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How To Make Gift Cards For Your Business

Can I Use Designs For Commercial Purposes


Our license allows you to use the designs for your personal or your company’s needs and use them for social media, educational, advertising, printing, digital, ebooks, personal projects. The examples of the design use can be found here . You can also make commissioned works for your clients using Crello account. Please, note that Crello’s license does not allow creating items for resale or reselling the ready-made designs. More info regarding the allowed and prohibited types of usage can be found here

Sources Of Custom Gift Cards For Small Businesses

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With the holidays approaching, now is a great time for businesses to start thinking about tapping into the $124 billion-a-year gift card industry. Gift cards have long been an effective way to boost holiday sales. For small businesses unsure where to start with the marketing and selling of gift cards, fortunately there are a whole host of gift card tools available for small businesses.

Market Your New Gift Cards

Once youve ordered your physical gift cards or set up your e-gift card system and youve come up with some creative ways to offer them its time to let the people know. Like any new initiative, you want the messaging to be universal across all your platforms. That includes:

  • Your Nextdoor Business Page Let locals in on your new product offering. By using the Local Deal feature, you can announce the new gift card and give them a deal as a thank you for supporting your business. Maybe for every $50 gift card, you customers will receive a bonus $5 gift card. This will increase revenue and generate future foot traffic, all in one announcement.
  • Your storefront Place the gift cards by the register and put a little flag next to it. This will draw eyes and give you a chance to tell them about the new gift cards.
  • Your website If you have a website, be sure to put this front and center on the home page with a link or button to where they can purchase it .
  • Social media pages Announce this across your social media pages with a photo of the new slick gift cards, even if theyre digital.

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Customize Your Shopify Store

With your gift card ready, the next step is to set up your online store.

Our goal here is to launch quickly and start selling, so Ill only be covering the essential elements for creating your homepage. You can always go back and improve the look and feel of your online store later.

To start customizing your store, go to Sales Channels > Online Store > Themes . For the purposes of this tutorial, Ill be using Debut, which is Shopify’s default theme , but you can also click Explore free themes for more options.

When youre ready, click Customize to be taken to the theme editor, which will let you edit the homepage of your online store.

Your homepage design is split into several Sections on the left-hand side, such as Featured Productor Testimonials, which you can add, remove, hide, or reorder to design your homepage. You can play around with the sections to design a homepage that feels right to you, but for this tutorial lets keep it simple:

  • Click on each section and click Remove section to permanently remove them until youre left with one Image with text overlay section. You can also click on the eye icon to quickly hide each section if you want to add it back in later.
  • Click on the Image with text overlay section to start editing it. Add an Image that reflects your business that customers will recognize.
  • When youre happy with your store, click Save and then use the Shopify logo in the top left corner to finish your setup.
  • Reward Employees With Gift Cards

    Complete Guide to Gift Cards for Small Businesses

    Rather than cut checks or buy less useful incentive products , where applicable, reward top salespeople and other star performers with gift cards. Not only does the money come back to your business, but employees get the opportunity to act like customerstry the food, buy the fashions youre selling or use the services offered. You may get valuable feedback in the process.

    Thats just the beginning. I truly believe any business should be able to make a gift card program profitable. For some, that means customers buy their gift cards in droves and recipients quickly return to the store to shop. For others, a gift card is more of a marketing tool that businesses use for sales incentives, customer rewards, come back offers and more. I do find that smaller businesses frequently make the mistake of simply putting a gift card display on the counteror worseputting a stack of gift cards underneath the register. One store owner told me she removed her card display because kids were taking the cards. I would suggest moving the display to a higher level, replacing it with one that does not hold physical cards or more fully analyzing the tradeoff. Is losing ten cards to kids in a month worth sacrificing what you might earn in potential gift card sales? Not in my mind. When in doubt, I suggest following the example set by large department stores in making sure your gift card is visible and available in as many places as possible.

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    Using The Buy Button To Sell Your Gift Card On Another Website

    If you have an existing website that your customers are familiar with or you simplyt want to sell your gift cards on another website, you can do so using Shopifys Buy Button channel.

    A Buy Button can be embedded on another website to allow your customers to purchase your products there. You can install the Buy Button sales channel to create one, customize the color and layout, and then generate an embed code that you can copy and paste into another website.

    Why Choose Us For Your Custom Plastic Gift Cards

    At Plastek Cards, we have built our reputation on providing the highest quality gift cards at affordable prices. In fact, we guarantee that your gift cards will be made with 100% accuracy. Dont take our word for it, see what hundreds of customers have said about the quality, service, and price they have received from Plastek Cards.

