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How To Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance

Check Balance With Customer Service:

How Do I Check The Balance On A Walmart Gift Card

Follow this method If you want to get customer service support for balance check.

  • Make a call on this number 1-888-537-5503 to dial customer support service online.
  • You are required to carefully concentrate customer support instructions.
  • You have to choose helpline extension for card balance.
  • In the next step enter card number and wait.
  • You will be informed about your gift card balance.

How To Check Balance On Walmart Gift Cards Balance

If you are wondering how to check your Walmart gift card balance, you can just follow these steps below to get what you need in a hassle-free manner.

  • There is a specific unique code written at the back of your card. It is of 16 characters and can be seen along with a four-digit PIN code, as well. You have to note down these two number codes and enter them in any of Walmarts associated stores online.

  • The cards verification can be done only through the proper registration of the 16-digit number and the PIN code.

  • In case you are worried about your card getting stolen or misused, make sure to create an online account on Walmarts official website. This way, you can always access the details of your card whenever you please.

  • Why You Should Check Your Card Balance Regularly

    If you have a Walmart MoneyCard, it is important to keep track of money coming into your account and how much is going out.

    This is important, especially if you are using the card to pay bills and also make purchases at the same time.

    That is why we recommend checking the balance on your Walmart MoneyCard regularly.

    You can use this opportunity to also review completed transactions and make note of pending transactions that have not yet cleared.

    That way, you know how much money you have in your account that can be used to make purchases or how much you have available to withdraw at an ATM.

    In the post below, we will explain the different ways you can check the balance on your card.

    If you checked your balance and there is an issue or you have suspicious transactions, we have provided tips below on how to call customer service and speak to a live person.

    At the end of the post, we have also provided answers to the most asked questions about the Walmart MoneyCard for your convenience.

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    How To Add A New Gift Card To Your Walmart Website Account

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    Did you just purchase a Walmart gift card and now would like to use it on the Walmart online website for other purchases there? You can add it to the website with this article serving as your guide.

    Keep Your Online Safety In Check

    Walmart Gift Card Register, Activate And How To Check Balance?

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    How To Check Your Gift Card Balance

    To check your Walmart Gift Card Balance online, heres what you go to do:

    • Click on this link. This will take you to the WalMart Gift Card Balance Checker.

    • In the next step as you get an access to the page then you are supposed to enter the 16 digit card number and 4 digit PIN number into the specified areas.

    • You can check the details of your gift card.

    Option : Use The Mobile App

    The Walmart MoneyCard mobile app allows you to check your card balance. Simply download the app from or theApp Store and log in with your User ID and Password to access your account information balance.

    If you dont remember your User ID or Password, or have not yet set up your online MoneyCard account, see our article for help.

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    What Does Pending Transaction Mean

    A transaction in a Pending status in your MoneyCard account means that purchase may not post to your card for a few days.

    To make sure you have enough money for a purchase, merchants request approval for the purchase amount.

    This holds the money for them and is considered a pending purchase until the merchant actually collects the money from Walmart MoneyCard.

    However, once the merchant collects the money from Walmart MoneyCard, that transaction then changes into a posted purchase.

    You can review both your pending and posted purchases on the Transaction History page in your Walmart MoneyCard account.

    How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

    HOW TO check your gift card balance using!

    Checking your balance can be completed through various methods.

    The first and easiest is to login to My Account panel on the website and click on ‘Gift Card Balances’ option.

    Other alternative methods include calling the designated number or visiting your nearest store. When you like to check your Walmart gift card balance, make sure to keep the Gift card number and PIN handy as it is mandatory.

    The online option will display a list of your latest transactions when you click on ‘View Card History’ option along with your current balance.

    Keeping sufficient balance and checking them whenever required will allow you to buy gift cards with ease, mail them to loved ones so as to make the occasion more delightful. Walmart is a great place to shop and gift, all under one roof.

