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How To Order Gift Cards For My Business

Easily Redeem Gift Cards

How do I tell customers my business sells gift cards & accepts donations? | Quick Help

Redeem gift cards as easily as you would any other form of payment. Gift card balances can be stored in the same way as Card on File. Its just one more way Square gives your customers the best experience possible.

‘I explored other virtual gift card providers, but their interfaces were clunky and cumbersome. Setting up Square eGift Cards was smooth and effortless.’

Sarah Paxton, Inner Sun & Moon

Gift Card Design Options

Whether you have never designed a graphic before or youre a seasoned gift card design professional, we have design options to fit your needs. We provide a free design library, professional templates, and offer complimentary design assistance that will take your card’s design to the next level.Have questions about business gift card artwork, custom gift card printing or anything else? We are here to help contact uswith your questions.

Bring In New Business

A well-placed gift card program has the potential to bring at least two customers into your storethe giver and the receiver. In the same study referenced above, First Data showed that 11% of gift card receivers noted they had never or rarely visited the merchants location before receiving the gift card and over a third changed their purchasing behavior in order to redeem the card. With incentives for the giver and the receiver , you can reward both parties and encourage return visits.

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Compete With National Stores

When it comes to gift-giving, consumers naturally consider gift cards, but they value convenience over uniqueness. Though your mom and pop restaurant may support local growers and serve the best omelet in town, time-crunched holiday shoppers will turn to the gift cards that are easiest to buy. So, if you have a gift card available in your store and on your website , then you have a chance of vying for those precious gift card dollars.

How To Set Up A Gift Card System For Small Business

Teal Small Business Thank You Cards Thank You for Shopping ...

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the mandated closures of non-essential businesses, a dramatic decrease in foot traffic to essential businesses, widespread layoffs, and an overall decline in consumer spending has had a seismic impact on the global economyâand small businesses have been hit the hardest.

Special small business loan and funding programs like federal grants, disaster relief loans, and the Paycheck Protection loan have all been developed to provide small businesses with an immediate infusion of much-needed working capital. But applying for these loan programs takes time, and approval isnât always a guarantee. So in the meantime, there are ways that small business owners can take matters into their own hands. One of the quickest solutions is selling small business gift cards online.

Customers can redeem their digital gift cards either immediately, if you have an online store, or in person once your brick-and-mortar business is back up and running. But either way, selling gift cards online can help free up some cash flow on your end. Implementing a small business gift card system is simpler than you might think, too. Weâll show you exactly how to do it.

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Option : Order Bulk Gift Cards For Small Businesses

BEST FOR: Small businesses. Gift cards will have a one year expiration date.

Buy bulk reward cards for small businesses

A couple of years ago, we got permission from the bank to allow small businesses to buy bulk reward cards in orders of 50 cards or less. When using our small business gift card solution, you now have the option to put a company logo, product image or tagline on the card. You can even upload a picture of the team, the company mascot, or another image that the recipients will enjoy. If you dont have time to get that creative, select one of our predesigned gift card images instead. Write Happy Holidays,Job Well Done,Great Work or some other expression on the embossed message line.

If you want to start a gift card program for your business, read Gift Card Girlfriends Complete Guide to Gift Cards for Small Businesses.

If youre a small business owner, there is a new gift card option for small business owners. Check out CardNow.

Give Cards Instead Of Cash

When a customer returns merchandise with or without a receipt, offer a gift card in exchange. The money stays in your store and the shopper is encouraged to find something else to buy. Posting the stores new return policy may also decrease fraud since shoplifters will know they can no longer steal merchandise, return it without a receipt and get cash back.

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Discounting Your Gift Cards To Reward Customers For Bigger Purchases

One way you can reward loyal customers for helping you through this time is by giving them a discount for purchasing a gift card for a larger amount. Not only does this increase the amount of immediate cash flow you can generate per sale, its a nice way to say thank you to your customers.

Dont be afraid to reach out to your most loyal repeat customers. These customers often spend hundreds of dollars with you throughout the year. Incentivize them to support your business now by offering a discount when they purchase a gift card.

You can create one discount to apply across all you gift card denominations, or have discounts that apply to specific denominations or purchasing thresholds. Its up to you how you want to reward your customers.

