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How To Check Your Balance On An Amazon Gift Card

How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance Without Redeeming

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

Wondering what to get people on their birthdays is a major stress inducer. Sometimes its just too hard to decide whether you should get them something personalized or just play it safe with a coffee mug or a phone case. In fact, for those people whom you dont even like that much, you can just simply throw a photo frame their way. But those days are gone now. Thanks to the life-saving Amazon gift cards! This article will revolve around how you can check your Amazon gift card balance without redeeming it.

Receiving an Amazon gift card is such a great deal. You can buy whatever you like and wont have to pretend to like a gift that you actually hate. These days more people are getting on board with the idea of simply gifting an Amazon gift card instead of going through a huge dilemma as to what to purchase. But what happens once you do get that Amazon gift card? How do you check how much money you have left on the card without actually spending any money? Dont worry, because well answer all those questions for you.


Can I Get The Remaining Cash From A Used Amazon Gift Card

Like most other companies, Amazon offers to receive a gift card back in exchange for cash only when the law requires so. This refers to state-specific gift card laws that allow or forbid retailers to reimburse customers for unused gift card funds.

Only 11 U.S. states and Puerto Rico currently have a positive cash back policy, which means that you can return the gift card for cash only if you live in one of them. They also propose specific cash back limits you can see in the list below:

  • Vermont$1.00
  • California$10.00

What To Do With The Remaining Balance On Your Speedway Gift Card

Once you find out how much cash you have on your gift card, you can decide what to do with it. We have found some options you might want to consider:

  • Selling the gift cardVisit a website that buys and sells gift cards. Note that these platforms can be shady and unreliable. You can also sell your card by going to a designated store. Whichever option you choose, you probably wont get 100% of the gift cards value
  • Exchanging the cardTrade your gift card for a Speedy Cash gift card. Speedway accepts gift cards from around 200 brands, including AMC, Applebees, Barnes & Noble, and Bed Bath & Beyond. All you need to do is visit the Speedway web page dedicated to trading gift cards, enter a merchant and the remaining balance, and click on Get Instant Offer. You can exchange more than one gift card by clicking on Add Another Card. Speedway will show you how much money you can get for your gift card
  • Giving the card awayGive your gift card to someone as a present if you havent used it. This can be a perfect gift for someone whos constantly on the road
  • Combining the cardCombine multiple Speedway gift cards while shopping at the store
  • Getting your money backRequest gift card cash back from Speedway. The companys official policy is that they dont redeem gift cards for cash, but thats where we come in. You can use DoNotPay to get your cash back fast

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Colt Delta Elite Rail Gun


Colt isnt in the news much these days as it pertains to 1911s, but this list wouldnt be complete without one, especially given the fact Colt was the first to chamber a 1911 in 10mm back in 1987. The Delta Elite Rail Gun is constructed of stainless-steel and features a classic 5-inch barrel and an integral frame rail, allowing it to effectively pull double-duty as a camp defender and hunting handgun. The 1913 rail accepts most lights and lasers currently on the market. It also features a beavertail grip safety, an extended thumb safety, composite grips with Delta medallions, and Novak white-dot sights. Check availability here.

Ammo Shortage: Is The 10mm A Good Self Defense Round

How to Check an Amazon Giftcard Balance: 12 Steps (with ...

Ive been getting a few questions from readers about the 10mm auto for self protection. With the current ammo shortage primarily affecting the common defensive calibers, some readers are seeing 10mm ammo still available online and in gun stores. Is it worthwhile to own a 10mm defensive handgun in this age of ammo shortages?

I get asked about the 10mm cartridge quite often. I didnt include it in my stopping power study because I was only able to find a couple shootings in that caliber. The data I have isnt complete enough to make reliable conclusions.

Its also a little harder to make recommendations when the manufacturers dont report gelatin testing results in the load. Gelatin testing is both expensive and time consuming. Most manufacturers only report gelatin data for the cartridges they intend for the law enforcement market. That doesnt include the 10mm.

There have been a few private individuals and organizations that have published test results. Check out the links below:

The FBI recommends that defensive cartridges penetrate from 12-18 in gelatin and expand to at least 1.5x their original diameter. If you look at the results in the tests above, only the 155 grain 10mm offerings perform to those standards.

While the 10mm may be widely available now, the enhanced recoil and greater wear on guns makes me think that it isnt the best defensive caliber available today.