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    Use Or Store Gift Cards/egift Cards

    • Walmart Stores and Neighborhood Markets
    • Walmart Gas Stations
    • Sams Club stores
    • During checkout you will reach the Payment Method screen
    • Select Gift Card
    • Add a new Gift Card or apply those already saved
    • As cards are added, you will see them appear in your Purchase Summary
    • If your order total is less than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, the remaining amount will be available on your card for future purchases. If your order total is more than the amount on your Walmart Gift Card, you will need to pay for the balance with additional gift cards or a credit/debt card
  • Sign in to Your Account
  • Select Account
  • Under Manage Account, select Gift Cards
  • Select Add a New Gift Card
  • Enter the gift card number, PIN and a gift card nickname
  • Select Save
  • See More Terms & Conditions

  • Metro Richelieu Inc. issues the three following categories of gift cards:
  • The Metro gift card, which can be used in all participating Metro and Food Basics stores in Ontario
  • The Food Basics gift card, which can be used in all participating Food Basics stores in Ontario
  • The corporate gift card, which can be used in all participating Metro, and Food Basic stores in Ontario. The corporate gift card is identified by the presence of the logos of both Metro and Food Basics banners.
  • The gift card must be activated prior to its use.
  • The use of the gift card is subject to the terms and conditions which govern it, terms and conditions that can be revised by Metro Richelieu inc. without prior notice.
  • The gift card must be presented to the cashier at the time of purchase.
  • The gift card can be used several times. The total purchase amount is deducted from the card until the balance reaches zero.
  • The market value of the gift card is in Canadian dollars.
  • To check the balance left on your gift card, you can visit any Metro store or find out online by .
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    Votre Navigateur Web N’accepte Pas Les Tmoins

    Les témoins sont de petits renseignements stockés de façon sécuritaire dans votre ordinateur. Un navigateur capable de stocker des témoins est requis pour consulter le site Web de Walmart Canada. Nous utilisons des témoins pour sauvegarder des renseignements, comme vos préférences en matière de langue et de magasin. Vos renseignements personnels, comme votre adresse d’expédition, ne sont jamais sauvegardés dans un témoin.

    Veuillez activer les témoins dans votre navigateur ou utiliser un navigateur Web plus récent. Vous pouvez aussi consulter la circulaire Walmart Canada en ligne sans témoins.

    Walmart Egift Card Details

    Check walmart card balance

    The Walmart eGift Card has no fees or expiry date, and is redeemable for merchandise at participating Walmart retail locations in Canada, or it can be redeemed online at This eGift Card cannot be reloaded, resold, transferred for value, or redeemed for cash, except to the extent required by law. Void if reloaded, resold, transferred for value, or redeemed for cash. Unused eGift Cards may not be transferred for value. This eGift Card will not be replaced if lost, stolen or used without your consent. This eGift Card may not be used to purchase other Gift Cards or eGifts. The balance of this eGift Card cannot be applied towards credit card balances. Returns of merchandise purchased with an eGift Card will be credited to a gift card only. Walmart reserves the right to cancel card if obtained illegally . **PROTECT THIS CARD LIKE YOU WOULD CASH**

    For full terms of use and FAQs, visit

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    Call The Card Company:

    Any card that you get from the store should have a toll free number which is usually of the company that has made the card for you. The number is present on the back of the card, usually at the end of the print space. These numbers are present to check Walmart Gift Card Balance. You might also find a second number which is usually present for customer care services. In case you are not able to find the toll free balance inquiry number, call customer care and get a solution instantly.

    However, if you happen to find the right number on your card, call it and listen to the directions being provided to you. Your call might get forwarded to a live operator or even a computerized system that will ask you to enter the card details so that your card balance information can be generated. Enter the information from your dial pad and note the balance. Please note that phone operated services might also need different details for balance information generation. The kind of card information required would depend on the card being used.

    How To Use Your Gift Card To Make Online Purchases

    A Walmart gift card gives you the option of redeeming the amount for online purchases, as well! This is a great advantage for people because nowadays most of the shopping that takes place is online. And, with the stores never-ending catalog of things, it provides for the perfect website for whom it is worth going on an online shopping spree!

    More so, Walmart also gives you the privilege of stacking up your cards to get you the best deal ever! After you have loaded up on your cart with all the things you need, hit the checkout button. There you can simply choose the cards that you want to utilize. For details, keep reading the instructions below:

    Use your Walmart Gift card by following these easy few steps:

  • Upon reaching the checkout, you will find the option for selecting your preferred payment method. There will be several options before you.

  • There you will find the choice of Gift Cards. Select that option.

