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How To Gift Kindle Unlimited

Kindle Unlimited Most Common Questions Answered

How does Kindle Unlimited Perform?

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1. Kindle Unlimited is a digital subscription which costs $9.99 per month. 2. The service includes approximately 1.5 million Kindle books, comics, magazines, and audiobook companions. 3. You can access and download up to 10 titles.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription-based service that gives unlimited access to ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines offered by Amazon.

What is included in Kindle Unlimited?

The catalog of Kindle Unlimited eligible titles includes:

  • Over 1.4 million Kindle ebooks
  • Over 20 thousand Kindle ebooks with audio narration
  • Over 30 current editions of popular magazines.

How much is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited costs $9.99 per month. Amazon offers also 6-month, 1-year, and 2-year subscription plans for Kindle Unlimited.

How does Kindle Unlimited work?

Just like video or music subscriptions, you pay the fee for which you get unlimited access to all content.

How many books can I get with Kindle Unlimited?

You can download up to 10 titles to your device or application. If you want to get more, youll need to remove the titles downloaded earlier.

Do Kindle Unlimited books have due dates?

No, borrowed Kindle Unlimited ebooks have no due dates. It means you can keep them on your device as long as you want.

Can I try Kindle Unlimited free?

Will I be charged if I cancel Kindle Unlimited during free trial?

No, you wont be charged.


Kindle Unlimited Gift Memberships 20

May 8, 2021 by Nathan

With Mothers Day coming up tomorrow, now is a good time for a reminder about Amazons Kindle Unlimited gift subscriptions that are available for 20-40% off the regular monthly price.

This isnt a new deal but Amazon doesnt advertise it and its nearly impossible to find. In fact if I didnt have the page bookmarked I would have no idea how to find the offer on Amazons website.

Its a good deal if youre are looking for a last-minute gift idea, or if you just want to extend you own Kindle Unlimited subscription.

For those that are wondering what Kindle Unlimited is its Amazons ebook subscription service that provides unlimited access to a library of over 1 million ebooks, including some magazines, audiobooks, and comic books.

Access to Kindle Unlimited normally costs $9.99 per month, but these gift deals take 20-40% off, depending on the length of the subscription.

This is how the deal works:

6 months $47.86 12 months $80.30 24 months $143.80

Amazons Kindle Unlimited library can be accessed using a Kindle app on a phone or tablet so owning an Amazon device isnt required, but you can use Kindle e-readers and Fire tablets too of course. If you give a subscription to someone as a gift they can opt to exchange it for an Amazon gift card if they dont want it so either way its a pretty safe gift idea.

These gift deals can be applied to your own active Kindle Unlimited subscription as well if you want to save on the monthly fee.

How To Give Kindle Ebooks And Kindle Unlimited As Gifts

November 25, 2014 by Nathan

Unlike most major ebook retailers, one good thing about Amazon is how easy they making giving Kindle books as gifts.

They even make it super easy to give Kindle Unlimited as a gift, Amazons new ebook subscription service where users get unlimited access to a library of over 700,000 ebooks and several thousand audiobooks for a monthly fee.

Most Kindle ebooks that are sold on Amazon can be given as gifts. Pre-orders and free ebooks are the exception, so are digital magazines and newspapers.

Gifted Kindle ebooks can be read on any Kindle ereader, Fire tablet or Kindle reading app. You dont have to own a Kindle device to send or receive Kindle books as gifts.

Note that the recipient of a Kindle gift book or Kindle Unlimited service plan can choose to exchange the gift for a regular Amazon gift card of the same value.

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Read All You Want With Six Months Of Kindle Unlimited Down To Just $30

It’s time to get your fall reading on! Amazon has discounted Kindle Unlimited across the board. You can get six months of reading for just $29.97, which is 50% off its regular price. Get a full year for $80.30, which is 33% off its regular $120 price or get two full years for $143.80, which is a savings of $96 over the regular price. All of these deals can be redeemed as a gift card, too, so you can give a subscription as a gift to a friend or family member or random person on the street. At the end of the paid period, Kindle Unlimited will automatically renew for $9.99 a month unless you tell it not to.

How To Gift A Kindle Book

How to Give a Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription

Gifting a Kindle book is simple! Here is the way to bring your Nearest and Dearest oodles of ebony pleasure in three simple steps:

Proceed to the Amazon Kindle shop and look for the book that you would like to purchase.

On the right-hand side of the page, under theBuy Now button, click on the button that states Give as a Gift.

You can now choose how you would like the book sent. You may either have the gift email delivered directly to the receiver or you personally. If youve got the gift emailed to the receiver, you can define the date you would like the email delivered, and youll be able to add a personal message. If you decide to have the gift emailed to you personally, after that, you can publish the email and hand-deliver it.

