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How To Make Gift Tags

Ways To Use These Gift Tags


I like to print off several pages of the gift tags at a time, cut them apart, and keep them together in a handy container ready to use.

I think a gift tag looks even prettier if it is also tied up with embellishments like a sprig of green , jingle bells, small ornaments, tiny pinecones, pretty ribbon or twine, or other little items that go with the gift tag theme!

The pretty embellishments can be tied on a gift or glued on using a drop of hot glue.

Here are7 gift tags all different styles and color palettes!

How To Make Gift Tags With Cricut 3 Ways

Making gift tags with the Cricut is super easy and there are several different ways you can make gift tags, depending on what supplies you have on hand. Today Ill show you how to make these Merry & Bright gift tags three ways. The first, and easiest way to make gift tags if youre making more than one, is using the Print Then Cut feature in Design Space. You can learn more about Print Then Cut here.

The second way to make gift tags is perfect if you want your tags to have a more personalized touch. Well use Cricuts glitter pens to make these tags. And the third way, using iron-on, makes gift tags extra sturdy. These are a great way to use scrap iron-on vinyl and/or if you are shipping gifts . You can open this Design Space canvas to find all three gift tag designs.

I used cellophane to wrap Bath and Body Works candles and attached the tags with twine. These make great gifts for friends, teachers, neighbors or really anyone who loves yummy smelling candles! Every December Bath and Body Works offers their 3-Wick candles on a super deal, this year its Saturday, December 7th and you can get them for $9.50 . Stock up and make some gift tags to have gifts on hand for those unexpected drop ins or for someone you may have forgotten on your list.

Beautiful Printable Christmas Gift Tags

    I have 7 free Christmas printable gift tags for you today! These are so uniquely designed and very economical to print out. I love wrapping Christmas gifts and putting beautiful gift tags on each one! I think you will love these Christmas gift tags as much as I do!

    This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on some of the links in this post and you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you. All my opinions are my own.

    Today my good friend Ann from On Sutton Place is joining me. Ann has been a dear blogging friend for years. I so admire her beautiful, clean and crisp design sense. Im always awed by the beauty she creates!

    She is sharing a trio of her gorgeous new gift tag designs. Look for an image and a link at the bottom of this post.

    We are also teaming up for a fun cookie post on Thursday! We have lots of cookie ideas for you! Make sure to stop back.

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    Christmas Gift Labels Bordered Tags

    People love being the center of attention, and one way you can make them feel that way via Christmas gift labels is to design them in a way that makes their name seem like the most important part.

    You can do that by using stages that look like bordered pictures, similar to the ones we illustrated above, but you dont have to stick to any of the 8 variations illustrated above if you dont like them too much.

    The best thing about this design is that you can become completely creative with the design of the borders, and you can even theme them around what that person likes.

    For example, if that person is a big horror movie fan, you can make the tag border look like a window frame, and their name is in red with very shaky handwriting, kind of like blood.

    However, the trickiest part about designing these tags is to make sure that the decorative borders arent too thick, or else you wont be able to write the names too easily, especially the really long ones.

    Free Printable Gift Tag Templates And Designs

    How to Make Customizable Holiday Gift Tags

    Kate Pullen is an accomplished artist and rubber stamping expert with over 15 years of professional crafting experience. She founded the website Away With The Pixels, a digital rubber stamping studio, and conducts craft workshops around the country.

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    Attaching a special gift tag to presents adds a personal touch to the gift. If you enjoy paper crafting or simply want a fun adornment for your gifts, these designs are sure to please.

    All of these gift tag templates are free to download and print. While a few are designed for Christmas and the holiday season, others can work for any occasion. They each have a unique design and a little whimsy that you’ll love.

    The gift tags can be customized with your creative charm as well. While a few look great on a vintage brown cardstock, others are a perfect excuse to use your favorite scrapbook paper with modern patterns. The shapes are easy to cut out from paper or cardstock and you can use decorative edge scissors for a unique touch. They could also be used to embellish scrapbook pages, handmade cards, or other paper projects you’re working on.

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    Diy Christmas Gift Tags

    Add one last personal touch to your Christmas gifts by creating custom DIY Christmas gift tags just for that special someone. Here I am sharing the list gift tags I have created to inspire your creativity. Some of these gift tags are available as Christmas Printables you can download, print and use. Other gift tags are projects you can make from scratch while others are Christmas Cricut projects you can create. I share tutorials, files and supplies to help you along the way.

    Elegant Gift Tags Leather Tags

    When you think of making Christmas gift tags, youre probably thinking about using affordable materials that are also easy to dispense off, such as cardboard.

    However, if youre planning to gift some really expensive gifts and want the entire ensemble to look premium, the Christmas gift tag included, you could try something more sophisticated, such as leather.

    Although leather is more expensive than cardboard, its very durable and lasts for a long time, which means that if you use these tags correctly, theyll serve the recipient for several years before they need to be replaced.

