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How To Send Gifts Internationally

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How to Send Gifts to Your International Friends Use 60% Discount!
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Send By The Carrier’s Deadline

The earlier you send your package, the better chance that it will arrive on time before Christmasand this is true whether you’re shipping across state lines or overseas. As a rule of thumb, plan to send your gifts as early as possible in the seasonthink after Thanksgiving and at least two weeks before Christmas.

For the USPS, the deadline depends on where you are shipping your gifts. You can see the full list for each country on the USPS Holiday Shipping Deadlines. The earliest shipping deadline is November 30 for First-Class Packages or Priority Mail International to Africa and Central and South America. If you are shipping to the Caribbean, Asia/Pacific Rim, Australia/New Zealand, Europe, Mexico, or the Middle East with those services, the deadline is December 7. Global Express Guaranteed Service has a later deadline of December 17, 19, or 22, depending on the destination country.

If you plant to use UPS, know that the carrier will ship to 220 countries and territories. You can plan on pickup for Air and international Air services only if prearranged by December 18. Standard shipping to countries like Canada and Mexico is cut-off by December 15 and 16, respectively but they have higher-rated shipping servicesWorldwide Expedited and Worldwide Expressthat run up until December 23.

Send Cakes Abroad Online

If there is a delicacy that has worldwide and timeless appeal, then cakes, literally, take the cake! This soft and sweet dish has sweet vibes around it and creates an ambience of cheerfulness wherever and whenever it is served. Many cake-lovers feel that cakes have a personality of their own they radiate happiness, good taste and leave a pleasant feeling all around. The aroma of a cake, regardless of the variety, itself is a sign of good times.

Sharing a cake with a friend, relative or a loved one is nothing short of sheer joy. Even if the loved one is located far away, the excellent online gift delivery service by 1800giftportal makes it possible to send cakes to USA at any time of the year. Every occasion deserves a cake.

  • A simple, dry brown fruit cake ideal with tea or coffee.
  • A chocolate cake is a harbinger of fun times to mark any party.
  • A designer strawberry or pineapple cream cake is a symbol of a grand celebration.
  • A fruit cake with multiple layers and topped by a cherry is simply drool-delicious.

The variety of cakes now being baked across bakeries around the world is mind-boggling. They suit all occasions in family or among friends.

Cakes for Occasions
Fruit and Nut, Pistachio cake, Tiramisu cake, Coffee Cake
Mothers DayCream Cake, Truffle Cake, Fudge Cake, Eggless Cake

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Sending Individual Australian Gifts Overseas

Freight is automatically calculated at check-out based on the weight or physical dimensions of the gift.

Just select your country and click on recalculate freight to check out the cost.

Because we only use DHL Express, the minimum cost for International shipping of small items is $34.95 and will go up from there based on gross weight of an item .

We use DHL Express becuase we get full tracking and tracing of all shipments. We share this information with you and confirm when your gift has been delivered and signed for.

Which Gift Cards Work Internationally How Do They Work

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The major credit card companies offer blanket protection and almost instant access to purchases via debit and gift cards throughout the United States. After all, what commercial business is going to refuse a purchase made with an American Express, Mastercard, Discover, or Visa card in any form as long as the monetary value is up to par? Heres the rub: while those brand logos are recognized globally, the spending rates arent in most cases.

International fees and currency transfer rates can significantly change the value of an existing gift card, making it either too hard to transfer or simply not worth the effort. Thats not to say all gift cards are worthless outside of America because thats a ridiculous notion in the technology-driven 21st century. But you have to make sure the chosen gift card is recognized Internationally prior to checkout.

American Express and Discover cards are never accepted outside of the United States, even in Canada. However, some gift cards, such as Visa and Mastercard gift cards, can be used in other countriesas long as they clearly state that. Fees and regulations should also be listed on the packaging when and wherever you buy gift cards.

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Gifts For Multiple People

When sending gifts for multiple people, it is recommended that each gift is individually wrapped and clearly marked for the intended recipient to allow each receiver to avail of the national gift allowance. Be careful, though, as not all countries allow consignments to be shared across multiple people, so please check before sending.

Check The Country’s Rules And Regulations

When you ship internationally, it’s advisable to read into the requirements of the destination country. Depending on where and what you intend to ship, your package may be subject to restrictions on weight and size. Some countries even have restrictions on the value of the gift, so you may have to pay duties or taxes on the gift if it is valued above the maximum amount. Research customs-related costs and insurance coverage optionsit’s important to know these fees ahead of time, so you can factor them into your budget.

