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How To Earn Ps4 Gift Cards

Find Websites Offering Free Psn Codes Online


Anybody who knows how to use Google can easily search for “free PSN codes online” and find an overwhelming number of websites offering just that. But the problem is, not all of these websites are legitimate!

So, how do you separate the scams from the real thing?

There are a few ways to determine whether a website offering free PSN codes is real or not. Unfortunately, most are not. If a website ever asks for your personal information or tries to get you to pay for something, it is likely that the website is a scam, and there are no real PSN codes offered. You can also get a sense of a website’s legitimacy by seeing how highly it is ranked on Google.

Again, do not engage with a website that:

  • Requires you to sign up for a platform or service you don’t want
  • Asks for your real name, age, home address, and other personal information
  • Tries to get your bank account or social security information
  • Asks for money, credit card payment, or any form of financial requirement
  • Adds files to your computer, opens pop-ups and tabs, or tries to give you a virus

All in all, it is important to be smart in your search for free PlayStation Network gift cards and codes online. There are plenty of websites that offer these codes, but not all of them are truthful. Use your best judgment and put your faith in a website that does not ask for any personal information.

If you want to purchase PSN codes, you can do so through any video game retailer or via the official PlayStation site .

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There Are Endless Opportunities To Get Free Psn Codes

There is no shortage of ways you can earn free PlayStation codes. Answering simple surveys for gift cards, playing games, and even cash back programs all give you options to get free unused PSN codes.

Gamers all over look forward to adding these codes to their account for their gaming needs. Giving them a chance to get them for free is a gift that keeps on giving.

Additionally, their wallet and possibly even your own wallet will thank you for earning PSN codes for free or discounted prices.

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How Do I Get Legit Psn Codes For Free

We outlined many ways in this article that show you exactly how to get free legit PSN codes. Be sure not to visit scam websites offering free code generator or other promises that steal your credit card information. Avoid online generator scams from fishy sites, you can’t get free unlimited PSN codes using these sites.

Important Points Worth Noting

  • Transferring funds or even content between accounts is impossible. As such, you need to ensure that you redeem our PSN codes on the right PSN account.
  • You won’t be able to redeem our free PSN codes without a PSN membership. Create a PSN account if you don’t have using the steps discussed above.
  • PlayStation Network codes are generally case-sensitive. You should, therefore, key in the codes exactly as displayed.
  • All PSN codes comprise twelve digits. If you come across any code having a different number, then it’s simply invalid and won’t work.
  • Each of our free PSN codes can only be used once.

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How Do I Access Psn For Free

It is really hard to enjoy the full benefits of what PSN has to offer without signing up for one of the payment plans. Once you pay, you have access to all of those bonus features including live streaming and movie downloads. But the price of all the newest games and DLC packs really adds up. It’s not fair to the average gamer who wants to have a great experience without breaking the bank.

But don’t fret – there are several ways to access PSN free online with no human verification required. No surveys, no hidden payments, and no tricks! Below you will find some actual legit ways of getting ahold of PSN for free.

Here’s how to get free PSN features and codes:

Use A Browser Extension


Honey is a browser extension available for Google Chrome that helps you save money on your everyday purchases by finding you all the best promo codes available online. In addition to saving you money, you can actually earn cash back through using the extension. Every purchase you make with Honey will earn you Honey Gold, which are the points you can exchange for gift cards.

When you make your first purchase with Honey you will receive a welcome bonus of $5 in Honey Gold, which puts you halfway to the minimum withdrawal of $10 or 1000 points.

Capital One Shopping

Disclosure; Capital One Shopping compensates us when you get the Capital One Shopping extension using the links provided.

Capital One Shopping is a browser extension and mobile app that helps you find better deals when shopping online. It does this by comparing thousands of online retailers and all the listings for specific products on them.

Many people just rely on Amazon for their online shopping needs. While Amazon offers a lot of conveniences, they dont always offer the best prices. Imagine youre shopping for a new computer on Amazon and you find the one you like. How would you know whether Amazon has listed it with the best price youll find for that exact guitar? Or on the whole web? Thats where Capital One Shopping comes in.

Check out our Capital One Shopping review to learn more.


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    The Best Ways To Earn Free Gift Cards

    How I Make FREE GIFT CARDS In 2021 Online! (get xbox & ps4 gift cards!)

