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How To Get Free Steam Gift Cards Legally

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How To Get FREE Steam Games & FREE Steam Gift Cards! LEGALLY & LEGIT GrabPoints

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Branded Surveys – A legit survey site that rewards its members in cash just for sharing their opinions.

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Is Bitskins Shutting Down 2020

The website is now shutting down after a user or criminal organization committed substantial payment fraud using BitSkins as a way to get money out. There is no twitter post on their official Twitter page, nor one by their CEO Atif Nazir, only a small notice on their website and the Reddit post below.

Play Games For Free Steam Wallet Codes

A great option to earn free gaming codes is by playing games! There are several sites that will pay you to play games and you can use your earnings to get Steam codes for free.

4. Mistplay

Mistplay is a loyalty program for mobile gamers. Play the games recommended to you in the app, collect units for the amount of time you spend on the games, and redeem those units.

Units can be redeemed for Visa or Amazon gift cards. Using your redeemed gift cards, you can turn around and get free Steam codes.

to start playing and earning right away. The app is rated T for Teen.

If youre an Android user, check out our full Mistplay review to learn more about the app.

5. Lucktastic

Lucktastic is a free virtual scratch card game for Androids and iPhones. The more you play, the better your chances are of being a winner. When you win, your account is credited with tokens.

Use your tokens to redeem gift cards or cash by check. Gift cards are available for over 30 retailers including Amazon and Walmart. Cash or gift cards are great options to get free Steam wallet codes.

You must be 18 years old or older and a US resident to play Lucktastic. for free here or on your iPhone here.

6. Idle-Empire

Idle-Empire is a platform that allows users to earn gaming rewards by completing tasks, offers, and idle on the game servers. You can redeem the coins you earn for free Steam codes right on their platform. The codes are delivered within 24 hours of redemption.

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Pair Free Credits With Discount Steam Codes

The ultimate way to earn Steam codes is to use discounts for purchasing those codes. That way your credit will go even further. This is a win-win for gamers!

21. Gameflip

Gameflip is a hub for gamers and e-sports fans to learn and improve their gaming skills. With Gameflip, users can buy and sell games, gift cards, and gaming services.

With Gameflip, sellers post an item for sale and a buyer can purchase the product from them. This includes gift cards or Steam codes. Both the buyer and seller enter into an agreement online to successfully exchange the goods for payment.

At checkout, buyers are able to use their credits balance towards the purchase. Users must be 18 years old or older to use the platform.

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22. G2A

G2A is a global digital marketplace used for the resale of gaming products. Users can search for the best prices on gaming products, such as Steam codes. After purchasing the codes at discounted prices, you can redeem the code on the Steam platform and use as you wish.

Steam codes are discounted everyday. Users are encouraged to check in often to find the best deals.

You must be at least 18 years old to create an account.

23. is an eCommerce platform used for selling and buying new or used gift cards. You can find hundreds of gift cards for various retailers that can be purchased. Steam codes are among the gift cards being sold.

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Do Steam Wallet Code Generators Work

How to Get Free Steam Codes and Gift Cards in 2021 ...

Since every gamer wants a great deal, its essential to acknowledge the Steam Wallet Code Generators. If you arent willing to perform simple tasks online in exchange for Wallet codes, youve probably come across the code generators.

These websites have nothing to gain from giving out free codes, and therefore, they are all scams. Do not share your personal information with companies that are promising free codes in exchange for nothing.

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Get Rewarded For Eating With Dosh

Dosh gives you cashback when you shop, book hotels, and eat out at restaurants.

Connect your accounts to the app and youll get automatically rewarded when you buy stuff.

Turn your rewards into Steam games.

Play online games and get rewarded for doing it.

You can exchange 399 points for a Steam code.

How To Earn A Free Steam Wallet Gift Card

Earn a Steam Gift Card From GCLoot Today!

Want to top up your Steam Wallet or give a Steam Gift Card to a loved one? Now, its easier to do so without shelling out cash, thanks to GCLoot! And all you have to do are some tasks you would normally do online, like watch videos and answer surveys.

GCLoot is explicitly made for gaming enthusiasts so they can choose and redeem the kind of rewards they love and that matter to them. On the sites rewards store menu are exciting items like free gaming keys and codes, gift cards, and virtual items. So whether youre a serious or a casual gamer, there is sure to be something to look forward to at the GCLoot Rewards Store!