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Best Ways To Send Gifts Overseas During Lockdown

    Most of the countries around the world are going through series of lockdowns to contain Coronavirus. As life moves on and we become accustomed to our new daily schedules, it is important that we still keep the importance of yearly occasions and events alive and celebrate them. If youre looking for ways to send gifts overseas to your friends and family, check out these ways:

    Guide To International Gift Cards

    How to Send Gift Overseas

    Giving a gift nowadays is easier than ever, thanks to the availability and variety of gift cards on the market. After all, where else can you score that perfect surprise ranging from $10 to $200 for everyone from a reclusive coworker or your childs substitute math teacher to your spouse or close family member?

    The right gift card can do wonders for building or reinforcing a relationship as well as help pad your budget while traveling. Unfortunately, over $1 billion of these little plastic treasures go unspent annually, so its essential to know which ones to buy, send, and use whether traveling abroad or sending them Internationally.

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    Avail Swift International Gift Delivery Via Ferns N Petals

    Gifts have a way of conveying emotions and feelings. It is never the size of the gift that matters but the thought behind it. Furthermore, gifting is an eminent part of all occasions. In today’s modern world distance don’t matter, and you can easily send gifts to your loved ones who are residing abroad. We know how important your family and friends are to you, and so, we offer smooth international gifts delivery all across the globe. Ferns N Petals has a whole range dedicated to all occasions. You can send gifts abroad on Diwali, New Year, Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Our international gifts online catalogue has a treasure trove of presents, flowers, cakes and more that can bring a huge smile to the recipient’s face. No matter in which part of the world you are, now you can send gifts to the USA, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and worldwide. So, visit our online portal and place an order right away!

    Send Corporate Gifts To The Usa Online From Ferns N Petals

    Ferns N Petals is the number one online gift store in India because of its delightful platter of gifts available for all types of festivals and occasions. So, when you have an important client or business partner in the USA and you want to greet that person on important events, you can send corporate gifts to the USA using our website. Explore the beautiful flowers, Cakes, Hampers & plants congratulate your employees or clients on multiple occasions.

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    How To Send Australian Food Overseas

    When considering how to send Australian food and wine overseas as a gift, keep in mind our team at I Still Call Australia Home does this dailywere here to help you.

    When you want to send gift hampers to the USA, or any other international countries, there are a few crucial dos and don’ts to consider.

    • Dont send a food parcel internationally without checking local customs requirements.
    • Dont send perishable food.
    • Dont send liquids such as olive oil.
    • Dont forget to obtain all relevant permits for sending food hampers with liquids in them.

    How To Send Australian Wine Hampers Overseas

    Pin on random! fandom~

    Source: Pexels

    When you courier Australian wine overseas in gift baskets, customs will charge you import taxes and duties in the receiving country.

    You’ll also need additional permits.

    See more detailed information on shipping below.

    Gift baskets with wine to the USA or Canada via regular mail might not be delivered. Extremely strict customs regulations make it near impossible. Fortunately, at I Still Call Australia Home we only use approved couriers and can get gift baskets with non-perishable foods to the USA delivered effortlessly.

    • Sending wine to the UK and Japan is pretty easy. The approximate tax for one, 750ml 14.0% ALC/VOL wine bottle is $15.
    • Taxes in Germany, France, or anywhere in Northern Europe are exuberantthe same bottle of wine can be taxed up to $60.
    • We dont export Alcohol to the USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Ireland, or NZ.
    • Dont send a wine parcel internationally without checking local customs requirements.
    • Dont forget to obtain all the relevant permits for sending alcohol hampers.
    • Dont send wine hampers to the USA with regular mail.

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    Types Of Gifts That Ship Internationally

    Your options for gift-giving are as widespread as the internet. E-commerce and shopping websites now allow you to make purchases at your convenience. For inspiration, here are some international gifts you can purchase online:

    • E-commerce goods. E-commerce websites allow you to make purchases with local merchants, or easily purchase and ship gifts globally. You can pick from a wide range of clothing, accessories or household items you know theyll love.
    • Food. Food is welcomed by any culture and in any country. Many local bakeries, pastry shops and cake shops will make food for your loved ones and may even hand-deliver them. This is a particularly great idea for an international birthday gift delivery.
    • Flowers. Whether you want to send roses, daisies or lilies, find a local or online flower shop to have an eye-catching bouquet arrive to their doorstep.
    • Money transfers. If you find yourself with little time, or simply with no ideas, money is always a reasonable gift. With a money transfer service like the Western UnionĀ® app, you can transfer money straight to their bank account in their local currency quickly and easily.