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How To Check Amazon Gift Card Balance

Amazon and some other famous websites allow you to earn Amazon Gift Cards against the services that you offer them. For example, you might be asked to fill out a survey form or sell an item of yours online in order to earn an Amazon Gift Card. A gift card typically has some balance or points in it with the help of which you can make purchases on Whenever you want to buy something from Amazon, the first thing that clicks your mind is to check your Gift Card Balance so that you may know if you can buy that item with your gift card or you need to arrange something else. So let us learn how we can check our Amazon Gift Card Balance.

Federal Premium Personal Defense 10mm Auto 180gr Hydra


Due to various state and local laws and regulations, Sportsman’s Warehouse does not ship ammunition to CT, DC, HI, IL, MA, NJ, and NY. Ammunition orders to Alaska and California may only be shipped to a Sportsman’s Warehouse store for pick up by the actual purchasing consumer. You must be 18 or older to purchase long gun ammunition and 21 or older to purchase handgun ammunition. Ammunition may only be shipped via Ground. You are responsible for complying with federal, state and local laws.

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Protect Your Consumer Rights With Donotpay

Companies complicate cancellation and refund processes intentionally, hoping that consumers wouldnt want to spend hours trying to solve the issue theyre having. DoNotPay knows how important consumer rights are, and thats why we created numerous products that can help you:

Many people forget to cancel their free trials on time and end up paying for the services they dont even use. To prevent that, DoNotPay has developed a nifty virtual credit card that will allow you to enjoy free trials risk-free. Our virtual credit card will also help you avoid spam email notifications by generating a random email address that you can use when signing up for a free trial.

From The Lucky Gunner Comments Section

How to check amazon gift card balance

Its nice to see some good advice and words of wisdom in the comments section on YouTube, and there were some solid contributions in the comments below this video:

The problem with modern 10mm loading is that most ammo companies load them closer to .40 power. Companies like Underwood and Buffalo Bore and others load 10mm at the power the cartridge was intended for. I agree that 10mm may not be the best choice for EDC self defense. But where 10mm shines is as a woods gun. 10mm loaded with proper power ammo like underwood or others would be ideal for stopping a large critter in self defense or hunting as well. -YouTuber Sgt Caboose

It goes back to the question of what you shoot best, and what gives you your best chance of hitting a target under stress and getting back on target for follow up shots. Some folks can do this quite well with the 10mm. For others, it may not be the best choice. -YouTuber Nuancolar

Is 10mm the right cartridge for you? Only trigger time can tell. Do you have one or more and recommend them? Whyor why not? Tell us in the comments below.

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Mm Vs 9mm: Final Shots

When it comes to comparing handgun rounds, it is difficult to crown a winner as each cartridge has its advantages and disadvantages.

The 10mm Auto is a powerful handgun cartridge that was developed to bridge the gap between the 9mm Luger and the 45 ACP. It imparts massive kinetic energy into its targets at the cost of punishing recoil, increased handgun wear, and the increased potential for overpenetration.

The 10mm can fire larger caliber and heavier bullets than the 9mm at considerably higher muzzle velocities, making it an extremely powerful cartridge.

Although the FBI moved away from the 10mm in favor of the 40 S& W, the 10mm Auto is an excellent choice for hunting deer, hogs, and even bear as its superior penetration is ideal for taking these larger game animals.

The 9mm Luger has quickly become the most popular handgun cartridge in the shooting world due to its low recoil, higher magazine capacity, and ease of handling. Many shooters report being more accurate shooting a 9mm than they are with other cartridges, and this is mainly due to the reduced recoil impulse that the 9mm offers.

The 9mm is the obvious choice for self-defense for the reasons stated above and the law enforcement community seems to agree, as many departments and agencies are transitioning their duty sidearms back to 9mm Luger.

But does this mean that you should only buy a 10mm if you like hunting? Definitely not!

So long as you do that, carry what you shoot best and flex those 2A Rights!

History Of The 10mm Cartridge

The Jeff Cooper designed 10mm round was meant to be a performance cartridge. Its more powerful than 9mm with improved ballistics over the .45 ACP. In fact, the 10mm is almost ideal for competition match shooting in handguns because it shoots so flat. It hits somewhere in between the .357 Magnum and the .41 Remington Magnum . However, it has a relatively compact case that can be chambered in a standard-sized pistol without prohibitive redesign or organic design. It has been used widely in easy to find revolvers designed by Smith & Wesson and Ruger.

The Bren Ten Handgun

The cartridge was originally requested for a one-off pistol design, the Bren Ten by Dornaus & Dixon Enterprises, a design that was essentially cloned from the CZ-75. While generally considered a quality firearm, Dornaus & Dixon isnt exactly a household name. The pistol never really took off beyond a cult following stemming from the pistols flashy appearance in the TV show Miami Vice.

