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How To Check Money On Gift Card

How Can I Start Using My Cf Shop Mastercard Gift Card

How to Check Xbox Gift Card Balance Xbox Gift Card Money for Purchases without Credit Card

CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Card e-gifts must be claimed through the LiVE by CF app. To claim a CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Card:

  • Create or Sign in to your My LiVE account on your LiVE by CF app. Dont have LiVE by CF? Download it now.
  • Open the email containing your e-gift card on your mobile device.
  • Claim your e-gift card using the link in your email and follow the in-app prompts to add it to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet.

Then, start shopping at your favourite CF shopping centre or office property across Canada with your CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Card where Mastercard contactless payments are accepted. Tap your phone for a safer way to pay without having to touch buttons on terminals. Look for these symbols at checkout:

When added to the Apple Pay wallet, a CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Card can be used with your iPhone or Apple Watch. For more details on how to use Apple Pay, click here.

For more details on how to use Google Pay, click here.

If youve received multiple CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Cards, you can add them all to your My LiVE account. You can also add multiple cards to your Apple Pay or Google Pay wallet, however these wallet providers may limit the number of cards the wallet can hold. If your digital wallet is full, you may have to remove a card before you can add your CF SHOP! Mastercard Gift Card.

Option : Use The Mobile App

The Walmart MoneyCard mobile app allows you to check your card balance. Simply download the app from or theApp Store and log in with your User ID and Password to access your account information balance.

If you dont remember your User ID or Password, or have not yet set up your online MoneyCard account, see our article for help.

Tips For Using Gift Cards

If you received a gift card, here are some tips to get the most out of them:

The fine print: Read the card’s terms and conditions. Pay close attention to whether the card is redeemable only at a certain store or location.

Fees: Some state laws bar service fees and expiration dates on store gift cards, but the rules on cards branded with the name of a credit card company are stricter. These cards cannot expire for at least five years and cannot have a service fee deducted unless it has not been used in 12 months.

Bonus cards: It’s holiday gift card promotion season, a time when select restaurants and stores give bonuses with gift card purchases. If you receive a bonus gift card, sometimes called bonus bucks, most of these will expire. Check terms.

Protect your card: Some gift cards can be registered as credit cards on websites listed on the card, which can protect them against theft or loss. Also, take photos of the front and back of the card or write down card details as some companies will replace lost or stolen cards if you can provide specifics. Save receipts with card information, too.

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Ask Gift Card Girlfriend

Have a gift card balance check question for Gift Card Girlfriend?

Gift Card Girlfriend Tip: I always check the balance of my gift cards before going shopping to make sure there are no surprises at the cash register. I want to know exactly how much I can spend in order to use the full value of the gift card.

Calling The Gift Card Company

Check ross gift card balance
  • 1Locate the company’s number on the back of the card. Most gift cards will have a toll-free number on the back of them that you can call to get your balance. Flip the card over to the side with the black card strip and locate the phone number on the back of the card. Some cards will have 2 numbers–one for customer service and one for balance inquiries.XResearch source
  • If you call the customer service number, they will be able to direct you to the balance inquiry phone number.
  • 2 Dial the balance inquiry number you found on the back of the card. Sometimes this number will lead to a live operator and other times it will go to an automated phone system.XResearch source
  • 3Use the keypad on the phone to input your information. Once you call the number, it will ask you for card details which could include the card number, expiration date, your birth date, or the last four digits of your phone number. The information you’ll need depends on which type of gift card you have. Follow the automated system or talk to the customer service representative until you input all the required card information.XResearch source
  • 4Wait and listen to hear your balance. Once you input the proper information, you’ll be redirected to a reading of your balance. Write the balance down or save it on your cell phone so that you know how much you have on the card. Advertisement
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    Checking Your Walmart Gift Card Balance Faq

    • Where can you use your Walmart gift card?
    • You can use the Walmart Gift card at Walmart online and in physical stores.
  • How can you replace a stolen or lost Walmart gift card?
  • Unfortunately, Walmart policy states that they cannot replace lost or stolen gift cards without an original receipt. If you do have a lost or stolen gift card, contact Walmart’s customer service center by calling 1-800-411-7942.
  • What if my gift card doesn’t have a PIN?
  • If your Walmart gift card does not have a PIN, you cannot use it for online purchases, but you can use it at a physical store. You also cannot check your Walmart gift card balance if it has no PIN. There may be occasions, however, where you can trade a gift card without a PIN to one with a PIN.
  • Where Is The 4

    You will need to enter your gift card code and unique PIN to redeem your gift card online. You can usually find this 4-digit PIN on the back of your gift card, underneath a scratch-off panel.

