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How To Redeem Fortnite Gift Card

Pick A Battle Pass Or A Battle Bundle

How to Redeem Fortnite VBucks Gift Card on Xbox

Alternatively, Fortnite V-Bucks currency can be used to buy a Fortnite Battle Pass or a Fortnite Battle Bundle. The former unlocks all of the season-exclusive items based on your tier while the latter purchase not only includes the Battle Pass but also raises your accounts progress by 25 tiers and in-turn allows you to claim all of the rewards they bring along. Buy Fortnite 5000 V-Bucks gift card Epic Games key and you will not only gain Fortnite items exclusive to this season but you will also have enough V-Bucks remaining to purchase multiple Battle Passes in the future!

How To Redeem A Fortnite Gift Card

Fortnites V-Buck gift cards can be a bit complicated to redeem, but this list has all the steps for every platform and even links to the accounts.

From the Epic Games Store to the Xbox and PlayStation stores, there are multiple ways for Fortnite players to get V-Bucks. Going directly to the console of choice is the best way for players to get V-Bucks themselves. Yet, the best way to gift V-Bucks to someone is to buy them Fortnite V-Bucks gift cards.

None, I remember using 2 Fortnite VBUCKS giftcards to get the battle pass, skins and stuff.


NOTE: There are no returns or refunds on V-Bucks gift cards.

Got Kids Theyll Love It If You Gift Them V

Has your home reached its limit for containing even more Fortnite merchandise? Then make your Fortnite fans day with a digital gift card. Not only do you receive the gift card code instantly via email, but you can also add similar digital products to make sure you give the recipient an even greater gift. Consider combining it with PUBG Mobile UCor Minecraft Minecoins to complete the package. Fortnite players are sure to love these other games as well. Finally, customize your gift card with one of our many free designs. Pick your favorite one for the occasion, add a personal message and download your gift voucher as PDF. It is ready to be printed out or sent by email in seconds. Guaranteed to make any gamer happy!

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How To Redeem A Fortnite Gift Card On Playstation 5

If youre a new player to Fortnite, youll probably be wondering how to redeem a Fortnite gift card on your PS5. The first step is to visit the official Fortnite website. Select your preferred platform , then select the V-Bucks Card option. Once youve selected the card you want, click Get Started.

How To Redeem Fortnite Vbucks Gift Card

40 Best Images Fortnite Gift Card Redeem On Xbox / What To ...

Here is how to redeem Fortnite VBucks gift card..

By Md Armughanuddin

Fortnite fans must have received a number of gift cards during the holiday season, and many are quite curious to learn more about how they can redeem the same.

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Fortnite was one of the first battle royale games out there, and while others have faded into oblivion, Fortnite keeps growing with each passing day. The game has witnessed exponential growth in the past few months, and Epic Games has done a spectacular job of keeping the hype around the game intact, to say the least.

The game has a large number of cosmetics, but to get those, you need to have some VBucks. Here is how to redeem the Fortnite VBucks gift card.

Fortnite | Creative Trailer

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What Is The 2fa Code

Two-factor authentication is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access something. The first factor is a password and the second commonly includes a text with a code sent to your smartphone, or biometrics using your fingerprint, face, or retina.

How To Redeem Fortnite Skin Pack Codes On Ps4 Ps5 Xbox One Xbox Series X

To redeem physical skins pack codes in Fortnite, such as those of the Last Laugh or Minty Legends packs, we will have to go to the online bazaars of each platform on which we have purchased this pack in physical format:

  • PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5: we log into the console with the PlayStation Network profile linked to the Fortnite/Epic Games account to which we want to add the content. Then we head to the PlayStation Store. Here, we enter the redeem code section. It can also be done from the PlayStation Store website we click on our avatar , click on redeem code and enter the code.
  • Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S: we log into the console with the Xbox Live profile linked to the Fortnite/Epic Games account to which we want to add the content, and we go to the Microsoft Store. Here, we enter the redeem code section. It can also be done from the Microsoft website we sign in with our account and, in the link above, we simply enter the code.
  • Nintendo Switch: we have to redeem the code included inside the Nintendo eShop window. We enter the Nintendo eShop from the Switch with the account we want to redeem the content. Once here, we simply use the “redeem code” option, where we must enter the code at hand. It can also be done from the Nintendo eShop website we log in with our account and, in the previous link, we simply enter the code.

Using any of these methods , you will get the redeemed items the next time you log in to Fortnite.

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How Do I Redeem My V

Follow these steps:

  • Go to and login to your Epic Games account.
  • Hover over your name in the top right corner, and then clickV-Bucks Card.
  • Click Get Started to begin the redemption process.
  • Scratch off the back of your V-Bucks card and enter your PIN code.
  • Click Next.
  • Select the platform you want to redeem the V-Bucks Card on, and then clickNext.Note: If you dont see the platform you want to redeem your card on, make sure youre logged into the correct Epic Games account.
  • Review the details and make sure the Epic account, device, and new balance are all correct, and then click Confirm.
  • If you redeemed the V-Bucks to a PC, Switch or mobile device, you can launch Fortnite and spend your V-Bucks!