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    Effectively Market Your Gift Cards In Your Store

    A gift card program can only be successful if consumers know about it. Big box retailers like Target and Best Buy sell a huge number of gift cards during the holiday season. Not only because they have a well-established reputation, but they also make sure their customers know about their gift card scheme. They market their gift cards in-store by displaying them on every checkout counter and having their sales assistants offer them to customers upon payment.

    To get your customers noticing your gift cards, you need to market them in your store. Give your customers as many opportunities as possible to see and hear about your gift cards while theyre shopping. Take a leaf out of the big brands book by displaying them on your and getting your sales team to offer them to customers as part of a natural conversation when checking out.

    Design A Gift Card In Adobe Illustrator

    Video Tutorial: Make and redeem gift cards in your small store

    You can start with an editable gift card template from Adobe Stock. You can also explore stock images to add as background. When you find the template you like, download it as an AI file and add your brand color, logo, and text in Adobe Illustrator.

    To create a gift card from scratch in Illustrator, follow these steps.

    Open the program and create a new canvas.

    2. Set the dimensions.

    If you plan to print your gift cards, find out how much space you need to devote to the bleed area. Gift cards tend to be the same size as credit cards or business cards, with a width of 3.37 inches and height of 2.125 inches . Start with a larger canvas, and be sure to add printers marks before sending to the printer.

    3. Set the color mode.

    CMYK is good for printing. If youre making an e-gift card, select RGB.

    4. Choose your background color.

    Use the Rectangle tool to draw a rectangle over your canvas and fill the background with your chosen color. Rename that layer Background to stay organized. If you want a border, add a stroke color. If not, add a fill color by double-clicking the Fill box at the bottom of the Tools panel on the left. You can also create a gradient by clicking Gradient Options in the Properties panel to the right of the artboard.

    5. Add your logo and any other images.

    6. Add text.

    7. Repeat for the back side of the card.

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    This Is How A Plastic Gift Card Can Work For You In Your Business

    Hang your plastic gift cards where they can be seen, you dont need to worry about if they are taken the cards will not have a value until they have been activated at your till point.

    If youre not having a barcode or magnetic stripe on and just having an amount of money that they are worth you will need to keep them somewhere safe and the problem with that side is that you want them to be seen.

    The client picks up one of the gift cards and brings them to the till point, at that point youre going to scan it into your till point which would activate the card. The client then pays you the agreed sum which is then stored against the number that is on the cards within your computer system. You then as a retailer are holding banked cash against a future purchase.

    Depending on how you have your carriers it could be useful to have a gift name and message which can be wrote onto the carriers for them when they are giving the plastic gift card to the receiver. A few days later a new customer walks in with their shiny new plastic gift card ready to spend some money.

    This is the bit as a retailer that it can really become interesting, this point is where youre going to want to try to keep this client coming back.

    Having a few pounds left on the card after they have bought something will keep them having your plastic gift card in their wallets and hopefully coming back to spend that few pounds again towards a larger item .

    Improve Your Customer Experience When Handling Returns

    Gift cards can help you deliver great customer service when . When customers want to return items without a receipt, dont disappoint them by sending them away with no refund offer them a gift card of the same value as the returned item. With a gift card, your customers can choose to use the money to purchase something else for themselves in your store, or they can offer the gift card to a friend or family member for a special occasion. Either way, its a win-win situation for you and your customers.

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    What Is Crello Premium 500000 Collection And How To Use Premium Images

    For now, all the images are part of PRO plan. To generate your certificate, simply choose the format, go to the editing interface and browse available photos in the Photos/Media tab on the left. Images with a diamond in the right corner are premium images you need to download free as part of your plan.

    How To Get The Most Out Of Your Gift Card Program

    Create your own Business Card

      minute read

      US consumers spend over $100 billion dollars on gift cards every year. Whether youre a restaurateur or retailer, a gift card program is a fantastic tool to help you not only attract customers, but also make more money.

      Well show you a few simple ways you can take your gift card program from ordinary to extraordinary and get the most out of these popular schemes for your business.

        Leave your legacy POS behind

        Older systems arent designed to handle tomorrows retail challenges. Weve done some of the most important research on POS systems for you in our free guide.

