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How To Cash Out American Express Gift Card

The Best Part Of Selling Your Device Is Getting Paid

How To Get Cash For American Express Gift Cards (2021) | Maleah’s Diary

We offer the most options in the world – you can choose to be paid via check, PayPal, Direct Deposit, PrePaid Debit Card or a Gift Card which includes an extra 5% to spend in our store.This is your money so choose how you want to receive it.

We know time is money so we pay quick and issue payment within two business days of inspection. Once your device is received, we check that your order is complete and your items match the condition you described.If everything matches up, we make payment within two days of inspection.

Request a Free Shipping Kit

Once you submit your order, we’ll mail out your FREE Shipping Kit within one business day. The actual Shipping Kit can take 3-5 business days to reach you depending on your location. Well also email you a prepaid shippinglabel in case you change your mind and want to send your item in using your own box right away.

Your FREE Shipping Kit includes:

  • Shipping Instructions and Packing Slip summarizing your order
  • Free Prepaid shipping label and return padded envelope or box
  • Free bubble wrap protection packs to keep your items safe
Print Your Own Labels

This is the fastest way to get paid since you can send your item out immediately without delay. Once you submit your order, we’ll instantly email you a FREE Shipping Label and Packing Slip. Simply print yourlabel, affix it to any box, and drop your package into any mailbox or bring it to your nearest Post Office.

The items you will need to print are:

Amex Shop With Points

You can use Membership Rewards Points to shop the Membership Rewards store. It features a range of departments such as technology, home & office, sports & games, and more.

It also has brand name products from top companies such as Apple, Sony, and Google. Redeeming your AMEX Points through the shopping portal will give them a value of 0.5 cents each which is one of the lowest redemption values for Membership Rewards Points.

Unless you find a deal within the Membership Rewards store, you would be better off using your card to make the purchase and then using points to cover the card charges.

What Is An American Express Gift Card

American Express gift cardsor AMEX gift cardsare prepaid cards to use for online or in-store shopping wherever American Express is accepted in the United States. Here is some useful info on the gift card:

  • AMEX provides both personal and business gift cards with customizable designs and messages
  • The gift card is sold in increments from $25 to $3000
  • You dont need to pay any additional fees when using the card
  • The card has no expiration date, so you dont have to worry about using it before a certain date

American Express regularly offers promotional cards with an expiration date. If youre unsure whether your gift card can expire, you can contact customer support by calling 1-888-846-4308.

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Selling Your Gift Card

  • 1Sell your gift card to a website. There are several websites out there that will purchase your gift card and give you cash in return. Some websites will provide the prepaid postage for you to mail your gift card to them. If you have a digital gift card, some websites will purchase it from you immediately. Be sure to search for reviews of the website before committing to selling your card.
  • You typically wont be paid for the full value of your gift card.
  • Some websites you can sell your gift card to are Cardpool, Raise, CardCash, and Giftcard Zen.
  • 2Use an app to sell your gift card. Some companies also have a mobile app where you can sell your gift card. Simply download the app, send your card in, and choose how you would like to be paidvia PayPal or check. That company will typically take 15% of the value of the gift card for commission.XResearch source
  • Raise also has an app you can download.
  • 3List your gift card on an e-commerce website. If you dont want to sell your gift card to a website, you can also choose to list your gift card on a websitelike eBay or Craigslist. You can sell your gift card for the same price it is valued as, but it will typically sell better if you sell it for slightly less than the value. Keep in mind that the website, such as eBay, will likely take a percentage of the sale.XResearch source
  • You should also factor in shipping costs if you are sending the gift card to someone.
  • Be careful when meeting up with someone to sell the gift card.
  • Benefiting From Your Gift Card In Other Ways

    mobile game reviews and cheats online: American Express ...
  • 1Buy groceries with your gift card. Even if you dont receive physical cash, you can use rewards towards purchases. For example, you can use a Visa gift card or gift card to a grocery store, like Kroger, to buy groceries or other supplies. If the grocery store has a rewards program, you will gain point that can be put towards future purchases.
  • 2Use your gift card to get points for gas. Some gas stations and grocery stores with gas stations have rewards cards. Use your gift card when buying gas. You can then use your rewards points to buy gas in the future.
  • 3Use your gift card at a drugstore to get redeemable points. First, you will need to complete the free sign up for the rewards program at your local drugstore/pharmacy. Then, use your gift card from that store or Visa gift card to make purchases. For each purchase you make, you will receive points. The points can be redeemed for discounts or coupons.
  • 4Give your card as a gift. If you have an unused gift card that you dont want, give it to a friend who would appreciate it. For example, if you have card to a coffee shop but dont like coffee, gift it to a friend who is a coffee lover. Make sure that the card hasnt been used if you are giving it as a gift.XResearch source
  • If some of the balance has been used, you can tell the friend in advance and ask them if theyd like to use the rest of it.
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    How Do I Use A Vanilla Gift Card On Amazon Online

