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How To Make An Amazon Gift Registry

How Does The Amazon Baby Registry Work

How To: Create an Amazon Baby Registry

The Amazon Registry works like any other registry but its strictly online. You

create a registry of things youd like to receive as gifts for you and your baby you

let people know about your registry and

they buy it for you.

The difference between the Amazon baby registry and other registries is that Amazons selection is HUGE. It allows you to sort through thousands of baby and maternity-related items to add to your registry. As you find what you want, you simply click the Add To Baby Registry Button.

Once you have done that, Amazon gives you a link that you can share with your friends and family, People can now easily find your registry and buy from it.

How To Create A Baby Registry On Amazon

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This step by step tutorial will show you how to create an Amazon baby registry from scratch in just a few minutes. I have simplified the process into 4 easy steps that will have you set up with a baby registry on Amazon in no time.

Once you have gone through the motions of deciding the best site for your baby registry the next challenge is how to actually create the registry and get it up and running.

If your choice is Amazon, and I do really recommend it , then setting up your registry should not be that hard. However, I know that with everything thats going on when you are pregnant and preparing for a new baby, simple things can seem a little complicated.

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So, Im going to simplify the process for you and outline the exact steps you need. Just follow this guide and by the end of it, youll have your baby registry up and running. One more thing off your plate, yay!

Did your baby shower plans get disrupted because of COVID-19?

Dont cancel it out yet, Daynia of Mommyslay created an awesome guide on hosting a virtual baby shower. You can find that here. Its worth checking it out.

Can You Turn An Amazon List Into A Registry

The Amazon list and the Amazon Custom gift registry share many similarities. With both, the registrant shops and adds items to a list. The list can be shared with others, such as family and friends. Family and friends can also search for an Amazon list by the shoppers name.

The Amazon list can be found from the main website by choosing the Accts and Lists tab. The second selection youd make is Find a list or registry.

Can you turn an Amazon list into a registry? No, they are separate. They can be used the same way.

Our opinion? The Amazon list is more of a personal wish list. Its where people shop and choose items that they wish they could have someday.

Although the Amazon list can be a tool to aid family and friends in purchasing gifts for you, the Amazon Custom Registry seems more applicable. The items are not personal gifts for you. The items are needed for your startup.

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Rest Easy With Amazons Return Policy

Secretly hate the gift your mother-in-law bought you? Not sure what to do with it? You can return any unwanted gift for up to 365 days after the shipment date by going to Amazons Return Center. The best part? You get a replacement voucher, and the gift-giver will never find out their chosen present wasnt quite what you wanted! Its also possible to return any baby products purchased by you within 90 days.

How To Make The Ultimate Amazon Baby Registry

What is the Amazon Baby Registry? Everything you need to ...

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With all the baby products out there, creating an Amazon Baby Registry should be one of your first projects.

A baby registry is perfect for friends and family hoping to get you a gift or as a place to keep track of your nursery ideas!

Also, Amazon offers a ton of perks to creating a baby registry that youre not going to want to miss and its free!

Before you get started, you might be looking for the Ultimate List of Newborn Essentials check this one out!

You can also grab your free complete newborn checklist by putting your e-mail in the box below:

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Personalize Your Baby Registry With A Welcome Message

Dont forget this easy to add detail!

Do you know youre having a girl? Do you know her name? How about nursery colors or theme?

Help your friends out but cluing them in on this information to be sure you get the baby products you really want!

If you forgot to add a welcome message during your registry set up, you can always go to your registry home page and edit the welcome message by choosing Registry Settings.

How Does Amazon Gift Registry Work

Amazon Wedding Registry Review: What You Need to Know

  • Youll need an Amazon account to create an online registry, and your guests will need one in order to purchase the gifts.
  • You can share your wish list with friends and relatives via email, Facebook or Twitter, or by providing its unique URL.
  • Weigh the pros and cons before you decide.
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    Add Items To Your Baby Registry

    After creating your baby registry, youll be taken to a page that lets you easily add items to your list. It will look completely empty at first but dont worry, its quick and easy to start adding up stuff to your registry.

