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How To Check Mastercard Gift Card Balance

General Information & Getting Started

How To Check Balance On Target Mastercard Gift Card

You can buy Mastercard Gift Cards online at You can also buy them at participating retail locations.

To view orders, sign in to with your user ID and password, and view past orders under My Account. You can also click Track Orders and use your Email Address and Order Number.

Yes, Mastercard Gift Card sells Gift Cards for email delivery. Please select email as a delivery type on your choice of card and follow steps to purchase. Once you have purchased, your email Gift Card can be accessed as a Mastercard Gift Virtual Account.

Your expiration date is nine years from the date of purchase. This expiration date is listed on your account for your reference. Funds do not expire. Contact Mastercard Gift Card customer care for a replacement account number upon account expiration.

Check Your Balance Via Text

Some companies allow users to check their balance via text messaging. This information is typically provided to you when you first purchase and load your Mastercard. There will be a short code you need to type that indicates your desire to check your balance and that will be followed by the last four digits of your card number. After you send the text message, you just wait for a response. You may also want to sign up for account alerts, like Green Dot’s low balance alert. Once your account reaches a specified amount, the company will automatically text you to let you know it’s time to reload the card.

How To Get A Prepaid Gift Card

Someone living in America can Find a Prepaid Gift Card by simply applying for the Exact Same into the US Bank National Association. These cards can be used everywhere in shops in the United States in which Visa and Master card debit and credit cards are accepted. Prepaid Gift Cards may be used anywhere inside the United States but cannot be used everywhere outside the USA.

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Why Is My Gift Card Flat Printed With The Words ‘electronic Access Only’

The card is a flat printed card which means that the personalised information on the card is not raised but thermally printed onto the card. As a result the card cannot be used at merchants that use manual credit card imprint devices and can only be used for electronic purchases.

The ‘Electronic Access Only’ appearing on the card is a Mastercard® requirement for flat printed cards that can only be used for electronic purchases. An authorisation is obtained with every purchase.

Things you should know

Why Your Balance Is Important To Know

Mastercard Gift Card Balance Check

Maintaining a good credit card balance is important for your credit score and your overall financial health. A high credit card balance can hurt your credit score, particularly when you’re using a large percentage of your credit limit. High balances also mean higher monthly minimum payments.

You can tell whether credit card balances may be affecting your credit score by calculating your credit utilization ratio. This number shows the ratio of your credit card balances to their credit limits. In other words, it tells you how much of your total available credit is already “spent” and how much is available. It’s worth 30% of a credit score calculation, which makes it one of the most important factors in your score.

Here’s an example. If you have a card with a credit limit of $5,000 and a balance of $2,500, the utilization ratio is 50%. You have used 50% of that account’s available credit.

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Calculating Your Utilization Ratio

You can quickly calculate your own utilization ratio, for all of your cards, and for each one individually.

Start by making a list of all your credit cards. Write down the credit limit and the balance of each credit card . Then, for each credit card, divide the credit card balance by the credit limit. Multiply by 100 to convert the answer to a percentage.

Any credit cards with balances over 30% could be affecting your credit score. Work to reduce those balances for a better credit score.

How To Check A Mastercard Debit Balance

MasterCard debit cards are very convenient and can be issued by financial institutions as a way to provide customers access to a checking account, savings account or money market account. You can also get a MasterCard debit card in the form of a prepaid gift card. They’re even used to access your unemployment benefits or your health savings account, or HSA funds. As long as it has a MasterCard logo, you can use it anywhere you would use a regular debit or credit card. Regardless of what type of MasterCard debit card you may have, the balance can be checked in the same manner.

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Available Now At Any Etfcu Office For Only $200 Per Card

Mastercard® Gift Cards can be used most anywhere* Mastercard debit or credit cards are accepted, including most merchants and on the internet. ETFCUs Mastercard® Gift Cards are available in any denomination between $20 and $500 and feature lower fees than those charged by other card providers in our area.

Security Federal Savings Bank

How do I check my Mastercard balance?

MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards are the ideal gift to give and receive. Heres why:

For holidays, birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, or any other celebration, most people prefer a prepaid gift card to a more traditional gift of equal value. It “fits” everyone and is never a gift that someone will regift later.

Use anywhere Debit MasterCard is accepted With worldwide acceptance at millions of locations, your gift recipient is never limited to whats available in just one store.

Card Expiration & Fees

Express Shipping Fee $25.00

MasterCard Prepaid Gift Cards are not reloadable.

