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How To Buy Gift Cards With Southwest Points

How To Use Southwest Travel Funds

How to Redeem Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

To see how much money you can put toward your next trip, view your travel funds on Southwest’s site. If you received the funds on December 3, 2019 or later, log into your Rapid Rewards account and click “View Travel Funds” to view your available balance. When you’re ready to use the money, you’ll have to manually enter the travel fund info when you book your new flight.

If you received travel funds before December 3, 2019, the process is different. Visit Southwests Check Travel Funds page to look up your info. You’ll enter your name and confirmation number for your canceled ticket you can enter up to four confirmation numbers at a time.

Its important to keep track of your flight confirmation numbers if you plan to use the lookup tool, since this information wont be accessible from your Rapid Rewards account. If youve misplaced your flight confirmation number, try doing an email search for your Southwest confirmation notice.

To redeem your Southwest Travel Funds for flights online:

  • Select your flight and begin the checkout process.
  • Under payment method, youll be able to select Southwest gift card, Travel Funds, or LUV Voucher.
  • Enter the information requested .

You can also call Southwest or visit a ticket counter to redeem your unused funds.

Where To Search For Southwest Awards

You dont have to log into the airlines website to search for awards at Make sure to select Points when looking to redeem them for a flight to see the points value for trip. You can also switch to viewing prices in dollars anytime by clicking the Dollars button at the top of the results. Once youre ready to book, log in so you can redeem your Rapid Rewards.

Southwest More Rewards Cruises

After selecting Travel on the More Rewards main menu, you can select Cruises from the drop-down menu. Then you will be prompted to call a Cruise Agent at 1.888.658.4826 to use your points.

Based on my experience with the More Rewards portal, my best guess is that you wont get a great deal using your points in this way.

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How To Earn Southwest Rapid Rewards Points

The primary way to earn Southwest Rapid Rewards points is to book flights with the airline. The number of points you receive depends on the fare you choose and doesnt include taxes and fees:

  • Wanna Get Away6X the fare price
  • Anytime10X the fare
  • Business Select12X the fare

If you purchased a Business Select ticket at $400 , you would receive 4,800 points. You can also earn points by making purchases with Southwests Rapid Rewards partners and through the Southwest Rapid Rewards dining program, which rewards you for dining out at participating restaurants.

If you need more points, you can buy them. You can purchase anywhere from 2,000 to 60,000 points at a time, in blocks of 500 . Another Rapid Rewards member can also transfer points to you.

Use The Rapid Rewards Dining Program

How To Buy Southwest Rapid Rewards Points [Step

Similar to its shopping portal, Southwest offers bonus points for dining with participating restaurants, bars and clubs through its Rapid Rewards Dining program. All you have to do is register on the programs website and link any credit card you might want to use for dining out . If you pay for dinner using a card that offers 3 Chase Ultimate Rewards points per dollar spent on food, youll be double-stacking your rewards: Youll earn points from the card itself and points from the dining portal.

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Southwest Points For Disney Gift Cards

I picked up the Southwest Card deal where I got 60,000 points due to a liner posting about it either here or in chat.

I just redeemed all my points for Disney gift cards! I dont remember seeing Disney gift cards on there when I looked last time so I was excited to see that!

really? Thats awesome! hmm, usually my SW points go to flights but I should run some numbers and see if itd be better to cash in for gift cards.

Where do you see where you can cash in the rewards? It just seems to keep sending me to the main SW site?

Go to their website and click on REWARDS in the upper right and then click the REDEEM FOR MORE REWARDS link that comes up in the pop up box.

Our family HATES flying and is flying under duress in the fall but its still nice for us to collect points towards other things.

REDEEM FOR MORE REWARDS link that comes up in the pop up box.

Ah HA! thank you! Kept missing that and was looking in my account area.

This is good to know. if you do some math, could you let me know what you come up with as the better deal.

So far its not favorable. It costs 3,000 points to get a $25 gift card.

Meanwhile, $1 equals roughly 62 points for flights. So youre basically halving it with the gift card. Which is to be expected a bit as SW wants you spend the money with them, not others.

Sheesh, how many points have I wasted in the past because I only fly once a year and let them expire

Its important to point out that everyone has different goals.

How To Check The Balance Of Your Luv Voucher

Checking your LUV Voucher balance on is easy, but its a bit tricky to find. You can or follow the instructions below.

