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How To Check Disney Gift Card Balance

How To Combine Disney Gift Cards

Disney Gift Cards

One of the biggest and best ways to save on Disney is to find Disney gift cards at a discount. That is easier said than done, but through occasional sales, discounts at places like Sams Club and other stacking , you can save 10%+ off the price of Disney theme park tickets, hotels and food.

The best part about purchasing Disney gift cards is that Disney makes it super simple to combine them on their site. You can create an account to monitor up to 5 gift cards at a time at, but you can also transfer balances between those cards. That makes it super simple for you to jump on the latest deal, but not have to juggle 100 Disney gift cards on your next vacation.

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How Does The Disney Gift Card Work

The gift card works at Disney locations and the eStore. If youre shopping online, all you need to do is enter your Disney eGift card number along with your email address and credit card number.

As long as you have some money on your gift card, you can keep using it. If the purchase amount exceeds your gift card balance, Disney will charge your credit card automatically .

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Combine Disney Gift Card Balances How To

In order to combine your Disney gift card balances, you simply need the gift cards and a couple of minutes of your time. To start, create an account at and add two or more gift cards to the account. I have one main card I carry around and then I add any other cards I have purchased at a discount so I can transfer them to my main card.

As you can see here, I have a $100 Disney e-gift card I purchased from Raise. I dont have that physical card, but I can transfer the balance to my main card which I carry in my wallet.

Now, to transfer the balance between Disney gift cards click Transfer Balance as seen in the screenshot above. This will popup the balance transfer screen.

On the Disney Gift Card website youll want to select the card that the funds are coming from on the left side and the card they are going to on the right. As you can see, in this example I am going to transfer $100 from the Raise card to the Main card. My ending balance should be $105.82.

After clicking the green Transfer Balance button to confirm the transfer, your funds are now loaded on to the physical card. Additionally, the Disney gift card website confirms the successful transfer and shows the updated balance for both Disney gift cards.

Use Your Christmas Gift Cards Asap

Check disney gift card balance

The rule of thumb with a gift card? Use it before you lose it.

The Federal Trade Commission recommends using the card as soon as you can. It also advises treating gift cards like cash and using them early to get full value.

Another good reason to use the cards sooner rather than later: the risk that the retailer or restaurant goes out of business.

While gift cards are often accepted after businesses file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in many cases they quickly become worthless. Sometimes there’s little or no warning before a business closes.

I generally tell people if they have gift cards in their wallet, use them yesterday,” Melissa Jacoby, a bankruptcy law professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, previously told USA TODAY.

The Bankrate poll found 29% of adults have let at least one gift card expire, 27% have lost at least one and 21% lost out because a business closed permanently before they used at least one card.

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Does My Disney Gift Card Expire

Your Disney Gift Card does not expire. You can also reload your Disney Gift Card for any amount between $5-$1,000 at any Disney location that sells Disney Gift Cards.

How do I check my balance on my card?

Check your balance here or call the toll free number on the back of your Disney Gift Card.

Why should I create a account?

Creating an account enables you to manage cards in your My Cards wallet. You can easily store and access up to 6 cards to transfer balances, digitally redeem, check your balance and monitor transaction history. For your convenience, you can transfer full card balances between eligible Disney Gift Cards once they have been added to your wallet.

Note, partial balance transfers are not available. You can transfer any amount up to $1,000, but note each card can only hold a maximum value of $1,000. You should still safely keep your physical cards after they have been added to My Cards because they can still be used for redemption.

Check A Disney Gift Card Balance In A Flash

Did you get a Disney gift card some time ago, but you still think it might contain some money? If youd like to get your money back, look no furtherDoNotPay is here to help you out!

In this article, we will teach you how to check your Disney gift card balance in a few clicks. DoNotPay can also help you get cash back from a used gift card with zero to no effort.

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How To Use Disney Gift Cards To Pay For The Vacation

If youll be staying on Disney property, Disney allows the use of Disney gift cards.

With Disney Gift Cards, you can pay for your vacation packages. This includes Resort hotel reservations, and theme park tickets.


  • You must buy your tickets.
  • Book packages.
  • Make your reservations through Disney or an authorized Disney Travel Agent.

Its easier to pay for your vacation with gift cards with a couple of primary cards on your Disney account.

Once you buy Disney gift cards and pay for your entire vacation reservation, you are stuck with them. If you run into an emergency before your vacation, you can cancel the WDW vacation. But, WDW refund back into the gift card instead of a cash refund. So, do not tie down the $ in Disney gift cards. Its MUCH better holding on to cash until before your trip.