    XBOX and PlayStation

  • If you’re redeeming your V-Bucks cards to a console, after you clickConfirm, you will be given a 25-character code that you’ll need to enter into the selected third-party website.This code is also emailed to you.
  • The V-Bucks redemption website will direct you to sign in to your third party account.Note: Be sure to sign in to the account that is linked to your Epic account.
  • Enter the code and your V-Bucks will be added to your account.
  • How To Redeem A Fortnite V

    How to Redeem a Fortnite V-Bucks Gift Card | Fortnite Support

    Applies to: Nintendo Switch Family, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Switch Lite, Nintendo Switch – OLED Model

    In this article, you’ll learn how to redeem a V-Bucks card for Fortnite for Nintendo Switch.

    • V-Bucks cards must be redeemed through the Epic Games Website. They cannot be redeemed on-device on Nintendo Switch.
    • A Nintendo Account is required to redeem your V-Bucks card for use on Nintendo Switch. If you do not have a Nintendo Account, you can create a Nintendo Account.

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    How To Redeem Fortnite Gift Card Code A Complete Guide

    Redeeming Fortnites V-Buck gift cards can be difficult, but today on EZ PIN we covered everything. This list includes all of the steps to redeem Fortnite Gift Card Code. You can order Fortnite Gift Card in bulk from EZ PIN and expand your sales.

    There are numerous ways for Fortnite players to obtain V-Bucks, from the Epic Games Store to the Xbox and PlayStation stores and you, as a reseller. Going straight to the console of choice is the best way for players to obtain V-Bucks. However, the best way to give someone V-Bucks is to purchase Fortnite V-Bucks gift cards.

    Ez Pin Makes Business Easier

    Why you should choose EZ PIN:

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    Its Simple to Redeem

    There is no need to carry or misplace a physical gift certificate. The recipient can redeem the monies at any time by going online. There are no monthly costs and gift cards never expire.

    We are concerned about the security of your personal information. We follow widely established standards to protect the personal information provided to us, both during transmission and once received, including encrypting sensitive information, such as payment card information, during transmission. You can contact us at if you have any questions or problems concerning the protection of your personal information.

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    What Does This Code Has Not Been Activated Mean

    Im getting a This code is not yet active message If youre seeing the message This code is not yet active when you try to redeem your code, it means that you have a valid digital code, but its not yet been activated by the retailer. Youll need to contact the retailer and ask them to activate the code. ? ?

    How To Redeem Fortnite V Bucks Card

    How to Redeem a $100 Fortnite V

    There is the question in the mind of users i.e. How To Redeem Fortnite V Bucks Card? Fortnite game is the most popular games and it has huge fans across the world. The fortnite game has gained a lot of popularity on platforms such as PC, Xbox and Play Stations. before playing the game, users must have the Epic games account so that they will get their Fortnite V Bucks Card to redeem. here, you will come to know how to redeem Fortnite V-Bucks Card codes.

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    How To Redeem Fortnite Gift Card On Xbox

    | Dec 28, 2021

    With Fortnite‘s in-game shop, players are able to purchase physical V-Bucks cards to spend at local retailers in their areas or purchase the in-game currency directly through the game.

    With the physical V-Bucks cards being easier for the younger demographic, here’s how to redeem V-Bucks cards on Fortnite: Battle Royale.

    Save the universe in style!Your favorite Marvel heroes have taken over the Item Shop for a limited time.

    รข Fortnite

    Cards Purchased At Retail Stores Are Redeemed Here

    An Epic Games account is required to redeem a V-Bucks Card code. If you have played Fortnite, you already have an Epic Games account. Click Get Started below to find your Epic Games account and redeem your V-Bucks!

    Redeem a gift card for V-Bucks to use in Fortnite on any supported device! To use a gift card you must have a valid Epic Account, download Fortnite on a compatible device, and accept the applicable terms and user agreement. Review your device makers terms for any additional requirements to play Fortnite . Visit to read the full terms before purchasing. The cards full face-value is deducted at redemption and associated with a single account for the device you select . A gift card can only be redeemed for the indicated amount of V-Bucks, which may only be used in Fortnite. There are no fees or expiration dates associated with the use of a gift card. V-Bucks arent e-money or any other currency and can only be used according to Fortnites rules. Gift cards will not be replaced if lost, stolen, destroyed, or used without permission. Use of a gift card constitutes acceptance of the applicable terms and user agreement.

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    How To Earn A Fortnite Gift Card

    There are two main methods for earning VBucks in Fortnite: using a PS4 or an Xbox One. The first one is the most obvious and involves logging into the Fortnite website. Then, click the Add Funds button to add funds.