Lets walk through an example by creating a 15% automatic discount applied across all gift card tiers. Customers will see this discount automatically applied at checkout, but remember to also communicate it upfront on your product page:

  • Go to Discounts > Automatic Discounts in Shopify .
  • Click Create Discount and choose Automatic Discount so customers can get the discount without entering a code.
  • Choose your discount type . In this case, Im going to pick Percentage.
  • The Value section will change depending on the discount type you select. Since I chose percentage, Im going to set the Value to 15% and have it apply to Specific products, searching for the gift card product I created.
  • Dont Miss Out On The Expanding Gift Card Trend


    Plastic gift cards are not just for the big retailers anymore. Since most shoppers are now accustomed to the convenience of gift cards, they expect all merchants and business owners to offer them. Duracard® provides custom plastic gift cards to a wide range of businesses, large and small, including: grocery, pet and gift stores boutiques and specialty shops florists and garden shops automotive, oil changers and car washes dentists and chiropractors health clubs and golf courses clothing and jewelry stores and beauty shops restaurants and night clubs and equipment rental stores.

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    Put Your Card Out There

    I dare you to find a major retailer that isnt selling a gift card online. Then, also think about everywhere else you see their cards. Macys, for example, sells gift cards in their stores, online, at gift card kiosks, in apps and more. This popular department store makes it easy for customers to find their gift cards and so should you. Put your gift card on the counter, put signage on the door and on end-cap displays, put plastic and egift cards on your website, add a link to your gift card in newsletters and post it in your social media profiles. In short, make sure customers know you have a gift card and know all the ways they can buy it.

    Analyze Performance Vs Goals

    Before starting your gift card program, you likely had goals in mind regarding anticipated overall performance. As such, only proper comparative analysis will ensure you are hitting your targets efficiently.

    Rather than eyeballing results, take time to keep data organized in tables, charts and graphs. Monitor performance over time, and watch for month-to-month changes. Honing in on the specifics will allow you to identify shortcomings and come up with plans to correct them.

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    Bulk Gift Card Options

    From the multi-pack at the grocery store to the high-volume order placed online, there are many ways to buy gift cards in bulk. The terms and conditions, however, vary with eachand so do the benefits. To get the cards that meet your needs, carefully consider the following options before placing an order:

    Create Your Gift Card

    Everything Etsy Holiday Gift GuideâNo. 1

    With your store setup and a plan selected, you can now create a digital gift card by going to Products > Gift Cards, or by . You can then turn on the gift cards feature by clicking the Sell gift cards button and then Edit product.

    From there, youll be able to customize your gift card product:

  • Title: What your product will be called. I called mine Katies Cafe COVID-19 Relief Gift Card to make it clear what it is customers are purchasing.
  • Description: Where you can describe your product and how it will help your business with COVID-19 relief. Explain how customers can redeem their gift card. Be specific and clear. If youre not sure yet, be upfront about it.
  • Media: You can use the default image to represent your gift card or quickly create a custom image for free using a tool like Canvas gift certificate template.
  • Denominations: Here you can set the different amounts that customers can purchase. The default amounts should be fine. Customers can always buy multiple gift cards if they want.
  • Product availability: This is where youll select which sales channels you want to sell your product on. For now, you can select Online Store. You can set up additional sales channels later.
  • When youre done, hit Save and your gift card will be created.

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    Keep Customers Coming Back

    • 8″ x 3.75″ dimensions
    • 1- or 2-sided printing options
    • Colour or white envelopes available
    • Quantities from 10 to 20,000

    Looking for a new way to get the word out about your restaurant, shop or salon? Consider creating your own custom gift certificates. This simple gift idea is also an effective marketing approach: Loyal customers can turn birthdays, anniversaries or special celebrations into opportunities to promote your business.

    Ready to start creating? Begin by exploring our assortment of fully customizable gift voucher designs, including options for specific industries. Once youâve found a gift certificate template you like, make it yours by adding all your key information, options, and selecting the options that work best for you. Weâll take care of the rest, and your gift certificates will arrive looking crisp, polished and ready to hand out.

    How To Create Gift Cards For Your Small Business

    Kevin Lynch

    May 07, 2018 · 4 min read

    Toolkit for download in this article

    Personalize automated emails

    If you want to give a gift that is going to make the recipient happy, dont give them what you think theyll like. Give them a gift card. Theres data back this up. The National Retail Federation, reports that 62 percent of consumers prefer to receive a gift card over pretty much anything.

    Why does this matter to you as a small business owner? Because another fact unearthed by the National Retail Federation is that a majority of all gift card recipients will overspend the value of the card. You can almost hear the cha-ching, cant you? Business gift cards can translate to more revenue at redemption.