    Now you know how to check how much is on a gift card, be smart with your spending by browsing the impressive range of gift cards for every occasion at Kroger.

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    Can I Deposit Cash To My Walmart Moneycard Account Using An Atm

    Unfortunately, you cannot deposit cash to a Walmart MoneyCard using an ATM.

    However, there are 4 convenient ways to deposit cash to your card:

    The first option is using the Walmart MoneyCard app.

    Another way of adding cash to your card is by using the Walmart Rapid Reload process.

    Third, you can also deposit cash into your account using the MoneyPak service.

    Finally, an easy way to add cash to your card is by going to a participating Walmart store and adding cash or by cashing a check and adding the money to your card.

    Gift Cards Terms And Conditions

    How To Turn Visa Gift Card into Cash Using Paypal | Transfer GiftCard Money to Bank Account

    Effective as of: October 7, 2019


    E-gift cards are redeemable at all Finish Line locations and online at To redeem in-store, you must present the original e-gift card email printed or on a mobile device, with the e-gift card number and pin number, and present it at the time of purchase. To redeem online at, enter your e-gift card number and pin on the payment page at checkout. Up to three e-gift cards may be redeemed online per order. All orders using e-gift cards at checkout will be processed in U.S. funds.”

    If the amount of your e-gift card does not cover the total purchase amount, you must pay for the remainder of the purchase with a valid form of payment. If the amount of your e-gift card is more than the total order amount, the balance amount will be stored on your e-gift card for future use. Purchases paid for with an e-gift card will be charged applicable sales tax. Returned merchandise will be credited in the original form of payment. If you return items purchased with your e-gift card, a new physical gift card will be issued and you will receive your new gift card via mail in 5-7 business days after the return has been processed.

    Our Terms of Use apply. Your purchase and/or use of the e-gift card constitutes acceptance of these terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are subject to change without notice at any time. For balance inquiry, visit


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    Option : Call Customer Service

    Lastly, you can also check the balance on your card by calling customer service at 1-877-937-4098. A representative can help you with any questions you may have about your balance or transactions.

    If after checking your Walmart MoneyCard balance, you notice any suspicious or transaction you did not make, heres what to do:

    right away. Heres how to connect to a live representative call.

    Via Regular Account Notifications

    With most credit card issuers, once you have set up your online account, you now have free rein to customize how closely you want to monitor account activity. Although this feature was designed mostly to help combat fraud, it allows you to receive emails, push notifications, or text messages notifying you of all recent account activity. Some companies enable you to set up email notifications to update you with your current balance after every purchase or monthly payment.

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    Checking Your Balance Online

  • 1Find the website on the back of the card. Flip the card over to the side with the black strip and read the fine print on the back of the card. It will usually have directions to find your balance and will sometimes list a website that you can visit to determine your balance.XResearch source
  • Beware of scam sites that aren’t affiliated with the gift card company. Only use websites linked from the company’s official site, or the website printed on the back of the card.
  • 2Type the required information into the site. Once you visit the website found on the back of the card, it will have fields for information pertaining to your card. This will usually include your card number and another numeric code like the expiration date or access code.XResearch source
  • Sometimes you may have to peel off a piece of tape to reveal the card numbers on the back of the card.XResearch source
  • 3Hit submit or enter. Once you submit the information you should be forwarded to a page that lists the balance on your gift card. If it doesn’t work, go back to the last page and enter the card details again. Double-check them to make sure that they are correct before you submit them.XResearch source
  • If the information still doesn’t work your card could be expired or there could be a technical problem. In this case, call the company or go to a physical location.
  • Use Your Christmas Gift Cards Asap

    How to check how much money is on a visa gift card ...

    The rule of thumb with a gift card? Use it before you lose it.

    The Federal Trade Commission recommends using the card as soon as you can. It also advises treating gift cards like cash and using them early to get full value.

    Another good reason to use the cards sooner rather than later: the risk that the retailer or restaurant goes out of business.

    While gift cards are often accepted after businesses file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, in many cases they quickly become worthless. Sometimes there’s little or no warning before a business closes.