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Request Gift Cards As A Gift

Just ask for cards. Gift cards are an easy solution to figuring out what to give your friend or family member a gift for Christmas or their birthday.

As part of your wish list, tell your friends and family some of the places where you usually spend your money.

That way, you might not receive gift cards to an obscure restaurant or store you will never visit and likely re-gift to one of your other friends.

Reddit Steam Game Swap

How To Get FREE Steam Giftcards (Legally & Legit!)

Another great Reddit community for getting free Steam games is r/SteamGameSwap.

While this isnt exactly a way to unlock Steam Codes for free, its an excellent way to cut down on your video game expenses.

The awesome thing about this page is that you can exchange games you dont want anymore for games that someone else might have and vice versa!

If you dont have any games to trade, but still want to buy a game for really cheap, you can usually pay people with Paypal, Cashapp, or Venmo for their game.

Warning! Make sure you read the rules of this page and the safety guidelines before starting!

Its very easy to get scammed by strangers on the internet when it comes to trading items for money.

Keep an eye out for scam related posts and be very clear on the rules and regulations. Otherwise, youre wasting your time trying to find good Steam deals.

As long as youre being safe, r/SteamGameSwap is a great resource especially for gamers with old, unwanted games.

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Appgreedy Free Steam Wallet Codes

AppGreedy provides you with an application that you can access from your desktop and mobile device, allowing you to earn points for completing simple tasks.

You can redeem these points for Steam gift cards and other types of gift cards.

You can even redeem your points for cash via PayPal.


  • There are various ways to earn points with this application, including downloading free apps and games, watching videos, answering surveys, and completing offers.
  • Each activity is simple to do and requires only a short time to complete.
  • You can redeem your points for various gift cards, such as Steam, Google Play, Netflix, and more.
  • You can earn more points by inviting your friends and followers to use this application.
  • The activities are available for members in more than 16 countries.

Free Steam Gift Card Codes List 2021

Free steam wallet codes are provided by our team specially for steam users and these unused codes collected from various legit forums, denominations, and sites like Pointprizes. We are continuously providing codes from 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Also, try our best to provide more codes in the future.

Mostly codes listed here are generated by our generator that is a steam wallet code generator and you can use these codes whenever you want. Just use these codes which are listed below:

Steam codes

These all codes which are given above are working currently go and get them before any other can get their benefits. We will keep updating this list in the future keep in touch with us for more updated steam gift card codes.

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Do Steam Code Generators Work

No, a steam code generator is not going to work .


Because Steam doesnt just give out codes to people to give away with a generator.

And Steam codes are in place so that people cant just easily generate them to give out to people.

Most free code generator sites for any type of gift card are scams unless the company itself offers one.

Even in those cases, theyre not used for generating unlimited codes.

Instead, it might generate one code for someone to use within a few days or weeks to get a small amount taken off their purchase or a small free gift.

Companies simply dont offer code generators for people to create endless codes to get stuff for free or theyd be out of business.

If you come across an online generator for Steam codes, ignore it.

Youre not going to get any free Steam cash out of them.

Instead, you could get scammed or give away personal information that you dont want scammers to have.

Can I Get Free Steam Wallet Codes

Get free steam wallet gift card codes

Buying video games can get expensive, and it seems like every gamer is in search of a great deal. While users can purchase Steam Wallet codes on the platform, they can also earn codes online. People can even buy Steam codes on Amazon, so if you can receive Amazon gift cards, you can spend them on gaming.

Several websites allow users to earn Steam Wallet codes or Amazon gift cards in exchange for taking surveys, watching videos and completing simple tasks. A few of the most popular are:

MistPlay- MistPlay is our top choice for getting free steam and gift card codes online. MistPlay is an Android app that rewards users for trying and playing new video games. If you are looking to make money online then Mistplay is probably not for you. However, if you enjoy playing free online games while watching TV or killing time then Mistplay is a great way to snag a Steam gift card.

Sadly, MistPlay is only available on Android, however, there are some great Android MMORPGs and theres plenty of ways to if you are an avid RPG or mobile gamer its worth picking up an Android device for gaming.

Rakuten Rakuten allows app and desktop users to get cashback on their purchases. Sometimes, they run specials that allow up to 12% cashback, and they set themselves apart by offering a $10 bonus solely for signing up. To log in, users download the app or sign in online.