Manage Your Gift Card

Using multiple gift cards at WDW

Manage Your Gift Card: Log In. En Español. The activation sticker on the front of your Gift Card may reflect an incorrect 800#. The correct 800# is 952-5653. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Card Number. … Please click OK to refresh the login screen.

Status: Online

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Buy Disney Gift Card Online

A Disney Gift Card can be purchased at select locations throughout the Walt Disney World® Resort, Disneyland® Resort, Disney store locations in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico and shopDisney. Unless otherwise noted, please allow 5 to 7 business days for delivery of physical Disney Gift Cards purchased online. For a quicker delivery option, a Disney Gift Card eGift can be emailed to any valid email address.

Purchasing A Disney Gift Card Egift

How can I purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift?

Purchasing a Disney Gift Card eGift is as simple as purchasing any other product at shopDisney. Just choose the denomination, fill out the personalization information and then add it to your Shopping Cart and proceed to Checkout as usual.

How do I pay for a Disney Gift Card eGift?

You may use your credit card to purchase your Disney Gift Card eGift as you would with any other item at shopDisney.

Can I purchase a new Disney Gift Card eGift using another Disney Gift Card eGift, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Store Gift Card, a shopDisney Gift Card or a Disney Rewards® Card?

You can purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift by using a Disney Rewards® Card. However, you cannot purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift using another Disney Gift Card eGift, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Store Gift Card or a shopDisney Gift Card.

Can I purchase other merchandise at the same time as a Disney Gift Card eGift?

Yes, as long as your method of payment is not a Disney Gift Card eGift, a Disney Gift Card, a Disney Store Gift Card or a shopDisney Gift Card.

Please Note: When you purchase a Disney Gift Card eGift in the same order as other merchandise, because it requires shipment to more than one address , you will not be eligible for Free Shipping promotions.

Can I purchase more than one Disney Gift Card eGift per order?

Yes, you can purchase multiple Disney Gift Card eGifts.

How is the Disney Gift Card eGift sent to the recipient?

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Check Your Disney Gift Card Balance

Gift cards are a simple way to appreciate loved ones and in this case Disney lovers. The Destiny gift card can suffice and cushion you from many expenses. The card is handy, and it can be used for anything like shopping in Disney stores across the U.S, online and other locations around the world as long as the Disney gift card balance permits. Those who purchase the card online receive it before the end of 15 working days.

The card is decorated with the famous Disney cartoon mickey mouse, and you can also customize it to include your favorite photo. You can also have other personal details like a delivery email address. You can acquire them in Disney stores, they are only valid in Disney stores, but they are unavailable online.

Take the card on your vacation, and you will save a big deal. Please use Disney discounts on the gift cards, upload what you purchase, and combine them on their official Website.

How Should I Save For A Trip To Disney World

How To Check Disney Gift Card Balance?

Target, Kroger, Sams Club, and elsewhere offer discount Disney gift cards. You get reasonable savings for your WDW vacation by buying discount Disney gift cards. Its pretty easier to spend your cash than Disney Gift Cards. So, buying Disney Gift Cards is a good way to save for your vacation.

  • Target Red Card links into your checking account. It works like a debit card but only used at Target stores. Disney gift card is eligible for a 5% discount when you buy with a REDcard. As an entertainment product, you can buy Disney egift cards online with your Redcard as well. The 5% discount can add up as you buy more. Its like saving 5% on your entire Disney Vacation.
  • A BJ Wholesale membership allows you to buy Disney gift cards at a 4% discount. The membership costs are as low as $10 a year. You can use Groupon to get a Discount BJ Wholesale Membership. Of course, if you always shop at BJs, the membership might be worth it anyway.
  • Sams Club also offers a 4% discount on Disney Gift Cards for its members. Membership at Sams Club is as low as $40 through Groupon.

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Am I Eligible For Bloomingdales Cash Back For My Gift Card

Bloomingdales doesnt offer cash back for your gift cards unless required by law. It cant be applied as credit or payment to any credit card account either.

DoNotPay knows the cash back laws by state, and we will help you get the money back in no time! Puerto Rico and 11 U.S. states mandate merchants to return the leftover funds from gift cards to the holder. If your state doesnt, DoNotPay can help you collect your money in a few clicks.

