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How To Get Money From Amazon Gift Card

How To Earn Amazon Gift Cards

How to Redeen an Amazon Gift Card Add Gift Card Money Buy on Amazon Without Credit Card

If you want to take surveys for gift cards, Branded Surveys makes it easy. To get started, create a profile on our website. Anyone can sign up! After you create your profile, you will see a series of profile surveys to fill out. We highly recommend filling out as many as possible. These surveys dive deep into individual topics that will help us match you with more surveys.

Once you fill out your profile, our Survey Matching Engine will automatically add Amazon gift card surveys youre qualified to take in your dashboard. To earn Amazon gift cards, you need to complete enough surveys to equal 500 points. Each survey that appears in your dashboard will display its point worth and estimated time of completion. After you finish taking the survey and our client approves your response, the points earned will appear in your account.

In addition to taking surveys to earn points, we also offer a wide variety of other ways to earn Amazon gift cards. You can gain more points by simply inviting your friends to take surveys with us at Branded Surveys. Once they achieve a Silver badge in Branded Elite our loyalty program you will earn bonus points. Advancing through Branded Elite yourself will also help you earn more bonus points. The more surveys you take, the larger bonuses you will receive. Our members can also earn points by participating in daily polls, weekly challenges or service offers from our partners.

Answer Surveys Through American Consumer Opinion For An Amazon Free Gift Card

American Consumer Opinion is one free online survey company I highly recommend.

They pay you for each survey you complete and you may be able to earn a gift card or two each month through them. They primarily pay through check and PayPal, but you can also cash out and receive an Amazon gift card in exchange for taking surveys.

Gazelle Buy And Sell Used Egadgets

  • Official site:

If you have old electronics and you feel like you dont need them anymore, you can trade-in at Gazelle for other rewards. You dont need to throw it away when you can make more out from it provided your products are as good as new, youll receive a good amount for them.

Even if youre a newbie on the web.

Even if youre used to spending days and weeks trying to make extra cash.

Even if you dont know how to setup a website.

You can start earning gift cards from Amazon just by answering surveys or installing apps.

This is proof that it doesnt require any form of online wizardry in order to start earning a few additional hundreds a month.

The process may take some time and patience, but once you get the hang of it, you will easily save hundreds a month on almost anything.

Are you interested to learn more free ways to earn Amazon gift cards? Please share some of your best strategies in the comments below and I will add it into the post above.

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Ways To Win Free Amazoncom Credits

A little luck never hurts, and if you have a penchant for always winning the golden ticket, the easiest way to get free Amazon Gift Cards is to enter sweepstakes for them. There are plenty of sites online that host these games of chance with free entries. Our favorite is Swagbucks Swagstakes, where almost a million users have walked away as big winners to date. The prizes are always changing, but theres almost always Gift Cards up for grabs, some with as high as a one in three chance of success for a single entry. Be aware giving your credit card or linking your bank account just to enter a sweepstakes for a chance at the grand prize is never a good idea. Play the free ones if you enjoy them, but dont risk anything more than a few game tokens for something you might not even win.

How To Return Products And Get Refunds On Gift Card Balances


If you used a gift card to purchase a product, you will have to rely on the refund policy of the business you purchased from. If they allow refunds for items bought with a gift card, you only have to go through the standard process of requesting a refund. Regular issues with refunds still apply. , even if they grant you a refund to your gift card.

Here are the steps you should take to get a refund from most businesses:

  • Contact the retailer or log onto your account on their website
  • Go through the automatic refund options or call/email/text the customer support team
  • Verify whether or not they allow returns to gift card balances and then request a refund
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    How Does Coincola Fit Into The Situation

    CoinCola features the best OTC Bitcoin trading platform and enables people to trade Bitcoin with virtually all kinds of gift cards, but the steps allow you to take an indirect approach. Firstly, by using our platform, you need to redeem the gift card by selling it for an amount of BTCs. Now that you own some Bitcoins, you have two options:

  • Invest in BTCs: just leave the coins in our secure wallet and wait for the time when the prices increases
  • Convert the BTC to USD: by trading and then withdrawing your balance to Paypal account
  • The process is quite simple:

  • From the gift card dropdown, select
  • A list view will be populated on the page and you can select the seller based on his rating, offer and payment mode
  • Hit BUY BTC
  • As soon as the trade is finalized, you will have the Bitcoins in your wallet
  • Visit the wallet section and you will be able to see an amount of USD in your wallet as well
  • Now just by repeating the above steps, you have to execute a trade for BTCs with a buyer who offers Paypal deposit so you can send him the coins while he transfers an equivalent amount of USD in your Paypal account
  • It should also be noted that unlike most of the 3rd party trading services, we offer competitive rates and low transaction charges as well, especially for larger orders. So, whether you plan to redeem one Amazon gift card with us or a hundred, the rates will be adjusted accordingly to offer the best prices.

