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How To Send Gifts To Hospital

Give The Gift Of Warm Fuzzies

Healthcare worker appreciation: What to know if you’d like to send gifts to hospitals

Food isnt the only way to bring joy to someone whos recovering from an illness. Sometimes all they need are a few touches of home to hold onto.

After all, grandma could cure just about anything with her trusty hot water bottle. Take a cue from her with a modern twist. When your loved one, friend, or relative is stuck in the hospital, warm up their environment literally and figuratively. Along with your hospital gift baskets, add a hot water bottle-shaped warmer thats microwave friendly. Or choose our classic Cozy Comfort Throw.

Both gifts are cozy and comforting for a feeling of comfort when surrounded by unfamiliar sights and sounds.

Best Gifts A Hospital Patient Needs

    Its not always easy shopping for a hospital patient. In fact, searching for the best gifts can be stressful as well. Visiting a friend or family member in the hospital with a gift in tow always brings much joy!

    At times, its challenging to know what a hospital patient needs and also can enjoy. Once you make the right decision, you can feel confident you choose the perfect gift!

    A Box Of Healthy Snacks For An Energizing Boost

    SnackMagic Snack Box, from $35

    Nurses need an on-the-go snack to keep them energized during the day. SnackMagic Snack Boxes features over 2,000 unique snacking options, and they can build their own box with new and exciting products. Allergies and intolerance are no problem here, with options for every dietary preference. Send a gift card and let them build their own box of goodness, choose from their pre-curated collections, or create your own.

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    Can I Ship A Gift Basket To A Hospital And Other Frequently Asked Questions

    When a dear friend or a loved one is in the hospital, you want to make sure that they are treated well, and you want to show them that you are thinking of them or that you are really happy for them. Unfortunately, you cannot visit them in person, you are abroad for studies or work or holidays. This should not stop you from sending them something nice. In this article, we will give you some tips and tricks and we answer some FAQs like Can I ship a gift basket to a hospital.

    Pajamas For Extra Comfort

    How To Send Flowers To A Hospital Nurse

    Hospital gowns can leave you feeling cold and exposed, but wearing the same outfit for several days or weeks in a row is no fun either. Having a new, clean pair of pajamas can make a hospital stay much more cozy and comfortable. Plus, its a great opportunity to show off some personality with funky patterns or bold colors!

    Melaney Niemiec wrote, Comfortable and cozy pajamas. I love getting new cute pajamas while inpatient. It makes an awful situation a little better.

    Rachel Perez said she likes getting a new nightgown she can wear in the hospital, clean socks or clothes that are clean and comfy.

    Our picks: Womens Long-Sleeved Button-Down Nightgown and Mens Cotton Flannel Plaid Pajama Pants

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    Get More Gift Ideas For Men

    Wondering what you can send a man instead of flowers? Or maybe youre looking for more get well gift ideas? If so, check out our ultimate gift guide with 103 unique ideas, order some nutritious and comforting soup as a get well gift, or check out our ultimate guide to unique Fathers Day gift ideas.

    You are reading a post from our Get Well Gifts Guide. Read on for more great ideas to help those you love get well soon!Get Well Gift Ideas

    Knock Your Favorite Patients No

    A couple of months ago, I visited the hospital gift shop downstairs from the rehab unit where my mom recovered from a stroke. As I browsed the aisles of stuffed animals, balloons, flowers, candy and jewelry, most items seemed likely to satisfy the gift giver more than the patient.

    For instance, there was an abundance of candy and flowers, which dont always make the best gifts. What if the patient has allergies, and flowers set off a sneezing fit? Or maybe the person has diabetes and shouldnt eat sweets.

    Or maybe this is your second or third visit and youve already brought all the usual presents.

    What if people gave gifts that the patient might really want or need? There are lots of gifts to give someone in the hospital that dont need to be watered, consumed or set aside for later use.

    Are you ready to stop running with the herd through hospital gift shops and give a gift that will knock your favorite hospital patients no-skid socks off?

    Here are 18 ideas to help you recover from bringing lame hospital gifts to a sick friend or relative.

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    Essential Oils And Diffuser To Relieve Anxiety

    To cloak that hospital smell, bring along a diffuser and some essential oils to help the room feel more relaxing. Just make sure essential oils are allowed in the hospital, and that your friend is not sensitive to strong smells!

    Essential oils to diffuse, Sarena Ezzell told us. My friend recently brought me some during my last hospital stay and it really added a calm, homey effect to the room.

    Our picks: URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser and Humidifier and Radha Aromatherapy Essential Oils, Pack of 8

    Whatever you decide to do for your friend or loved one in the hospital, the most important thing is to show them you love them and are thinking of them. Whether that means bringing them a gift, writing them a heartfelt message or spending quality time with them, they will likely appreciate any gesture, as long as it comes from the heart and is considerate of their needs and wishes.