    Look towards the top of your registry page and youll see a few quick access links to the most important sections. Heres what you should see:

    • Registry Settings: if you want to go back and change your baby registry settings, such as your list privacy or the expected date of birth of your child.
    • Add Items: this is where you should go next to start building up your wish list.
    • this is where youll find the shareable link to send to your friends and family.
    • Welcome Box: once youll have completed the baby registry checklist , Amazon will send you a surprise box for parents and baby valued at up to $35.
    • Completion Discount: in addition, once the checklist is completed youll also receive exclusive discounts of up to 20% off. These discounts might be tied to your Prime or Amazon family membership . Heres the help page describing all the terms and conditions for the discount.
    • Diaper Fund: if you selected to include a diaper fund in your registry settings, youll see here at a glance how much people have contributed to it.

    If you check your mailbox, you should have received an email from Amazon by now with a few tips to help you get started with your new baby registry.

    There are three ways for you to start adding items to your baby registry on Amazon:

    How To Create A Baby Registry For Amazon

    Free baby gift from Amazon! Baby Registry Box!

    Here are three easy ways to create a baby registry for Amazon:

  • Once youre on the page, Click the Get Started button. Youll be asked to insert your name, address, expected due date, and shipping address. Once youve uploaded the information needed to create a Basic Registry, youre good to go to the next step.
    • Lets get personal! There is a section for optional information if you want to personalize your Registry. You can include your childs gender, let Amazon know if this is your first child, and write a lovely message to your family and friends who are checking your list. Amazon has thrown in a useful sample note where parents-to-be can even tell gift providers the color of your babys nursery, for example, and whether you prefer small or oversized items, depending on your babys room size.
    • Next, its time to add products. You can add items you want or look at the from the individual product pages, which shows you popular products without ever leaving the registry page. Click the Universal Registry Button. When you find something you like, go to any retailers site and use the button.

    Top Tip: Arguably, the Amazon homepage is a bustling and busy place, with many items and deals that ask you to click, making it challenging to find the sign-up page at first. To eliminate any guesswork, weve added the link Registry here for you.

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    How To Use Amazon Baby Registry As A Gifter: Only Buy Gifts That The Parents Really Want And Need

    If youve received a link from new or soon-to-be parents sending you to their baby registry on Amazon, youre in luck. Its one of the easiest ways to buy a gift that you know theyll want while staying within your budget.

    When opening the baby registry link, you should see a page like this:

    You can see here at a glance all the items that the parents would like to receive.

    On the top right, you have the option to filter by price and priority. You can also see what other people have already bought.

    Wondering how to find someones baby registry on Amazon if you havent received the link? If the parents made their registry public, you can easily search for it via the registry search box here. Just add the parents name and location and Amazon will give you a list of potential matches.

    Helpful note

    When buying a gift from an Amazon Baby Registry, make sure to check this box to let the parents know that the gift is coming from you.

    You Can Have Products Recommended To You

    Remember that simple coffee maker? When you start shopping for a coffee maker, your Amazon search will initially respond with many different kinds of coffee makers. Once you click on a choice, such as a drip style coffee maker, Amazon will display other coffee makers of the same style.

    Once youve chosen from that array of choices, you may see related items such as packs of filters, coffee cups and more. Youll have related products recommended to you, and youll also see what other customers purchased.

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    How Do I Register A Custom Gift List On Amazon

    Go to the the .

    Search under Gift List, and youll see the choices Weddings and New Baby. Youll choose Custom Gift list.

    Set up your Custom Gift List under your name, so that friends and family can find it.

    Start shopping! Choose Amazon items and add them to your Custom Gift List registry.

    If you cant find exactly what you want on Amazon, you can add items from other sites using the Amazon Universal Registry.

    Get ready to stock your business startup as items are purchased and delivered.

    How Do I Get The Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box

    Check Out What Comes In Amazon

    The Amazon registry welcome box is filled with mommy and baby goodies worth $35, and its available to select customers. Heres all you need to do to get one for yourself:

    • You need to be an active member. Being an Amazon Prime trial member counts as well.
    • Youll need to create and complete a baby registry checklist and
    • You or someone else has to make a purchase of $10+ from your registry.

    Once youve done all that, you can CLAIM your welcome box.

    Every question answered plus easy instructions on

    Heres an idea of what you get in an Amazon baby welcome box.

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    Creating Your Dream Amazon Registry

    The first step to creating your Amazon wedding registry is to fill out your personal information. Make sure that you have an updated address because some of your gifts will get shipped right to your home.

    The next step is to fill out the information for your wedding date and location of your event. An awesome feature that Amazon offers is group gifting. You can enable group gifting for a set amount. This feature is great for pricey gifts because you could have multiple people help purchase it together.