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How To Gift Kindle Unlimited Ebook Subscription

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Does your significant other or family member read a lot of Kindle books? Consider gifting her or him Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Kindle Unlimited is a subscription-based service giving unlimited access to over 1.4 million ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines.

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The monthly subscription costs $9.99. Unlike Amazon Prime Kindle Unlimited sign-up page does not offer other subscription options, such as 6 or 12 months.

Therefore, many users wonder whether its possible at all to give someone Kindle Unlimited subscription and how it should be held technically.

Yes, Kindle Unlimited gift-giving it possible. And its easier than you think.

Amazon has a special solution for anyone who considers giving Kindle Unlimited to someone else.

Before you follow the simple two-step guide below, make sure to check out things to know about Kindle Unlimited.

Contacting Amazon Over The Phone

To request a refund over the phone, call Amazon customer support. Do the following:

  • Dial 00-1-206-922-0880
  • Wait for the available customer service representative to answer
  • Request a refund
  • Follow the instructions they provide
  • You must hate waiting on the phone for the agent to pick up while dull and creepy music plays in the background as much as anyone. Well, with DoNotPay, you wont have to anymore because well help you jump the phone tree with .

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    Kindle Unlimited Subscription Service Works On Any Device

    If you think the Kindle device is the only Kindle Unlimited subscription supported device, you are wrong. Just like the Kindle books purchased from the Amazon Kindle store, you can read Kindle Unlimited books on any devices if it has Kindle apps installed. Now the Kindle app is available on ios, Android, Mac, and PC. So you can read your kindle unlimited books on your Kindle device, your phone, tablets or computer with the free Kindle reading apps.

    Is The Amazon Kindle Unlimited Price Worth It

    Is Kindle Unlimited Subscription worth it? | Amazon India

    Rather than spending money on individual ebooks, magazine subscriptions, and audiobooks, it is far more cost effective to wrap all those products up under the Amazon Kindle Unlimited price. With a massive range of titles on offer, you’ll never be stuck for choice, but perhaps the feature that lends the most value to this subscription is those Audible audiobooks.

    If you want flexibility in how you consume your books, you can easily jump between reading the content on your screen and listening to an Audible narration. Considering an Audible subscription itself will set you back $14.95 / £7.99 / AU$16.45 for fewer audiobooks per month, Kindle Unlimited really is a no-brainer. The only hiccup comes from the fact that you are limited to the 2,000 Kindle Unlimited titles with this feature available. However, if you’re after the option of an audiobook narration rather than simply seeking out audiobooks themselves, this is a fantastic offer.

    If you want to check if the price will be worth it for your own reading habits, you can always grab a Kindle Unlimited free trial to scope out the experience before you buy.

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    Kindle Unlimited Is Not Prime Unlimited

    Many users confuse Kindle Unlimited with Prime. Its because both services are offered by Amazon, and both are subscription-based.

    Whats more, some benefits offered for Prime members give also unlimited access to digital content, naming only Prime Instant Video or Prime Music.

    Most importantly, Amazon Prime includes also benefits for book lovers:

    • Borrow books from Kindle Owners Lending Library .
    • Get free access to Prime Reading.
    • Get Kindle First ebook for free.
    • Get free access to Audible Channels .

    Now, after terminating Kindle Owners Lending Library, Amazon wants you to subscribe not only to Prime but also Kindle Unlimited.

    Deals on Kindle Unlimited are always among the earliest ones that are announced before Prime Day each year.

    Do you really need these two services even if you can get one of them at a bargain price?

    How Much Does Kindle Unlimited Cost

    Kindle Unlimited is a monthly subscription service that costs $9.99 per month. You’ll need an active Amazon account to become a member as well. Unlike , Kindle Unlimited does not offer a discount for Amazon Prime members. However, Amazon Prime members do have access to a small selection of Kindle eBooks which are free to read with your Prime membership if you want to try reading using the Kindle app. Signing up for a free 30-day trial of Prime lets you unlock this selection of free Kindle eBooks as well.

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    Do You Need A Kindle To Use Kindle Unlimited

    The best part about Kindle Unlimited is that you do not need a Kindle eReader to read the books and magazines available on the service. Simply on your phone or tablet and you’ll be able to read wherever you go. You’ll also be able to read any of the Kindle Unlimited books using the Kindle program for PC and Mac computers. Of course, if you do own a Kindle, you can read any of the Kindle Unlimited titles using your e-Reader as well. If you don’t have a Kindle just yet, be sure to check out this guide to the best Kindle deals for a list of current discounts available.

    Kindle Unlimited Is Expensive

    Give the Gift Of Kindle Unlimited For Up to 40% Off

    Although $9.99/month may sound pretty reasonable for all-you-can-read ebooks, when you consider the price of the titles available it’s actually quite expensive.

    The vast majority of self-published books on Amazon sell for less than $5. Many are less than $3 and some are even less than $1. This means that to make up for the $10 subscription fee, you’re going to need to read quite a few books a month.

