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How To Make Personalised Gifts

Make Your Own Colouring Book

How to Make Custom Gifts for Less Than 30 Dollars

Have you ever heard of a junk journal?

Its basically a notebook made up of old bits of paper that would otherwise get thrown away.

Well you can make a kids character colouring book in the same way.

I used old junk mail envelopes, a cardboard chocolate bar wrapper and some cut outs from an old kids magazine to make a junk journal style colouring book as a Christmas gift!

Photo: Little Bit Funky

Dont you think this is a brilliant idea? Use your scrap fabric to upcycle something plain that you dont wear, dont use or have grown out of and make it into a gorgeous personalised gift for someone else!

Obviously only gift clothes or items in good condition, but this would work great for when you have kids clothes to gift to family or friends that your own children have outgrown but not used up.

It wont look like Timmys old hoodie if it has a big beautiful S on it and is so obviously Sarahs now!

We love the K t-shirt pictured above from Little Bit Funky. We just love her fabric choice! You can find her fabric letter appliqué tutorial here.

Skip to My Lou have a great appliqué letter tutorial for personalising a tote bag.

The tutorial also includes free printable letter templates that you could use for all sorts of scrap fabric projects.

The last simple tutorial we found for this personalised applique letter idea was from Sugaridoo .

Diy Paper Gift Card Holders

You didn’t think I wasn’t gonna include gift cards in this list, right? I’m kind of the unofficial gift card queen around here

You can make all of these fun DIY gift card holders with any Cricut machine, including Cricut Joy all of the files are available here.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Measure the surface you’ll use to create the sign.
  • Type the family name in Cricut Design Space in a script font.
  • Type the date they were married, met, or other significant date in Cricut Design Space in a skinny sans serif font.
  • Make sure the design fits the 5.5 wide Smart Vinyl that fits in the Cricut Joy. You may need to cut the name separately from the date to make the design fit surfaces wider than 5.5.
  • Weed the waste from the vinyl sheet, leaving only the words for the name and date intact on the carrier sheet
  • Apply the Transfer Tape to cover all of the letters, pressing into the vinyl letters to make sure they are stuck completely
  • Peel the Transfer Tape up, pulling the vinyl letters with it
  • Apply the Transfer Tape to the surface , pressing the letters down well
  • Peel away the Transfer Tape and save for another project
  • Repeat with each word if the vinyl was cut in separate pieces.
  • The sign is ready to give at this point or you can take it up a notch:

  • Paint over the entire design with chalky finish paint
  • Peel away the vinyl design to reveal the color or bare wood underneath, using the vinyl design as a mask or reverse stencil
  • Diy Chalkboard Wine Glasses

    These DIY chalkboard wine glasses from Cambria Estate Vineyard and Winery make the perfect gift for the wine-lover or hostess with the mostest in your life.

    These glasses look elegant but are super easy to make. Just dip the bases in chalk paint and wait for them to dry. Then wrap them up with a chalk pen, and you have a gift that is sure to be a hit. They also make chic placemarkers on any table setting to get you and your friends toasting to all the joys of the season.

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    How Do You Customize Something

    This is the fun part! With a Cricut, it is so easy to customize anything. The easiest way to customize a gift is to add some kind of vinyl to it.

    You can cut out a persons name or monogram with adhesive vinyl and apply it pretty much any product they love. Or cut out iron-on vinyl and adhere it to something that is fabric, wood, or even faux leather.

    My favorite way to customize something is by using someones handwriting. These type of sentimental gifts really touches the recipient because they know you put thought and time into their gift.

    In todays rushed world, where gift cards are the norm, when someone gets a thoughtful custom gift it will easily tug at their heartstrings and launch it to their top cherished belonging.

    Property Of Personalized Vinyl Decals

    How to make personalized candles [cheap + easy handmade ...

    For siblings argue over whose stuff is who’s they can label it! Hlpe the kids feel ownership over their belongings and space with customized name labels.

    I made these sheets of labels for niece and nephews. Personalize them for your family using the cut file here in Cricut Design Space.

    Here’s what you’ll need:

    • Personalized Name Labels cut file
    • Cricut Joy Smart Vinyl in their favorite colors
    • Cricut Joy Transfer Tape

    Here’s how to make these labels:

  • Design the labels in Cricut Design Space to fit Cricut Smart Vinyl , personalized with the recipients name and any other alterations to make the labels special
  • Cut the labels with Cricut Joy
  • Weed the waste from the vinyl sheet, leaving only the words for the labels intact on the carrier sheet
  • Apply the Transfer Tape to cover all of the labels, pressing into the vinyl letters to make sure they are stuck completely
  • Roll the sheets of labels and tie with a ribbon or piece of baker’s twine
  • These label sheets make great stocking stuffers and are easy to mail when inserted flat into an envelope.