    Free gift cards come in different flavors, but a lot of companies use this to get you to perform a specific task. For instance, a company may offer to pay you via gift card to complete a paid online survey or watch a video online. Other companies use gift cards as a way to reward shoppers for a purchase.

    Whatever the case may be, this is a great opportunity to earn free money.

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    Is A Free Psn Codes Generator Legit

    No! A free PSN code generator is not legit! Those websites are looking to monetize traffic with ads, earn money from you completing short tasks, or potentially infect your device with a virus.

    Before I share the real ways to get free PSN codes, its important to understand that they are;not the same as those PSN codes generator scams. Do not fall for those. You will end up spending more time trying codes that dont work than you will spend actually earning legitimate PSN codes.

    The Future Of Playstation Network

    Each year, the PlayStation Network gets better and better. What started as an online digital marketplace for PlayStation games has become a place where entire communities can gather, stream all kinds of media, download exclusive goodies, and even connect with people they thought they would never meet.

    So far, it seems that PSN will continue to be a vital aspect of any PlayStation console gamer’s experience. With the introduction and integration of third-party providers, there is more entertainment available on PSN than there ever was, making it a platform you really can’t miss out on.

    Any investment you make in free PSN codes and gift cards will be used well into the future, as the PSN shows no signs of going anywhere any time soon. Start generating codes for your PlayStation Network account and enjoy a free experience unlike any other!

    How To Get Free Playstation Gift Cards Psn Codes & Rewards In 2020

    Whether youre an electronic athlete or a;N00b, earning some free accessories or games on the;PlayStation;store gets your blood pumping. PlayStation Store cards allow you the ability to download the latest video games, add-on DLC , full-length movies, TV shows, subscriptions, avatars, and background themes for your PS console.

    Also known as PSN codes, PlayStation gift cards are a virtual currency. You can buy gift cards from online retailers or in large stores like;Best Buy,;Target, and;Walmart. An alternative to swiping your credit card is to find a way to earn cards online.;

    Why Use Our Free Psn Code Generator

    Pin on Ps4 gift card
    • This site is CONSISTENTLY updated with FREE, VALID PlayStation Network codes.
    • You’ll be able to SAVE a considerable deal of MONEY.
    • You’re completely SAFE. You’ll neither be suspended nor banned for making use of our free PSN codes. All codes are scanned and verified to be VALID and GENUINE before they can be generated.
    • The site has a conveniently SIMPLE-TO-USE interface. No surveys are involved. No human verification is required.
    • You’ll certainly appreciate how FLEXIBLE this utility is. We avail free, multiple PSN card options. The codes are provided in various denominations .

    Looking For Legit Psn Code Generators

    Yes, some of the methods above require a bit of time and effort to collect PSN codes, but this shouldnt be the reason you look for PSN code generators.

    As you should know by now, there is no such thing as legit free PSN generators. Many of these websites try to fool people into hacking your PS server or worse, stealing your personal information or financial details.

    Even PlayStation has regularly reminded its patrons to avoid using any PSN Code generators online.

    Our Most Popular Money

    Opinion Outpost – A high-paying, trusted survey site that rewards its members in free Amazon gift cards or cash.

    Branded Surveys – A legit survey site that rewards its members in cash just for sharing their opinions.

    InboxDollars – Get a $5 new-member bonus for joining a site that pays you to play games, search the web, answer polls, and complete paid offers and surveys.

    Instacart – Earn up to $20 per hour to shop for and deliver groceries on your own schedule using your own car .

    Cash App – Get free Bitcoin and cash back, invest in Bitcoin and stocks, and send and request money for free. Use my referral code for a cash bonus: Click to copy

    Ways To Get Psn Codes For Free

    The amount of time people spend on their phones scrolling through social media is undeniably high. Putting that into perspective, you can actually use that time to get PlayStation codes for free using these simple money hacks:

    • Shopping online get cash back on purchases
    • Playing games get rewarded for your time spent playing
    • Answering surveys take part in market research through questionnaires
    • Completing tasks complete simple tasks like reading paid emails

    Lets discuss how to get absolutely free PSN codes using these methods.

    Our Top Pick: Shopkick

    How to get free PS4 GIFT CARDS!!

    Shopkick offers a top-notch user experience and a great selection of gift card options.