    If you only read the most expensive titles you can find, reading two books a month will see you saving some money, but you’ll most likely have to read three or four to make a saving. While plenty of readers can get through a book a week without any hassle, the temptation to read non-Unlimited books is going to be high.

    Looking at the selection and the prices, it’s hard to see many people being well-served by a Kindle Unlimited subscription. If you like self-published books, you can easily pick up two or three a month for less than Unlimited costs, without the recurring payments. That way you can be far more flexible with how you spend your money.

    And don’t forget, there are lots of ways to if you know where to look.

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    How To Give A Kindle Unlimited Gift Subscription

    Wondering how to give a Kindle Unlimited gift subscription? Kindle Unlimited makes an excellent gift for anyone who loves to read ebooks, and it is an easy gift to give as you dont even need to leave your house to check this gift off your list! So if youre wondering how to gift Kindle Unlimited, then follow along with this easy step-by-step guide!

    Do I Need A Kindle Ereader To Use Kindle Unlimited

    You don’t need a Kindle ereader to take advantage of the free books on offer with Kindle Unlimited. In fact, you can use Kindle Unlimited on a massive range of iOS, Android, Mac and PC devices thanks to the Kindle App. Plus, you can sync your progress across all your devices to make sure you never lose your place.

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    You Can Save A Lot By Grabbing Kindle Unlimited Deal

    Kindle Unlimited is a monthly-based subscription and you shouldnt expect the fee to go down anytime soon.

    However, if you want to save on the service, you can wait for the deal. In fact, Amazon is running Kindle Unlimited deals on an ongoing basis not only during Black Friday or Prime Day. Its just a matter of finding the offer.

    Here are the Kindle Unlimited deals that were offered in the past:

    • Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited free of charge.
    • Save 50% on the 6-month Kindle Unlimited.
    • Get 2 months of Kindle Unlimited for $0.99.
    • Save $96 of the 24-month subscription.
    • Get 6 months of free Kindle Unlimited when you buy Kindle Paperwhite.
    • Various deals on Kindle Unlimited gift plans.

    Amazon may run any of these deals any time soon. Or the company may come up with a new deal or combine it with another product.

    Please keep in mind that if you buy the long-term plan, for instance the 12-month subscription, you wont get a refund for 11 months if you decide to end the service in the first month.

    Can I Access Kindle Books On Multiple Devices

    How to get Kindle Unlimited free for 3 months

    Amazons Kindle permits you to use one account and also have a book on multiple stereo apparatus. Additionally, it is likely to get the books on non-Amazon devices running the Kindle program. Some books impose limitations on the number of devices on which you can have a book at precisely the same time, though this changes from book to book.

    Read more:

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    You Can Keep Up To 10 Kindle Unlimited Books At A Time

    Dont think of packing your Kindle with hundreds of Kindle Unlimited books, or making extensive collections from them.

    You can only keep up to 10 books from Kindle Unlimited in your account at a time. If you have two devices, you cant download 10 books to each device. You can have 10 books in total in your all devices.

    Other ebook subscription platforms also have such limits. For instance, Scribd has a limit of 20 books.

    While this limitation is against the unlimited selling proposal of the service, I understand it. When you pack your Kindle with 500 books, you wont be able to read them at once, anyway.

    Get A Personalized Kindle Unlimited Offer

    With many users having a dynamic approach to Kindle Unlimited , Amazon has developed probably the best way to bring back former subscribers: personalized deals.

    Have you used Kindle Unlimited before and canceled the subscription? When you are visit the services sign up page , you will see a personalized offer as long as you log in to your Amazon account.

    The offer is based on your Kindle Unlimited history: when you subscribed and canceled the service, how long you were paying for the service, and what deal you got.

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    Is The Kindle Unlimited Worth It

    Yes, it is worth it.

    1.Most of the titles from Kindle unlimited service are written by non-famous self-publish authors. That means these books probably are not best sellers. If you are looking for something new, here is a good platform.

    2.You can also find some famous series like Harry Potter, some classics like the Count of Monte Cristo, some good indie titles like What If?

    3.Since the kindle unlimited membership are on sale twice a year. You can get the best deal on cyber Monday or prime day. I think you can take this price benefit if you want to enroll the kindle unlimited.

    4.It is worth a while. Once finished the book you are interesting, cancel the kindle unlimited membership.

    5.If you read a lot and fast, you can go through a lots of books with Kindle unlimited service.

    6.This service includes some audible audiobooks and magines.

    7. If you read a lot biographies and history books, you can find many from Kindle unlimited library.

    No, it isnt worth it.

    1.Many mainstream books are probably available free from your local library. You can borrow it from your local library via Overdrive or libby.

    2.In many regions, there are only self-publishing books. You can never find any best sellers there.

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