How Do I Check My Disney Gift Card Account Balance

You can always find out the balance you have left on your Disney Gift Card. To check the balance:

  • Log in:
  • Enter your Account Number. This is the unique account number that identifies your Disney Gift Card.
  • Enter the Extended Account Number value below. The EAN on the back of your card or listed on your eGift prevents fraudulent use of your card. This number is also sometimes called a security code or a PIN. If you do not see your EAN, you may need to remove the gray covering from the back of your card.

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Manage Your Amazon Store Card Account Or Amazon Credit

Manage Your Rewards Visa Card Account Online Manage Your Amazon. Store Card Account or Amazon Credit Builder Account Online About Amazon Store Card and Amazon Credit Builder Restrictions About Pay-In-Full Credit Lines About Revolving Credit Lines About the Rewards Visa Instant Gift Card Corporate Credit …

Status: Online

Manage Your Arvest Bank Visa Gift Card

QUICK TIPS: Using the Disney Gift Card Website

Manage My Gift Card. ARVEST GIFT CARD LOGIN. Enter your Arvest Visa® Gift Card card information to: View balance information View transaction history Cash out gift card balance Gift Card Number. Expiration Date MMYY. Question about your Arvest Gift Card? Were here to help you with questions about your Gift Card.

Status: Online

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Disney Gift Card Balance Check

Disney Gift Card Account details prior to February 3, 2021 are no longer available. As a reminder, your account was not a mobile wallet and should not be considered as such. Always be sure to keep your physical and digital Disney Gift Cards with you as they will be required to make any purchases.

Please create a new account, or use your existing Disney account login, to now sign into and enter your gift card information into the My Cards section.

How Do I Check The Transaction History On My Disney Card

View the transaction history of your card by creating an account on Here, you will be able to add up to 6 cards to your My Cards wallet. Within the My Cards wallet you can view details of any cards added to your account by clicking on the specific card within your wallet. From there, you will be able to select Transaction History to view transactions that have occurred on that card.

Can I purchase Disney Gift Cards in bulk?

Yes! If you want to purchase 10 or more gift cards or would like to learn about our corporate gift card program, please contact us here. We offer corporate discounts on annual gift card purchases greater than $25,000.

Where can I use my Disney Gift Card?

The Disney Gift Card can be used for purchases at participating locations such as:

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How Do I Check My Disney Gift Card Balance On Phone

If you want to check your gift card balance online , then you need a internet connection and Laptop or Computer . Otherwise you cant check your balance online . To overcome this problem you can call on Disney number and know your gift card balance . You need to call on number 1-877-650-4327 , to check your Disney gift card balance on phone . you need to provide your Account number and EAN number to customer care representative . Then they can tell your gift card balance and also if you need some help regarding to Disney gift card you can call on this number and tell your problem .

Disney Gift Card Balance

Disney gift card balance

The cards can hold a minimum of $5 $1,000 therefore, dont limit yourself but load the card to the maximum.Various locations sell the cards online, but they may be unavailable at some point.Your card is only valid for use as long as it has funds and has no expiry date. There are no charges on your card usage, neither is there a service fee for unused balances. You can use your phone to check your balance online or call the toll-free number on the backside of your gift card.

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Bloomingdalescheck The Gift Card Balance In Person

If youre near a Bloomingdales store and you prefer to get things done face to face, you can check your gift cards balance by:

  • Asking a staff member to check your balance
  • Scanning the barcode at a price checker terminal

Be aware that Bloomingdales cant scan codes from mobile devices, so youll need to have a printed version of the gift card with you.

Luckily, Bloomingdales gift cards dont have an expiration date. Even if your gift card is old, you can return it for cash.

Tips For Using Gift Cards

If you received a gift card, here are some tips to get the most out of them:

The fine print: Read the card’s terms and conditions. Pay close attention to whether the card is redeemable only at a certain store or location.

Fees: Some state laws bar service fees and expiration dates on store gift cards, but the rules on cards branded with the name of a credit card company are stricter. These cards cannot expire for at least five years and cannot have a service fee deducted unless it has not been used in 12 months.

Bonus cards: It’s holiday gift card promotion season, a time when select restaurants and stores give bonuses with gift card purchases. If you receive a bonus gift card, sometimes called bonus bucks, most of these will expire. Check terms.

Protect your card: Some gift cards can be registered as credit cards on websites listed on the card, which can protect them against theft or loss. Also, take photos of the front and back of the card or write down card details as some companies will replace lost or stolen cards if you can provide specifics. Save receipts with card information, too.

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