    There are six ways to earn points with ShopKick, which can be redeemed for gift cards:;

  • Walk-ins: Youll get points for literally walking into retailers.
  • Scan barcodes: Visit a store, find the target product, and scan its barcode.;
  • Upload your receipt: Earn points when you buy specified products.
  • Pay with a linked card: Earn points passively by paying for your grocery purchases with a linked debit or credit card.;
  • Use their shopping portal: ShopKick offers a cash-back portal for online purchases, similar to TopCashback and Rakuten.
  • Watch videos: You can earn a few points for watching advertisements .;
  • We like the fact that ShopKick has a best-in-class app thats easy to use, as well as the fact that its owned and operated by one of the worlds leading market research and data visualization companies.;

    Plus, it offers a wide range of gift cards to choose from, and cashing in your points is a quick and hassle-free process.

    Other Ways to Earn Gift Cards at the Grocery Store

    These two apps are almost idenitcal to Shopkick.

    Reasons To Sign Up And Get Started Today

    • Surpassing my expectations for online rewards websites, has become an exceptional side hobby to assist me in a time of hardship. I have already accumulated a significant amount of points for my next rewards claim. Professional and prompt support are available through a number of means. I would recommend to anyone …

    • Thank You Prize Rebel. I have been a member for a few mnths and this is my 5th reward I received. I love getting rewarded for taking the time to do surveys and other things. It takes time but it is worth it. I love this site. Thanks again, Angela – Delta, OH

    • I had used other reward sites in the past, but none of them ever worked. Then, I tried PrizeRebel. I quickly started earning points at a rapid pace, and soon had enough for a Nintendo 2DS! And the thing is, I actually received it! Thanks PrizeRebel!!!!

    • PrizeRebel never fails to satisfy my shopping spree. Do a few offers and spend, spend, spend! Thank you PrizeRebel; I don’t know what I would do without you!

    • We have the largest collection of gift cards for you to choose from and it’s processed electronically. Redeem for free gift cards after you take our paid opinion surveys.
    • Redeem your points for a gift card from hundreds of brand name choices. You can get free gift card rewards. such as .
    • Prizerebel pays you by sending Paypal moneydirectly to your account when you redeem your points! We offer one of the best ways to make money online.

    Other Free Gaming Gift Cards You Can Get

    Dont miss the techniques we used for getting free Xbox codes post if your console of choice is Xbox.

    For gamers who prefer to play on their computers, maybe youll enjoy getting free Steam cards instead.

    I hope you enjoy playing your favorite PS4 games and if you find new ways to get PlayStation freebies, feel free to share them below.

    What Is The Playstation Network

    Sony doesn’t just make video gaming consoles. The company also excels at providing a multi-million user platform where PlayStation players can download and collect video games.

    Also called PSN, the PlayStation Network is a video game-themed social networking service allowing you to connect with like-minded gamers and get your hands on unique content.

    Its notable rival is the Xbox Live Network, which operates in a similar fashion for Xbox users. As a PlayStation user, you can use PSN to earn bonuses and benefits that will help you take your gaming experience to the next level.

    PSN was intended originally for use with specific PlayStation consoles. However, it was later expanded to facilitate a growing media hungry userbase to be utilized with smart phones, high-definition televisions, tablets, and Blu-ray players.

    Sony has over 103 million active monthly PSN users! Are you one of them?

    Easy Ways To Get Free Gift Cards

    Welcome To The World Of Gamingâfree ps4 gift card codes ...

    Getting a gift card is the next best thing to receiving actual cash. Getting free gift cards are even better.

  • Daily Goodie Box – Grab a GIANT box of free samples from some of the world’s most popular brands.
  • Try Products – What’s better than one giant box of free stuff? TWO giant boxes of free stuff. Join Try Products to get even more free samples shipped right to you.
  • Survey Junkie – Work with companies like Nike, Sony, and Apple and get paid to test out their latest products!
  • Ive rounded up 15 different ways to get gift cards without having to spend any money.

    How To Redeem Your Psn Gift Card

    You can expect your free PSN gift card codes to be sent to you by GCLoot in your registered email within 48 business hours. If you already have a PlayStation Network account, simply log in. If you dont, its high time that you create one! On the PS4 home screen, select the PlayStation Store icon, then go to the bottom of the menu to select Redeem Codes. Enter your PSN gift card code from GCLoot, and once its verified correct, select Continue, then Confirm to accept the terms of service, then click Continue to redeem your code. After that, youre all set!

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