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How To Gift Xbox Money

How To Gift Xbox Games To People You’re Not Friends With

Xbox Gift Card on Wrong Account – Can I Transfer Xbox Gift Card Money to Another Xbox Profile

If you aren’t friends with someone on Xbox Network, but you want to send them a game, you need to know their email address:

  • Go to the Store tab on your Xbox One console.

  • Locate a game that you would like to give as a gift and open its store listing.

  • Select the Buy as gift option.

  • Enter the email address of the person to whom you would like to send the gift. Make sure that you enter the correct address, as you can’t verify it later.

  • Choose your payment method.

  • Select Buy as a gift to complete the transaction.

  • After you complete the transaction, a 25 digit code is sent to the email address you specified in step 4. After this code is redeemed, you can no longer request a refund.

    Tested Method To Get Free Xbox Gift Cards

    Personally, we were fortunate enough to stumble upon the site in the middle of an ordinary day. We were overjoyed when we were able to generate free Xbox gift cards code at a moments notice. It felt like a Eureka moment. Avid gamers who love free stuff would know what we mean. After all, not all of us have the money to blow away on video games. Also, not all parents will understand the dilemma and passion towards something thats not study-related. So, kids can be in a tight spot. We have seen the struggle, so we know the sour taste it leaves in the mouth. Ever since we got to know the site, we saved ourselves a piggy-bank worth of money, and we never had to deal with the sour experience. Better yet, we never felt the need to browse the Internet like crazy for Xbox codes.

    Use Bing As Your Search Engine

    Microsoft offers rewards points every time you use their search engine. By making Bing your default search engine and using it regularly, you will be rewarded in points. You can then use these points to earn Xbox live codes from the Microsoft store.

    To get started earning Bing rewards, sign in with your Microsoft account. Then, navigate to Bing Rewards and fill out your profile. Then, make at least 150 qualified searches per month to stay enrolled in the program. Users must be 13 or older and have a Microsoft account.

    You can also invite friends to Bing Rewards to earn points and earn 100 points per friend that signs up. You can also complete your Bing Rewards dashboard tasks. These tasks are typically worth one point each, but you can take advantage of promotions.

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    How To Redeem Your Xbox Digital Codes From Amazon

    When you buy an Xbox One game from Amazon, an Xbox Gift Card, or Xbox Live Credit , you get a digital code like the one below.

    The Digital Code that you get from Amazon

    To find it, open your and go to Digital content and devices-> Digital games and software.

    Go to Digital content and devices > Digital games and software

    Write down or copy the product code that you have received.

    User Friendly Safe And Free Xbox Gift Card Generator

    Xbox Gift Card on Wrong Account

    More than anyone else, we are happy to be the bearer of the good news. Meet the free Xbox gift card generator. On this Xbox live code generator no surveys website, you will be able to generate free Xbox gift card codes without throwing an arm and a leg. Better yet, the site is 100% safe, secure, and legit. So, there are no bottlenecks along the way. All you really have to do is hop into the website and choose the gift card of your choice, and wait for a while till the system generates the gift card for you. Believe it or not, we are not trying to make it sound simple. In reality, its as simple as it sounds. If you are new to the website, the automated system will ask you to verify whether you are a human or not. Of course, there is no need to freak out over this because its a standard practice followed by most website owners these days to keep rule-breaking spammers at bay. Once verified, you will be able to enjoy the free Xbox gift card codes that you choose. So, free Xbox gift cards no surveys should not be a distant dream for anyone out there.

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    Sending To An Email Address

    If you dont know the recipients gamertag, but you do know their email address, you can choose Enter an email address on the send gift page instead. The process is virtually the same as sending to a specific gamertag but comes with a slight risk.

    Make sure you are sending the game to the email address connected to the recipients Microsoft account and that the address is spelled correctly. Xbox Live does not verify that the email address youve typed in is associated with an account, nor does it sniff out fake addresses.

    How Can I Get A Free Xbox Gift Card

    There you go, all 10 different ways to score free Xbox gift cards or Xbox gift card codes.

    Dozens of legitimate websites and apps offer free gift cards.

    You can have your pick of tons of different freebies, cash, PayPal money or more.

    All you have to do is take paid surveys, watch videos and other small tasks like the ones described in this post.

    The best part?

    These are simple ways to earn free Xbox codes or a discount on your Xbox games.

    If you enjoyed this post, youll probably enjoy the following:

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    How To Redeem Your Digital Code On Your Windows Pc

    You can redeem the code from your Windows 10 or Windows 11 computer using the Xbox app. If youre using the same Microsoft account on your PC and Xbox console, open the Xbox app, click or tap Store, and then Redeem.

    Redeem a digital code with the Xbox app for Windows 10 and Windows 11

    Enter the digital code, click or tap Next, and enjoy your game or the Xbox Gift Card sent to your Xbox console automatically.

