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How To Send Amazon Gift Card

Use This Clever Amazon Shopping Tip When You Don’t Have Someone’s Address

{Tutorial} How To Send Amazon E-mail Gift Cards

Ever wanted to send an Amazon gift, but you didn’t have someone’s address handy? Now you can. We’ll tell you how to do it and what the catch is.

We’ll tell you how to send gifts on Amazon without knowing your family or friends’ mailing address.

There’s nothing more convenient than shipping a gift directly to someone’s house, and no joy more thrilling than making that present a sneaky gift the recipient had no idea was coming. It’s all well and good assuming you already have the mailing address for every person in your life. But what if you don’t? A for Prime members makes it possible to send a stealthy gift. All you need is a phone number or email address — more below.

We love this idea, especially as the holidays come up and, along with them, opportunities to send along smaller presents to coworkers or family or friends who may have moved and whose address you don’t have on file. Amazon says the new feature should now have rolled out to the majority of Amazon Prime customers, but there are a couple catches you’ll want to know before you start.

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Buy Amazon Vouchers For Corporate Gifting

If you are planning to give something big to your employees or clients then Amazon vouchers are the best solution if you are running a small, medium, or large business. Grab the at the best price from Zingoy which will help them to buy fashion, electronics, household items, and more from the top brands. So, if you are looking to order them in bulk you can simply fill out a form available in the Corporate gift card section.

Send Gift Cards To Your Loved Ones Through Zingoy

Sending gift cards through Zingoy is simple and easy you have to choose the list of the denominations available on the Amazon voucher stores. And once you reach a transaction page you have to simply enter the name of the recipient to whom you want to deliver the gift cards. The best way to send anyone birthday wishes or during any festivals.

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Questions About Using Your Phone Number

1) How do I use my phone number?To use, visit a participating store, provide your phone number to the cashier or kiosk and specify the amount you want to add. Upon payment, an Gift Card will be automatically purchased and claimed to your Amazon Balance if your number is verified. If your phone number is unverified, some stores will provide you a printed receipt with an Gift Card Claim Code.

To verify your phone number, login to Your Account, and click on Login and security, then click on Add next to Mobile Phone Number, you will be prompted to select a country code from a drop down menu and enter your phone number. A verification code will be sent to you via SMS. Enter the code to confirm that you are in possession of the mobile phone number you are linking to your account. For security purposes, you may have to re-enter your Amazon password. Once this is complete, your mobile phone number will be linked to your account and you can complete Amazon Cash transactions using that phone number.

Applying A Gift Card Balance To Your Order

How to Send an Amazon Gift Card to Someone Else in 2020
  • 1Navigate to . Click the link provided to do so. Your gift card balance will be automatically applied to whichever purchase you make after entering the card’s code to apply your balance to a specific purchase, you’ll need to enter the card’s code at the checkout screen.
  • If you’re using the Amazon app, tap the app to open Amazon. You’ll need an internet or data connection to access your account.
  • 2 This is below and to the right of the search bar.XResearch source
  • On mobile, tap the three horizontal lines in the top left corner, then click “Sign in” at the top of the menu.
  • 3Enter your email and password. When you’re done, press “Sign in” to access your account.
  • 4Add any items you wish to purchase to your cart. After you’re done adding items, you’ll be ready to check out.
  • 5 This is in the top right corner of the Amazon interface. You can also click “Proceed to checkout” button below the cart icon.
  • 6 This is under the “Payment method” section of the checkout screen. On mobile, you may have to scroll down to find this option.XResearch source
  • 7Enter your gift card’s claim code. Your claim code should be on the back of your card you may have to scratch the protective film off of the back to view the code.
  • If you’re redeeming a digital code, select the claim code from the confirmation email and paste it into the claim code field.
  • 8 Your Amazon gift card balance should be applied to your order!Advertisement
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    On How To Redeem Amazon Vouchers

    Amazon gift cards are rising in popularity as a great gifting option, thanks to how convenient and affordable they are. If you have got one as a gift then here’s how to use:

    Redeem gift cards directly at the checkout process while buying something on Amazon India. You can directly redeem vouchers to shop for something on Amazon. For this, here’s what you need to do after you fill your cart and proceed to checkout:

    • Select the delivery address

    • Choose the delivery option

    • On the ‘Select payment method page’, scroll down and click on the ‘Enter a gift card, voucher or promotional code’ link.

    • Enter the gift card code in the given box and click Apply.

    The balance amount will be used to pay for your order. If the balance is not sufficient, then you can pay the remaining amount using other payment options except for COD and EMI.

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    Great Ways To Send Someone An Amazon Gift Card

    Posted on

    Youve probably seen for sale at department stores, grocery stores and other local retailers.

    Chances are you have actually bought one of them to give away as a gift. And yes, they really do make great gifts!