  • If you have already saved your Cards, you can automatically select them here or manually add them to your checking account.

  • Walmart allows major credit companies to access the gift card options too. There are several other types of card choices available from their retail stores. This includes entertainment service gift cards too. These are basically cards that can be redeemed at the movie halls and more. Reason to learn more about the various types of Gift Cards.

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    Types Of Walmart Gift Cards

    In terms of choices, Walmart gift cards offer literally hundreds of variants and choices so to appease every type of buyer. Most people opine that gift cards are a great way to make their near and dear ones feel loved in a special manner.

    Besides, it can be used to gift a child, elderly person or a couple without having to fumble to know their preferences. With Walmart, your choices are literally unlimited.

    The different variants of these cards are appropriately segregated into occasions including anniversary, birthday, graduation, father’s day, Christmas, congratulations among many others.

    They can also be sorted based on the recipient. You can choose between kids, teens, for boys, for girls, for couples, for corporate among plenty other choices to choose from.

    The pricing begins at a minimum of $10 and can go all the way up to $1000 offering gift card buyers to choose budget or premium pricing, purely based on individual preference.

    What Is The Walmart Gift Card

    How To Check Walmart Gift Card Balance

    A Walmart Gift Card is a virtual credit card that you can use to make a purchase with Walmart as well as several other vendors. You can find a Walmart Gift Card through various issuers like Sams Gas Stations, Grocery Stores, or Walmart itself. There are several places where you can get it. If you browse through the Gift Cards section on, you can find a good range of available options.

    There are several advantages of using a Walmart Gift Card like you can get some exclusive discounts, or you dont have to carry extra cash. Another important benefit of the gift card is that it can protect you against fraud while making an online transaction.

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    More Frequently Asked Questions About Walmart Visa Gift Card

    What can I use my Walmart Visa Gift Card for?

    You can use your Walmart visa gift card to purchase items online, in-store, and by phone or mail. To enable you have access to the different options on your card, its best to register your card.

    Are There Restrictions to Use Walmart Visa Gift Card?

    There are some restrictions on Walmart Visa gift card. Some of them are:

    • You may be unable to use it for repetitive or frequent automatic payments.
    • Walmart Visa gift cards can only be redeemed in the United States of America.
    • You cannot make cash withdrawals at an ATM.

    Can I Top-up My Walmart Visa Card?

    No. Walmart Visa gift cards are not reloadable.

    What Is Walmarts Customer Support Line?

    Contact their customer support on 1-866-633-9096

    How To Check A Walmart Visa Gift Card Balance

    A Walmart Visa gift card is a great choice of gift card to have in your possession. It allows you to purchase several items from any store. But it isnt doing you much good if the balance of the gift card is unknown. You dont have to be clueless anymore. Your frequently asked questions as regards Walmart Visa gift card, how to check your Walmart visa gift card balance, etc, have been answered. The steps below will guide you on how to check your Walmart Visa gift card balance.

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    Performing A Walmart Gift Card Check In Person

    To check the balance of a Walmart gift card in person, do the following:

  • Choose the nearest Walmart facility by using their store finder
  • Show up at the chosen location
  • Provide the shop assistant with your gift card details and ask them to inform you about the current balance
  • Wait for them to locate your gift card number in their system and check the remaining amount on it
  • Perks Of Using A Walmart Gift Card:

    Check my gift card balance
    • You get a 5% discount if you make any payments using the card on the Walmart application. Purchases made online receive discounts on various products.
    • You also get discounts for using the card in restaurants and gas stations as well. You get a 2% discount on in-store purchases using the card.
    • With every purchase from the card, you get points that get added to your Walmart account and can be redeemed whenever you want.
    • Additionally, you dont have to pay any transaction fee and you even get a signup bonus if you have just become a part of Walmarts family.

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    Activate Check Balance And Find The Pin

    • No activation is required for gift cards less than $250, eGift Cards or those that were part of a bulk purchase totaling less than 25 cards
    • For your security, we will require you to activate any Walmart plastic Gift Cards purchased in an order of 25 cards and/or an order of $250 or more. An email with activation instructions is sent to the email address listed on the account at the time the order is placed. You will receive an email with a password to activate your Gift Card. If you cannot find this email, or did not receive one, please contact Customer Care.

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