    If you dont use the Xbox app, go to this Redeem page in your web browser. Sign in with the same Microsoft account youre using on your Xbox console. Then, copy and paste the digital code received from Amazon. Press Next to apply it to your Xbox account.

    Redeem an Xbox Gift Card digital code on

    The game or the Xbox Gift Card balance should be automatically applied to your account when you open your Xbox console.

    How To Redeem A Code On Xbox One

    How to Check Xbox Gift Card Balance Xbox Gift Card Money for Purchases without Credit Card

    Heres how to redeem a code on your Xbox One:

    • Sign in to your Xbox One. Youll need to ensure that youre signed in with the Microsoft account that you want to redeem the code with.
    • Press the Xbox button to open the guide, and then select Home.
    • Select Store.
    • Select Use a code.
    • Enter the code and then follow the prompts. You dont have to worry about typing out any hyphens because the platform does that for you.
    • If you are unable to find the Store section, just scroll down to Add more on the Home screen and select the Store tile. You may have to select See all suggestions, and then select Add to Home.

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    You Can Also Buy Gift Cards For Xbox Live Gold And Xbox Game Pass

    Microsoft also sells specific gift cards for Xbox Live Gold, the service needed to play most Xbox games online, and Xbox Game Pass, a monthly subscription service that gives gamers access to more than 100 games.

    You can actually pay for these services using a regular Xbox gift card in the Microsoft Store, but Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Live Gold gift cards often see significant discounts during shopping events like Black Friday.

    For example, you can occasionally find a three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate gift card that typically costs $45 on sale for $30. Though the current deal price isn’t as low, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is $5 off right now at Amazon.

    How To Buy Xbox Gift Cards From Amazon

    One way to buy Xbox games from the Microsoft Store or make gifts to other Xbox users is to purchase an Xbox Gift Card from Amazon. You can pay for the Xbox Gift Card with your Amazon Gift Card balance , as well as with your debit or credit card. Unfortunately, you cant choose a personalized cash value for the Xbox Gift Card when buying it. Instead, you can buy the following predefined cash values:

    This is a digital product, and you get a product key as soon as your payment is processed.

    Buy an Xbox Gift Card from Amazon

    PROS: The Xbox Gift Card can be used to buy ANY game from the Microsoft Store on your Xbox console. You can also buy other types of content, like movies, apps, etc. The Xbox Gift Cards work with Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

    CONS: The only problem is that there are times when Microsoft stops selling Xbox Gift Cards on Amazon. There are weeks when the links we shared dont work, and you see that some gift cards are listed as Currently unavailable.

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    Use Xbox Live Promo Codes

    If youre not entitled to a free trial, you can grab an Xbox Live promo code to save. While searching for a working promo code is always troublesome, Coupert does this automatically for you.

    Coupert is a free & powerful browser extension that hunts and verifies the best discounts for any sites youre on. Heres how to use it:

  • Add Coupert to your browser, Chrome, Firefox or Edge.
  • Open the Xbox website and click the Coupert icon at the far right.
  • Youll see all the available Xbox promo codes. At checkout, it will try all the codes to find the one with the best discount, and then apply it for you.
  • BONUS: With Coupert, you can also earn points when you buy from one 7,000+ participating stores, and redeem those points for cash.

    How To Give Games Over Xbox Network

    $100 xbox gift card

    To send a gift game to someone on your Xbox Network friends list:

  • Navigate to the Store tab on your Xbox One console.

  • Locate a game that you would like to give as a gift and open its store listing.

  • Select the Buy as gift option, indicated by a gift icon.

  • Select Choose from your list of Xbox friends.

  • Select the Gamertag of the person you want to send the game to.

  • Enter a preferred sender name and a message.

  • Choose your payment method.

  • Select Buy as a gift to complete the transaction.

  • As soon as your friend claims the gift, you lose the ability to request a refund on the purchase.

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    How To Buy An Xbox Gift Card

    You can buy a digital Xbox gift card from Microsoft, , and other retailers for instant redemption online. Make your purchase in the Microsoft Store and you’ll receive an email with a digital gift code to send to your gift recipient.

    You can select any full dollar amount from $1 to $80, or a larger amount of $85, $90, $95, or $100. Physical gift cards are also available at retail stores in amounts of $15, $25, $50, and $100.

    Most digital content purchased from the joint Microsoft and Xbox stores can be shared between Xbox and Windows devices, so your movie collection will carry over. Many games will also transfer your purchase and save data between Windows and Xbox automatically via your Microsoft account.

    Xbox gift cards can also be used to purchase Xbox hardware like consoles and controllers directly from the Microsoft Store. While new consoles like the Xbox Series X and Series S have limited stock, official peripherals like controllers and headsets can be purchased with Xbox gift card credit.

