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How To Earn Free Walmart Gift Cards

Is Walmart Egift Card Online Legit

$100 Walmart Gift Card FREE! | Earn Walmart Gift Cards for FREE 2020

Because Walmart gift cards are so valuable, lots of people wonder how to earn free Walmart gift cards and end up searching the internet for code generators. These sites will say they will issue free gift cards for no work at all.

However, these sites often install spyware that can infect your computer and steal your personal information. Protect your privacy when youre looking for free gift cards, and stay away from sites like this!

GrabPoints has a 4.7 rating on Trustpilot, meaning it is a legit, safe way to earn gift cards.

Discounted Walmart Gift Cards

Free Walmart gift cards are always the best kind, but discounted gift cards are pretty good too. The sites below purchase unwanted gift cards from people and re-sell them at a discount off their face value

Raise: Raise gives you the option of buying discounted gift cards, or buying them at face value and earning Raise Cash .

Cardpool: Cardpool is unique in that it allows you to sell your unwanted gift cards at Target stores. The site tends to have slightly better discounts than Raise, but some brands and stores are frequently out of stock.

CardCash: Twice a week, CardCash offers further discounts on their gift cards with coupons and price drops. Sign up for notifications to really get some great deals.

Shop With Shopkick To Earn Points

Shopkick is a cashback rewards app that has paid people over $85 million in free gift cards.

You have to open the app, then shop as you normally do. You earn kicks whenever you pay for something either online or in-store. You also earn kicks from watching videos, referring friends, playing games, and more.

Redeeming the kicks to gift cards is easy. And it lets you choose from a wide range of gift cards from Walmart to Starbucks, Target to Sephora and Amazon, as well as everything in between.

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Free Online Gift Cards Without Completing Offers

Customers can use a music-based method to earn Walmart gift cards if they wish to avoid complete offers or survey methods. You would find an app available for this called the Current Music App. Users can listen to multiple music selections and get free gift cards afterward.

There are 100,000 and more radio stations available on this app for the listeners to listen to. The app is available on both iOS and Android app stores. You can earn points after listening to music through the music stations. Later, you can redeem your earnings and get a Walmart gift card in exchange.

Other than that, there are other options for earning money that does not require you to complete offers. Some include:

  • Play free games
  • Use free games
  • Not all users can access these offers
  • Other reliable options available

Watch Videos And Take Surveys To Earn Free Walmart Gift Cards

Everything You Need to Know About the " Free Walmart Gift ...

Earn Swagbucks for doing web searches, watching videos, shopping, finding Swag Codes, playing games and more.

Then, cash in your Swagbucks for free Walmart gift cards.

Getting started is easy:

  • to sign up. Remember, its 100% free.
  • Confirm your email to get the $5 sign up bonus.
  • Take paid surveys anytime and anywhere via PC, Laptop, Tablet, Cell Phone or Mobile App earning up to $35 per survey.
  • Get paid cash via PayPal or claim for free Walmart gift cards.
  • They currently offer $5, $10, $25 and $50 Walmart gift card denominations.

    Ready to earn free Walmart gift cards? VisitSwagbucks

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    Buy Bulk Discounted Walmart Gift Cards

    You can get discounted Walmart gift cards from popular gift card marketplaces.

    When you buy in bulk from these sites, you earn extra gift cards you can use on Walmart stores. and are but for discounted gift cards.

    Sign up with any of these platforms and get stacks of gift cards you can use as gifts for others.

    Add A Card To Dosh And Earn Gift Cards

    Dosh, with a very similar name to Drop, is also a similar app that gets you points for shopping.

    Connect a card, shop like usual, and earn cash back when you shop with a partner of the Dosh app.

    Plus, theyre also giving out a $1 signup bonus right now too!

    The biggest difference is that Dosh only gives cash, but thats OK because you can go use that cash anywhere you want.

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    Start Earning Grabpoints And Get A Free Walmart Gift Card Today

    Now that you know how to earn free Walmart gift cards, theres no reason not to start earning GrabPoitns today. It doesnt take very many points to get your first reward, and a free Walmart gift card can save you lots of money!

    If Walmart gift cards arent for you, there are lots of rewards available that can save you money so sign up for a free GrabPoints account and start earning!

    What Are Free Gift Cards

    Take Surveys & Get Free Walmart Gift Cards (Top 5 Legit Options)

    Free gift cards do not cost an extra amount to access and use. Customers do not have to put in a lot of effort to obtain free gift cards at most websites. Plus, most card options are easy to activate and manage. A benefit of these gift cards is that there are no subscriptions or hidden fees necessary. Thus, anyone can avail of these cards to reduce their overall expenditure at no additional cost.

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    How To Spot & Avoid Free Gift Card Scams

    When it comes to free stuff, there always seems to be a bunch of scams out there. Or, even if they arent outright scams, theyll cause you more pain than you probably thought you were signing up for.

