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How To Get Your Birthday Gift From Sephora

Free Shipping At The Store

Ulta and Sephora Birthday Gifts for 2017 | What Can You Get? | Beautify Your Life

If you ever happen to visit the Sephora store with the intention to buy a product you love but realized they have no more in stock, dont fret!

You dont have to go back home to place the order online. Plus, you can avoid shipping costs.

Instead, you can place an order of that product in the store. They will give you free shipping!

Does It Cost Money To Be A Sephora Beauty Insider

All you need is to be a Sephora Beauty Insiderfor free! As a basic Beauty Insider, youll get access to special sales, end-of-year gift credit, and Sephoras free birthday gift. To achieve Very Important Beauty Insider status, you have to spend $350 within a year. For Rouge, the minimum spend is $1,000.

Get Free Mini Makeovers At Sephora

Did you know you can get a free 15 to 20-minute makeup session with no purchase necessary? No appointment is required either.

Within those 15 to 20 minutes, they will focus on one area such as eye, lips, or skin.

For example, you can ask them to go over a mini-tutorial session on how to do smokey eyes or how to apply primer and foundation on your skin.

Its not a full makeover but its a good opportunity to experiment with their products on top of learning the techniques of creating smokey eyes.

So, if youre planning a date or a mini special outing, you can walk into Sephora and ask for a free mini makeup session.

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How To Get Sephora Free Samples Makeovers And Gifts


We all know that Sephora is a great place to find makeup and beauty products from a wide range of indie, luxury, and popular brands. What you might not know is that Sephora also offers plenty of opportunities for customers to stop in for freebies and free samples. Most of these samples can be obtained with no purchase required you just need to ask to get them.

It’s really pretty easy to get free stuff from Sephorathe secret is knowing what they have available that’s free for the taking. Read on to learn about how to snag free Sephora samples, free makeovers, free beauty services, free classes, and more.

How To Redeem Your Sephora Birthday Gift In Stores

Discovering me: Sephora Birthday Gift

The cheapest and really the most free way to claim your Sephora birthday gift is to go to a Sephora store. You wont have to buy anything to claim it. All you have to do is tell a Sephora Cast Member that youre a Beauty Insider and that its your birthday month. You may not receive confetti bursting through the ceiling , but he or she can set you up with your birthday gift after you provide your registered Beauty Insider email address.

At the register, youll be shown your birthday gift options. Not all of them may be in stock when you visit. Choose your gift, and youll be handed it for free.

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Earn Free $50 To $100 Sephora Gift Cards

This Sephora hack is one of my personal favorites!

I use a free money-saving resource called to accumulate SB points just from doing my regular shopping online. That also includes points for my purchases from Sephora!

How it works is you earn up to 30% cashback on all your purchases online. On normal days, you could earn between 3% to 5% cashback from your Sephora purchases. This is pretty much free money you shouldnt and cant miss out on. Once you have enough racked up, you can redeem FREE Sephora gift cards!

I usually choose the $50 gift card option, but what I like to do is accumulate more SB points so I have the choice to redeem higher value gift cards such as $100.

For example, take a look at my Swagbucks account. I can literally redeem this FREE $50 Sephora gift card right now if I want to buy something from Sephora!

The awesome thing is not only can you earn FREE money from Sephora along with other purchases you make from big retailers, but you can also accumulate more money just by surfing the web, taking quick daily survey polls that ask you beauty-related questions, watching videos, and other online activities that you normally do.

Those points get converted to cash rewards or free Sephora gift cards!

If youre already going to be shopping at Sephora, then you may as well take advantage of free resources that dont cost you anything. Plus, its easy and hassle-free to use!

Whats Better Ulta Or Sephora

Ulta has more drugstore brands and I prefer their rewards program because it gives you a discount instead of picking from their gifts, like Sephora. Sephora gives samples though and they carry more professional brands and just have a more professional atmosphere. Sephora has better selection, ULTA has better prices.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Sephora Birthday Gifts

Does Sephora birthday gift expire?

No, Sephoras birthday gifts do not expire. All Beauty Insiders can redeem their 2021 Sephora Birthday Gift during the month of their birthday. No purchase necessary if redeemed in-store.

Which Sephora birthday gift is better?

The 2020 Sephora birthday gifts were Milk Makeup trio, best-selling Briogeo hair care set, Sol De Janeiro skincare duo, and Jo Malone London Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne exclusively for VIP and Rouge members.

Whats Sephoras birthday gift 2021?

It depends on what you like. The 2021 Sephora birthday freebies include NARS makeup duo , Laneige skincare trio , Moroccanoil self-care kit , and Maison Margiela scents .

How to get your free birthday gift from Sephora online

You can redeem your 2021 Sephora birthday gift online only while placing an order two weeks before or two weeks after your birthday.

When can I pick up my Sephora birthday gift?

You can pick up your free Sephora birthday gift two weeks before or after your birthday and any time during your birthday month.

Can you get Sephora birthday gift online?

Yes, you can get the Sephora birthday gift online and in-store. Follow the instructions described above to claim your free gift.