    How To Use A Visa Gift Card On AmazonGo to Amazons Reload Your Balance page.Enter the amount on your Visa gift card.Sign in to your account this step is required even if youre already logged into your Amazon account.Click on Edit in the payment method box youll then be redirected to a new page where youll click Add a card

    Does Walmart Sell American Express Gift Cards

    Yes, Walmart sells plastic American Express gift cards in stores and online. Customers can purchase pre-loaded gift cards for $25, $50, $100, and $200. Alternatively, load the

    American Express Gold Sparkle eGift card with a chosen balance between $25-$200 and directly sent to the recipients inbox.

    Customers are charged a one-time purchase fee when buying an American Express gift card at Walmart. $6.88 is charged for each $200, $5.44 for every $100, $3.94 for each $50, and $3.44 with every $25.

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    Why Cant I Use My American Express Gift Card Online

    American Express Gift Cards are pre-paid cards that can be used for in-store and online shopping almost immediately after their purchase. In the past, to use your American Express Gift Card online, you had to follow a registration process to add your billing address to the card. That is no longer the case.

    Alternative Ways To Get Cash From A Gift Card

    Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Apple Pay?

    While you cant directly get cash from an American Express gift card, there are a couple of workarounds you can try to get cash from your gift card. We explain these options below.

    Selling Gift Cards

    Some online gift card marketplaces, kiosks, and check cashing stores will buy your unwanted gift cards for cash. You typically wont receive the full value of the gift card in return, but if you wont use the gift card any other way, you can use this method to exchange it for cash. Most places will pay you anywhere from 50% to 90% of the gift cards value. See our list of places to get cash for gift cards.

    Money Orders

    You may be able to purchase a money order with an American Express gift card and then redeem the money order for cash. The United States Postal Service, Western Union, and Walmart stores sometimes accept gift cards for money orders . When purchasing or cashing a money order, there will usually be a fee typically the whole process costs $5 to $10.

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    Activate American Express Gift Card With A Mobile App

    You can also activate your American Express Gift Card using the Amex mobile app.

    Follow these steps:

    • Download and install the Amex mobile app from or the App Store
    • Enter the cards details manually or simply by scanning the gift card

    Every time you receive or buy an Amex gift card, the first thing you should do is take the necessary steps to activate it and check the balance before you can use it for purchases. Its a way of telling the company that you have received the card, and now youre ready to start using the money loaded on it.

    Most of the time, Amex Express Gift Cards purchased via Amex Online are shipped ready to use and may require no activation. But if your card was bought in-store, you will need to activate it before spending it online or a retail store.

    Can I Return A Gift Card For Cash And How

    Have you found out that there is still a small balance on your gift card, but you dont feel like spending it on the retailers goods? We bet your first thought is to return it to the store and reclaim the unused cash. The bad news isthis isnt always so simple.

    There are three possible scenarios, and they are listed in the following table:

    • Vermont
    • Puerto Rico

    Each of these locations proposes a gift card cash back limit, which means you must ensure that your balance is below a specified threshold before returning it

    The retailer approves returns only if required by law, but you dont live in a state that supports the cash back optionIf your state isnt on the list of locations with favorable cash back policies, you can use DoNotPay to get assistance with reclaiming the remaining gift card funds

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    How Do I Convert My American Express Gift Card To Amazon

    How to convert an Amex or Visa gift card to your Amazon gift card balance in only 10 daysStep 1: Reload Your Balance. Step 2: Set Payment Method to Gift Card. Step 3: Do Not Enter the Full Amount on the Gift Card. Step 4: Wait 10 Days and Charge the Rest. Step 5: Remove the Gift Card from your Payment Options.