    Earn Amazon Gift Cards From Amazon

    Yup. You can earn free Amazon gift cards from Amazon themselves! If you sign up for their Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card you can get a hefty $70 bonus.

    The only thing you will need is a Prime account. The perks are worth it though:

    • A $70 Amazon gift card.
    • 2% off at select restaurants and drug stores.
    • 5% cash back on all your Amazon restaurants.

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    Similarly Where Is The Cash Withdrawal On Amazon

  • Log into your Amazon Payments account.
  • Select a bank account from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter the amount you wish to transfer to your bank account.
  • Visit here click here.
  • Now create an account and confirm it.
  • Log into your account once.
  • Now look for the Paytm / Amazon voucher.
  • Then enter the email address you wish to receive coupons to.
  • Select the option to use the credit available in your AmazonPayments account at checkout to pay for the order.
  • Select a credit card you wish to use in addition to the available balance to pay the amounts not covered by the balance at the time the order is shipped.
  • Where Can I Spend Amazon Pay Balance

    HOW TO GET FREE MONEY (Amazon Gift Cards) – Zynn App

    Transfer Amazon balance to Paytm or Bank using Club Factory method

    • First, download the Club Factory app from Google Play Store.
    • Now create a new Club Factory account or log into your existing one.
    • Order anything from Club Factory.
    • In the payment option, select Amazon Pay Balance and confirm your order.

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    Regift The Card To Family And Friends

    The old adage, A penny saved is a penny earned still rings true today. Using our forefathers wisdom, give the gift card to your family member or friend as a gift.

    If you planned on spending the same amount of money regardless, you indirectly profit if you received it as a gift.

    Most likely, your friend will be none the wiser that they received an unwanted gift card.

    Since Amazon gift cards can be redeemed for thousands of digital and physical products, they should have no problem spending it.

    You wont be able to transfer a current balance to another person. Make sure you dont redeem the gift code so you can regift the balance.

    If you dont want to give a gift card, you can buy the gift at Amazon after redeeming your card balance.

    How To Use Donotpay To Redeem Your Amazon Gift Card For Money

    Want to redeem your Amazon gift card for cash in a few clicks with DoNotPay? Heres what you need to do:

  • Select the Gift Card Cash Back product
  • Provide the necessary gift card details
  • Once we process your request, well forward it automatically to an Amazon office in a cash back state.

    DoNotPay has prepared various helpful articles related to gift cards. With us, you can:

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    Play Games On Your Mobile Device

    Online surveys arent the only way to earn Amazon gift cards some apps let you earn rewards playing games instead. These apps reward you with points you can exchange for cash or gift cards to your favorite places.


    Rather than trivia or matching games, Lucktasticis an app for both iOS and Android users that allows you to play scratch-off lottery tickets virtually.

    Its free to join, and you can win gift cards, including ones for Amazon, tokens to play more games, or cash. Cash prizes can range from $2 to $1,500.

    To earn tokens for more chances to win, you can refer friends using your special referral link. When they sign up, youll receive 1,000 tokens.

    You can learn more about ways to win with the app in our Lucktastic review.

    Mistplay is a loyalty platform for gamers that allows you to earn rewards to redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, and video-game outlets. You can earn those points, or what it refers to as units and gems, by playing mobile games and completing in-game purchases.

    How many points you need to redeem a gift card varies from retailer to retailer.

    The premise of AppNana is to reward users for downloading apps and completing small tasks. Points are called nanas and can be earned for things like:

    • Logging in every day

    You can convert your nanas to gift cards or cash out with PayPal.

    Exchange It For Cryptocurrency

    How To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards. 100% Legal.

    If you have ever traveled overseas, you have most likely seen the currency exchange booths in the airport terminals. Paybis is an online version of that for crypto currencies.

    You enter the balance of your Amazon gift cards and Paybis will instantly quote the exchange rate for Bitcoin or other digital wallets including PayPal and Skrill.

    If you accept the quote, your gift card is instantly sold and the payment process will be initiated into your payment account.

    There is a 24-hour holding period for new customers. At this time, only physical U.S. issued gift cards are accepted.

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    Sell Them For Bitcoin On Purse

    Purse is a Bitcoin marketplace that lets you receive payment in Bitcoin. Shoppers on Purse create an Amazon wish list of items they want to purchase.

    You redeem your gift card so they can purchase their item and you get paid in Bitcoin.

    You can earn a larger profit than simply selling your card for cash as you make money shopping.

