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How To Send An Amazon Gift Card Via Email

Where Can You Use Amazon Gift Cards

{Tutorial} How To Send Amazon E-mail Gift Cards

, you can only use Amazon gift cards to buy eligible goods and services provided by and its affiliates. This means you can only use your Amazon gift card to buy stuff on and its affiliates. For example, you can use your gift card balance to buy books on Amazon Kindle.

You cannot use Amazon gift cards to buy other Amazon gift cards, prepaid cards, subscription services , or third-party gift cards on Amazon.

Amazon Now Lets You Send Gifts To People Using Just Their Email

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Amazon Prime members can now send gifts with an email or phone number even if they dont know the recipients mailing address.

Amazon has launched a new gifting feature that will allow Amazon Prime users in the continental US to send gifts to others using only an email address or phone number without the need to know the address the gift should be delivered to.

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Apart from being restricted to Prime users in the continental US, the feature can also only be accessed from mobile devices for now.

The gift recipient doesnt need to be a Prime member, but they will need to set up an account if they dont already have one to accept the gift and continue providing the shipping address the gift should be delivered to.

Recipients will also have the option to exchange the gift for an Amazon gift card or decline the gift altogether. If they decide to trade the gift for a card, Amazon will not communicate the decision to the sender, nor will the company disclose the recipients mailing address.

Also, Amazon will only charge the senders credit card when the recipient accepts or exchanges the gift. If the recipient ignores the notification for the pending gift, the selection will expire after a few days.

Is It Safe To Send Gift Cards Through The Mail

mailing gift cardsMailusinggift cardsafe

. Furthermore, can you mail gift cards through USPS?

USPS: USPS provides mailing services for gift cards. They even have a Priority Mail Flat Rate box specifically designed for them. However, they will not reimburse or insure them. UPS: UPS will mail gift cards, but does not reimburse or insure them.

Similarly, can you ship gift cards? Next to digital gift cards, the fastest way to send plastic gift cards to friends or family members is to buy gift cards online. Most companies provide free shipping for standard gift card delivery and some even include free packaging with a custom message.

In respect to this, should I send gift cards through the mail?

Don’t mail anything that isn’t a piece of paper in a regular old envelope. Greeting cards, fine. Gift cards come out of envelopes all the time. It’s not a vast USPS conspiracy to steal America’s gift cards, and there are two simple ways to avoid having your gift cards gobbled a letter-sorter.

Do gift cards get stolen in the mail?

In some cases, the USPS can trace a stolen gift card. Arney said they often work with vendors and check cameras to find out who stole something, but businesses save security footage for only so long. The more quickly you file, the more likely you are to recover your mail. Sometimes your mail simply gets lost.

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How To Send A Gift Card On Amazon

Buy gift cards for all occasions from a range of brands including amazon, apple, and google play or add to your gift card balance with amazon reload.By sending an egift card you confirm that you have permission to send email to the recipients email address you provided above.Celebrate every occasion with your loved ones in a special way.Claim your super gift card!

Dessie 60 unique birthday cards assortment with generic birthday greetings inside.Egift cards are only for use with family, friends or the consent of the recipient.Enter your birthday message and select the gift.

For instance you can not gift a us dollar denomination amazon gift card to someone in eu and expect them to use it in amazons eu sites.Free shipping on orders over $25 shipped by amazon.Get a $10 credit when you send a $50 amazon gift card by text message if you received that promotion email from amazon, be very careful.Go to my birthday list and connect your account to your facebook account if prompted.

Have an amazon gift card?He/she will have to then claim that gift card here and claim it into their amazon pay balance.How to send amazon pay gift cards:However you can pay using the gift cards for items eligible for international shipping on amazoncom and g.

Send a gift card by text message:Send an gift card to your recipients email address or phone number.Send as is or personalize.So the gift cards issued from amazoncom can not be used on amazonin.

How To Email Amazon Customer Service

Send gift card via email

If you prefer to contact Amazon by email, there are two addresses to which you can send mail. But I’ve found that the response time is often 48 hours or even a bit more. That said, an email creates a record of your correspondence and thus might be the best method for some issues.

For issues with your account, you should email .

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How To Send A Gift On Amazon Without Knowing The Recipient’s Address

If you just picked out a gift for your family member or friend on Amazon, here’s how you can send it to them through text or email:

1. Add the gift to your cart using Amazon’s mobile app.

2. Tap Add a gift receipt for easy returns and then tap Proceed to checkout.

3. Once at checkout, select the option to Let the recipient provide their address and tap Continue.

4. Enter the recipient’s phone number or email address. This is where you can also add a custom message sent alongside your gift. You can also select gift wrapping at this stage.

5. Place your order by clicking Continue. The recipient will then be notified and asked to accept the gift.

Can You Use An Amazon Gift Card For Anything

You can use an Amazon gift card to buy almost anything on Amazon. However, you cannot use it to buy other Amazon gift cards, other stores gift cards on Amazon, prepaid cards, and subscription services like Kindle magazine subscriptions or blog subscriptions. Before you can use Amazon gift cards, you need to know their Amazon gift card codes.