    I generally tell people if they have gift cards in their wallet, use them yesterday,” Melissa Jacoby, a bankruptcy law professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, previously told USA TODAY.

    The Bankrate poll found 29% of adults have let at least one gift card expire, 27% have lost at least one and 21% lost out because a business closed permanently before they used at least one card.

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    Why You Should Check Your Card Balance Regularly

    If you have a Walmart MoneyCard, it is important to keep track of money coming into your account and how much is going out.

    This is important, especially if you are using the card to pay bills and also make purchases at the same time.

    That is why we recommend checking the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard regularly.

    You can use this opportunity to also review completed transactions and make note of pending transactions that have not yet cleared.

    That way, you know how much money you have in your account that can be used to make purchases or how much you have available to withdraw at an ATM.

    In the post below, we will explain the different ways you can check the balance on your card.

    If you checked your balance and there is an issue or you have suspicious transactions, we have provided tips below on how to call customer service and speak to a live person.

    At the end of the post, we have also provided answers to the most asked questions about the Walmart MoneyCard for your convenience.

    How Do I Use The Cf Shop Card

    The CF SHOP! card can be used at thousands of the top shopping, dining, and entertainment destinations in CF shopping centres and office properties across Canada. As participation is voluntary, and may vary from centre to centre, it is a good idea to check Cadillac Fairview Shopping Centres for a complete list of participating stores.

    When you arrive at a retail location, let the store associate know you will be using the CF SHOP! card to pay for your purchase and swipe the card at the retailers terminal to make payment.

    Always ensure you have enough money on your CF SHOP! card before you make your purchase. CF SHOP! card balances are available in real-time from the Gift Cards section of the LiVE by CF app. You may also make split purchase payments using your CF SHOP! card by telling the store associate how much money you have left on your CF SHOP! card and paying the difference using another form of payment.

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    How Do I Check A Gift Card Balance

    Gift cards make excellent presents that create some fun anticipation about shopping and help you get exactly the items youre looking for. But before you run out to the mall and start filling your shopping basket with goodies galore, its a wise idea to know how much is on your gift card. This can help you stick to a budget and come up with a plan. And, in the case of an old gift card that you dont remember shopping with, it can also help you learn whether the card is even good to use anymore. Learn how to check your gift cards balance so you dont encounter any surprises at the register.

    How Do You Transfer Your Credit Card Balance To Another Card

    How to Sell Gift Card for Cash | Easiest Way to Get Most Money from Selling GiftCards!

    A balance transfer allows you to transfer all of your debt from existing accounts, such as a credit card account, to a new account. Ideally, the new account will have a lower interest rate or a 0% promotional period, which will reduce your interest costs as you work to pay off the debt. Applying for a balance transfer card is similar to applying for any other credit card. Once approved, you can transfer your funds onto the new card account.

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    Find Out The Balance On The Card Companys Website

    If youd rather check your balance online, this may be an alternative option instead of calling a toll-free number. Your card may include a note on the back, likely near the phone number, telling you the website to visit to obtain information about your card and balance. Again, youll need the card number and the PIN or security code, and youll type in this information and submit it so the online system can access the details about the gift card.

    Want to see what your options are when it comes to various methods for checking your balance? This database includes entries for more than 1,000 companies, and each link has specific instructions about how to check the balance on a card from that particular company. Along with these options, where possible the site also provides the number to call and website to visit to find out your balance.

    What Does Pending Transaction Mean

    A transaction in a Pending status in your MoneyCard account means that purchase may not post to your card for a few days.

    To make sure you have enough money for a purchase, merchants request approval for the purchase amount.

    This holds the money for them and is considered a pending purchase until the merchant actually collects the money from Walmart MoneyCard.

    However, once the merchant collects the money from Walmart MoneyCard, that transaction then changes into a posted purchase.

    You can review both your pending and posted purchases on the Transaction History page in your Walmart MoneyCard account.

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    Cards Bought On Mastercardgiftcardcom

    InComm runs and is another gift card organization that sells both traditional and business Mastercard gift cards. These cards are issued by Sutton Bank. If your card was purchased on this site, you can either call the number on the back of the card or head to to review how much money you have left to spend. In the provided boxes, enter your card number, expiration date and CVV. Then click the orange “Sign In” button to review your remaining balance. It’s important to note that the gift cards purchased on are not reloadable, so once you’ve brought your balance to zero, you can safely toss the card.

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