After testing and careful consideration, the 10mm round was formally adopted by the FBI in 1990 for use in the Smith & Wesson 1076 semi-automatic pistol. This was short-lived though, as the Glock 22 and 23 were adopted only seven years later in the .40 S& W. It is interesting to note, though, that the FBI still uses H& K MP10 in their special response teams.

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Mm Auto Versus 40 S& w

So that brings us back around to the issue of ballistics. If were going to seriously consider 10mm for personal protection, we have to ask what its bringing to the table that we cant get out of one of these other calibers. Lets take a closer look at these gel test results and compare them to some of our previous tests. Im going to focus on .40 S& W because its got a history linked to 10mm. Back in the early 90s, .40 S& W started out as just a weaker version of 10mm, but there have been major advancements in bullet technology since then and modern 40 caliber loads have a reputation for excellent street performance. The ammo companies havent put nearly as much effort into improving 10mm over the years. A lot of todays 10mm factory loads actually use the same bullets with the same velocities as .40 S& W loads. But thats not always the case.

The 180 grain Federal Hydra-Shok is also loaded in both calibers, but there is only a 7.5% velocity increase in 10mm. From a ballistics standpoint, these two loads are essentially the same thing. Penetration is right around 16 inches and the expanded diameter is about .60 inches for both loads. This is ideal performance in gelatin for self-defense ammo.

Mm Defensive Loads Have Come A Long Way In A Short Amount Of Time

How To Check Your Amazon Gift Card Balance

The 10mm pistol cartridge has been a lot of things over its nearly four decades of existence. Evolving out of the .40 G& A, a cartridge developed with the impetus of Jeff Cooper back in the 1970s, it sprang onto the scene in 1983 in the Bren Ten and with ammo from Norma. The idea was a better than .45 ACP cartridge that held more rounds in a pistol that was just as, if not more, ergonomic than the 1911. In addition, it could be a short magnum if needed.

What we got was Holy Cow! in a pistol. Somewhere in my archives, my earliest chrono log has the numbers but simply put, the Norma specs of a 200-grain bullet at 1,200 fps were modest compared to real life. The load delivered more like 1,300 fps, which made it an honest .44 Magnum in a pistol. We wont speak of the velocities of the 180-grain JHPs, except to say that I turned down the opportunity to shoot a second magazine of them .

Then, after the 1986 Miami FBI shooting, the FBI declared that the 10mm was the pistol cartridge of the future. Alas, the FBI quickly found out that its offices full of accountants, lawyers and other white-collar types held few who could shoot passing scores with 10mm pistols and then-factory ammo.

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Mm Vs 10mm Cartridge Comparison

When it comes to self-defense, there are several valid arguments for the 9mm vs 10mm handgun. Both are very popular and have their advantages and disadvantages. However, the 9mm is widely regarded as the âidealâ handgun for self-defense and is one of the most highly used handguns in military and police forces. This goes for both home defense and conceal and carry. The popularity of the 9mm means that largely we have to defend the 10mm to justify it as a viable option.

Understand that the decision of which handgun to buy is a very personal decision. Every person has a different preference on weight, size, power, and recoil. Some people plan to conceal and carry, while others plan to use the weapon for home defense. Some stay in the city and worry about crime, while others spend time in the wilderness and are more concerned with predators. Before making a purchase, weigh your priorities and options to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Because of this, itâs difficult to label one as a better cartridge than the other. We will take a look at these two cartridges and discuss how they are similar and how they differ in some key ballistic and performance categories. We think that by the end of the article you will see that both have merit in the world of handguns.

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Where Did 10mm Come From

Jeff Cooper, along with engineers at Norma designed the 10mm round to be the premier combat round. Unfortunately, like the 41 Magnum, the 10mm was kicked to the curb after a short stay with the FBI. Apparently, some weak wristed agents couldnt pass muster.

Long story short, the round was downloaded so much the extra case space was useless, so it became the 40 Short and Weak. The 10mm didnt die though, and I dare say it has seen a small resurgence recently in the shooting community.

For some time, the only maker of 10mm guns was Glock and sometimes Colt. However, these days we have 10mm XDs and 1911s from Springfield Armory, 10mm 1911s and 2011s from budget companies like RIA, and SIG produced the P220 in 10mm as well. Even S& W brought back the S& W 610 a revolver in 10mm very recently.

This niche little round has grown, and why not? Its a versatile round that can be used for hunting, self-defense, and even animal defense while hunting. It can be downloaded to be more pleasant to shoot or compete with.

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