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How To Send Amazon Gift Card Online

How To Add A Coupon On Amazon

How to Buy And Send Amazon Gift Card Online 2021

Suppose you managed to get an Amazon voucher with the methods mentioned above and now. You are wondering how to add it to your account. All you have to do is access the section Amazon Gift Vouchers and Top-up and choose the option to add a new well.

To do this, connected to the main page, access your account, press on the Accounts and lists item, and, in the new open page, click on the Gift vouchers and top-up option. Now, press the Add to my account button. Enter the gift voucher code in your possession in the Enter the gift voucher code field. For the detailed procedure, I leave you to my guide on how to convert Amazon vouchers.

If you prefer procedures using the Amazon app, start it, tap the sul button. Choose the My Account option from the menu that opens and press the Manage gift voucher balance item.

In the new screen that appears, select the Add another gift voucher option. Enter the code in the Enter the gift voucher code field and press on the button Add to my account, to redeem the amount and add it to your account.

How To Get Amazon Vouchers With Hype

HYPE is another viable solution to get vouchers without putting your wallet in hand. In fact, the famous free application for Android and iPhone devicesthat allows you to open an online account combined with a prepaid card to be used for purchases both online and in physical stores. It allows you to get Amazon vouchers through the Invite friends initiative.

All you have to do is log in to your account and invite other users to use HYPE. By doing so, you can accumulate 1 point for each friend who, through your invitation code, opens a HYPE Start account, 2 points for activating HYPE Plus, and 3 points for opening a HYPE Premium account. For every 5 points you accumulate, you can request a 50 euro Amazon voucher. Upon reaching 100 registrations through your invitation code. You will receive an additional Amazon voucher of 250 euros.

To invite your contacts to open an account on HYPE. Open the app in question, log in to your account, and select the menu item. In the new screen that appears, tap on the option Invite friends and choose whether to send your invitations via SMS. Email or using one of the available messaging applications .

Press on the Invite friends option and tap the Check your invitations button. To view the status of your invitations and the points accumulated.

Play Games On Your Mobile Device

Online surveys arent the only way to earn Amazon gift cards some apps let you earn rewards playing games instead. These apps reward you with points you can exchange for cash or gift cards to your favorite places.


Rather than trivia or matching games, Lucktasticis an app for both iOS and Android users that allows you to play scratch-off lottery tickets virtually.

Its free to join, and you can win gift cards, including ones for Amazon, tokens to play more games, or cash. Cash prizes can range from $2 to $1,500.

To earn tokens for more chances to win, you can refer friends using your special referral link. When they sign up, youll receive 1,000 tokens.

You can learn more about ways to win with the app in our Lucktastic review.

Mistplay is a loyalty platform for gamers that allows you to earn rewards to redeem for gift cards to places like Amazon, iTunes, and video-game outlets. You can earn those points, or what it refers to as units and gems, by playing mobile games and completing in-game purchases.

How many points you need to redeem a gift card varies from retailer to retailer.

The premise of AppNana is to reward users for downloading apps and completing small tasks. Points are called nanas and can be earned for things like:

  • Logging in every day

You can convert your nanas to gift cards or cash out with PayPal.

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Looking For Gift Card Ideas

Clothing Who doesn’t need clothes? Whatever theyre into, get them something that always fits and keeps them in style from top fashion retailers.

Gifts for HimWhether he’s a gamer, handyman or outdoorsman, pick from his favourite brands and get him something he will truly love.

RestaurantsTreat someone to an inspired dining experience. Browse our diverse range of dining and restaurant gift card options.

Gifts for HerFind the perfect gifts for her – from great reads, hot tech to jewellery and cosmetics, surprise her with something special.

MoviesWhat better way to spend an evening than heading to the movies? Give a movie gift card tonight and let them enjoy the show!

Gifts for TeensGet a gift that will help teens stay on trend with the latest tech, accessories and fashion from their favourite brands.

TravelTreat yourself or your favourite travellers with a gift card for the perfect hotel in over 200 countries.

Gifts for KidsGet them a gift card that gives them everything they want including their favourite books, movies, music and video games!

Do Amazon Gift Cards Expire

Send an Amazon Gift Card Online through WhatsApp or Email ...