    As for how you can make them look rustic enough to go with the theme of Christmas while also making them look modern, the trick is to find leather thats colored with deep browns, blacks, golds, and silvers.

    Taking this concept one step further, you can even decorate these tags using metal elements without making them look too gaudy.

    Admittedly, not everyone has access to tanned leather, and even if they do, even fewer have the necessary tools or even the skills to cut and emboss the leather to turn it into luxury gifts tags.

    However, if you have both tools and skills, be prepared for loads of praise for your craftsmanship, because most of the time people see leather tags on items that they would normally buy from very expensive mall stores.

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    Christmas Gift Tag Template: The Basics

    Gift tags arent a decorative element that needs to be overcomplicated, and neither should they be something that takes too much of your time, but there are a few guidelines that you can follow if you want them to turn out top-notch.

    For starters, Christmas gifts tags should always be simple and beautiful, but never flashy.

    Theyre attached to gifts that people will inevitably open in front of others, so theyll have to match the gift wrapping in some way or another while drawing a little bit of attention themselves.

    If you want your gift tags to get noticed, all you have to do is choose a colorful and decorative design that also makes the name of the gift and some short message stand out.

    If you want to add some sort of personalized touch, a nice idea is to include a small illustration or use different fonts for each one so they dont look too uniform.

    In fact, if you have a cool hand-drawn illustration you can use it as a Christmas gift tag template to help you create other ones at a faster pace.

    Remove From Mat And Assemble Gift Tags

    Cricut Gift Tags: How to Write & Cut Them ( Free Templates & a Penwriting Font!)

    Once you unload your mat, remove the tags, and circles from it. The best way to remove the gift tags is by bending the mat and letting gravity do most of the work.

    After removing the paper, clean the mat with the scraper, and repeat this process with the circles.

    Since we didnt do a second pass with our Cricut, you may have to use the weeder to push out some of the cuts.

    After pushing the negative cuts, glue the circle to the inside of the gift tag. Please, please use a high-quality glue, for your sanity and the final look of your project, dont use kids glue.

    Dont they look amazing?

    The photos dont do it justice, but in person, these gift tags are the most beautiful Ive ever seen in my life.

    No joke!

    The question is, what occasion are you going to use them for?

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    Diy Gift Tags Elegant Black Tags

    We talked earlier about how making something simple or streamlined can make it look modern. Well, if you want to make something look a lot more expensive than it actually is, another thing you should try is making it black.

    Thats why we recommend that you try out these back Christmas tags since they certainly enhance the premium look of any gift you attach them to.

    In fact, you could even go as far as to say that these tags look so sophisticated and elegant that they might be a little bit too much for a Christmas gift.

    If thats the case, you can of course use them for non-Christmas presents if you want to, but if not, you could still try using standard white tags instead.

    For some added elegance, we recommend that you try making these DIY gift tags using black cardboard with a matte finish.

    More so, if you have the extra time, you can also cover the tag in black velvet, and use a heat press for the writing and decorative designs, like the ones you use to make personalized T-shirts.

    How To Make Gift Tags Out Of Old Christmas Cards

    Wandering Hoof Ranch may earn a commission for purchases made after clicking links on this page at not additional cost to you. I only recommend products I trust and thank you for your support.

    October 7, 2021 by Diana

    It’s easy to make gift tags out of old Christmas cards. Ive gathered some great ideas to help you make cute little gift tags that are noticed and admired on Christmas morning. This quick diy project will make it easier than you think.

    Save those Christmas Cards and turn them into recycled Christmas Card Tags for next years gifts! Learn how to quickly turn those old cards into something reused, purposeful and adorable with our easy tutorial.

    When visiting after the holiday season last year, I sat and had tea with an old friend while her mother cut apart all of the years Christmas cards. Like always, our visit turned into a productive little craft party.

    There are so many fun things you can do with old Christmas and holiday cards. I myself have a few shoeboxes full under my bed as I just cant bring myself to ever toss them away. Youre reading this post because you most likely have a similar problem!

    Lets turn those old Christmas Cards into something purposeful and beautiful for the following holiday season.

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    Put Your Cricut To Work For You Writing And Cutting Your Gift Tags This Tutorial Walks You Through The Entire Gift Tag Making Process Including Free Gift Tag Templates And A Free Penwriting Font

    perfect gift tag making machinetear-away reveal gift tagsshow you how to you can use the Cricut to writeCricut can write with its pensdreaded bubble letters there are only two free writing fonts in Design SpaceI made us a font of my OWN handwritingyou can suggest project ideas for this Challenge here

    Key concepts taught in the video tutorial include how to select fonts, how to attach, how to move elements on the mat preview, how to assemble gift tags, and how to make your own handwriting font.

    See exactly how to make gift tags on your Cricut in this step-by-step video below:

    Its time to put your Cricut to work making gift tags! This post contains some affiliate links for your convenience ! Read my full disclosure policy.