Additionally, you can have your purchases delivered almost anywhere in the world!

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Can You Use Your Amazon Gift Cards For Kindle Purchases

Yes, you can. Since Kindle is an Amazon product, you can complete all your Kindle purchases using your Amazon gift card.

To use your Amazon gift card for Kindle, log on to your account then click the Gift Cards link. Navigate to the gift card activity page by clicking Your Gift Card Balance. Next, click Redeem a Gift Card and enter the claim code, which you will find on your gift card. Click Apply to your balance to add the funds to your account.

Now when you buy a book on Kindle, it will automatically pull these finds first. All future purchases on Amazon and its affiliate sites will be paid this way unless you manually select a different payment method. It takes precedence over all other payment methods, including any credit or debit cards you may have on your account.

Additionally, you can also get Amazon gift cards on Kindle. You can also buy Amazon gift cards for Kindle in participating stores. For more information about Kindle Cards, go to Kindle Cards.

Is There A Catch To Sending Amazon Gifts Without An Address

How do I send an Amazon gift card via email?

Yes, here are the puzzle pieces needed to make this convenient shopping hack work. You must:

  • Be an Amazon Prime member.
  • Have the recipient’s email address or mobile phone number.
  • Use the mobile app to send the gift without a specific shipping address.
  • Ship and receive the gift to the continental US — sorry, Hawaii and Alaska.

Important note: Not every gift itself is eligible. For example, we couldn’t send the baby clothes we picked out for our colleague’s newborn this way, but we were able to select a pair of to send to a recipient without a physical address on hand.

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How To Call Amazon Customer Service

‘s customer service phone number is 1-888-280-4331, and that number is live 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But calling Amazon often comes with a wait, and it also requires you to have on hand a mobile phone that is paired with your Amazon account, as the customer service representative will send you a verification code via text message before you can start asking your questions or sharing an issue.

If calling seems like a hassle, however even with the potential ease of voice-commanding a call on an there are other ways to contact the company.

How To Send An Amazon Gift Card

You can send an Amazon gift card by email, a printable Amazon gift card, or an Amazon gift card by mail.

  • Egift cards can be sent by email or text. After , simply add your recipients email address or mobile number in the fields indicated here. You can also add multiple recipients and a custom message. Once done, select the delivery date and click Buy Now.
  • Printable Amazon gift cards can easily be bought here and printed out. They are meant to be given in person, but you can also send them by mail in a nice envelope.
  • Mail gift cards come with free shipping. Just select your receivers delivery address and Amazon will deliver it within 1 day.
  • Once your recipient receives it, they can then redeem it. You can redeem a gift card on Amazon whenever you want theres no expiry date.

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    Send A Digital Gift Card Today

    There are a lot of reasons to send a digital gift card compared to a physical card. Whether youre running late, you want to send one suddenly, or physical distance is in the way, an eGift is always a good idea. Not only does this cut down on unnecessary plastic, but its also easy to customize to fit the recipient.

    Have you ever sent a digital gift card? Its easy to get started via email, text, or even DM. Follow these steps above to send the perfect gift at the perfect time without the stress.

    Need more virtual gift ideas? Read our guide on the best digital gifts.


    Using The Corporate Gift Card Email Delivery Service

    How to send Amazon gift card via email

    Corporate customers with an Amazon gift card purchase agreement can use the email delivery service to send multiple gift cards at once.

    To use the corporate email gift card delivery service:

  • Go to the Corporate Gift Card Email Delivery Service
  • Fill in the downloaded file with your recipients names, email addresses, the denominations of the gift cards you want to send, and any customized message you want to add.
  • Upload the completed file
  • Your order will then be processed and the authorized buyer notified.
  • In order to be eligible for the Corporate Gift Card Email Delivery Service, you must order a total of at least $5000 in Amazon gift cards and have 1000 or fewer email recipients per order. The gift cards should be at least $1 in value.

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    Other Amazon Gift Card Types

    Anytime Greeting Cards

    Amazon Anytime greeting cards are greeting cards that come with gift cards inside them. They work exactly like Amazon mail gift cards. You also purchase and use them in the same way. To get them, you have to .

    Heres how Anytime greeting cards work step by step:

    • Log on to your Amazon account
    • Select Reload your balance.
    • The Anytime greeting card has a serial number that youll use to load funds to it
    • When you reload any amount, you automatically purchase an Gift Card if you do not already have one.
    • You can load Anytime greeting cards with up to $2000
    • You can also reload them once your Amazon gift card balance is depleted

    How to Load an Anytime Gift Card

    The card has a serial number that you will use to load funds to it. All you have to do is enter the serial number in your account and load your funds from there. To do this, and select the Reload your balance option. When you reload your balance, you automatically purchase an Gift Card or top up the balance of the one you have with the selected amount.