Amazon gift cards never expire and the funds are available in your account whenever youre ready to make a purchase from Amazon.

Ready to get some gift cards for your teams working from home or for some other special day? Get started with the link below.

This post contains affiliate links. I will make a small commission if you purchase through those links. Read full disclosure HERE.

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Set Your Earning To Autopilot

There are so many ways to earn Amazon gift cards for free, its hard to know where to begin.

A good place to start is with the low-hanging fruit: earning gift cards for things you already do. For many people, thats shopping. If thats the case for you then Swagbucks, Rakuten, and Ibotta are all great options. Once you set up your free accounts, you can earn rewards with each site automatically.

Next, move on to the options that interest you most. For example, if you enjoy learning about new games, then you might want to check out an app that rewards you for this kind of activity. If, on the other hand, you like to share your opinion and influence brands, then paid online surveys might be your best option.

You may find that some apps arent worth your time, especially if a more legitimate side hustle could earn you more money. If thats the case, drop it and move on to the next. However, if you prefer to specifically earn Amazon gift cards, theres no shortage of options.

How Does An Amazon Print A Gift Card Work is a virtual marketplace where individuals can purchase music, electronics, books, movies, housewares and a variety of other products. Rather than picking out a gift for a friend or loved one, Amazon allows users to purchase and print personalized gift cards directly from its website. These gift cards can be a good choice when giving a gift to someone whom you don’t know well, or those who enjoy the excitement of picking out their own present.

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Can I Buy Amazon Gift For Someone In Another Country

Therefore, it is not surprising that Amazon ships internationally as well. In addition to the 100 countries and regions that are eligible for Amazon Global shipping, Amazon also ships items to more than 20 other countries. If you want to ship items to other countries, youll need to update your default shipping address to the international address first.

Can I Change The Currency Of An Amazon Gift Card

How to Buy And Send Amazon Gift Card

If you select My card is a different currency and select the currency type on the payment selection page, you can also change the currency of your card. Your cards currency is stored for future purchases if you select it. For more information about Amazon currency conversion requirements, please see this page.

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Will Amazon Ask Me To Add Additional Payment Details

This gift card is the ideal solution to shop on the worlds biggest online retailer without linking your credit card. Nevertheless, in some rare cases, you may still be asked for a credit card number by Amazon, when redeeming your card code. If that happens, it is simply for identification purposes. This is sometimes needed for security reasons, like when you change your delivery address for instance.

How To Spot A Free Amazon Gift Card Scam

Just like you can be scammed out of cash, Amazon gift cards are also susceptible to fraud. If someone contacts you and says you have unpaid debt or owe back taxes and need to pay with a gift card, its a scam. Scammers even try to tell people theyve won money but have to pay fees with an Amazon gift card before they can have their cash.

Other scams you might hear of include fake listings for items that must sell fast, electronic devices that have been hacked, a family member who is having an emergency, or promotions for services like cable TV or internet.

If youre contacted by someone and told to pay for any of these with an Amazon gift card, hang up or delete the email. And if it sounds scammy or too good to be true, it probably is.

Additionally, be wary of free Amazon gift card generator type sites. No such generator exists and any promotion or offer you see on these websites is a scam. Most often youll see the promise of Amazon gift card code lists in exchange for your contact information, which is then sold elsewhere on the web.

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Sending Amazon Gift Card To Another Country: How To

Heres how to send an Amazon gift card to another country:

You first need to make sure that the destination country is eligible to redeem Amazon gift cards. Assuming that it is, you can change the Amazon store settings to operate for the country where you are sending the card.

Once you do, you can purchase the card and fill out the information to send it to the recipient.

So if you want to learn all about how to send an Amazon gift card to another country, then this article is for you.

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Get Them Directly From Amazon

How to Send an Amazon Gift Card to Someone Else in 2020 ...

While most people have heard of doing surveys online for rewards and know about cash-back shopping apps to earn free Amazon gift cards, the easiest way to get them is directly from the source.

Reload an Amazon gift card

Right now Amazon has a sweet deal: reload an existing gift card with $100 or more and get a free $10 bonus. If you shop on Amazon regularly and have $100 to reload or buy a gift card, then it could be worth it to snag the free money.

