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How To Make Your Own Gift Card

More Than A Gift Card Maker

Card Making : How to Make Your Own Gift Cards

The gift card maker caters to whatever you want. It can be used as a birthday gift card maker, a restaurant gift card maker, a holiday gift card maker and so much more. Start with a template and customize it to fit your needs perfectly.

Animation & Interactivity

Create and share animated and interactive gift cards online with your audience. Add animated graphics, an interactive QR code directly to your shop and more.

Icons & Graphics

Choose from over a million stock photos, icons, illustrations, characters, lines, shapes and more to create an enticing and easy-to-browse gift card design.

Charts & Graphs

Create unique visualizations and design accents with charts, graphs and data widgets available in Vismes editor. Showcase sales and numbers with visuals.

Upload A Picture Or Video

Picking an image or video to use is the most fun part of making your own gift card. Here are a few tips for picking the perfect image to put on a gift card:

1. Horizontal Orientation.

Since the image will be placed horizontally on the gift card, images taken in landscape mode will be easier to place on the gift card. If youre taking an image with your phone, turn the phone sideways to get a wider shot.

2. Dont Fill Up the Frame.

For plastic gift cards only, keep in mind that there will be a Visa logo plus the card number, name, greeting and good thru date printed on the bottom half of the gift cardover the top of the image. So you will want an image that is still visible above the numbers. Shots that include ample space around the focal point or have simple backgrounds are good choices.

For egift cards or print-at-home cards, go ahead and fill up that frame! The more close-up the shot is, the better youll be able to see it on a mobile device or paper print-out when it gets delivered.

3. Get an Action Shot.

Though not easy to do, some of my best personalized gift cards include pictures of the coachs kid in actionswinging a bat, sliding into home plate, kicking a soccer ball or doing something more than just standing there. That said, Ive also taken several shots that just didnt work on a gift card and opted for a headshot instead. Both will be equally amazing when done.

4. Take a Team Photo.

5. Use a High-Quality Image.

Where To Start: What Youll Need To Create Your Own Greeting Cards

In this article well be looking at how you can create your own greeting cards using digital software. You can of course also create greeting cards by hand, but the advantage of using design software is that you can easily edit and reproduce your design. Or, you can create a digital card that you can share over email or social media.

You can use any 2D design software to create your cards, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, publishing design programs such as Adobe InDesign or Affinity Publisher will allow you more control over page sizing, color settings, and typography.

The designs pictured throughout this article were created using InDesign. Meanwhile, Adobe Illustrator was used to edit some of the vector illustrations used on the designs.

New to InDesign? Get to grips with some of the basics with this InDesign poster tutorial:

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Let Adobe Spark Be Your Gift Certificate Design Expert

Hone your creativity with the power of Adobe Spark Post. Explore professionally designed templates to get your wheels spinning or create your gift certificate from scratch. Establish a theme for your designs using photos, icons, logos, personalized fonts, and other customizable elements to make them feel entirely authentic. Duplicate designs and resize them to create consistency across multiple types of assets. With Adobe Spark Post, its free and easy to make, save, and share your designs within minutes.

Sizing For Hemming And Shrinkage

How to Make Your Own Gift Card Envelopes

We have a full Cut & Sew service here at Contrado , and are able to hem your fabric prints for a small additional charge. We create a small one- or two-fold hem that typically uses 0.2″ to 0.75″ of material, depending on the thickness of the fabric. So, for example, if you want a finished piece of fabric that measures 39.37″ x 39.37″, you will need to order a size of 39.96″ x 39.96″ to allow for the hem . The thicker the fabric, the bigger the hem will be. You can choose to have your prints hemmed with either Black or White thread. On our silk and other light woven fabrics, one hemmed edge will be straight and the other will be slightly rippled. The hemming material allowances are as follows and you need to make your print bigger to accommodate the hem:

  • Light Fabrics : For silks and other light fabrics, we use 0.24″ – 0.32″ / 6mm-8mm in the hem , so overall width/height will be minus 0.48″-0.56″”/ 12-16mm
  • Medium Fabrics : For medium-weight fabrics that fray, we use 0.5 – 0.75″ / 15-20mm in the hem so overall width/height will be minus 1.4″ – 1.6″ / 35-40mm
  • Stiff/Heavy/No-fray fabrics: we use 0.5 – 0.75″ / 15-20mm in the hem so overall width/height will be minus 1.5″ / 35-40mm

All of these measurements are approximate and can vary. Including with shrinkage, it can mean a fairly significant difference to ordered dimensions, so please plan your print accordingly. Depending on how open the weave is, our fabric can shrink anywhere from 2% to 8% with the average being 2.5%.