    What Do I Need To Check Before Shipping A Gift

    Its essential you still perform the checks you would do for any export. Before sending your gift, or perhaps before even choosing what to give, be sure to check country regulations on gifts. Some countries only allow goods that meet strict conditions.

    This can be the case with, for example, shipping alcohol to Saudi Arabia or sending food or plants to Australia. There may also be quantity, value or even frequency restrictions. Its a good idea to ask the person youre sending the gift to if there are any restrictions.

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    Your Gift Options Are Limitless

    In todays world, youre not limited by borders or currencies to send a friend or family member a gift abroad. E-commerce websites, food, flowers and money transfers are all fantastic options to send gifts abroad online. Educate yourself on these options, and save yourself stress by mastering currency exchange, international duties and taxes. International gift purchases are more convenient and affordable than ever, making it easy to show your loved ones how much you care.

    Package The Gift Properly

    How to Send a Gift Basket to Europe | Gifts Delivery Services Europe

    Ask a representative of your chosen shipping carrier they will walk you through what is needed for your package whether it be FedEx, the United Parcel Service , or the United States Postal Service . By their very nature, international shipments often require more handling than those going shorter distances. According to FedEx, for instance, the documentation that you include with your package must say “unsolicited giftnot for resale” and include a detailed description of the item. Comparatively, the USPS states: “If your mail item can’t fit through automated processing equipment, it is considered non-machinable and costs more to send.”

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    Online Gift Delivery Service Across The World

    Giving gifts is an important, and perhaps the best part of relationships among family members and friends. It is a lovely and memorable way to express feelings regardless of there being an occasion. Not only it makes the recipient happy, but it also gives the gift giver a satisfaction that is immeasurable. In a modern lifestyle marked by hectic activity and shortage of time, going to a gift shop and looking for the perfect gift is a time-consuming exercise. Online gift delivery service has now emerged worldwide as an excellent option to view, choose and order a choice gift to be sent anywhere in the world.

    Whenever you decide to send gifts abroad online, 1800giftportal is the perfect one-stop shop to meet all your gifting needs.

    Order And Send Gifts Overseas Through An Online Gifting Site

    Online gifting sites in India have made the process of gifting a piece of cake. Placing an order for a gift to be sent to a relative or friend overseas is easy. They have an abundance of options, including flowers, cakes, plants, hampers and combos. The best part is that you can access the website any time of the day, at your convenience. They also have amazing deals and offers on premium gifts that they could avail with added benefits like free shipping and one-day delivery. Online gifting websites would be your one-stop place for all things gifting and delivery.

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    How To Pack Your Gifts Before Sending Them Overseas By Mail Or Courier

  • If possible, always keep your presents in their original packaging when sending them.
  • Bubble wrap each item that you send.
  • Place the bubble-wrapped gifts in a cardboard box.
  • Fill all empty spaces in the box with a generous amount of cushioning materials .
  • Close the box, seal it with adhesive tape, and stick a shipping label on it .
  • If you send fragile items, you can add a sticker saying Fragile or Handle with care.

    How To Properly Pack A Perfume For Shipping Internationally

    3 Ways to Send Flowers Internationally

    Although most courier providers do not recommend shipping liquids, many people still decide to ship them on a daily basis. Especially when sending perfumes or similar goods, careful packaging is of utmost importance to protect your shipment from damages.

    Place the bottle of perfume in its original box. Alternatively, place the bottle of perfume in a box that matches its size.

    Put the perfume into a Ziplock bag or wrap it in foil and thoroughly tape to avoid any leakage.

    Wrap the perfume in bubble wrap for better external protection.

    Put the perfume in the box and fill it up with packaging peanuts or any other suitable cushioning material.

    Close the box and seal it with tape.


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    Include A Return Address

    Its better to be safe than be sorry! You must include the return address outside and inside your package, in case there is some problem then you can get the gift back rather than losing it forever.

    Im Sending Mail To A British Forces Post Office Destination Do I Need To Complete A Customs Declaration Form

    HMRC pays particular attention to all HM Forces Mail arriving in or leaving the UK.

    You must complete a customs declaration if youre sending gifts or goods to any BFPO destination. This is regardless of value.

    Please attach the form to the outside of the item.

    If the information published on our website does not answer your query, please for further assistance.

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