2021 Sephora Best-Sellers

Free Birthday Gift From Sephora

Sephora Birthday Gift 2021: NARS SET

I love to get gifts like this for my Birthday! Just register to be a Beauty Insider with Sephora and during your Birthday month you can use the coupon thats good for a FREE gift for your birthday. If your birthday just passed, well then its something to look forward to when it comes around again. Just another Great Birthday FREEBIE! Gotta love it!

To get this gift you will need to register, print the coupon and bring it in with you. You will get a different Free Birthday gift each year. Just make sure to remember to head on into your nearest Sephora store any time in your birthday month. Or you can get your Free gift online with any order during your birthday month.

If you need to find a Sephora store near you just for the store locator. Another great thing about Sephora is you get 3 FREE samples when you order online. Also any order that is $50 or more ships in 3 days Free of charge.

Get updates on the hottest free stuff. Sign up, its FREE!

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How Can I Redeem My Birthday/ Welcome Gift

    If you’re a Sephora Gold or Black Member, we want to celebrate your birthday or your Beauty Pass tier upgrade with a gift! Birthday gifts are available for redemption either online or in-store throughout your birthday month*. Welcome gifts are available for redemption either online or in-store for one month following your tier upgrade.*Please note that Birthday gifts are only redeemable once, either online or in-store, per rolling year. Redeeming OnlineYour gift is redeemable along with any online purchase! Just select your gift under Beauty Pass Offers at checkout! Redeeming In-StoreYour gift is redeemable in-store with no purchase necessary. Just present your virtual Beauty Pass on the Sephora mobile app in-store to receive your gift! Please note that gifts may vary by month and are available while stocks last. This offer is subject to change, alteration, or termination by Sephora at its sole discretion at any time.

    Get Free Sephora Samples

    Who doesnt like free makeup samples?

    I personally love them because I get excited about trying new things. I also like how I can carry those cute mini perfume samples for my travel.

    Overall, searching for free makeup samples is a great way to test out a product before actually buying it. This can also save you from wasting money on a product that you may not like plus the hassle of returning.

    If youre shopping online, dont forget to redeem your free samples at the checkout. You will get at least 3 free samples every time you make a purchase online.

    What free samples can I get at Sephora?

    I know a lot of you are asking what kind of free makeup samples you can get at Sephora.

    Free samples from Sephora include:

    • perfume and fragrance samples
    • skincare samples
    • makeup samples

    You can literally get free makeup samples on almost any product in the Sephora store. All you have to do is ask the employee.

    Feel awkward or shy asking?

    Kindly let them know you have the intention of buying the product but you just want to try it first to see if its the right fit for you. They will be more than happy to give you a sample with absolutely no questions asked.

    For example, there may be a foundation you want to try because you want to know how your skin will react to the product. So, when you go to the store, ask for a tester so you can take it home to see how you like it.

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    Which Sephora Birthday Gift Is The Best

    This is hard to say and it all depends on what youre looking for, but wed argue the best Sephora gift of 2021 is the Morocconoil set for its ability to bring your hair back to life. Their full-size products are pricey, so the birthday gift is a pretty good deal. The NARS set is another of our favorites!

    But honestly, all of the gifts this year are a great choice. Youre truly getting rewarded with high-quality products no matter what you choose! Whether you lean more towards a hair kit, a makeup kit, or a skin care kit, youre in for a treat!

    Claim Your Sephora Gift Card

    2015 Sephora Birthday Gift?

    Some love click-click sound of adding into the cart while some like the appealing walk of aisles to fill their trolleys. Whether its Sephora e gift card or physical one, you can get the opportunity of both. Going to a Sephora shop is the cheapest and most “free” option to claim your Sephora birthday gift. You will not be required to purchase anything in order to claim it. Simply mention that you’re a Beauty Insider and that it’s your birthday month to a Sephora Cast Member.

    He or she can set you up with your birthday gift after you provide your registered Beauty Insider email address. You may not get confetti bursting through the ceiling , however the feeling would be the same.

    Your birthday gift selections will be shown at the cashier. It’s possible that not all of them will be available when you arrive. Choose your present and it will be given to you free of charge. And this great opportunity will let you walk out of Sephora without breaking your bank.

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    Get Sephoras Perfume Sample Set

    If youre a fragrance lover, then you may like Sephoras mini sample perfume set for $75.

    This will allow you to test out many different perfumes to see which ones you love. Now, heres the deal!

    You get a free coupon voucher in that sample set which you can bring back to the store and redeem for a full-size perfume. You can choose the one you love from the sample set at no extra cost!

    If you think about it, you paid only $75 for the sample set AND a full-size product .

    For example, the in-store price for that full-size perfume you like may cost $85 but because you have the free voucher, you can redeem it for free!

    I dont know about you, but in my opinion, its definitely worth it!