    Quick Links to Information in this Post

    • A way to cut your paper
    • Design #128 My free SVG/DXF/PDF cut files/patterns
    • The font I used in the tutorial is called Maker Penwriting and you can get it from my free resource library also

    Create Elegant Typographic Art Using Textholders

    How to Make DIY Gift Tags with Cornstarch Clay

    Write your message using beautiful typography by taking advantage of Canvas textholder tool. Textholders are little sets of elegantly paired fonts you can simply drag and drop into your design. You can even create your own by using Canvas free-form text tools. Choose from over a hundred different fonts, change up the color and sizes and drag it to where your message will best shine.

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    Word Or Phrase Categories

    A simple way to gather words and phrases is to make up categories and keep them handy for direct word placement on a tag. The actual writing or script can be printed directly from a printer using a chosen lettering style, size and color of your choice, or the words may already be incorporated on any free gift tag template that is available through the internet.

    Holidays and Special Days

    HalloweenHalloween Screams,Best Witches

    ThanksgivingHappy Turkey Day,Thankful & Grateful

    ChristmasJoy to the World,Making Spirits Bright

    Valentines DayAlways and Forever,Be My Heart

    EasterEaster Blessings,Happy Easter

    GenericJust for you on

    Mothers DayFor ALL you Do,#One Mom

    Fathers DayBest Dad, EVER,Father & Friend

    BirthdaysHappy Birthday,Its Your Day

    WeddingsAwesome Couple, Happily Ever After

    AnniversariesBeautiful Day for a Beautiful Pair, Happy Anniversary

    New BabyA Star is Born,Welcome Little One

    GraduationChase Your Dreams,The Tassels Worth the Hassle

    CongratulationsYou Did It,Brilliant Achievement

    Download Appropriate Images From Google

    Go to and search for Birthday Balloons PNG. You can also try colourful balloons happy birthday balloons also with your search terms. But adding PNG is compulsory. Adding PNG at the end of your search terms will help you find only images with transparent backgrounds.

    These types of images are easy to adjust with any color scheme. Now, download any few images you may like to add in your gift tags. You dont have to worry about their size. We can resize them as per our requirement in Microsoft word.

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    Homemade Gift Tag Ideas

    If youre looking for some gift tag idea inspiration, look no further than these options here. Theyll add a unique touch to any present, and are great fun when getting the kids involved!

    If youve got some spare ink stencils laying around at home , they can be a lovely way of decorating your gift tags for all sorts of occasions. Although the ones above are centred around Christmas, you could use ones for birthdays, or just a generic, best wishes message. They add a rustic, homemade feel to a gift tag that recipients are sure to love.

    However, if youre after something a bit more simple, you and the kids could recreate this pretty and festive gift tag with a simple piece of red felt! Cut a heart shape in the felt , and simply glue it on to your gift tag, alongside a heartfelt message.

    Christmas Name Tags Minimalist Tags

    Quick & Easy Gift Tags

    If you want to make something look modern, regardless of what it is, there are three things that you can do:

    • Make it streamlined
    • Make it simple
    • All of the above

    That being the case, if you want to create some elegant-looking Christmas name tags without too much effort or requiring any particular design skills, you could try some simple cardboard brown tags with white writing and designs.

    They look sweet, they wont distract your eyes from the actual present, and something about using white on a brown background makes the tags look somewhat like gingerbread cookies.

    Because of that, we even recommend that you spray them with some gingerbread-scented fragrances if you happen to have any.

    As for how youll tie the tags to the gift, we recommend that you use twine since it looks very rustic and vintage and goes well with the overall look of the tag.

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    How To Make Gift Tags On A Cricut Joy

    I do have a video showing how I made two other gift tags with the Cricut Joy at the top or side of this post, but if you want to see the full detailed tutorial where I walk you step by step how to design in CDS and cut, check out my YouTube tutorial here.

    Now its time to insert the mats and cut. Luckily Cricut Design Space makes it super easy by telling you exactly what to do for each step and gives you pictures on the screen. Anyone else love the hand holding like I do???

    CDS is going to cut out the top layer of Joy gift tag first so I put a scrap piece of red cardstock on the Joy mat and held it up to the rollers. The Cricut Joy will automatically roll it in and make sure its straight.

    Click Go on your Ipad or laptop to start the cut.

    When the cut is done, the machine will stop and youll need to press the Unload mat on your connected device .

    Once that was cut, I was prompted to insert the bottom layer. For this one, I used sparkle paper which I love! I love things that are shiny!

    Glue the two halves together, write your name on the back if you want and attach it to a gift!

    Now on to the two different snowman Cricut gift tags. For one I used sparkle paper. Remember to follow all the CDS prompts.

    Press the buttons when they pop up on your screen.

    Its best to pull the mat away from the material so it doesnt bend.

    Oh, hes just too cute! You might notice I love glitter snowman crafts from some of my other posts.

    Continue cutting the rest of the mats.

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