  • To check the balance on your Southwest LUV Voucher, click on Flight in the top menu, then click Manage Reservations. Image Credit: Southwest
  • Click View Travel Funds. Image Credit: Southwest
  • This screen will default to the input for Travel Funds just click on Check Southwest LUV Voucher right underneath to bring up the correct box. Image Credit: Southwest
  • Fill in the voucher number and security number, then click Check Now. Image Credit: Southwest
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    Southwest Elite Status: What You Need To Know

    As you climb Southwests tiers, you can boost points even faster. A-List status earns you 25 percent bonus points on qualifying flights, while A-list Preferred status earns you a 100 percent earning bonus on qualifying flights.

    A-List status also comes with priority boarding and check-in and a dedicated member phone line. You can reach A-list status by earning 35,000 qualifying points or taking 25 qualifying flights.

    A-List Preferred status comes with everything above, plus free in-flight Wi-Fi. To reach A-list status, youll need 70,000 qualifying points or 50 qualifying flights.

    How To Make The Most Of Your Southwest Travel Funds

    The Ultimate Guide to Earning Southwest Points Without Traveling

    Sometimes, your Southwest Travel Funds wont be enough to cover the cost of your flight. This can be frustrating, especially if you werent planning to travel and just want to make use of your funds. But with Southwest Rapid Rewards, youll always earn bonus points toward future travel when you have to make a purchase.

    If your Southwest Travel Funds arent enough to cover the cost of your upcoming flight, consider using a Southwest credit card to cover the difference. Chase is the credit card issuer for the Southwest credit cards, but you’ll earn Southwest rewards, not Chase Ultimate Rewards. Youll rack up some serious Southwest point and perks through one of these , which are known for being some of the best airline credit cards.

    For example, a Southwest credit card can even help you earn the Companion Pass faster, which lets you take a travel companion with you for free on all your Southwest flights, excluding taxes and fees. You can also use travel funds in conjunction with Rapid Rewards points or with a Southwest gift card.

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    Rebook Flights When Prices Drop

    Southwest is one of the very few remaining airlines to not charge a change fee. Take advantage of this by paying attention to flight prices, even after you book your ticket. If the price drops, you can rebook and collect the price difference in your points balance.

    All fare classes are allowed to do this, and you can change your flight up until departure time. Pay attention to Southwest’s frequent nationwide flight sales, as decreases in the cash price usually mean the points price will go down as well.

    How Do I Check My Southwest Travel Funds

    Checking your travel fund balance is easy when you know how. To check your Southwest travel funds, . When you check, make sure you have both your confirmation number and the passengers first and last name.

    This same link is also good for checking both your balances for any LUV vouchers as well as Southwest gift cards.

    Two Tips For Checking Travel Funds

    1. Do you have more than one flight on which you earned travel funds? If so, you will have to check each one separately with the confirmation number and passenger name.

    2. Dont hesitate to if you are unsure and think you may have more than one ticket that refunded money into your travel fund. Southwest does require you to have your confirmation number, but on occasions when I called Southwest Ive always found them to be helpful. Sometimes a call is still the best way.

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    Transfer Points From Non

    You might be surprised to find there are other credit cards that allow you to earn rewards that can be converted to Rapid Rewards points.

    Chase Ultimate Rewards points can be transferred to dozens of travel, entertainment and dining partners. One of those partners is Southwest Airlines, which allows instantaneous point transfers in increments of 1,000 points at a 1:1 ratio. Each of the following cards comes with a generous sign-up bonus that can amount to hundreds of dollars in Southwest travel:

    Sign-up bonus
    $200 or 20,000 points if you spend $500 in first 3 months$320
    $200 or 20,000 points if you spend $500 in first 3 months$320
    60,000 points if you spend $4,000 in first 3 months$960
    50,000 points if you spend $4,000 in first 3 months$800
    100,000 points if you spend $15,000 in first 3 months$1,600
    75,000 points if you spend $7,500 in first 3 months$1,200
    75,000 points if you spend $7,500 in first 3 months$1,200
    *These cards earn cash back, but its awarded as Ultimate Rewards points, where 1 point equals 1 cent. You have to own a premium Chase card, such as the Chase Sapphire Preferred or Chase Sapphire Reserve card, to transfer Ultimate Rewards points to Rapid Rewards.

    Youre Our First Priorityevery Time

    Can I Use Southwest Gift Card To Buy Points

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    Finding The Southwest Airlines More Rewards Portal

    First lets talk about how you find all these options on the Southwest website. You need to navigate to the More Rewards portal heres a quick step-by-step to get you there.

  • First, click on Rapid Rewards in the upper right corner. Image courtesy of
  • Then click on Redeem for More Rewards. Image courtesy of
  • Next, you will need to click on Shop Exclusive Offers if you are a Rapid Rewards credit card holder, or Shop Rewards if you do not have a Rapid Rewards credit card. From here you will be able to see all the things you can purchase with your Rapid Rewards points. Image courtesy of
  • Fuel Up With Marathon Gas

    Do you live near a Marathon gas station? If so, you might want to start filling your tank there. When you sign up for and connect your Southwest Rapid Rewards account, youll earn one point per dollar spent on every gallon of gas purchased at participating Marathon locations. MakeItCount members also save 5 cents per gallon on every fill-up and earn bonus rewards on select in-store purchases.