    How can you spot gift card scams? A few ways:

    While these wont protect you 100% of the time from gift card scams, they should go a long way in keeping you safe. If you ever come across an opportunity that you are unsure of but are dying to know if its a scam or not, feel free to comment it down below and Ill try to check it out!

    Its a great feeling when you make a purchase that costs you nothing.

    Ive had plenty of those moments.

    Getting free gift cards through these above methods is exactly how Ive done it .

    Its amazing how many gift cards companies are willing to give away as part of a promotion, to get feedback, or for just doing something you already do . Its even more amazing how many opportunities there are out there to totally get free gift cards online without completing offers or surveys, hopefully this post has really proven that for you.

    Hopefully youve found a few new ways to earn free gift cards for yourself in this article.

    Is there a lucrative tactic that was missed? Comment it below, and let me know what your #1 way to earn free gift cards is!

    Earn Free Walmart Gift Cards

    #1 Place to get free Walmart gift cards by doing some simple tasks like completing surveys, answering simple questions, submitting email, downloading apps, etc.

    Quick sign up and login to earn free gift cards of your choice.

    Earn Points

    Earn points by completing offers or completing simple tasks.

    Redeem Points

    Redeem your points in exchange for free gift card and money.

    Get a Reward

    Get rewarded with free gift cards by exchanging your points.

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    Our Top Pick: Swagbucks

    This Swagbucks money maker pays you $70 worth of points for opening a free digital checking account and depositing $10.

    Swagbucks is the premier online rewards portal. The site lets you earn points in a number of ways, including by taking paid surveys, playing games, using their search engine and watching short videos. But the best way to earn on the site is via its money makers: offers that have a small cost but give you back more than you paid.

    Here are some real examples of money makers we found on the site when writing this article:

    • Aspiration Bank: Get 7,000 points when you open a free checking account and deposit $10.
    • Sierra Club: Get 5,000 points when you make a $15 donation.
    • Postmates: Get 2,000 points when you sign up for this food delivery service and place an order.

    Signing up for Swagbucks is quick and free. You can exchange the points you earn for a wide range of gift cards to stores like Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Nordstrom, Starbucks, Target, Walmart and more. Its also one of only a handful of sites that offers .

    You can learn more in our comprehensive Swagbucks review, which outlines more than 20 ways to make money on the site.

    Other Sites With Money Makers

    These sites are owned by the same company as Swagbucks, but the offers are sometimes different.

    In addition to money makers, InboxDollars is one of the few sites that will pay you for reading emails.

    How To Earn A Free Walmart Gift Card

    Top 3 Ways to Earn Free Walmart Gift Cards

    Did you know that Walmart has about 265 million customers every week? Its one of the most popular stores for shopping in person and online. Whats not to like about Walmart low prices, great selection, and convenience!

    If youve been shopping at Walmart, you probably know that they have everything you could ever want for your house, entertainment, and more. Even better, you can get everything delivered to your home. Now imagine you could get everything you ordered for free.

    With a free Walmart gift card, you can get some items sent to your home for free! If youve ever wondered How can I get a free Walmart gift card? read on this article will cover how to get free Walmart gift cards!

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    How To Redeem Your Walmart Gift Card Codes

    When you choose to redeem your earnings on a GPT site as a Walmart gift card, it will usually take the form of an electronic code or a physical plastic card. In both cases, the gift card can be used at your local Walmart, but the gift card code can be a little daunting for some people.

    • Offline redemption: a gift card code is easy to use you just need to print it out and bring it to the store when you want to use it to make a purchase. When the cashier rings up your purchases, they will enter the code for you. If you dont have sufficient funds to cover the entire purchase, they will take the balance in cash or with another form of payment.
    • Walmart gas stations: You can also use a Walmart gift card at a Walmart gas station, but you need to print out the code as you would to use the gift card in a store. After youve pumped your gas, simply choose the pay inside option. Take your card or print it out to the cashier. They can exchange your printout for a physical plastic card which you can use at the pumps.
    • Online redemption: If you want to make your purchase online, the process is even easier. When you reach the final payment page, you can select the Use a Walmart Gift Card option, where you enter your gift card code.


    How To Use Walmart Gift Cards

    To utilize Walmart gift vouchers, you wanted to visit any nation where you can undoubtedly find some Walmart stores. Assuming you are now living in such a country, you dont need to stress by any means. You should simply visit a store close by and get a few things from the store. At the point when you need to pay for it.

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    How Do I Check My Walmart Gift Card Balance

    Simply enter your 16-digit gift card code and PIN at under Account > Manage Gift Cards > Check Gift Card Balance. You can find that page here. You may also to check your balance on the hotline or by visiting your local Walmart store. Use the Store Locator Tool on the Walmart website to find the Walmart nearest you.

    Sign Up For Market Research Platforms

    How to easily get a $10 Walmart Gift Card

    Several marketing research platforms pay you with points for answering surveys and participating in a variety of online activities.