    But what if you wish to give an Amazon gift card to someone that lives somewhere far away?

    Well, its actually very easy to have Amazon send a gift card virtually anywhere with just a few clicks of your mouse.

    Here are three fast and easy options:

    1 Send the gift card via email.

    Simply visit this page at Amazon, select the style of gift card you wish to send, then complete the order process.

    Your lucky recipient will receive an email from Amazon right away announcing your gift.

    The email will also explain how to apply the gift card balance to the recipients own Amazon account.

    2 Send the gift card inside an actual greeting card.

    Visit this page and select the amount of the gift and choose a card design, then complete the order process.

    Amazon will then ship the greeting card that you selected along with gift card to the recipient.

    3 -Send the gift card inside a gift box.

    Visit this page and select the gift box design you like, then complete the order process.

    Amazon will then ship the gift box containing the gift card to the recipient.

    As you can see, Amazon makes it easy to send someone an Amazon Gift Card regardless of where they might happen to live.

    Bonus tip: This post explains how to check your gift card balance on Amazon.

    How To Redeem An Amazon Gift Card Via The App

    How to Buy And Send Amazon Gift Card |Explained |Easy method

    These steps work for both the iPhone and Android apps.

    1. Open the Amazon app and tap the three stacked lines in the bottom-right corner, and then tap Account.

    2. Scroll down to the Payments section and select Manage gift card balance.

    3. You’ll be brought to the page where you can redeem a gift card or add balance to an existing one. Tap Redeem another gift card to activate your gift card by entering its code or scanning it.

    Quick tip: If you want to keep your gift card loaded with money so it never runs out, you can also select the Your Auto-Reload Setting option and create a schedule. There isn’t really any benefit to doing this, but the option is there if you want it.

    Alternatively, you can redeem a new gift card straight from the checkout page. In the Payment information section, just type or scan your gift card number.

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    Send A Digital Gift Card Today

    There are a lot of reasons to send a digital gift card compared to a physical card. Whether youre running late, you want to send one suddenly, or physical distance is in the way, an eGift is always a good idea. Not only does this cut down on unnecessary plastic, but its also easy to customize to fit the recipient.

    Have you ever sent a digital gift card? Its easy to get started via email, text, or even DM. Follow these steps above to send the perfect gift at the perfect time without the stress.

    Need more virtual gift ideas? Read our guide on the best digital gifts.


    Get The Best Amazon Pay Gift Card Offers Through Zingoy

    Apart from getting cashback on all your shopping Zingoy also brings you all the Amazon pay gift card offers on this page. Amazon always makes its customers happy by introducing the latest Amazon pay gift card offers. The most popular is get 20% cashback on buying the gift cards with Amazon Pay this offer runs during every festival period. Other frequent Amazon pay gift card offers are available on various brands like BookMyShow gift vouchers, or ShopperStop vouchers, or BigBazaar or Dominos vouchers. You can keep track of all these gift cards offered on this single Zingoy page. So, don’t just go shopping but also save on Amazon pay gift cards with Zingoy!

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    How To Send Items As Gifts On Amazon So People Know Who Sent It

    • Find an item you want to buy and add it to your Amazon cart.
    • On the cart subtotal screen that opens next, click the small checkbox that says “This order contains a gift.”
    • You’ll see a screen that shows here option to customize a message — it’s autopopulated with “Hi, Enjoy your gift!” and a note who it’s from.
    • Make sure the “gift receipt” box is checked if you want the recipient to have the option to return or exchange it. Prices are hidden.
    • You can include an optional gift bag for an added fee. In this example, my fee is about $5.
    • Select your payment method and continue checkout as normal.

    That’s it! Now, the recipient of your gift will know who sent it.

    How To Send A Gift On Amazon Without Knowing The Recipient’s Address

    How to Send an Amazon Gift Card to Someone Else in 2020 in ...

    If you just picked out a gift for your family member or friend on Amazon, here’s how you can send it to them through text or email:

    1. Add the gift to your cart using Amazon’s mobile app.

    2. Tap Add a gift receipt for easy returns and then tap Proceed to checkout.

    3. Once at checkout, select the option to Let the recipient provide their address and tap Continue.

    4. Enter the recipient’s phone number or email address. This is where you can also add a custom message sent alongside your gift. You can also select gift wrapping at this stage.

    5. Place your order by clicking Continue. The recipient will then be notified and asked to accept the gift.

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    Why Send An Egift Card Vs A Traditional Card

    Why would you choose to send an eGift card in the first place, especially if its so easy to find traditional cards? There are a lot of reasons why an eGift card is often more practical. Not only does it pair perfectly with a virtual thank you note or another card, but its also easier for most recipients to use. It has a lot of benefits vs. a traditional, physical card.