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    Inexpensive Homemade Gift Ideas

    This creative collection of homemade gift ideas will help you give fun personalized DIY gifts to the people you love! Theyre all cheap and easy to make and are perfect for Christmas, birthdays and more.

    There are affiliate links in this post. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Please read my full disclosure policy.

    Its no secret that homemade gifts are often not only cheaper but also typically more special because of the personalized touch that goes along with them.

    Here are 20 frugal homemade gift ideas that I rounded up from some amazing blogs. These practical DIY gifts are also simple and relatively easy for anyone to make- because Im sure there are plenty of you that are like me and arent real great at doing crafty sorts of things!


    How Do I Make A Personalised Gift

  • Take a look at our range of available personalised gifts. Choose from Prints to Calendars, Photo Books to Magnets, there’s a gift just waiting to be given to everyone.

  • Have a look through your photos and upload some snaps you know they’ll love to look at.

  • Get creative! Swap, crop and edit your photos in our easy-to-use online studio. Many of our personalised gifts have a choice of colourful themes and backgrounds, and for some gifts there’s always room for a heartfelt message…

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    Html Builder And Page Editor

    Designing the perfect website for your online business doesnt have to be complicated. With Shift4Shops streamlined website builder, you can pick your favorite website template and customize it to fit your needs with ease. You can even edit a live preview of your custom eCommerce website to see changes in real time.

    Making Gift Cards Personal

    How to Create Personalized Gifts with Flock II | Embroidery Looking HTV

    You must have thought of something when you bought the gift voucher in the shop and it fits a hobby or fulfils a special wish. Print out a thematically appropriate photo in DIN A4 , put the voucher card in a small coloured envelope and stick it on the photo. Depending on your preference, you can frame the picture or simply attach it to a cardboard box covered with wrapping paper in a contrasting colour using .

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    I Absolutely Love How My Diy Personalized Snow Globe Turned Out And Will Cherish It For Years To Come

    What do you think, totally doable right? I will definitely be making a few more to give to the grandparents as gifts. I just love how it turned out and it only took me about 30 minutes.

    If you make one of your own globe Id love to see it! Please tag me in your Insta, Twitter, or Facebook photos Im always so grateful when you Pin my work as well.

    What Presents Can You Personalise With A Photo

    Here on Photobox you can personalise anything from an A4/A3 Calendar for your super-organised best friend, a Photo Mug for your mother-in-law, maybe even a set of Photo Fridge Magnets for your giftee’s new home. Looking for the gift with a difference? Try the Ravensburger Photo Jigsaw Puzzle personalised with a picture of their furry friend for a bit of fun!

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    Personalized Christmas Gifts You Can Make With Cricut Joy

    The holiday season this year is gonna be way different I just wanna stay inside with my toasty slippers on, a warm cup of tea in my hand, and make gifts while watching my favorite holiday movies. We’ve already watched National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation and it’s not even Thanksgiving yet you with me on this?

    DIY gift ideas are at the top of my list this year. Since I won’t be visiting family and friends in person the same way as in years past, I need gift ideas that are:

    • Affordable
    • Easy to mail and won’t break
    • Can be personalized
    • Supplies are easy to get

    Enter Cricut Joy!

    I’m sharing 10 easy-to-DIY personalized gift ideas you can MAKE with your Cricut Joy.

    Packaging Makes Personalised Gifts Exceptional

    25 Handmade Gift Ideas

    For young children, there is nothing more awesome than unwrapping presents. I admit it: theres still a little kid in me and I find wrapping can be almost as much fun as unwrapping. There are countless ways you can wrap personalised gifts originally. You dont necessarily need wrapping paper. Especially when a gift is wrapped in cardboard, newspaper or a towel, the guesswork starts as to what is hidden inside.

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    Types Of Personalized Gifts To Sell Online

    The phrase personalized product encompasses a wide variety of products across various industries, from clothing and jewelry to artwork and stationery. The way in which these products are personalized can also vary widely some of the most common forms of personalization include screen printing, embroidery, etching and engraving. However, the personalized product industry can go much deeper than that. Do research on whats already available and think about how you can use the same blanks as your competitors and personalize them in a better way that differentiates your brand.

    Before you get started, its important to find and select your niche, or else you may spread yourself too thin by trying to offer every type of personalization available. Do research into whats available in different niches and think about how you can use the same blanks as your competitors and personalize them in a better way that differentiates your brand. Its realistic to put limits on the customizations you offer, and how many customizations that customers can make per item, so that you can work within your means and put together products that are manageable for your business. With a quantifiable customization limit on each item, its also easier to price your products and customizations accordingly to ensure that youre not losing money in the process.