Expiration of Card FUNDS DO NOT EXPIRE. The plastic card will be unusable after the valid thru date stated on the Card. The valid thru date is not an expiration date on the Card funds. The amount remaining on the Card will be available until the amount reaches zero. The Card fund will be temporarily unavailable after the valid thru date until you obtain a free replacement Card. You may present and exchange the unusable card at no charge for a replacement Card, which will be activated in the amount remaining on the Card at the time of the exchange. Replacement may take up to 30 days to process. For inquires about exchanging an unusable card, all TransCard Customer Service at 1-800-554-2707.

Important Tips

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Received A Visa Or Mastercard Gift Card Issued By Gift Card Granny

Enter in your Visa Gift Prepaid Card, Virtual Visa Gift Card, Virtual Mastercard Gift Card, or Mastercard Gift Card information to view balance and transactions.

The Gift Card Granny Visa® Gift Card and the Virtual Visa Gift Card are issued by Sutton Bank®, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. The Visa Gift Card can be used everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US. No cash or ATM access. The Virtual Visa Gift Card can be redeemed at internet merchants everywhere Visa debit cards are accepted in the US. No cash or ATM access. The Gift Card Granny Mastercard® Gift Card and Mastercard Virtual Gift Card are issued by Sutton Bank, Member FDIC, pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated. Use your Mastercard Gift Card and Mastercard Virtual Gift Card everywhere Debit Mastercard is accepted in the US. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

I Have Performed An Outback Steakhouse Gift Card Balance Checkwhat Can I Do With The Remaining Money

Is there some remaining balance on your Outback gift card? You may be wondering what to do with it if:

  • You dont want to use the card anymore
  • The remaining amount is too small to make a purchase
  • Depending on the situation, you can choose between the following options:

    • Use the gift card in other restaurantsIf you have enough money to buy yourself a dinner but are sick of eating from the same restaurant, you can use the Outback gift card in other Bloomin Brands restaurants in the U.S.
    • Recharge the cardIf you want to continue using the card, you can recharge it. Make sure to check the balance regularly. If there is no more money on it, the card will no longer be valid, and you will have to buy another one
    • Combine multiple gift cardsIf you have more Outback Steakhouse gift cards with small amounts of cash on them, you can combine them to make a purchase

    The last option is to get a cash reimbursement for the remaining balance on your gift card.

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    Cards Issued By Giftcardscom specializes in issuing Mastercard gift cards, as well as Visa, and even allows customers to personalize the cards with a photo and special message. If the gift card you received came from, you can easily check Mastercard gift card balances without having to create an account . Simply head to and enter the card’s 16-digit number. Add the CVN and check the box that proves you’re not a robot. Click the orange “Check Balance” button and your current balance will be revealed.

    How To Check Your Credit Card Balance

    How To Check Mastercard Gift Card Balance

    Eric is a duly licensed Independent Insurance Broker licensed in Life, Health, Property, and Casualty insurance. He has worked more than 13 years in both public and private accounting jobs and more than four years licensed as an insurance producer. His background in tax accounting has served as a solid base supporting his current book of business.

    Knowing your credit card balance is essential, particularly if youre about to make a large purchase. You may also want to see how much damage was done after your last shopping trip or confirm that your most recent payment was posted to your account. Thankfully, you dont have to wait until your next arrives to find out your current credit card balance. You can easily check your balance via phone, internet, account notifications, or smartphone app.

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    Where Cant I Use My Gift Card

    You cannot use your Gift Card:

    • At an ATM
    • For recurring payments, direct debits or instalments
    • At gambling merchants
    • At automated petrol pumps
    • To make a purchase beyond the card balance.

    You cannot use your Gift Card at those merchants displaying the Mastercard® logo who have chosen not to accept Mastercard® or Visa gift cards.

    Cards Purchased Through Giftcardmallcom

    Gift Card Mall is another popular gift card organization that sells Mastercard gift cards. All cards sold on this site are issued through MetaBank. In addition to calling the number on the back of the card, you can check Mastercard gift card balances by heading to You’ll notice three tabs at the top of the screen. Click the “Register” tab if you haven’t yet registered your card and then the “Personalize PIN” tab if you haven’t yet set up a pin.

    The “Check Balance/Transactions” tab is what you want to click to view your current balance, as well as a list of all of your most recent purchases. Enter the gift card number, expiration date and CVV2 in the provided boxes and then click the blue “Submit” button to get your results.

