards via email, or from the Google Play website. To do so, simply follow these steps:

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