    Choose From The Exclusive Range Of Personalized Gift Items Available At Ferns N Petals

    You can select from our wide collection of personalized gifts as given below-

    Personalized Cushions– Inpersonalized cushion category, we offer photo cushions on which you can get the memorable picture of your loved ones printed. There are personalized message cushions as well on which you can get a lovely message printed for your friends and family. Similarly, you can also get quotes printed on cushions, such as Worlds Best Dad, Worlds Best Mom, Super Mom, etc. You can also get the name of your loved ones or the initials of their name printed on the cushion.

    Personalized Mugs– A great collection ofpersonalized coffee and beer mugs are available on our portal on which you can get the picture, name, initials or famous dialogues of your loved ones printed.

    Personalized Photo Frames– Thepersonalized photo frames make the best memorable gift on every occasion. The types of personalized photo frames that we offer on our portal, includes heart-shaped photo frames, quote photo frames, floral photo frames, and tree-shaped photo frames, etc.

    Personalised Cakes– Apart from gifts, we also offer personalized cakes to make your birthday celebration a memorable affair. In the category of personalized cakes, we offer in which you get any beautiful picture of the birthday person printed on the cake.

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    Why Should You Buy Personalised Gifts From Ferns N Petals

    We are here to explain why you should choose Ferns N Petals to buy personalized gifts for the special occasions of your dear ones.

    Wide Spectrum of Personalized Gifts: Ranging from photo cakes to coffee mugs and photo lamps to key chains, we offer a wide range of gifts in our online personalized gift shop that you can choose based on your preference and budget. You can select from the myriad options available to gift something unique to your friends and family.

    Finest Quality of Personalized Gifts: We never compromise with the quality and always provide our customers with the high-quality personalized gifts to enhance their online shopping experience. We deliver as promised by us and desired by you. Our keenness on offering quality product makes us stand out and distinguishes us from our competitors in the online market.

    Value for Your Money: All our products are prepared using superior-quality materials and are available at competitive prices online. They wont burn a hole in your pocket and will always help you create a strong bond with your loved ones through their high sentimental values.

    Reliability: Once you order personalized gifts from our online store you can be rest assured about their timely delivery. They will be delivered on the exact date chosen by you while placing the order to put a wide smile on the face of your dear ones.

    How To Get Started Selling Personalized Items Online

    3 Personalized Gifts You Can Make

    If youd like to get started selling personalized items with a powerful eCommerce solution behind you, then Shift4Shop is the best option available. In addition to every customizable feature weve discussed, Shift4Shop includes hundreds more features and tools to help build your eCommerce website, market your business, manage your inventory, and more. Best of all, if you activate Shift4 Payments as your payment processor, you’ll get access to our free End-to-End eCommerce plan which includes all our features for no monthly fee.

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    How To Decorate A Hamper Basket

    Ribbon finishes off the hamper nicely, and again collect what you can in order to reuse and reduce costs and waste. I have a stash of recycled ribbon. Its amazing where you can collect it from. For example, I bought a pair of PJs the other day that came wrapped in over a metre of white satin ribbon rather than being packed in plastic. That ribbon will come in handy later on.

    Other options include making or recycling some gift bows, using paper flowers adding greenery or designing your own labels and gift cards.

    Forget the daggy I-dont-know-what-else-to-get-you store-bought hampers a gift hamper basket can make a lovely gift if you make it up yourself and personalise it.

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    Homemade Limoncello With Printable Label

    Even if you’ve never been to Italy, you’ve probably tasted Limoncello and know just how lemony and delicious it is. Mix up your batch and fill up mason jars with it. Then top them off with the free printable labels included in the tutorial. This is a great gift for college students planning to study abroad or anyone at all!

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    How To Create A Customized Mug With The Cricut Mug Press:

    Design Your Mug in Cricuts Design Space

    Conduct a search for mug design or slogans you might like in Cricut Design Space. I knew that I wanted to create a mug about knitting my other crafting passion. So, I did a quick search for phrases that included the word knitting and found this one that says, Knitting Makes Everything Better and knew that was the one I wanted to make.

    Turn Your Mug Press On

    Hit the on button on your Mug Press so that it can preheat as you finalize your design. On the first use, you will have to connect the Mug Press to your computer using the USB cord to ensure the machine is up-to-date.

    Cut your Design on Your Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet

    Find a slogan or design you wish to make in Cricut Design Space, select the Cricut Cutting Machine you decided to use. I chose to use my Cricut Joy for this small project.

    Weed Your Design

    Now its time to weed the Infusible Ink. While weeding is my least favorite part of the making process, weeding the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets wasnt bad. I bent the transfer sheet back and forth a few times, and then I used my fingers instead of the weeding tool, and the letters popped out easily.

    Secure the Infusible Ink Transfer Sheet to the Mug

    After your design is weeded, use the lint roller on the mug to ensure there isnt any lint or pet fur on the mug. Then stick the transfer sheet to the mug. You might have to use heat-resistant tape to ensure that all sides are secure.

    Remove Your Awesome Personalized Mug

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