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How To Make Your Own Gift Cards In 4 Easy Steps

Make a totally unique gift card this holiday season in four simple steps. Tips on how to make your own plastic, paper and egift cards.

Find out about Gift Card Deals that last beyond the holidays.

For the 10th year in a row, gift card are the most-requested gift on holiday wish lists. Gift cards have been my favorite gift to give for longer than that. I love that recipients get to create their own experiences with the gift cards they receive.

Though I may get someone a gift card thinking he or she will spend it one way, the recipient might have entirely different plans. For example, my neighbor just gave me some movie gift cards as a thank you gift and suggested I use the gift cards to go to the movies with my friends. Though I could do that, Id rather use the gift cards to take my kids to the movies on Thanksgiving Dayone of our favorite holiday traditions. She picked the movie theater for me , but I still get to pick what movie I see, when I see it and with whom I sit.

If youre planning to buy gift cards for the holidays, an upcoming birthday celebration or as a thank you gift, then I have a tip for you. Make the gift card yourself. If youve never made your own gift card, then youre in for a treat. In just a few simple steps, you can create a gift card that is as unique as the experience it delivers.

Resize Your Birthday Card

Its your card, make it the size you want. Make a big splash with printable cards in an extended size or crunch a big birthday card down for social media sharing – or both! Resizing your completed card is easy, just click the resize button and use a preset size or choose your own custom size.

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Customize For Creative Control

Save the date cards can be fun and flirty, artistic and dramatic, or anything else you want them to be. Adobe Sparks free Save The Date templates let you experiment with hundreds of images, fonts, and layouts. It includes photo filters, palette options, and individualized color choices for designs that reflect your unique vision for creating the perfect do-it-yourself save the date card.

Like You Do With The Normal Fabric Labels


At the moment no, our labels are all printed on the same satin fabric. We may introduce more in the future, but for now, this is the best choice. The labels are all cut the same way. You can order the fabric of your choice and make the labels yourself, but we do not cut different fabric into label format.

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How To Make Gift Cards In 5 Steps

There are many shopping holidays year-round, and you can easily create custom gift cards for each one of them. Allow your customers to cater their design to the exact occasion theyre purchasing it for. Its quick and easy to use our gift card maker.

Simply follow our quick five-step tutorial below to start creating your own professional gift card designs in minutes. Switch out your gift cards for different holidays and seasons to keep customers engaged and buying them.

  • Log into Visme and create a new project. Find the gift card templates under the Printables section.
  • Upload your logo, add your business name and enter the dollar amount your gift card is worth.
  • Customize the fonts and colors to match your brand.
  • Add photos and icons as a design accent or background image.

Sell Gift Cards And Track Them From Your Square Account

Gift cards are integrated into the Square app and Square Dashboard. Theyre simple to sell, redeem, track, and reload. No additional tools or training needed.

Export a full reportGift cards show up in your reporting. Export the gift card sales report in Square Dashboard for an in-depth look at all gift cards issued and their outstanding balances.

Wrap it upRedeem gift cards as easily as you would any other form of payment. Gift card balances can be stored in the same way as Card on File. Its just one more way Square gives your customers the best experience possible.

I explored other virtual gift card providers, but their interfaces were clunky and cumbersome. Setting up Square eGift Cards was smooth and effortless.


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Gift Card Holder With Banner

This gift card holder takes a little time to study. At first glance, its a simple greeting card folded in half. When you look at the instructions, however, youll discover some details that make the gift card holder both unique and a little trickier to make. Not too tricky, though. Basic origami skills should be all you need to get the gift card placed correctly. What I like the most about the gift card holder is the banner that goes across the folded envelope. The banner is perfect for adding coordinating paper plus a to and from label to the holder.

Heres how to make the gift card holder with banner.

How To Make Gift Certificates

20 Ways to Make Your Own Gift Card Holders

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Gifts certificates are a great way to get more attention and customers for your business. While you might not know where to start, youll be happy to hear that making your very own gift cards is a lot easier than you probably think. All the tools are right at your fingertips. The easiest method is using the templates in Microsoft Word. If you dont have Word or want more decoration options, then there are other design programs that work too. Whatever option you choose, you can have you own personalized gift certificates in just a few minutes.

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Create And Share Your Completed Gift Certificate Template In Seconds

Every year over 90% of US consumers purchase or receive a gift certificate. For business, gift certs can act as perfect gift and personal endorsement from your customer and can complement your customer retention effort.