    These points may be exchanged for gift cards in thousands of partner stores and establishments.

    If youre looking to acquire or trade-in gift cards, you may consider these platforms.

    Survey Junkie

    Perhaps the most popular among paid survey platforms, you can make an average of $1 to $3 for every survey you answer.

    You can use your earnings to get free gift cards from Groupon, Amazon, iTunes, Sephora, Walmart, and Starbucks, among others.

    Earn Per Activity
    Read Full Review

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    Free Walmart Gift Card Earn Free Walmart Gift Card App Qwx

    3 sec ago. Okay! Good news, this is the solution to your problem, now you can get free Generator easily and without sweat. This is limited promo so hurry up and grab your chance to get unlimited free Generator that you can use in all your favorite Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app games!

    Username. Go to Generator Page Browse All Blog Posts. Easy Hack to get free Generator. Noob or pro? Does not matter as long as you have this tool with you. You can hack and



    Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app operates as a platform for game creation. It has existed for over 10 years now.

    If you could see this writer right now, he’d be doing a great big shrug.

    Other ways of protecting your kids and your own wallet could be to use a pre-paid debit/credit card when purchasing Generator and limit the amount on the card. Doing this minimises your losses should the worst happen.

    FREE Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app – Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app GENERATOR

    Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app HACK FOR IPHONE 6

    Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app 3 STEPS

    Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app GENERATOR NO HUMAN VERIFICATION Free Walmart gift card earn free walmart gift card app FORTNITE GAME

    Get Free Gift Cards Online

    There are many legit opportunities available online to earn free gift cards for Walmart, Amazon and other popular stores. At the same time, be sure to avoid some of the scams on Facebook such as the ones that falsely advertise that Walmart is giving away $250 when you click on a link.

    The sign-up bonuses in this post alone can score you at least $50 in free Walmart gift cards and you will get many more if you are active on the apps/websites.

    For even more side hustle and free money tips, check out my list of 113 ways to make money from home and online.

    Have other hacks for getting free Walmart gift cards? Share them in the comments!

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    What Are Other Popular Loyalty Programs

    • began as a way for members to get free, fast shipping but has evolved to now offering access to original content, from movies, shows, ebooks, magazines, comics, music, and more. Amazon provides a credit card that often has a $30 gift card upon signing up along with 5% cash back at and Whole Foods Market, 2% cash back at restaurants, gas stations, and drugstores, with 1% cash back on other purchases. The card doesn’t have annual fees and foreign transaction fees. Add up these points and use them for your next purchase.
    • Targetââ¬â¢s REDcard that you can get as a credit card or a debit card. Many customers consider a must-have because it’ll save shoppers 5% on every purchase, gives free shipping for online orders, an additional 30 days for returns with no annual fee, and access to RedCard Exclusives.
    • Kohl’s Yes2You Reward allows members to earn 1 point for every dollar they spend at Kohls. On the first of every month, you’ll get a $5 reward for every 100 points earned. The points do expire after 30 days, so they should be redeemed frequently.
    • Starbucks has an excellent program for rewards ââ¬â just be sure to use the app to maximize the benefits. You can download the app and sign up for free. Every day there are Bonus Stars you can participate to earn on top of the two stars for every dollar spent with Starbucks. Stars can redeem add-ons like extra syrups, drink upgrades, and free items.

    Buy Walmart Gift Cards At Discount

    Summer Giveaway

    About Walmart. Whether you need groceries, clothing, furniture, or a new mobile phone, Walmartis a superb place to shop. Whenever you need something around the house, Walmartis almost certain to stock it at a cheaper price than most other retailers. If you want to receive an even better deal, why not purchase a gift cardwith a discount?

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    Redeem Your Zoombucks Points For A Free Walmart Gift Card Today

    Heres how to convert your ZoomBucks earnings for a Walmart coupon

    Ever wanted to go on a shopping spree at Walmart but didnt have the budget for it? ZoomBucks makes it possible with earnings that you can convert into a free Walmart gift card! Its totally legit, simple, and lets you shop until you drop!

    How ZoomBucks Works

    Its pretty easy and straightforward. First, go to and register for free. Once youve logged in, you can enter your invite code to get 500 FREE points! Then – youre ready to earn!

    Upon signing up, youll see Next Steps on top of your dashboard. In this section, you can complete your profile to determine your demographic. Make sure to fill out all the fields as honestly and as accurately as you can. Doing this will ensure that you get notifications on offers, rewards, and surveys right away. There is also a link to guides showing you how to earn faster and more efficiently.

    There are three ways to earn on ZoomBucks. You can choose to complete offers, complete paid surveys, or watch videos.

    When you have completed tasks, and as soon as you have accumulated 25,000 points, you can choose Walmart as your reward over at the ZoomBucks Rewards Store. Its really that simple!

    How to Redeem Your Free Walmart Gift Card

    About Walmart

    Stay Away from Walmart Coupon Code Scams!

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