    Then, set the privacy setting for your registry and uncheck the box if you do not want The Knot to show your registry if someone searches for it. The next boxes to check, if you want, is to receive emails about your registry and if you want to receive wedding offers and discounts.

    Finish by hitting Create My Registry.

    How Often Will My Amazon Registry Be Updated On The Knot

    Anytime you update your Amazon bridal registry online, The Knot will automatically sync the changes to your account on the same day. Additionally, products that are no longer available or have already been purchased will not be displayed on The Knot Registry, making guest shopping straight-forward and easy.

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    Dont Miss The Diaper Discount

    By and large, ask any new parent, and theyll tell you that diapers can cost a small fortune. Babies use about 240 diapers per month. That equals about $1,000 a year. Ouch! Over the first 12 months of your babys life, Amazon customers who receive or buy $500 or more in products from the Amazon Baby Registry will receive a 20 percent discount on diapers.

    Wait, theres more: You can combine your discount with and get up to an additional 20% off totaling 40% off your diaper orders

    Get The Completion Discount

    How To Create Amazon Wish List

    When you register with Amazon, you will get something called a Completion Discount. This gives you a one-time purchase of products from your Registry with 10 to 15 percent off- for members .

    Note: Eligible items must be added to your cart from this completion discount view to receive the discount. For more on this, take a look at Amazons Completion Discount Terms and Conditions.

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    Can You Use Coupons On Your Registry

    Amazon is really great at offering discounts and coupons all the time. They have an actual coupons page, that you can access anytime to see if there is anything you might like.

    Amazon also has a ton of 3rd party sellers, which makes their platform really competitive. This is great for you because those vendors are eager to get your business. As such, they offer great deals too!

    What Is The Baby Registry Returns Policy

    Amazon offers a 90-day return window on most products purchased from your baby registry. This return window is standard for Amazon, but actually quite low when compared to other baby registries. Target gives you a year to return baby registry items.

    A HANDY TIP: As your baby shower gifts arrive, save your packing slips. Perhaps you could tape it to the gift. This will make returns so much easier for you because youll have the order id number handy.

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    All You Wanted To Know About The Amazon Baby Registry

    In the world of baby registries, the Amazon Baby Registry is the undisputed king. It is huge! You can find just about anything you want on there. Its extremely convenient and for the most part, the Amazon baby registry offers the best deals.

    Despite being king, there are lots of questions you may have about the Amazon baby registry.


    Follow this link to search the .

    Type in the new moms name or email, and click SEARCH. The more information you can enter, the narrower the search results will be.

    How To Easily Create An Amazon Gift Registry

    Unboxing: Amazon Baby Registry Welcome Box
  • How to Easily Create an Amazon Gift Registry
  • Engaged or having a baby? You should take advantage of Amazons wedding and baby registers from Amazon. Amazon has everything you need to start this exciting new chapter in your life. They also make buying items very easy for your family and friends.

    By the same token, most of your loved ones are probably already used to shopping with anyway. Going online and finding the perfect gift at the click of a finger makes shopping for gifts a breeze. Are you worried about receiving five sets of the same baby linen or bottle warmers? Dont get your knickers in a knot: also has an excellent return system.

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    Share Your Baby Registry With Friends And Family

    Now that your baby registry is ready, its time to share it with people around you so they can buy you gifts.

    Note that you can always add or remove items to your registry even after sharing it with your friends and family. No problem if you change your mind on something later. You can also return products to Amazon if youre unhappy with your selection.

    To share your baby registry, simply click on the Share Your Registry section.

    If you selected to have your baby registry publicly available or private but viewable to people with the link, this is where youll be able to get that link. Simply send that URL to anyone interested in buying you a present and theyll be able to see your registry.

    When opening that link, your friends and family will be taken to your baby registry on Amazon. Theyll be able to filter your wishlist by price , of course, but also by order of importance. Products that have already been bought will be clearly marked so you dont receive them twice.

    When Someone Buys Something Off Your Amazon Wish List Does It Disappear

    No. The item doesnt disappear. The item wont be removed and someone else may also buy it for you. Youll receive a notification, but that means the item is already headed your way!

    With the Amazon Custom Registry, if a shopper chooses an item they can see that its already been purchased. It will be marked purchased when they click on it. That way there are no duplicates.

    You can check your Custom Amazon Registry by using the Sort and Filter button. That will show you which items have been purchased. As you check the list of purchased items, you can also see who purchased them. Amazon will keep that list for you, which makes it easier to send thank you notes.

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