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How To Get Free Gift Cards Online Without Completing Offers

Check Local Business Flyers

How to get free gift cards online without completing offers

I sometimes get flyers in the mail for grocery stores and other retail stores that give away free gift cards to their stores with specific purchases.

These are most common to find around the holidays, but Ive seen them at other times of the year too.

Near the holidays, for example, one local store gives out $50 gift cards for people who purchase at least $150 of groceries there.

Thats $50 for free to go back and shop there to help you stock up on your holiday goodies!

Ive also seen car dealerships offer free gift cards to people who go and test drive cars.

Youre not even obligated to purchase anything!

Instead of throwing all those flyers in the trash, they might be worth a quick look.

Buy Groceries With Ibotta

  • Earning Potential: 4.0/5.0 stars
  • Minimum to Cash Out: $20

If you like saving money with coupons but hate the idea of clipping them, carrying them around, and remembering to bring them with you, then the Ibotta app may be your perfect solution. Ibotta began as a cash-back app for grocery stores, but theyve added other retailers like Target, Macys, and Walmart.

In the app, youll find offers for cash back on various products. Select the ones you want, then claim the offers by completing a simple task .

Purchase the item and upload your receipt to the app to redeem your cash-back offer. If you link your store loyalty card, then you can skip the receipt upload and get paid automatically within 48 hours of your shopping trip.

Once you reach $20 in your Ibotta account, you can cash out through PayPal or select free gift cards from major retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, iTunes, Starbucks, and dozens more.

Something unique about this app is that you can participate as part of a team. Build up your network and earn rewards faster together than you would as an individual. You can also earn rewards by referring friends and taking advantage of bonus offers in the app.

  • Earning Potential: 4.5/5.0 stars
  • Minimum to Cash Out: $5

Drop is another rewards app thats 100% free to join and use. The iOS app currently has over 1 million downloads and 37,000 reviews averaging 4.5 stars. There are several ways to earn gift cards with Drop.

How To Get Free Gift Cards With Mypoints

MyPoints is a fantastic way to make some extra money in gift card rewards. MyPoints is very similar to Ebates and both cash back sites can be an excellent source of free gift cards. Getting free gift cards online is pretty easy with Ebates and MyPoints cash back system. MyPoints is a great way to free gift cards with no participation required just buy what you would normally buy!

Try signing up for once you have spent $25 shopping online. By shopping through Mypoints you can earn free gift cards to many top retailers like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart. Shop and make money it doesnt get much easier than that!

Shopping for rewards may sound like a trivial step, but we have found that every little step or habit that we change, the closer to financial prosperity that we get. Small savings compounded over many years adds up quickly. The cash back rewards are only a few percent but it all adds up.

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Earn Or Win Free Gift Cards With Surveys

For those of you that dont mind taking surveys or doing offers, we have some more great ways you can earn or win free gift cards.

Check out these sites where you can take surveys and win gift cards:

When it comes to taking a survey to get a gift card, you want to stick to the names you have heard from trusted sources.

There are many scams out there, but if you stick to this list, you will be fine!

Instagram For Gift Cards And Rewards

How to Win Free Gift Cards Instantly Online Without ...

is good for a lot more than just pretty landscapes and pet snapshots. There are a lot of contests and freebies available if you know how to find them. The easiest way to find anything on Instagram is to use hashtags. Companies like to give away merchandise and services to people who follow their account.

It encourages others to follow and garners interest in their products. Usually, the only requirements for these contests is to follow the account, like the photo, or tag someone in the post. Winners get gift cards or free products. To find the opportunities search for hashtags such as:




Stay on top of the game by following those hashtags to always be alerted to new opportunities. Once followed, they automatically show up in your news feed. Winners get digital discounts to apply at checkout.

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Use Honey To Shop Online

I dont do any shopping online without my Honey extension installed!

Honey is another place that rewards you to shop online.

Thats not all, though.

Just for using Honey, you can also be eligible for a Honey bonus even when there are no promo code offers.

Honey still gives you cash back!

Plus, Honey partners sometimes offer bonuses when you shop with them or purchase specific products.

All your rewards become HoneyGold.

Once you rack up at least 1,000 HoneyGold, you can redeem them for a gift card to places like Amazon or Walmart!

Honey even has a referral program that can help you get there faster when you refer your friends.

Get A Free American Consumer Opinion Account

American Consumer Opinion is a company that pays you to answer online surveys that are available for you to enter on the website.

You earn points per online survey, they will be between 100 to 5000 points, with each 1 point being equivalent to 1 penny.

When you redeem your points, they will be offered as cash, but you are able to win a free gift card with their lucky draw opportunities.