Gift cards can also be a cost-effective advertising method for Company special offers. By offering loyal customers pre-paid gift certificates instead of coupons or other types of discounts its possible to recoup your investment quickly 70% of consumers spend more than the gift cards value.

We have created gift certificate templates and vouchers for restaurants and caf├ęs, hotels, spa treatments and stores to name just a few. With over a million images, vectors and icons to choose from, you can easily customize your gift voucher template to create a unique design.

Simply search and select the image you want to use or upload your own. Add your business or group name and logo to the gift certificates, download and print the gift certificate with as many copies as you need or send it online.

Use the sample gift card wording with each template, or edit the text and add your own ideas.

Increase Customer Loyalty With Renewable Balance Gift Cards

Custom plastic gift cards are printed with a magnetic strip or bar code on which you apply a dollar value. You control the value of the card electronically, generating a renewable balance and creating opportunities for repeat shopping, increased customer loyalty, in-store promotions and cross selling. You also benefit from potential impulse buying and up-selling since your customers will be inclined to apply the gift card value towards higher priced merchandise. Best of all, your electronically controlled gift card means no cash refunds on the balance.

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How To Choose A Size For Your Greeting Card

Commercial greeting cards are generally printed in a limited range of standard sizes. This allows senders to mail the cards within standard-sized envelopes, and helps stationery stores stack product on display shelving.

While you can create your own greeting card to any size you wish, if you want to send your card in the mail you will need to ensure your card will fit into a standard envelope size.

An A7-sized birthday card design, featuring an illustration by contributor Alenka Karabanova.

Some of the most common standard greeting card sizes are:

  • A7 the most popular standard card size youll see in most card stores.
  • A6 a slightly neater card size that matches an A6 envelope size.
  • A9 or Half Fold a large size usually used for programs and menus, as well as large-scale novelty cards.
  • A1 a small-size card usually used for thank you cards.

Order Online Or Call Today To Learn More About All The Great Options And Features Of Duracard Gift Cards

How to Make Your Own Unique Gift Card Holder for a Birthday Surprise
  • Use our professional designers or upload your own print ready art
  • Standard thicknesses of .020″ and .030″ or ask about other thicknesses
  • Standard size is 2 1/8″ x 3 3/8″ with 1/8″ diameter rounded corners or ask us about custom die cuts
  • Full or Spot Color
  • Low or high coercivity magnetic stripes encoded on track 1, 2, and/or 3
  • Consecutive numbering or variable data personalization for names, numbers, PINs, etc. with provided database
  • Bar coding with or without human readable characters printed below
  • Hole and slot punching for round or lanyard or ask us about custom sizes and shapes
  • Standard writable finish for signatures and handwritten personalization or ask about custom signature panels
  • Scratch-off overlay panels for PINs, special promotions and contests

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Freeform Folded Gift Card Holder

This folded gift card holder starts out the same as the folded holder above, but I wanted to show it to you so you could see that you dont have to cut the lines straight. In this example, I cut the pocket along the curves of the water on the printed design. Ive also made similar pockets where I used decorative scissors to cut zig-zag lines, scallops and other fun edges. So when you make the pocket, dont be afraid to get a little crazy with your cuts.

Heres how to make the freeform folded gift card holder.

Beautiful Versatile Gift Certificates Adobe Spark Can Help You With That

Gift certificates are a great marketing tool and an easy way to promote your business, organization, or cause. Adobe Spark puts the power of creativity in your hands so you can let loose and design your gift certificate the way you like. Best of all, Adobe Spark is free to use and easy to master, so you can always get the perfect gift certificate made every time, quick and stress-free. And with all your previous designs saved in your project folder, Adobe Spark makes it easy to come back and dust off an old art to re-imagine it and re-used it in new and innovative ways.

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Free Gift Certificate Templates You Can Customize

  • Email

The Spruce / Maritsa Patrinos

These gift certificate templates will help you create a unique gift for a friend, family member, employee, or client.

Some of these gift certificate templates open in Microsoft Word or another word processing program, while others can be edited and printed from start to finish right from your browser. You’ll need to customize them with your text and in some cases colors and photos. Finally, you’ll print them off and hand them over. If it’s a special occasion, consider slipping them into a free, printable greeting card.

There’s a wide selection of styles for these gift certificate templates so you should be able to find one to fit your occasion and recipient’s style. There is also a good mix of blank gift certificates as well as some that are already for a specific item or service.

If you’re looking for a more personal gift, consider giving your loved one some free printable love coupons. They make perfect Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Christmas, and birthday gifts.

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