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    Southwest More Rewards Experiences

    If you are interested in booking some excursions for your next trip, select Travel on the More Rewards main menu, then choose Experiences from the drop-down menu.

    Fill in your destination country and city. To input your travel dates, click on Advanced Search. Then click the yellow Search button to continue.

    Here you will see different tours and excursions available in your city in the main section of your screen. Filtering options will be on the left, and prices are shown in Rapid Rewards points. Click Select to see more information about each tour and complete the booking.

    Bottom Line: Tours booked through this portal will get 0.62 cents per point in value.

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards Points For Airfare

    Southwest Rapid Rewards Plus Credit Card | Should You Get This Travel Rewards Card

    If you want to get the biggest return on your Rapid Rewards points, your best bet is to redeem them for airfare on Southwest. The airline offers a great value on most of its flight awards.

    Wanna Get Away fares

    Wanna Get Away fares offer the best value for your points: around 1.6 cents each on average. The tickets arent quite as flexible as Anytime and Business Select fares you wont get a full refund if you cancel a ticket that you paid for in cash, but Southwest will redeposit rewards into your account if you paid with points, so this is a moot point for award tickets. However, youll want to book well in advance, since Wanna Get Away fares tend to get snatched up quickly.

    Anytime fares

    An Anytime fare is nearly the same as a Wanna Get Away fare, except the ticket is fully refundable and the price is much higher. If you cant find a Wanna Get Away fare for your desired date and destination, an Anytime fare is your next-best bet. Youll garner about 1.1 cents per point on an Anytime ticket.

    Business Select fares

    Business Select fares give you a few more privileges on Southwest: Youll be entitled to priority boarding, a priority security lane and free drinks. However, the price of these fares is high, and you get such a poor value on redemptions around 0.9 cents per point that we dont think its worth it to spend your points for Business Select fares.

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    Is The Southwest More Rewards Program Ever Worth It

    Were not going to say you should absolutely never shop with the More Rewards program. Here are some instances where buying items that way might make sense:

    • You dont intend to travel on Southwest anytime soon: Shopping through More Rewards might make sense if, say, a pandemic has paused your travel plans. We generally advise against hoarding points, as loyalty programs reserve the right to change the value of their already-made-up currencies at any time in a process called devaluation. If your points become worth less over time anyway, then it might not be the end of the world to buy new Bose headphones now, even with a 130% markup. Be aware, though, that Southwest Rapid Rewards points never expire.

    • You need to make a purchase and want to save cash: There are plenty of situations that can arise where money is tight. You might not have the spare cash to buy a new air purifier, but West Coasters might find it imperative to spring for one to live through wildfire season. Even though you can buy an air purifying fan directly from Dyson for around $400, it’s possible to save your cash and spend 56,219 points for this air purifier through Southwest .

    How To Easily Redeem Your Southwest Travel Funds

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    One of the things we love most about Southwest Airlines is the option to cancel a flight and put the unused funds towards future travel. If youve made use of this perk and have future travel plans, its time to cash in.

    You can use your funds to fly for free on your upcoming trip. Not sure how best to use your Southwest Travel Funds or even how to check what funds are available to you? Were here to walk you through the process.

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    Southwest More Rewards Options

    The Southwest More Rewards site provides a few more options for Rapid Rewards members who arent satisfied with their flight choices on Southwest. Unfortunately, the value of most items on the More Rewards site is so poor, we advise against using your points this way.

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards points for gift cards

    You can find gift cards for a wide variety of restaurants and retailers on the More Rewards site, with amounts ranging from $25 to $100. Youll get the best return on $50 to $100 increments, but the value of gift cards is poor across the board, averaging only 0.7 cents per point.

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards points for merchandise

    You can redeem Rapid Rewards points for a variety of merchandise, including clothing, electronics and home furnishings. As with most rewards programs, merchandise is one of the worst ways to redeem your points: Youll only get 0.6 cents per point on average.

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards points for car rentals

    You can use Rapid Rewards points to rent cars at a selection of agencies, including Alamo, Avis, Budget, Enterprise, Hertz and National. Your Rapid Rewards points are worth only 0.7 cents per point on average when redeemed this way, though.

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards points for international flights

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards points for hotels

    Redeeming Rapid Rewards points for Southwest Experiences

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