    Once you do that, you will need to enter a 12-digit code in the Add Funds box. After accepting the code, you must then back out of the game. After that, you should see the VBucks added to your Fortnite account. This method may seem a bit complicated, but it really works.

    While purchasing a V-Bucks gift card, keep in mind that you can use it across multiple platforms. The digital gift cards are available for both PS4 and Xbox One users. To redeem a PS4 V-Bucks gift card, you must visit the Epic Games website.

    Once youve done that, youll be directed to a new code. Next, you can go to the PlayStation Store and use the Redeem Code option. Once youve copied the code, youll need to confirm the details. After that, youll have access to the amount of V-Bucks youve earned.

    Head To Fortnites Website

    How to Redeem Fortnite Gift Cards (feat. Squatingdog)

    The first thing you will want to do is go to Fortnites website. Once youre there, log in to your account by finding the sign-in button in the upper right corner. Choose your preferred platform Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Nintendo Switch and it will automatically continue to the next page.

    Hover the mouse over your account in the upper right corner and click on V-Bucks Card. A new page will appear with a large picture of a yellow gift card. Click on Get Started to continue.

    The next prompt asks you to enter the PIN code found on the back of your V-Bucks Card. It can be found once you scratch off the security covering. Once youre finished entering the code, click next. If the code is correct, the gift card on the screen should turn green.

    Select the platform you wish to redeem the V-Bucks for and the final page should show up. If everything looks correct, select confirm and the V-Bucks should appear in your account.

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    How To Redeem A Fortnite Gift Card On Ps4

    Before you can use your Fortnite gift card on PS4, you must link it to your Epic Games profile. To do this, visit the Epic Games website and find your PSN name.

    You can only link one PlayStation Network account at a time. After you have connected it, sign in to your Fortnite account. Youll see the PSN name displayed on your Fortnite item. If youre not sure what PSN name it is, you can go to the Help section and follow the instructions on the website.

    Vbucks Are Available On Xbox

    Whether you are looking for a Fortnite code to load your digital wallet or want to redeem a gift card, you can find the necessary information on the Epic Games store website.

    Luckily, VBucks are now available on Xbox as well. To redeem a Fortnite gift card on Xbox, you simply need to have a code that is generated by the Epic Games store. There are a number of ways to redeem these cards on Xbox.

    First, make sure youre logged into the correct account. Then, Youll be given a unique code to enter when you redeem a Fortnite gift card on Xbox.

    Once youve entered this code, the item will appear in your locker. VBucks are only valid for a short period of time, so make sure you dont spend too much to get started.

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    How To Redeem V

    1. Go to the official website of Fortnite or open the game on your mobile if its already downloaded.

    2. On the homepage, go to the Fortnite V-Bucks tab.

    3. You will be redirected to a new page by Fortnite where you will see Redeem your V-Bucks card.

    4. Tap on the Get Started.

    5. Now, login to your Epic games account.

    6. Once done, scratch off the back of your V-Bucks card and enter the code from your V-Bucks card in the given space.

    7. Tap on Next and select the platform you want to redeem the V-Bucks.

    8. Again click on Next and then tap on Confirm.

    Note that this process only works for Redeeming V-Bucks on PC, Switch, or mobile devices. However, for Xbox and PlayStation, the process is slightly different. Heres how you can redeem V-Bucks on Xbox or PlayStation

    What Is The Procedure For Using A Roblox Gift Card

    Fortnite V

    Fortnite redeem code is a term that refers to a gift card that can be used on the game fortnite. The Nintendo eShop is one of the places where these codes are available. To use this code, you will need to sign in with your Nintendo account and input the code when prompted. Reference: fortnite redeem code.

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    S To Redeem Fortnite V

    To redeem their V-Bucks from the Fortnite V-Bucks gift card, players must follow the steps outlined below:


    V-Bucks can only be redeemed on the official website. The V-Bucks gift card cannot be redeemed directly on consoles or apps.

  • If gamers redeem for a mobile device , its best to do so in a mobile browser, but its not entirely necessary.
  • Go to to get started.
  • Players can also access the site on other devices by typing without the quotes in their URL.
  • To redeem their V-Bucks, players must sign in to their Epic Games account.
  • If players want V-Bucks on non-PC devices, they must link their Epic Games account to their account. The method is described further down.
  • After signing in, players should click Get started, and they will be taken to a screen where they can enter the code.
  • The code can be found on the back of the V-Bucks card. Simply scratch off the rough strip or panel and type the revealed code.
  • If everything is done correctly, a checkmark will appear.
  • The player will then be asked where the V-Bucks should be spent. It is not as simple as stating where it should go. Epic Games may issue a code based on the console or gaming system that is selected.
  • The remainder of the guide for each system is provided below.


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