    You can also load the Anytime gift card using the Amazon app by scanning the QR code on the back of the instruction slip or greeting card.

    How To Reload Your Balance

    You can reload the balance on your Amazon gift card by doing one of the following:

    To reload your balance:

  • Select the amount you want to add to your gift card.
  • Choose your preferred payment method.
  • Select Reload to increase your gift card balance.
  • To set up an Auto Reload:

  • To turn off the auto-reload setting, select Turn OFF.
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    Looking For Gift Card Ideas

    Clothing Who doesn’t need clothes? Whatever theyre into, get them something that always fits and keeps them in style from top fashion retailers.

    Gifts for HimWhether he’s a gamer, handyman or outdoorsman, pick from his favourite brands and get him something he will truly love.

    RestaurantsTreat someone to an inspired dining experience. Browse our diverse range of dining and restaurant gift card options.

    Gifts for HerFind the perfect gifts for her – from great reads, hot tech to jewellery and cosmetics, surprise her with something special.

    MoviesWhat better way to spend an evening than heading to the movies? Give a movie gift card tonight and let them enjoy the show!

    Gifts for TeensGet a gift that will help teens stay on trend with the latest tech, accessories and fashion from their favourite brands.

    TravelTreat yourself or your favourite travellers with a gift card for the perfect hotel in over 200 countries.

    Gifts for KidsGet them a gift card that gives them everything they want including their favourite books, movies, music and video games!

    I Lost Or Never Received My Electronic Netflix Gift Card From Amazon

    Can I send an Amazon gift card via email?

    If you lost the electronic Netflix Gift Card you purchased at Amazon or you or your intended recipient never received the gift card via email after your purchase, you can resend the card from the account it was purchased from.

    Please note that resending the gift card will generate a new gift card, and the original gift card will be deactivated.

    To resend an e-mail or text message gift card:

  • Go to Your Orders on the .

  • Find the gift card you wish to resend.

  • Note:If you do not see a resend link, the gift card was most likely redeemed by the recipient.
  • Review the information regarding the gift card to be reissued, and follow the instructions on the page. You may be asked to verify payment information for security purposes.

  • Amazon will send you an e-mail confirmation once the original gift card has been canceled and a new one has been issued.

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    How Can I Get Help From Amazon

    The easiest way to get help with an Amazon order or account is to its Customer Service page. Amazon has a very user-friendly interface that allows for the majority of questions to be answered with just a few clicks . If you need help tracking down an order that hasn’t arrived, starting a refund, reloading a gift card, managing details on your account, or troubleshooting devices, the Amazon Help site has endless pages dedicated to intuitive troubleshooting.

    Why Send An Egift Card Vs A Traditional Card

    Why would you choose to send an eGift card in the first place, especially if its so easy to find traditional cards? There are a lot of reasons why an eGift card is often more practical. Not only does it pair perfectly with a virtual thank you note or another card, but its also easier for most recipients to use. It has a lot of benefits vs. a traditional, physical card.

    • Distance: If youre not local to the shop, restaurant, etc., a virtual gift card allows you to gift exactly what you had in mind without needing to travel or pick up the phone. For example, you could give your parents a night out at their favorite restaurant, even if you live across the country.
    • Secure: A digital gift card is also more secure. Since gift cards are typically treated like cash, if theyre lost, thats it. A digital gift card is much easier to keep secure.
    • Eco-friendly: Additionally, virtual gift cards are more sustainable. Because they dont need to be printed on plastic, they save resources.
    • Customizable: eGift cards are also highly customizable. You can choose a specific design or even add your own text, unlike with physical cards.
    • Instant: Last but not least, its easy to instantly send your online gift card without needing to deliver anything in person or wait for the mail.

    Ultimately, with so much flexibility with online gift cards nowadays, its no wonder these are the first choice for many people.

    Heres the step-by-step guide to getting started.

    ยป MORE: Create one for free with Cake.

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    Where Is Your Amazon Gift Cards Claim Code

    Your Amazon gift card claim code is the 14 or 15 character-long number on the card that has both letters and numbers. For example, AS25-NJZ1JX-CZCP5 is a gift card claim code.

    The location of your Amazon gift card claim code will vary depending on the type of card you have. egift cards are easiest because the claim code is immediately apparent. If you have a plastic Amazon gift card such as the ones from stores, you may have to peel off the film on the back of the card to reveal the gift card claim code.

    Amazon gift card codes locations vary from card to card. Here is where to find your Amazon gift card claim code by gift card type:

  • Amazon egift card: The Amazon gift card claim code will be specified in the email or text you receive when the egift card is sent to you.
  • Printable Amazon gift card: The Amazon gift card claim code will be clearly visible on a plain section of the printable PDF.
  • 3. Other Amazon gift cards: The Amazon gift card claim code will be located at the back of the card. You may need to gently scratch it to reveal the characters.

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