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How To Send Gifts On Google Play

How To Send Google Play Credit


Many major retailers, like Target and Walmart, sell Google Play Store gift cards that you can gift to someone to use as Google credit in the Google Play Store. You can use Google’s website to find a location near you that sells Google Play Store gift cards.

You can also purchase e-gift cards online, and the gift card will arrive in the person’s email almost immediately, depending on the retailer you choose.

However, if you’d like to send a specific book in the Google Play Store to someone instead, here’s how to do it.

How To Redeem Gift Card Online:

If youre redeeming the Gift card online from your PC or laptop then head on to this Google Play Store link.

So, basically, every Google Play Gift Card has a 16-digit code imprinted in the back side which you have to scratch to reveal. Once youve scratched the Gift Card, enter that gift code on that Google Play Store link.

Type the code correctly in the box and then hit the Redeem button when youre done.

And thats it! Within a snap, the gift amount will be added to your respective Google Play account balance. Next time, whenever youre making any purchase online from Play Store you use this amount as a reward to buy your favorite applications, music, movies or any other digital content.

How To Gift Android Apps

No matter the occasion, Android apps are always a welcome gift. Whether your recipient needs more game credits, or a new way to stay organized there is something everyone on the Google Play and Amazon Appstore. And now, you can enjoy the Google Play store on the all-new and devices, available for purchase now with Verizon.

For holidays, special occasions or just because, why not give the gift of helpful, fun or entertaining apps to your friends and family? Gifting Android apps like Roblox from the and is an easy way to bring a little cheer as they get more out of their smartphones and tablets.

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How To Transfer Google Play Credit To Paypal

You can move your Google play credits or balance to PayPal using the Google Pay app. You can download the app for free on Playstore.

After creating an account, load the Google Pay app with all the cards you use on your Google Play account.

You can then link the Google Pay account with your preferred PayPal account, and your Google Play balance will be transferred to the PayPal account. If you have PayPals debit card, you can withdraw the funds directly.

If you dont have the card, you could transfer the funds to any other account linked to your PayPal, such as the bank account. This is the official and most straightforward way to move your credits to PayPal.

In the Playstore app, the option for reward exchange is a feature that allows you to convert your unused Google play credit to PayPal.

Later on, you can cash this money from your wallet and use it to buy something other than games or music.

You can use the same procedure to link the Google Play gift card to your PayPal account. This will allow you to use the funds on the gift card for something else that you need more.

Some sites claim they can offer you the same service, but it is not advisable. Giving strangers any form of access to your Google account could be catastrophic, especially since Google has all your passwords.

They could quickly get into your account and mess with your finances since you would have given them away.

Send Google Pay Money Via Gmail

Buy Google Play Gift Card Rs. 1000 Online on Snapdeal

An easier one-off way to buy someone an app is to just give them the money to purchase it. It doesn’t quite have the surprise factor or the feel of a gift that buying through Family Library would, but it doesn’t have the drawbacks of ineligible apps and shared payment info. This solution would be best if you want to buy an app for a friend, cousin, or nephew rather than an immediate family member.

Since every Play Store user has a Gmail address and the Play Store accepts Google Pay as a form of payment, the easiest way to send some cash for an app would be to attach it in a Gmail message. To do this, draft an email to the Google account they use on their phone, then press the attach button. Select “Send money” from here, and enter your payment info when prompted if you haven’t already done so.

Now, just enter the amount of money the app costs, then add a memo if you’d like and tap “Done.” From there, send the email.

On their end, they’ll get an email saying they’ve received money. The transfer is automatic, so they don’t even need to read this email, but they can tap “View transaction” to see details about the money you sent.

Now, when they want to buy the app, they’ll need to change their payment method to Google Pay. Have them tap “Install” on the app’s Play Store page like they normally would, but then tap the app’s name on the popup to expand the payment options menu. They can then select “Payment Methods” and choose “Google Pay Balance” to complete the transaction.

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Google Play Gift Cards

Google Play Gift Cards are a popular choice as a gift item, especially during Holidays and occasions like Birthdays. These cards make it convenient for the recipients to purchase Apps, Music, Videos, Movies or Games of their liking from Google Play Store.

Google Play Gift Cards come in denominations of $10, $15, $25 and $50 and are sold in Walmart, Best Buy and almost all other stores that sell Gift Cards.