    If youre looking for more recommendations about what to do for friends facing various health challenges, weve got you covered. Check out the following stories from our Mighty community:

    Can You Give A Rose To A Guy

    Thank you for making Boston Children’s Hospital #1

    If your man works in an office, then a bouquet of roses might be the right gift to send to him at work. So, if your man knows you love himor if you want him to know! send him flowers. Just as women love receiving flowers for no reason at all, a surprise gift of flowers for him will work wonders, too.

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    Gifts Ideas For A Sick Man

    No one likes getting sick, whether its the flu or a common cold, its no ones picnic. For men who are sick, there are some great ways to show that you care. Here are some get well gifts ideas for sick men that will brighten any day:

  • Get Well Card. Show you care for him with a handwritten card. Whether it has a little comedy flair or the traditional Get Well Soon, its sure to make their day a little brighter. Add in a printed art piece or a drawing from a younger family member to help make the card extra special. You could even spray it with your scent to remind them of you every time they read it.
  • Soup. Eating a delicious bowl of hot soup can do wonders for those who are feeling under the weather. With soup delivery now an option for most places, it can be a delicious way to say you care. Chicken noodle soup has been known to help fight colds, clear nasal congestion, and has anti-inflammatory properties in it as well.
  • Slippers. Slippers are one of the perfect get well soon gifts for him. Hell think of you every time hes comfortably padding about the house in a cozy new pair of slides. Consider the weather when picking out slippersa thick, furry pair will be best for colder months, while a light-weight sandal slipper will be better for summer.
  • Can I Send Chocolate To Singapore

    Food items are allowed in as long as they are non-perishable, ambient and sealed in manufacturers packaging. So chocolate, sweets, biscuits, crisps, snacks and all the other goodies that go into our Gift Boxes are fine to send, although customs will occasionally inspect a parcel to check its contents.

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    Look For Ways To Help Them Stay Entertained

    When youre not feeling your best, its easy to get bored. And in hospitals, theres not much to keep people entertained. Some of the best gifts for someone in the hospital are ones that help them occupy their time and use their imaginations.

    If youre creating a basket full of hospital gift ideas for sick friends and relatives, make sure to add some entertainment options. Books, coloring books, and decks of cards are all great choices. These will help take their minds off of any discomfort theyre feeling and distract them from the otherwise boring hospital.

    The Dos And Donts If You Want To Ship A Gift Basket To A Hospital

    How To Send Flowers To A Hospital Nurse

    If you decide to ship something nice to a friend or loved one in the hospital, make sure you DO:

    • Can the patient have flowers, chocolate, etc in their room? Are the conditions favorable?
    • Can you send items to the hospital? You cannot send items to a specific room, but in many cases, you can give up the address of the hospital and your items will be delivered to the reception.
    • Ask if they are willing to receive the parcel and if yes, ask for the exact the hospital and details of the reception desk, such as contact person, etc.
    • Ask them as well, between which times they would recommend items being delivered. If you have chosen for our standard courier service, the courier will probably deliver your parcel between 8h and 19h, you can add the time indication anyway.

    3. Read this entire article!

    These are the things you can do the following list contains what you CANNOT do:

  • Send forbidden and prohibited items. Check our blog article for more information.
  • Ask the courier to deliver straight to the patients room.
  • Send items that are harmful in a hospital environment like electronic device that emit some sort of radiation.
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    A Smartwatch For Tracking Steps

    Fitbit Charge 5, available at Fitbit, and REI, $180

    The Charge 5 is the latest in Fitbit’s most popular line of health and fitness trackers. With tools to track and manage stress, heart health, and sleep, the Charge 5 can help a nurse keep a pulse on their overall wellness. Plus, they can also receive smartphone notifications, access quick replies from the wrist , timers, alarms, contactless payments, and more.

    Compression Socks For Long Hours On Their Feet

    Sockwell’s Circulator Graduated Compression Socks, $25-27

    If you ask a nurse if they’ve ever experienced pain or soreness from long hours on their feet, they’ll surely say “yes” without hesitation. A good pair of compression socks can help increase blood circulation and alleviate some of that pain. Sockwell’s are ideal for folks standing all day with more moderate compression compared to those you’d wear running, and four zones of graduated compression for a more effective and comfortable fit.

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    Get Well Baskets For Men

    Sometimes one small gift just doesnt seem like enough for a man who is sick. In this case, get well gift baskets for men may be the perfect option. By building a basket around a certain theme, youll be able to give several gifts and really show you know and care. Here are a few ideas for a get well basket for him.