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        How To Use The Gift Card Maker

        • First things first, determine how many increments you want to offer, how many different designs and if you want holiday-specific gift cards.
        • Jump into your Visme dashboard and click Create to start working on a new design project.
        • Head over to the Printables section to find Gift Card templates and pick one that looks closest to your vision. Remember, you can completely customize these templates.
        • Add in the gift cards value, relevant stock photos or icons to design the card, your companys logo and the website or store address.
        • Customize the fonts and colors to match your brand. Use the fonts available and the color picker, or set up your Brand Kit with your specific fonts and colors to have easy access.
        • If using the two-sided option within the gift card maker, add another slide to design the backside of the card. Use the same fonts and colors as the front side. Maintain a balance between front and back designs.
        • Send the files to your local printer or have them added onto plastic gift cards with magnetic strips.

        Why Create Digital Gift Certificates

        A gift card, or gift certificate, works similarly to a prepaid debit card, allowing consumers to use the funds for purchases at specific stores. With the advent of e-commerce, most companies are now offering digital gift cards. Some are reloadable, while others can only be used before the expiration date or until the balance is spent.

        Generally, e-gift cards come with a lower price tag for businesses and offer more perks than their traditional counterparts. These products can be a powerful marketing tool as they make it easier to track customer behavior, reward loyal buyers and expand your reach.

        A well-thought-out gift card program also allows companies to maximize their omnichannel strategy, bring in new business and increase brand awareness. For example, you can use e-gift cards to automatically notify customers about special offers when they are near a physical store. Organizations may also offer gift certificates to their employees, business partners or suppliers.

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        Create A Winning Layout

        Presentation is everything and not just for the presents themselves. This is where you can add value making your gift guide as enticing as possible and surprising customers with new ideas can really help drive sales and shares.

        Try these top tips for designing your gift guide:

        • Use a collage a collage can be a great way to showcase multiple products. Adjust the size and position of your images on the page so they dont look too cluttered and think about the space between your images.
        • Give it a title be specific about who its for. The more specific your gift guide is, the better it will be at attracting its intended audience.
        • Add a strong call to action where do you want your customers to go? After youve inspired them, make sure you point them in the right direction to buy like your website or to pop in store.

        1) Custom Envelopes and StickerBook 2) Custom Water Bottle 3) Rectangular Sticker 4) MiniCard

        Boost Your Business With Gift Cards

        How To Offer Gift Cards For Your Business

        With gift cards, you can strengthen your brand identity and give fans of your brand a chance to spread the word to someone else. You also free them from the burden of trying to find the perfect gift.

        Gift cards are great for business, too. People who use them often spend more than the value of the card on their purchase, and they might become return customers and spread the word even further.

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        Establish Gift Card Policies For Your Team

        Once you have your POS system set up for gift cards, tell your team how it works. Share how to process gift card transactions and how customers can make purchases with gift cards. Youll also want to inform them of any limitations you have on gift cards. Policies might include limiting the number of gift cards customers can purchase or not allowing customers to buy gift cards with gift cards. Other things to consider are how to track purchased cards and set expiration dates that follow federal guidelines.

        Black Gift Cards For Tangled Up Hair Salon

        As classic as a little black dress, these salon gift cards are sure to look chic next to the register. Featuring magnetic stripes, these black gift cards can be swiped like a credit card with the Tangled Up’s existing POS system. Since salon gift cards are often an impulse purchase after a good experience, we love how Tangled Up has created gift cards that will stand out on the counter.

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        Plastic Gift Cards Uk

        From a business point of view plastic gift cards are an amazing way of having clients commit and spend money in advance with you in a relatively cheap and easy way. Having clients pay you up front for a service they might or could have in the future is a dream for anyone.

        Its up to you as a business to capitalise on this side of your business and to make your gift card shine, you need to have this product up front and in your clients line of sight

        There are a couple of ways of doing this so that it will work with your business model.

        Have the cards with a barcode or magnetic stripe on these once scanned can have any amount of money uploaded to the number on your system to be redeemed as and when the card is used. Having only one variation of the card can really help to keep your plastic card printing costs down and at Plastic Card Experts we can also do multiple variations still within reasonable

        printing costs.

        Have your plastic cards with a fixed sum on each card and do some variations on the amounts on the cards, again you might still need to have a barcode or magnetic stripe added to the cards to be read by your system

        but you could also just charge without that needing to do that.

        At Plastic Card experts we can help you with whatever options that you need for your gift cards and will always find the most cost effective way for you to implement your plastic gift cards program.

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