Unlike iTunes Gift Cards, Google Play Gift Cards cannot be redeemed by scanning the Gift card with a Phone. But, Redeeming Google Play Gift Cards is easy, as you will see in the two methods as described below.

Is My Order Secure

The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it is received, including encrypting the transmission of any sensitive information, such as payment card information. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at .

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Can You Buy Google Play Credit With Paypal

Google has recognized the high number of users that have PayPal services, and they are working to make it easier for their users to connect to PayPal. This is done by integrating payments and withdrawals from PayPal to most of their services.

Google has expanded the options for payment in their Google Play store, especially in mobile android devices.

Traditionally, you could buy the credit with a credit or debit card, you could use a gift card, or you can bill it to a carrier.

Now PayPal has been added to the payment methods for Google play. You could use PayPal to buy credits or movies, songs, apps, and any other media you could want. This is convenient for most users since they already have active PayPal accounts.

However, to use the PayPal account, you need to link it to your Google Play account to use the gift cards you have to make purchases. You could also bill it to a carrier through PayPal, and it will work fine.

You can link your PayPal to Google Pay account by following simple procedures. First, make sure your device is connected to the Google account you are dealing with to make the process more efficient.

In the browser, type into the search engine window and press enter.

In the window that will come up, select the option to add a new payment option. PayPal will be in the list of devices you can add, and you can use it as you wish.

Where Can I Buy Digital Music And E

How to Redeem Google Play Store Gift Card 2021

Apple’s iTunes Store lets you gift an album, book or app, which is ideal for anyone that has an iPhone, iPad, iPod or Mac, or uses iTunes.

Google discontinued its equivalent Play Music service at the end of 2020 and replaced it with YouTube Music to which you can buy subscriptions called YouTube Premium at £11.99 a month. Subscriptions can also be paid using a Google Play gift card, as sold in supermarkets and .

As a Google Play card works across all Play-branded services, as well as YouTube, the recipient can just as easily use it to buy or rent streamed movies and TV, or buy apps and books. However, you can give digital books directly, as well show you below.

Amazon lets you gift Kindle ebooks directly from each books listing in the Kindle bookstore.

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Buy A Google Play Gift Card

If neither of the above methods work for you, the best solution would be to buy them a Google Play gift card. There are thousands of stores that sell physical Google Play gift cards, and you can even buy one online and it will work exactly the same way. The minimum is $25, however, so you can’t just fund a single app unless it’s a really expensive one.

If you buy an online gift card, you’ll just have to enter their Gmail address when purchasing and they’ll receive a code at that address. If you buy a physical card, they’ll have to scratch off the painted area on the back to reveal the code. Either way you go, once the recipient has the code, they’ll need to open their Play Store app, head to the side navigation menu , then select “Redeem” and enter the code.

Just like with Method 2, when they go to purchase the app, they’ll have to change their payment method. Have them tap “Install” on the paid app’s Play Store page, then tap the app’s name on the purchase prompt. From there, they can choose “Payment methods,” then select “Google Play balance” to complete the transaction.

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How To Transfer Google Play Credit To Paypal Relationship Between Google And Paypal

Everything is getting transferred to online platforms, and these changes have come with some fantastic additions to the online services that existed. One of these was the Google play credit that was launched back in 2012.

This is credit that a Google user can purchase apps, music, or any other content from Google Play.

With online payment services such as PayPal getting started worldwide, it was only a matter of time before Google integrated them into its services. Let us get a closer look and see how the two platforms work together

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How Do I Give Itunes As A Gift

You’re probably aware that you can buy iTunes gift cards, but did you know that you can also buy digital albums and songs as a gift?

On an iPhone, iPad or iPod, open the iTunes Store and select the item you want to gift. Press the Share button at the top of the screen , then select Gift from the options displayed. Youll be asked to enter the recipient’s email address and, under the section marked Send Gift, you can either pick today or any day in the next 30 days for the email to be sent. It will be charged to the credit or debit card on your iTunes account.

What Is Google Play Gift Card

Gift Card Google Play Credit Card Android Kmart, PNG ...

Did anyone just send you Google Play Gift Card? Well, first you have all the reasons to feel happy about it. Just how its name implies, Google Play Gift Card allows you to buy applications, music, movies and other digital content on Play Store for free. You can think it of as a cashback card with which you can buy your favorite content from Play Store and enjoy these services on your Smartphone.