    Best Approach For Transferring Points To Hotels

    My Kitchen To Yours

    Finding value in hotels can be a tad bit more challenging, but it’s possible. You can use the same google approach, but let’s face it… hotels can be a little more personal when compared to airlines.

    It will work for popular locations, but if you’re visiting family in a non-major city, you’re better off just look at the list of options available in the area.

    Generally, Marriott will offer you the highest chance of getting great value out of your point transfers, especially if you make use of their 5th night free benefit which allows you to book 5-night award stays for the cost of 4.

    Hilton is a little more of a challenge, but there’s value to be found out there. This is more common with their popular resorts. Hilton has four credit cards that offer excellent value, so you’ll want to consider those for building points in the Hilton Honors program.

    You will not find much value in the U.S. when it comes to booking Choice Hotels, but there can be some solid value in the U.K. and Australia with a little research.

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    Let Donotpay Demand Gift Card Cash Back In Your Stead

    Not sure how to start the cash back procedure? DoNotPay can assist you in filing a request with the company in a matter of minutes. Our app will save you from dealing with customer care and do everything in your steadall you have to do is relax and wait for the money to reach you!

    The process is quite simpleyou should:

  • Visit DoNotPay and sign in to your account
  • Click on Gift Card Cash Back
  • Give us more details regarding your gift card and the remaining balance on it
  • Our system will check if you qualify for receiving cash back according to your state rules and send the request to the company right away. If you dont, we will do our best to find a company branch in a state with a cash back policy and forward your claim there.

    Can You Transfer American Express Gift Card To A Bank Account

    Unfortunately, you cant transfer American Express Gift Card to your bank account directly. Since gift cards dont hold any direct currency, its hard to transfer their value.

    Also, you cant get cash back at a grocery store or an ATM that dispenses $10 or any denomination. Amex Express and the banks have a strict policy, and theres no direct way to convert a gift card to cash.

    The only way to get cash for your Amex gift card is to sell it or buy a money order with it and then convert the money order into cash. Then, you can deposit the money into your bank account.

    Also, its difficult to find places that cash checks without an ID, but buying a money order typically only requires an ID when its over $1,000.

    Can You Use an AMEX Gift Card on Apple Pay?

    You can easily add your AMEX gift card to Apple Pay, Android, and Samsung Pay.

    Follow the steps to add your gift card to your Apply Pay Wallet:

  • Select the Wallet app
  • Select Credit or Debit Card
  • Scan the gift card with your camera or select Enter Card Details Manually
  • Enter your name, card number, expiration date, and four-digit security code (found on the front of your card
  • Review and agree to the terms
  • This is a good way for parents to control kids spending by reloading the AMEX gift card when they need more money. Kids can spend the American Express gift card on PS4, Roblox, Amazon, a convenience store, and more.

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    Where To Find American Express Gift Card Promo Codes

    The best way to get an American Express Gift Card coupon code is to check sites like Giving Assistant and RetailMeNot. The sites have up-to-date promo codes.

    American Express gift card promotion codes exist for waiving purchase and shipping fees. It can be a quick cost-saving. It means that if you buy a $200 gift card with a promo code, you get your Amex gift card with free shipping at no additional cost.

    For example, if you buy a $200 gift card via Amex Online, the purchase fee is $3.95, and the shipping fee is $5.95 for standard shipping. That means you will have to pay an additional $9.90 in fees to have your card home.

    A valid promo code will waive the $9.90 purchase and shipping fees youll receive the $200 gift card free of charge! Although promo codes arent guaranteed to work, you are bound to find a couple that works just fine. Try your luck!

    Try our guide on the best online coupon sites.

    Can I Cash Out My American Express Gift Card

    Can You Use American Express AMEX Gift Card On Paypal?

    Per the terms and conditions for American Express gift cards, you cant withdraw cash from an Amex gift card. You can only use it to purchase goods and services because the card only supports credit functions.

    That means there is no way you can get cashback on your American Express Gift card. You are not allowed to withdraw $5 cash from an ATM or get cash back at a store with your gift card.

    Although there is no direct way to cashback on your American Express Gift Card, there are alternative ways to get cash out, including:

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    Use Points Toward Online Purchases Elsewhere

    When youre shopping online at retailers including Walmart and Amazon, you can use your points to pay at checkout. You may have to sign into the retailer’s account, enter your card number or otherwise follow the prompts to pull up your point balance. Each point is typically worth 0.7 cent when used in this way, with some variance.

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