Consider the Amazon Visa Card

If cashback is your thing, and youre a frequent Amazon shopper, you may be interested in the .

Youll get a free $150 Amazon gift card instantly upon approval. Afterward, double-dip on all your shopping with 2% back at restaurants and gas stations, 10% back on select Prime purchases, and 1% back everywhere else.

Trade in your electronics and books

If you have an old smartphone or tablet you no longer use, you might be able to get paid for it through . It buys smartphones, tablets, game consoles, e-readers, and books.

You have to send in your products to be assessed, but shipping is free. If theyre accepted, you get free Amazon gift cards for the appraised value of the item. If not, itll send your items back and you can try to sell your electronics elsewhere.

Work for Amazon

If youre looking for a flexible side hustle, Amazon has a program calledMechanical Turk thats essentially a marketplace for online work.

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Check The Redemption Options

The last thing you need to do before committing to a purchase is check on redemption options. Not all gift cards can be redeemed in all countries. International trade is a complicated thing, and restrictions can pop out of nowhere.

For any Amazon gift card, there should be a list of available countries on the cards page.

Heres where you get into the biggest catch. Amazon is available in over 100 countries, but gift cards are not. For the list of gift cards, you will find far fewer countries, and you need to double-check that any given country is listed in the fine print on the page of the gift card you are trying to get.

This applies to third-party gift cards purchased through Amazon too.

Get Amazon Vouchers Via Surveys

Among the best solutions to obtain Amazon vouchers. There are survey panels that allow you to earn points by answering simple questions. Which can then be converted into various types of gift vouchers, including those of Amazon.

Although there are many sites of this kind, there are not many that constantly send surveys to fill in and therefore allow you to earn quickly. Among these, it should certainly be mentioned High Opinion, which often offers surveys ranging from 0.50 to 3 per questionnaire. Which allows you to redeem Amazon vouchers of 15 .

To start earning with High Opinion. Connected to the official website of the service. Click on the Register Now button at the top right, and enter your data in the fields Name, Surname, Gender, Date of birth, Postcode, Location, Email address, and Password.


Apply the checkmarks required to verify your identity. Accept the terms of service and the privacy policy and click on the Next step button. Finally, enter a security question, a security answer. Click the Finish button to complete the registration.

At this point, all you have to do is click on the Complete profile option. Answer the various questions available in the Organization, Personal and home life, Magazines, Purchases, Investments, Mobile Devices, Cars, etc. sections. The more complete and up-to-date your profile is. The more chance you will have of receiving surveys via email and, consequently, reaching your goal faster.


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Use Specific Shopping Apps

If you dont have time to complete surveys or play games, you can get free Amazon gift cards for something youre already doing using online shopping apps.


Shopkick offers users eight ways to earn rewards, also known as kicks.

For example, you can automatically earn kicks when you purely walk into select stores and earn additional kicks when you scan barcodes of specific products in those stores.

As long as you allow the app to use your location as you would with dozens of other apps it will automatically record if and when youre near an eligible store.

Furthermore, youll earn kicks every time you make a purchase with a linked card.


With Drop, users earn rewards by shopping through the app or with a linked debit or credit card. When you download the free app, youll choose which stores you want to earn cashback with. Options include Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and other major retailers.

When you shop at one of your chosen sites, Drop rewards you with points for every dollar spent. Youll also receive 5,000 points for the first 10 friends you refer to the app. Every 1,000 points is worth $1. Once you reach 5,000 points, you can cash out for a free gift card to Amazon, Uber, Lululemon, American Airlines, and more.


For more details on how to get cashback with this app, visit our Rakuten review.

Learn more about this money-saving browser extension in our Honey review.

How Do I Send An Amazon Gift Card To Someone

{Tutorial} How To Send Amazon E-mail Gift Cards

Amazon gift cards are cards that are pre-loaded with a certain amount of money. Gift givers send them to their recipients via email or by post. You can redeem this gift card on Amazon for any item so long as the amount of the item doesn’t exceed the gift card . Gift card holders can choose from millions of products and services provided by Amazon and its affiliates. Amazon gift cards have no expiration date, and shipping is free except for Anytime Gift cards.

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