Ibotta users can also shop in-store to earn money.

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Steam Codes How They Work

As mentioned above, a steam wallet is needed to make any in-game purchase or even buy new games. Suppose you need any new add-ons for the Counter-Strike GO, you can then use the balance of your steam wallet to make that purchase.

It is way more convenient if you dont have your credit card and are reluctant to use your parents card. You can add balance in two different ways to your steam wallet. First, you can add balance directly from your credit card, debit card, or PayPal account.

And secondly, you can add balance if you have the steam coupon code. It is available in online and offline stores all over the world. You can either earn it from the websites that we have mentioned above or can buy one.

The digital steam card comes with a secret code. But if you purchase a physical card, the method can be a little tricky. Once you get your steam gift card, you need to scratch the back of the card to reveal the secret code. You can then use that code to add balance to your Steam wallet.

Free Steam Gift Cards And Steam Codes

First, lets talk about your Steam Wallet.

It is essentially a digital bank created by Steam enabling their users to store funds here from various sources that they can use to buy games and in-game items from Steam.

To place funds on a Steam Wallet, you can either transfer funds from a bank account, Steam gift cards, or Steam wallet codes.

Steam gift cards can be bought at various brick-and-mortar stores, such as electronic retailers, convenience stores, game stores, and grocery stores. You have to scratch the back to access the code and then redeem them on the Steam website or the Steam app.

You can also buy Steam Wallet codes that can be sent electronically, such as through SMS or email.

Unfortunately, there are scammers who utilize the Steam wallet facility to trick desperate gamers into downloading virus-infected programs or providing sensitive personal information in exchange for free Steam gift cards.

I assure you, this list contains only legitimate ways to earn free Steam gift cards and wallet codes.

It doesnt mean that you dont have to work or do something in return, but these are all legal and legitimate ways.

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Giveaways And Social Media

Steam codes arent exactly uncommon or cheap either. A lot of people want them for free, just like you.

Therefore, youll find lots of other people offering these Steam codes for free as part of giveaways and promotions on their social media channels.

Usually, these ask you to perform some tasks first, and then its a game of chance.

The odds might not always be in your favor, but theyre definitely worth a shot.

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Can You Withdraw Money From Steam

How To Get Free Steam Gift Cards( Legal ) Working!!!

The Steam website states that money from a Steam Wallet cant be withdrawn as money because it has no value outside Steam. Some users find themselves with large Steam balances and want to remove it as cash, so this limitation can be difficult to navigate. Therefore, Steam recommends keeping your Steam Wallet balance low and only contributing to the balance when you need to purchase something on the platform.

There are websites and forums dedicated to helping people pull their money from Steam. The tips on the sites include purchasing items then selling them to other people for cash or Bitcoin. However, this method is not protected by Steam and requires users to make these decisions at their own risk.

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How To Earn Free Steam Wallet Codes Fast

Advertising Disclosure

If youre a fan of Steam like I am, you may be wondering if there are any ways to get free Steam wallet codes for games.

Well, the good news is that there is however, it will take some work on your end. Dont worry, though. It will only take a few minutes of your time and you wont have to spend a dime. As long as you can set aside a few minutes of your day, I will show you how you can get free Steam codes legally.

As in all of my guides, Im 100% honest and would never recommend something I wouldnt use myself.

With that being said, lets take a gander at the many options you can take advantage of right now. Best of all, you can get started immediately!

How Can I Get Free Steam Gift Card Code Without Survey

I know you must think that is it possible to get free steam gift card codes then my answer is yes. But the next question is how? So to get wallet codes for steam you have to use our free steam card generator and you will learn more about our generator in the below section.

But first, let me tell you that here you dont have any need to watch videos and any kind of other things. You just need to generate code for your steam wallet and after that, you just need to activate it which will take hardly 1-2 minutes.

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Get Free Steam Wallet Codes 20 Legal & Tested Ways

How to get free steam wallet codes legally? You dont need to go any further, this guide will answer all your questions.

Steam is the largest digital storefront for PC gaming today, the main store many people are using to purchase games, software, and other digital products for their PC, Mac, and Linux.

Not only that, but it also gives the players the ability to play their PC games on the big screen, as well as chat with other players.

Steam Wallet is your digital wallet to purchase games and other digital products through Steam.

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