  • Beard Care Basket. Do you know a man with an impressive beard? He probably wont want to let it run wild, even when hes sick. A beard care basket is the perfect way to help him feel like himself when hes recovering. Include items like beard oil, a beard trimmer, and a beard comb. Hell have everything he needs to keep his beard in great shape while hes sick.
  • Camping Accessories Basket. Remind your guy of better times by gifting a camping accessories basket, complete with a pocket knife, smores kit, and flashlight. Add in a camping voucher and invite him to go spend a weekend in the great outdoors when hes feeling better.
  • Movie Night Basket. Sometimes a good distraction is all a man needs to feel better, even when under the weather. Create a movie night basket using a popcorn bowl, popcorn kernels, a cozy blanket, candy, a large cup, and his favorite drink. Then offer to come over and watch a movie with him sometime soon.
  • Finding Ways To Bring Joy To A Loved One In The Hospital Is Simple

    Manchester United players send seasons greetings and gifts to three children’s hospitals

    If youre trying to think of gifts for someone in the hospital and arent sure where to start, take a step back and think about their personalities. What types of things would bring a smile to their face? What foods bring them joy and comfort when theyre not able to be at home?

    You can create your own gift basket or let us help. Our hospital Get Well gift baskets are created with care and designed to bring the same warm comforts of a hug to your loved ones in need. Whether theyre recovering from a simple injury or need to spend a little extra time recuperating in the hospital, theyll know you care and value their well-being.

    Send a gourmet and comforting soup and cookie get well gift to your friends and family today and help make their stay in the hospital feel a little more like home.

    Get Well Gifts GuideGet Well Gift Ideas

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    What Do You Text A Guy When Hes Sick

    If you need a little help getting started, some sweet texts might say:

    • Even though Im not with you, please know that Ill be thinking about you all day and hoping you get better soon.
    • I feel so incomplete when Im not with you!
    • Thinking about you being sick in bed makes my heart ache.
    • Roses are red, violets are blue.

    A Water Bottle To Keep Drinks Cold On Long Shifts

    Hydro Flask 40 oz Wide Mouth, $50

    Nurses might not have a fancy kitchen filled with snacks and drinks like your average corporate office, but they do still need to stay hydrated throughout their shifts. The Hydro Flask 40-ounce water bottle is designed to keep drinks ice cold for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, so they can enjoy their drinks at the right temperature.

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    What Do You Say To An Actor Before A Performance

    A common phrase to say to someone who is about to perform, break a leg translates to good luck in theatre slang. There are three theories for the popularity of this theatre saying. Actors are said to tell each other to break a leg and pretend to wish bad luck, so that the opposite will happen.

    Best Get Well Soon Gifts For Him

    Hospital gift basket I put together for my amazing husband ...

    Posted & filed under Get Well, Gift Ideas, Sick

    No matter who you are or how sick you may be, nothing quite says feel better soon than receiving a carefully thought out gift. And while its easy to treat your bestie with a little something extra, the men in your life also need a little extra love when theyre not feeling their best. To help your favorite guy get through a nasty cold or a recent surgery, try sending one of these nine get well gifts for men:

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    What Do You Send To A Coworker In The Hospital

    1.Keep your Get Well message short.

    • Hoping you find strength with each new day. You are in our thoughts.
    • Best wishes that you will soon be back to doing all the things you love.
    • Work isnt the same without you there. Once you feel better, well feel better too.
    • I was so sorry to hear about your illness.

    Get Well Gifts For A Man After Surgery

    If you missed sending a get well gift while your family member or friend was in the hospital, consider giving one of the best post surgery gifts for him that you can give: a delivery.

    5. Delivery A gift delivered from your friends favorite places is the perfect way to say get well soon. Whether its a meal or a gift basket, getting mens get well gifts delivered right to your door is unbeatable.

    6. Pay a Visit If giving a gift in person is more your style, consider giving him the gift of company. Whether its playing the video game hes been eyeing lately or chatting over a favorite drink or late-night snack, sometimes company is all thats needed.

    7. A Good Book If he loves to read, he may enjoy a new novel. Whether its a short read or a page-turner, consider giving him a book that you know he wont be able to put down. Check out some of these classic novel suggestions:

    The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald Band of Brothers by Stephen E. Ambrose Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer The Call of the Wild by Jack London To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee On the Road by John Kerouac

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    What To Send A Guy In The Hospital

    The Best Hospital Gifts For Guys

    • Handheld video game systems or games.
    • Humorous T-shirts and mugs.
    • Something plush to warm his heart.
    • A themed gift basket with snacks or activities.
    • A handwritten note.
    • A blanket, robe, or slippers to help stay warm.
    • A good book to occupy him.
    • Tech to help him sleep.

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