    • Distance: If youre not local to the shop, restaurant, etc., a virtual gift card allows you to gift exactly what you had in mind without needing to travel or pick up the phone. For example, you could give your parents a night out at their favorite restaurant, even if you live across the country.
    • Secure: A digital gift card is also more secure. Since gift cards are typically treated like cash, if theyre lost, thats it. A digital gift card is much easier to keep secure.
    • Eco-friendly: Additionally, virtual gift cards are more sustainable. Because they dont need to be printed on plastic, they save resources.
    • Customizable: eGift cards are also highly customizable. You can choose a specific design or even add your own text, unlike with physical cards.
    • Instant: Last but not least, its easy to instantly send your online gift card without needing to deliver anything in person or wait for the mail.

    Ultimately, with so much flexibility with online gift cards nowadays, its no wonder these are the first choice for many people.

    Heres the step-by-step guide to getting started.


    How To Send Amazon Gift Card On Whatsapp

    Type Amazon Gift Card into the Amazon search bar or on your search engine browser, youll see thousands of options available from hundreds of retailers. There are also plenty of retail e-commerce agents selling Amazon gift cards.

    Pick up your gift e-card from your retailer of choice, and you have the option of sending it to a third party using WhatsApp as the delivery service.

    You have dozens of gift card designs to suit any gifting occasion, with e-cards available in birthday themes and other special life events like graduations, anniversaries, and more.

    After settling on the right theme for your card with your e-retailer, youll add it to your cart and checkout.

    The retailer will give you the option of selecting the amount. It should be between $25 and $500. You then have the option of entering your recipient details.

    The retailer, or Amazon, gives you the option of selecting WhatsApp delivery through text message and messaging app.

    After choosing the messaging app option, Amazon or the retailer lets you customize your gift card image to your theme.

    The recipient will get their eGift card delivered to their WhatsApp account within 15-minutes after completing your purchase.

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    Amazon And Whatsapp Making Shopping Convenient

    As of March 2020, WhatsApp, the texting and communications app owned by Facebook, has more than 2-billion subscribers.

    That is nearly a third of the planets population.

    Chances are everyone you know uses this app to message and face-time their friends. You probably used it yourself sometime today already, right? Well, now you can send Amazon gift cards through the WhatsApp messaging system. This post looks at how you can use WhatsApp to send an Amazon gift card to anyone. It will be of help to people that know how to become a social media Influencer. Your employer might decide to pay you using an Amazon card through WhatsApp.

    How Does The New Amazon Prime Gift Option Work

    How to Buy And Send Amazon Gift Card

    This is what it looks like in your mobile Amazon app to select sending a gift to a recipient using just their email address or phone number.

    We’ll share more details in the step-by-step below, but in general, as the gift-giver you just have to send a gift receipt and select the new delivery option. The recipient will then be notified to accept the gift by providing their address. If they decide to not accept the gift, they can exchange it for an Amazon gift card. Amazon says it won’t tell the person who picked out the gift if the recipient chooses a gift card instead.

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    How To Accept An Amazon Gift

    You can unwrap your Amazon gifts virtually.

    If you have been sent a gift through Amazon, here’s how to accept it :

    1. Click on the text or email notification from Amazon and tap View and accept your gift.

    2. Tap on your present to unwrap it and watch an animation of your gift being revealed.

    3. Once you’ve virtually unwrapped your gift, you can choose to Accept and provide an address or Exchange for an Amazon gift card.

    4. If you choose to accept the gift, you will be prompted to provide your delivery address. After you enter your address, tap Deliver to this address and then Accept the gift.

    5. Amazon will then ship your gift to you with free Prime shipping.

    Egift Cards: Frequently Asked Questions

    Because you dont buy eGift cards in-person, you might have some questions about how this works. Not all eGift cards are the same, and a lot of these answers depend on the specific retailer or service provider. In general, these frequently asked questions should help with any misunderstandings.

    How do eGift cards work?

    Basically, eGift cards work very similarly to regular gift cards. They can be redeemed online or in-person. Sometimes theyre able to be stored on ones phone, on an app, or can even be printed for a physical copy.

    When your recipient is ready to use their gift card, all they need to do is present the code or log in online. Its that simple!

    How long do eGift cards take to send?

    Because theyre digital, eGift cards are much faster than physical gift cards. Theres no need to buy postage, print anything, or wait. If you dont select a specific date/time to send the card, it will be sent immediately. Most recipients have their digital gift within a few minutes or hours at most. Its very fast!

    How long do eGift cards last?

    Most eGift cards dont have an expiration date. They can be used at any time, and they dont go bad or have any limitations. However, always check with the specific retailer or service provider to make sure there are no restrictions on the card.

    Do eGift cards cost more money?

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