    To Claim Your Birthday Gift Online:

  • Go to and add an item to your shopping cart. Not sure what to order? Check out this list of the best skin-care products to get from Sephora.
  • Now, navigate to the Sephora Birthday Gift 2021 official page here and click Choose Your Gift
  • The selected birthday gift of your choice should appear in your cart
  • P.S: Dont forget to add your 3 free samples with your online order.

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    Sign Up For Their Beauty Insider Rewards Program

    • Beauty Insider
    • VIB
    • Rouge

    If youre not already a member, I recommend signing up for the Beauty Insider program because its free!

    The more you spend, the more points youll accumulate. But of course, I only recommend you buying products from Sephora that you absolutely love.

    As you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for free Sephora products like skincare, makeup, and fragrance.

    You can carry forward your points in your account and they dont expire as long as you engage in some sort of activity within a 12-month period.

    Once you collect enough points, you can redeem free beauty products from Sephora. The more points you have, the more value you get to redeem. I usually like to collect at least 500+ points before redeeming a free makeup or beauty product.

    Another perk of becoming a member is youll get a free birthday gift from Sephora each year without having to spend any money!

    How To Get The Sephora Birthday Gift

    2018 Ulta & Sephora Free Birthday Gifts Unboxing!!!! | Beautify Your Life

    But before we go over the products, how do you even qualify for their birthday gift program?

    Thankfully, its easy! To qualify for the birthday program, you have to be a part of the Beauty Insiders program. Its free to sign up for, and there are other perks if you shop at Sephora frequently . But, you dont even have to spend anything to get access to the birthday gift.

    There are three Sephora birthday gifts for regular members, but VIB and Rouge members get access to one additional gift. You receive this access if you meet a specific spending amount.

    For example, if you spend $350 each year at Sephora, you will be registered as a VIB member. If you spend $1,000 a year, you will be registered in the Rouge program.

    If you qualify for either, you will be eligible to choose from the fourth gift . See, shopping does pay off!

    Lets continue onto the four amazing products available for your birthday month throughout 2021!

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    What Is Sephora Beauty Insider Club

    Have you waited at the cashier to get free samples for products you have been hearing of? Free samples are a treat for all of us and most of us dont even care if we have desired the product ever. The word free sample pops and we are all ears. The Sephora beauty insider birthday gifts are one such thing. While one could be excited to blow candles on the cake or get that first bite of cream at the top, some of us are really happy for the genuine things.

    No offence, but Sephora birthday gift is the real treat and if you are confused about being a beauty insider member to get this deal then here is the untied knot for you. The Sephora beauty insider is simply a wonderful reward program for their loyal crowd. When you are a part of this gracious program, you will be rewarded each time you make a purchase at Sephora.

    So, the more you shop, the more rewards you get. Have you seen any deal genuine and too good to be true as this? All you need is to register to join the beauty insider club. The registration is free of cost and just dont forget to claim the prize on your birthday.

    Vib And Rouge Members Have One More Option Than Those In The Beauty Insider Tier

    Though members of the Beauty Insider program’s highest tiers can choose from the three gift sets listed above, they’ll also have one extra option. According to Sephora, this fourth gift will be changed throughout the year.

    To start 2020, Sephora will be offering a sample of the Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne from Jo Malone.

    Each of the birthday gift sets will be available to Sephora customers starting January 1, 2020. To learn more about the Beauty Insider program, visit Sephora’s website.

    • Read more:

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    Tip: Get Sephora Promo Codes With Coupert

    With Coupert, you dont need to bother searching for working promo codes and you can even earn cash back. To access these perks, follow the instructions below.

  • Add Coupert to your browser.
  • Head to and click on the Coupert icon at the top right corner. Then shop as usual. Upon checkout, youll receive an alert telling you if there are available coupons and then it will apply the best discounts for you automatically. If there are no codes showing up, click on the Coupert icon at the top right. Then you will see all the available promo codes. Apart from getting coupons and earning cash back, you can take advantage of its referral program to get $20 !
  • How To Redeem Sephora Birthday Gift

    Discovering me: Sephora Birthday Gift

    Well, the million dollar question. Just because you are not willing to take that stroll in the Sephora aisle, doesnt mean you arent curious to get that Sephora birthday gift. Thankfully, you can get and redeem the Sephora birthday gift online, right in your pjs from home. However there is a catch. Unlike walking in the store to get Sephora gift without spending a penny, to get it online you need to purchase from the store.

    Dont worry yet, because this will open the doors of freedom to choose the right gift for you. You can easily pick the Sephora gift from either of the below mentioned categories. And since the fourth gift is a rotating product so you can easily get the chance to switch it if the product that month isnt something you would like. Isnt freedom just great?

    Just follow the few steps below to avail the Sephora gift online:

    • As always, shop online or through the Sephora app. make sure you’re logged in to your Beauty Insider account before continuing.
    • Place the items you wish to buy in your shopping basket.
    • You may pick from a variety of birthday gift alternatives at checkout, and they will be included for free with your online order.
    • You may order online and pick up your item in-store at Sephora. Depending on the store’s availability, you can redeem your birthday present when you pick up your online order. So, when you arrive, check with local business to see what’s available.

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