    Personalize automated emails

    The time, cost, and redemption barriers that once made the gift card more of a hassle than it was worth are over. The new reality is that creating a gift card system for your small business is easy and inexpensive.

    Here are a few tips on how to make a gift card for your business.

  • Gift cards dont sell themselves, youve got to promote themYou cant purchase a gift card if you dont know they are on offer. If a customer has done business with you multiple times in the past or is using your services regularly, its a safe bet that they like what you have to offer and would be willing to share gift cards with their friends. For loyal customers, you may consider offering a discount on your gift cards.

  • Tracie Rollins contributed to this article.

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    Personalized Gift Cards That Work With Your Existing Pos System

    Custom gift cards are not just for major retailers. Personalized gift cards can be created for any type of business. Most businesses utilize a point-of-sales system, also known as a POS. Many POS companies offer gift cards to their customers, which are purchased from a plastic card manufacturer and resold to their customers. What many businesses dont realize is that they can also purchase fully personalized gift cards directly from the manufacturer. Benefits of custom reloadable gift cards include: encouraging repeat shopping and customer loyalty, the likelihood that customers will spend beyond the gift card value, and avoiding the need for cash refunds.

    Why Choosing The Right Bulk Gift Card Is Important

    Free Online Gift Card Solution for Local Businesses

    Last year, I helped an acquaintance order approximately 30 Visa® gift cards for her extended family, including adult kids, grandchildren and family friends. Since this woman orders so many cards, she had been incorrectly advised the previous year to place a bulk gift card order through her bank. Instead of receiving consumer gift cards, however, she received 30 corporate reward cards. These are not the same thing.

    Corporate reward cards often come with short-term expiration dates and other terms and conditions that make sense if you buy them as business perks, customer rewards or corporate incentives. These terms do not make sense if you are buying the cards in bulk for you 27 grandkids. Throughout the ensuing year, this womans relatives discovered that the unused portion of their corporate reward cards had expired, turning her holiday gifts into a family-wide disappointment. She came to me because she didnt want that to happen again, and neither did I.

    When it comes to buying gift cards in bulk, determining who will use the card is just as important as picking the right card.

    How Small Businesses are Affected by the COVID-19 Pandemic:Can We Buy Gift Cards to Support Small Businesses During Disaster?

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    Some Of Our Happy Customers

    We’ve been using LoyLap Gift Cards for over two years and have found they are very easy for our staff to process. The LoyLap team are also always on hand should we need assistance which is always great to have. Our customers love the convenience of being able to offer the Gift Card to their loved ones which for us is a priceless recommendation.

    Gavin WhiteDirector, EZ Living Furniture

    Weve been with LoyLap for over 4 years to manage all of our customer relations. At Lily, we use both Physical and Digital Gift Cards. It is great to have those both from the same company so its really easy to tally up Gift Card sales and redemptions both in-store and online on our website.

    Elaine CloganOwner, Lily Boutique

    My staff and our customers love our Gift Cards from LoyLap. With the contactless tap to load and remove funds, and the ability we have to name each Gift Card in case of loss by one of our valued customers, LoyLap gives us everything we need to power a Gift Card system that works for us and our customers.

    Frederic PelanneGeneral Manager, Peploe’s

    We’ve been using LoyLap Gift Cards for over two years and have found they are very easy for our staff to process. The LoyLap team are also always on hand should we need assistance which is always great to have. Our customers love the convenience of being able to offer the Gift Card to their loved ones which for us is a priceless recommendation.

    Gavin WhiteDirector, EZ Living Furniture

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    How Do I Create And Design My Gift Cards

    Most gift card providers allow you to upload your artwork or personalize gift cards with templated designs via a web page or online portal, similar to how many business owners order custom business cards online. Once you design your gift cards, you can contact your provider to place an order or submit the request via their online store.

    Establish Gift Card Policies For Your Team

    Support Local Business

    Once you have your POS system set up for gift cards, tell your team how it works. Share how to process gift card transactions and how customers can make purchases with gift cards. Youll also want to inform them of any limitations you have on gift cards. Policies might include limiting the number of gift cards customers can purchase or not allowing customers to buy gift cards with gift cards. Other things to consider are how to track purchased cards and set expiration dates that follow federal guidelines.

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    How To Start A Gift Card Program

    Starting a gift card program is relatively simple and affordable. Most retailers, especially modern operations utilizing high-tech POS systems and other customer loyalty programs, will have few issues in creating a gift card operation.

    Despite this, launching a gift card program will require some minor preparation on behalf of your business.

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