Bonus: You can use the Honey Extensionto get rewards when you use this site.

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Earn Free Gift Cards Using Honey Extension

Honey is a cashback app that can help you win free gift cards instantly just like we talked about with Drop.

The Honey app will automatically find and apply coupon codes on your purchases when you shop online.

Installing the Honey chrome extension is quick and easy.

then shop like you normally do. Honey will work behind the scenes to get you the best deals online then automatically apply coupon codes to your cart at checkout.

Honey has partnered with thousands of stores in the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, and India so as to give you legitimate free gift cards.

You will get instant savings including free gift cards from purchases you make at Amazon, Sephora, Groupon, Nike, and Forever21, among others.

The Honey app allows you to pay less for things that youre already buying online.

What Is The Best App For Free Gift Cards

HOW TO GET FREE GIFT CARDS (Amazon, Xbox live, Paypal)

Survey websites are one of the best-known ways to get free gift cards completing questionnaire after questionnaire may seem tiresome to some, and youll undoubtedly need some patience, but youre guaranteed results.

Putting aside just five minutes a day to spend on surveys can add up over the course of a year or so.

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How Do You Redeem A Free Gift Card On Mypoints

Earning just 480 points with MyPoints will get you a Dunkin Donuts or Amazon gift card, but there are over 80 other gift cards available in the MyPoints redeem section.

To earn a free Visa gift card you will need 1,500 points. 3,970 points will get you $25 directly into your Paypal account, and for 15,800 points MyPoints will give you a $100 American Airlines gift card!

Check Out Twitter Parties

Social media grows everyday. With that growth comes lots of freebies and opportunities for you to take advantage of.

Many small businesses, as well as big businesses, give away free stuff like gift cards to draw your attention to their services and products.

Need Easy Extra Cash?

Join Toluna and earn $1-$5 each time you qualify and take surveys. Test products for free and share your opinions! No hidden fees and completely free!

When you go to Twitter, you will find that these businesses will sometimes host Twitter Parties.

A Twitter party is a live chat using Twitter where people can join using a specific hashtag. You will know what the hashtag is ahead of time via a post.

The sponsor will ask questions with the hashtag and you will answer the questions with the hashtag.

Most of the time gift cards are given away just for you to tweet using that specific hashtag for a certain period of time. Winners are selected randomly.

How Do You Find Twitter Parties?

You may be thinkingok this sounds great, but how do I find a Twitter party? Well, there are a few ways to do this:

  • Follow your favorite companies. They will post when they are having one.
  • Find and follow people who tweet about Twitter parties often. They are in the know.
  • Use Twitter party calendars. , , and are great.
  • Do a Google search. Put Twitter parties free gift cards into your search engine.
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    Find Blogger Giveaway Contests

    Did you know that bloggers run contests in which you can get free gift cards with very minimal effort?

    There are a few kinds of contests they run:

  • Sponsored giveaways: A company sponsors the giveaway on their blog to promote services or products.
  • Blogger giveaways: This is a contest where bloggers are trying to build engagement. So, they give away prizes such as gift cards for tweets, likes, and shares.
  • How Do You Find Blogger Giveaways

    You dont have to put in a lot of work to find these contests. A simple google search blogger gift give away will yield you a number of results.

    However, you can also go to these blogger directories and do a more direct search:

    Want To Stick To Surveys And Offers

    20 Ways to Get Free Gift Cards Online without Completing ...

    Of course, survey and offer websites are still awesome ways to earn gift cards.

    So, if youre interested in trying out some of our favorites survey websites that really pay, check out this list of !

    All of the websites on that list pay in cash, but many also give you the choice of gift cards.

    Again, make sure you use a separate e-mail address when you sign up so you can keep track of your registrations and avoid a cluttered inbox!

    Do you know of other legitimate ways to score free gift cards online? Let us know in a comment below!

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    Our Top Pick: Capital One Shopping

    Capital One Shopping offers a free browser extension that will let you know whenever cashback is available.

    Capital One Shopping has a number of valuable features.

    • It lets you earn points on the things you already buy at hundreds of major retailer websites.
    • It can tell you if an item youre browsing on Amazon is available on a different website for less money.
    • It automatically checks if theres a discount or coupon code available for the items in your cart.

    The screenshot below shows some of the gift cards you can redeem your points for.

    You can choose gift cards from dozens of big-name brands.

    The service is free and you dont need to be a Capital One account or card holder to use it. You can learn more in our Capital One Shopping review, which provides an in-depth rundown of the platforms features and how they work.

    More Options For Earning Points

    Weve tested and recommend each of the sites below.