Another advantage of using Google Play Gift Cards is that whichever digital content youll buy online will be accessible across all your Android device where you can find all your favorite applications and services in one place.

So, if someone just gifted you a Google Play Gift Card, youve got all the reasons to thank them! Now without wasting any further minute, lets explore how to use Google Play Gift Card.

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Gifting From Amazon Appstore

In addition to tangible Google Play gift cards, you can purchase electronic gift cards from the Amazon Appstore, another marketplace that sells Android apps.

Send your recipient a personalized via social media or email. You can even print out the gift card complete with an image of your choosing, and schedule your gift up to a year in advance.

If youre searching for a useful gift that anyone with a smart device can appreciate, giving a gift card that can be used toward the purchase of an Android app is the answer to your last-minute gift-giving needs. Whats more, if youre looking for other last-minute gift card options, you can explore our Verizon gift card options here.

Redeem Gift Play Gift Cards On Android Phone Or Tablet

You can Redeem Google Play Gift Card, right on you Android Phone or tablet by following the steps below:

1. Open Google Play Store app on your Android Phone or Tablet.

2. Next, tap on the 3 line icon, located near the top left corner of your screen

3. From the drop-down menu tap on Redeem.

4. Next, you will see a pop-up, prompting you to enter the Gift Cards code. Simply, enter the Gift Cards code and tap on the Redeem button to redeem your gift card .

In case you enter the code incorrectly, you will get an error message and you will be required to enter the code once again for Google to verify the code and add the balance to your Account.

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How To Redeem Gift Card Via Android Phone:

If you want to redeem your Google Play Gift card directly via phone, heres what you need to do.

Launch the Google Play Store app on your device.

Tap the menu icon on the top-left corner and select Redeem.

Now simply scratch the gift card to reveal the gift code and enter it in the box.

Hit the Redeem button when youre done typing the 16-digit code correctly.

Voila! The gift card amount will be automatically added to your Play Store account balance

Can You Gift On Google Play

How to Use Google Play Gift Card for Purchase

To give a book as a digital gift, visit the in a web browser, or open the Google Play app on your phone and tap Books on the bottom bar. Search for the title youd like to gift, open it and, in the browser, click Buy as Gift. If youre using the Play app, tap the three stacked dots at the top of the books listings page, followed by Gift. Provide the recipients email address, your name, and a message of up to 200 characters.

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Redeem Google Play Gift Cards On Computer

In case you do not use your Android Phone for online purchases and do not want to redeem your Gift Card using a phone, you can easily Redeem your Google Play Gift Card on your Computer.

1. On your computer visit

2. Sign into your Google Account, by tapping on the sign in button and entering your login details.

3. Once you are signed-in to your Account, you will be prompted to enter in the Gift Card code

4. Enter the Gift Card code and tap on the Redeem button .

Google Play Gift card balance will be instantly added to your account and you will be ready to buy Apps, Music, Movies, Games, Books and more using your credit.

What If I Buy A Google Card For The Wrong Region

If your card currency doesnt match your Google account country settings, it cannot be redeemed for that account. However, you can reach out to for help. Another option is to change the region of your account to then use your funds for their corresponding region, but this can only be done once a year. You can also find more information on our Support Page.

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How To Send A Book In The Google Play Store

1. Open the Google Play Store app and tap “Books” on your Android device.

2. Find the book you wish to send and tap it.

3. Tap the three dots and then the Gift icon.

4. Enter their email address, your name, and your message, then tap “NEXT” and follow the prompts.

The person should receive the gift immediately in their email, and you should receive an email as well saying it was delivered.

What Is Google Play Gift Card: How To Use It

Amazon gift card send google play gift card

Receiving a gift gives us an out of the world happiness and especially when its from a loved one! Yes, you may not be able to express it well, but deep down it does makes us happy. Be it a birthday gift from a friend or a special anniversary gift from our spouse, or just a bunch of flowers for no reason just to make your day, gifts do have a different vibe that may not be summed into words.

In the same way, as weve become so much obsessed with online shopping and applications, marketers have found new ways to make us happy. Yes, thats right! So, have you ever heard of Google Play Gift Card yet? Wondering what to do with it? In this post, we will be covering how to use Google Play Gift Card and what all benefits you can avail from it. But first, lets understand what Google Play Gift Card is and how can you send Google Play Gift Cards online to your friends and family.

Image Source: Velvet Gifts

Lets get started.

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