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    Where To Buy Mastercard Gift Cards

    Mastercard Gift Cards can be purchased in various retail locations around the United States, but the only place to get a Mastercard Gift Card personalized is online. If you are looking for a gift card that is not customized, you can generally find a Mastercard Gift Card at these types of businesses:

    • Grocery Stores

    Checking Your Balance At An Atm

    How To Check The Balance On A Mastercard Giftcard

    Another option is to visit an ATM in your area, insert your card and follow the prompts to check your balance. First, you’ll want to make sure the ATM is in-network, or you may end up having to pay an ATM fee and a service fee from the issuing company. For example, Univision allows prepaid Mastercard cardholders to use any ATMs in the Allpoint ATM Network without fees. They list a fee of $1.95 for any out-of-network balance checks, which doesn’t include the fee that the specific ATM may charge.

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    Cards Bought On Mastercardgiftcardcom

    InComm runs and is another gift card organization that sells both traditional and business Mastercard gift cards. These cards are issued by Sutton Bank. If your card was purchased on this site, you can either call the number on the back of the card or head to to review how much money you have left to spend. In the provided boxes, enter your card number, expiration date and CVV. Then click the orange “Sign In” button to review your remaining balance. It’s important to note that the gift cards purchased on are not reloadable, so once you’ve brought your balance to zero, you can safely toss the card.

    How Do You Transfer Your Credit Card Balance To Another Card

    A balance transfer allows you to transfer all of your debt from existing accounts, such as a credit card account, to a new account. Ideally, the new account will have a lower interest rate or a 0% promotional period, which will reduce your interest costs as you work to pay off the debt. Applying for a balance transfer card is similar to applying for any other credit card. Once approved, you can transfer your funds onto the new card account.

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    How To Check Your Prepaid Mastercard Balance

    According to Nerdwallet’s 2017 American Household Credit Card Debt Survey, Americans have racked up an astounding $927 billion in debt. One way to avoid joining that statistic is to stick with paying for items in cash. Of course, it’s safer to use cash to buy a prepaid Mastercard for retail and online purchases than it is to carry around large sums of money. If you have this type of card, you’ll need to frequently check your prepaid Mastercard balance to keep track of your spending.

    How To Check A Balance On A Mastercard Gift Card

    Check my mastercard gift card balance

    Since Mastercard is widely accepted, a Mastercard gift card makes for an excellent birthday, Christmas or graduation gift. The gift card can be purchased in just about any amount and it doesn’t cost much to mail it to the recipient, should he or she not live close by. If you happen to be the lucky recipient of a Mastercard gift card, you will want to keep track of the balance, to prevent spending more than what’s left on the card. It’s easy to check Mastercard gift card balances with a few simple steps.

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    Video Transcript: Why Some Gift Cards Cost Money To Buy

    Hi, Im Shelley Hunter, Gift Card Girlfriend here at Gift, and one of the questions Im often asked is why it costs money to buy a bank issued gift card when store and restaurant gift cards are freemeaning you dont pay more than the dollar amount loaded onto the gift card.

    To answer that question, I first need to explain the difference between open loop and closed loop gift cards. Open loop gift cards such as Visa and Mastercard can be used almost anywhere debit cards are accepted. Closed loop gift cards, the gift cards issued by stores and restaurants, can only be redeemed at the merchants place of business.

    Because closed loop gift cards are guaranteed revenue for the merchant, their gift cards are typically free to activate. Its not that the gift card program itself is free, its just that merchants have rolled the programs costs into other expenses rather than charge consumers directly. They do this because gift cards drive additional sales as recipients come into the stores to redeem their gift cards, often overspending the value of their gift cards as well. In addition, the merchant generally can structure its gift card program to be able to keep most of the unredeemed balances.

    I tend to think of the activation fee as the price of flexibilityits a small amount to pay for the convenience of getting to use the gift card wherever I want.

    Heres When To Pay A Credit Card:

    • If your credit utilization is 30% or less and you pay in full every month, pay your credit card bill by the due date listed on your monthly account statement.
    • If your balance is more than 30% of your credit limit, pay your credit card bill before the billing period closes to reduce your credit utilization, then pay the remaining balance by the due date.
    • If youre carrying a balance from month to month, pay off your full credit card balance as soon as possible to save on interest.

    Its a good idea to set up automatic payments with your credit card issuer so you dont have to worry about when to pay your credit card bill. Doing so will automatically make a payment from a linked bank account every month on the due date, or a day of your choice before that. You cant be marked late unless your account has insufficient funds. And even with automatic payments set up, you can still make additional payments any time you want.

    What is a closing date on a credit card?

    The closing date on a credit card is the last day of a credit cards billing cycle and when the gets compiled for the account. The statement will typically close at midnight, so the day before the closing date is likely the last day that new charges can be added to that months statement. The closing date is also when a credit card issuer calculates interest charges from the billing cycle, if the cardholder began the billing cycle with a full answer

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