    Earn Free Gift Cards With No Surveys

    Like the idea of free gift cards no surveys?

    Heres your chance

    Like most people, you probably shop online regularly. And, if youre not doing your shopping through a cashback app or website, then youre definitely missing out!

    Cashback websites give you a rebate when you shop at their partner stores.

    Essentially, these websites partner with brands and get a commission each time a consumer purchases something. And, you get a cut of this profit.

    With the websites below, you can earn cashback and then receive your cashback credit on GCs for tons of well-known retailers.

    Here are some that you should take a look at.

    Featuring more than 2,500 stores, Mr. Rebates is an excellent shopping portal that gives you cashback when you buy stuff through it. Its common to see cashback rates of 8% to 10% on there, which is pretty high.

    You can have your cashback put on an Amazon gift voucher, which is great!

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    Inboxdollars: Convert Cash To Gift Cards

    InboxDollars is an online rewards club, where you can earn free gift cards from doing surveys, playing online games, signing up for offers, and reading emails. Read our full review of InboxDollars here.

    When youre on the site, look out for the purple buttons, which say things like Earn, Answer and other similar phrases, as that is showing you where you can earn money on there.

    There are also headers across the top of the site, which you can click on and it will take you to that specific part. For example with the Surveys tab, you can click on that and it will take you to all of the available surveys to answer, with the time it will take to complete it listed on them as well.

    You will just be asked some questions, and get paid for doing so this is usually an easy way for companies to do some market research.

    If you have a bit of spare time every day, such as when you are winding down in the evening watching a bit of Netflix, then this is an easy way to earn cash to convert into gift cards online.

    You will need to get to $30 in order to cash out, and there are loads of retailers gift cards that are available, such as Amazon, Adidas, or Walmart to name a few.

    Sign up with InboxDollars today and claim your $5 sign up bonus!

    Why Get Free Gift Cards

    How to get Free Gift Card Without Survey Amazon Xbox Starbucks GameStop using Bing Rewards

    You must be thinking, why bother trying to earn gift cards?

    Its free money in your pocket, so may as well!

    Personally, I am of the philosophy that if I want something thats not in the budget, I will need to earn extra money to cover it.

    If I want to buy something thats $5, I will look into ways to earn an extra $5- and I do this no matter how much it is!

    Id find ways to earn that money on the side through selling things on Decluttr to working some extra hours.

    Gift cards are great because you dont have the temptation of cash burning a hole in your pocket, whispering to you to buy the entire contents of the snack section when youre at the grocery store on an empty stomach.

    When you earn gifts cards, you can keep them at-the-ready for when you want to use them, such as at Christmas time or on a fun vacation.

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    How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

    I personally love me some Amazon gift cards because you can get nearly anything you want on there. I recently wrote an article on some of the coolest things you can buy on Amazon , you can take a look at that article here.

    In the early Amazon days, you would have to wait several days to get your goods. But with , you can get it lightning fast in usually only two days!

    If youre a fan of Amazon, youll probably love scoring free Amazon gift cards. And there are many ways to earn them online. Following are some of my faves :

    Use Bing Rewards To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

    You can earn Amazon Gift Cards by using the search engine, Bing. Bing is a web search engine owned and operated by Microsoft. Just sign up for Bing Rewards, and itll automatically add points to your account each time you do a search. Complete a certain number of searches each month to earn bonus points. Available for ages 13 and up. So, your kids can do it, too!

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    Need Easy Extra $350+/month For Free

    • Opinion Outpost: One of the few faithful and honest survey panels pays cash and gift cards for your opinion. No hidden fees and completely free!
    • SwagBucks: Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more to earn real money. Earn up to $35 per survey! No hidden fees and completely free.
    • InboxDollars: Has so far paid its members over $40 Million. Watch videos, take surveys, shop and more.
    • Lifepoints: Famed MySurvey just rebranded to LifePoints. Take paid surveys anytime and anywhere via PC or Mobile App. Paid its members over $32 Million so far!
    • SurveyJunkie: Make $5-$25 in your spare time from home to take online surveys, participating in a Focus Groups and trying new products.
    • Free $5

    • Ipsos iSay: Every time you complete a survey, you’ll earn points that you can redeem for cash and other great prizes.

    But, most of these websites are scams that will inevitably put your computer at risk of viruses or malware.

    Nobody wants that!

    Instead, you want to know how to get some legitimate, real free gift cards, right?

    There are plenty of ways to do it without harming your computer or getting your e-mail inbox bombarded with spam.

    Of course, there are tons of survey websites where you can spend hours taking surveys to earn free gift cards.

    But, the ways Ill outline in this post will get you free gift cards, no participation required! Even better, right?

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