    Buy Xbox Gift Cards Easily Online

    Get an Xbox Gift Card online, easily, and in seconds. Extend or buy Xbox subscriptions, download games and apps or even shop for the console itself. Simply select one of our 82 secure payment options to purchase your gift card and youll receive your code instantly. No waiting necessary, just redeem your code to start shopping for all things Xbox in no time!

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    How To Get Free Xbox Live Gift Cards

    As explained above, you can earn free gift cards for Xbox Live if you join a survey or GPT site.

    If you are new to these sites, they are basically online rewards sites that will reward you in exchange for completing some tasks like answering a survey, registering for a website, watching videos, downloading apps, and more.

    The reward you will receive will usually depend on the task you will have to do. In my experience, answering surveys pays higher than most other types of tasks.

    The rewards you will receive can then be used to exchange for certain items like gift cards, prepaid Visa cards, and even cash. So, most of these sites offer you the choice of which reward you want to redeem. To redeem a reward though, you will have to reach a certain threshold.

    That means you will have to keep doing the activities the sites offer in order to reach the threshold and redeem a gift card for Xbox Live. So, it will take some time before you can redeem your rewards depending on the sites you join.

    The good thing though is, these sites are all free to join. So, you dont need to worry about any registration fee.

    Where Can I Spend My Xbox Gift Card

    how to put money to your xbox useing gift card funny video

    Shop away on the online Microsoft store. Access it on Windows or on your Xbox. Please note, that while, yes, your digital gift card can be used to buy physical items, like consoles or controllers, they must be purchased online. Gift cards and codes are not for use at physical Microsoft stores.

    How can I check my Xbox Gift Card balance?

    Any time you redeem a gift card code, the credit is automatically added to your Microsoft account balance. Simply sign in to your Microsoft account on your console or device and look for Payment and billing/Payment options in the systems account menu to find your account balance.

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    Legit Ways To Get Free Xbox Live Gift Cards

    by Lauren Bennett – Last Updated June 1, 2021

    If you want some free Xbox Live codes, then this is the post for you!

    You might be looking to save some money if you play a lot of Xbox games like Minecraft and Fortnite, and often spend cash on games, subscriptions, and other stuff on your console.

    One of the easiest ways to save is by using free gift card that you can use to get free Xbox code or free video games.

    Can you really get them for free though?


    Im going to level with you though websites and companies arent just handing them out.

    Need Easy Extra $300+/Month for Free?InboxDollarsDaily Goodie BoxPanda ResearchKashKickSurvey JunkieSwagbucks

    It does take a little effort on your part.

    Dont worry though its still super easy!

    Whether youre looking for a free gift card you can use to purchase a game or one thatll get you an Xbox Live subscription for free, weve got you covered.

    Gifting An Xbox One Game On Pc

    Step 1: If you find the Xbox Live store cumbersome to navigate, you can buy and gift Xbox One games on PC, too. Head over to Xbox. Click the magnifying glass in the upper right-hand corner of the webpage to bring up the search bar.

    Step 2: After finding the game, select the dotted icon to the right of the Buy button, and select Buy as Gift. Sign in if necessary.

    Step 3: You can only send games to an email address on PC. Carefully type in the address and then fill out the sender box.

    Step 4: You can modify your payment information and gift details on the confirmation page before confirming your purchase.

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    Compatibility With The Xbox Series X

    Generally, Xbox has excellent compatibility between console generations, although its always a good idea to check to make sure that the game is supported on the platform your recipient uses.

    According to Microsoft, games gifted from an Xbox One to an Xbox Series X should still work, though if its a game that requires other accessories, like the Kinect, it might not be compatible. In other words, its unlikely to be a problem. Also, if a 360 game works on Xbox One, it will work on the Series X too, so thats nothing to worry about.

    Many of the new releases will have a note that says Optimized for Xbox Series X/S, so you know itll not only be compatible but look even better on a Series X console.

    How Many Gift Cards Can You Get

    3 Month Xbox Game Pass For PC Gift Card [Download ...

    The number of Xbox Live gift cards you can earn on online rewards sites will mostly depend on how much time you are willing to spend on the said sites. Another factor that can contribute is the time-to-money ratio.

    If a site will pay you well, it will have a high time-to-money ratio. That means you have spent your time well because you earned a significant amount and you dont have to spend more time than you have to in order to reach the threshold to redeem rewards.

    Technically speaking, theres no limit to how many Xbox Live gift cards you can earn. It all depends on the free time you have. But there are ways to maximize your earnings to earn the most number of gift cards efficiently.

    You can join several sites since they all offer different opportunities. Joining around 5 to 7 sites for a start is the ideal number because it will allow you to earn a good number of gift cards and still have enough free time to do whatever else you want to do.

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