    Convert Amazon Pay Balance Into Gift Vouchers Using Komparify

    Komparify is a smart app that lets you recharge, pay bills and buy gift vouchers using any wallet. The app integrates all the wallets in one place, so you can easily do all your payments and get all the best offers within one app.

    Here is how to convert Amazon Pay balance into gift vouchers:

  • Now login into the website or app using your Gmail account.
  • Go to the recharge section and click on e-commerce vouchers.
  • Now fill out all the required details enter the correct email ids in Recipient and Sender sections, and also put your correct mobile numbers.
  • Select any gift voucher you want to purchase from Amazon Pay Balance and click on recharge.
  • Next, select Amazon Pay balance as your payment option and complete the payment with it.
  • And its done! You will receive your gift card in 5-10 minutes.
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    Instagc If You Want A Variety In One Place

    Lets face it. Taking surveys all day can become mind-numbing. So can watching videos or playing video games. If youd like a wider variety of to-dos in one place, give InstaGC a look.

    Yes, you can complete paid surveys and watch videos but you can also test apps, browse websites, test physical products, and refer friends to earn credits. These reward credits can be traded in for Amazon gift cards and many other kinds of gift cards.

    You could also get PayPal cash, but in my experience, your points will have less value if you cash them out directly for money. Gift cards dont require a fee, so there is more value in trading your points for a gift card.

    Next Steps

    Ways To Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards Through Surveys

    How to get Amazon gift cards and PayPal Money on iPhone

    Taking surveys can be a bit tedious and often pays less than minimum wage. Plus, there arent always survey opportunities available.

    Still, if you dont mind filling out a few surveys while watching TV each evening, this could be a good option for you.

    All of the survey companies listed below will pay in Amazon gift cards:

    1. Swagbucks

    Zap Surveys offers new users over $6 for their first survey. They claim to have no minimum cashouts and daily surveys available. And, of course, users can cash out earnings via Amazon gift cards.

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    Pick Up Some Extra Work

    Now, this one isnt necessarily free since youll be putting back work. But Amazon can pay you in gift cards when you work for Mechanical Turk, its crowdsourcing service. When companies need basic data entry or copy editing for cheap, they go to Mechanical Turk.

    Amazon is happy to issue payments in the form of Amazon gift cards. If you have some time on your hands, and the right freelance skills, sign up for Mechanical Turk and earn some gift cards.

    Want more work-from-home inspiration? Tap or click here for 20 great ways to make money online.

    Get Paid To Shop With Mypoints

    Get paid to shop online! MyPoints partners with more than 1,900 of the top retailers such as Walmart, eBay, and Amazon, and gives you reward credits just to do your regular shopping.

    Sign up, make your first purchase of $20 or more, and youll get a $10 Amazon gift card as a freebie!

    MyPoints is a legit site and a great way to generate reward credits towards a gift card. That being said, one of the downsides Ive noticed with doing the paid surveys is that many offers will navigate you away from the MyPoints portal and onto third-party sites. This can be less intuitive than some of the other pad survey and reward platforms.

    MyPoints is available to anyone over 13 years old, but the website strongly recommends use with an adult or legal guardian if youre under 18 years old.

    Next Steps

    Best Side Hustles for 2021

    If youre looking for how to get started earning cash on top your 9-5, youre in luck! We just published our completed guide The Best Side Hustles for 2021. It features our top 23 side hustles that can earn anything from a little extra spending money to thousands of dollars per month! Just enter your e-mail below and well send you the full guide!

    Thank you! Please check your e-mail inbox now to receive the The Best Side Hustles for 2021 guide!

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    Install The Mobilexpression App

    Install the Mobilexpression app and leave it installed for one week to qualify for a free $5 Amazon gift card. Its that simple!

    If you choose to leave the app installed for longer than a week, you receive weekly credits that you can redeem for even more free gift cards.

    After 90 days of active membership, they donate a tree on your behalf to Trees for the Future.

    Download MobileXpression iPhone or Android.

    How Much Will I Earn Towards Amazon Gift Cards On Inboxdollars

    37 Ways To Get Free Amazon Gift Cards

    Your Amazon earnings will vary based on the activities you attempt and complete. Most surveys pay $0.50 to $5.00. Offers and deals can pay anywhere from $0.10 to $50.00, sometimes more. And there are many micro-earning activities on like watching online videos that pay a couple of cents.

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    Try Amazon Mechanical Turk

    Also known as mturk, this is an affiliate of the Amazon company. It is a website where you are paid to take on simple micro jobs.

    In this website, you can cash out once you reach a threshold of $1, which is quite fair given that most of us get motivated even more when we receive our rewards early enough.

    The earnings are either sent to your bank account or you could choose to move the cash to your Amazon Gift Card balance.

    Mike Naab was able to do this in his free time and earn an extra $150-300 per week.

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