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How To Send Virtual Gift Cards

Making A Purchase With Your Visa Gift Card

Configuring a virtual gift card – YITH WooCommerce Gift Cards
What if I change my mind and want to cancel a purchase?

If a merchant cancels a purchase transaction for you, it may take three to seven business days for the cancellation to show up on your Visa Gift card record and for the funds to be credited to your card and available for use. Check the balance on your card, either online or by phone, to see when your cancelled purchase transaction has been processed. Refer to the back of your card for the web site address/phone number of the financial institution that issued your card.

Why was my Visa Gift card declined?
  • Your card may have expired. Check the expiry date printed on the front of your card. In this case, let the merchant know how much remaining balance you have on your card. The merchant may split the transaction and allow you to pay for part of your purchase with the Gift card, and then the remaining part of your purchase with another form of payment, such as a credit, debit or cash.
  • Your remaining card balance may be less than the value of the item you wish to purchase.
  • Merchants who only possess a manual imprint machine cannot accept Gift cards which have the phrase “ELECTRONIC USE ONLY” printed on the front of the card.
  • Some internet merchants use fraud protection software that may decline a Gift card purchase transaction.
  • Your card may not be activated or registered yet. Follow the activation and registration instructions that came with the card, or contact the card issuer

Virtual Visa And Mastercard To The Rescue

International research and marketing programs now have another incentive option: virtual Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards. These digital incentives offer a truly global reward solution that is dramatically easier, faster, and less expensive.

Sending virtual Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards is a great way to incentivize or reward recipients across the world, since they can be delivered instantly by email and issued in several major currencies, including U.S. and Canadian dollars, British pounds, and euros. Arguably their biggest advantage, though, is their wide global usability virtual Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards are accepted in over 150 countries, with automatic conversion to the local currency.

For example, a rewards program manager can purchase $50 USD Visa cards and send them to survey respondents in Spain, China, and India. The recipients can make local purchases with the Visa with automatic conversion of $50 USD value to euros, RMB and INR.

These cards can typically be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted, including for phone and online orders.

How Many Gift Cards Can I Send

Blue Mountain members can treat as many people to gift cards as they like! Choose one ecard, add a digital gift card and send to multiple recipients! Checking off gift lists for holidays, graduations and other special occasions will be a whole lot easier.

Wow, you read this entire page? You’re going to be awesome at sending digital gift cards! Let’s do this!

  • Sign up and stay in the loop!

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From The Give And Get Local Directory:

Customers can also order eGift Cards online through the Give and Get Local Directory. The Give and Get Local Directory is a listing of businesses who offer Square eGift Cards. It allows buyers to browse and purchase eGift Cards from local businesses in their area, including your own. If a customer decides to buy an eGift Card to your business through the Give and Get Local Directory, they will be directed to your custom eGift Card order site to complete their purchase. The Give and Get Local Directory is also featured and promoted by select partners to encourage more customers to support local businesses.

To search for your business or others that offer eGift Cards in the Give and Get Local Directory:

  • On the Give and Get Local Directory, enter in an address or press Use current location.

  • Apply additional filters, such as business category, if needed.

  • Select the business you wish to order an eGift Card from and continue through the checkout process on that business eGift Card order site.

  • Note: Only businesses offering Square eGift Cards will appear in the search. Businesses that only offer physical gift cards in store will not be reflected.

    The image, business name and location that represent your business in the Give and Get Local directory are the eGift Card design and business name and location that you have associated with your Square account.

    Buy Individual Gift Cards One At A Time

    How To Send Virtual Gift Cards

    The first option that business owners can opt for is to buy individual gift cards one at a time. While this could be a good idea for organizations that need to purchase only one or two cards, it isnt a long-term solution for those who are looking to buy multiple cards at a time for customers, employees, and clients.

    People buy gift cards individually for personal use, as theyre usually sending only one at any moment. Typically, theyre gifting a friend or family member on a special occasion. Since those occasions come around at different times, it makes sense to buy a gift card when needed. However, the same doesnt hold true for businesses.

    Businesses send gift cards as part of a reward and recognition strategy or as an incentive. By necessity, this means sending multiple gift cards on a regular basis. Buying dozens or hundreds of gift cards individually is time-consuming, costly, and inconvenient. Therefore, businesses need a better option.

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    Why Are Virtual Gift Ideas Important For Remote Teams

    Virtual gifts are a great way to recognize the hard work of employees working remotely. It helps with team-building and motivates the team to continue producing high-quality results. Appreciating remote employees also helps in retaining them for the long term.

    It is important to pay attention to all the efforts your employees have been putting in to bring success to the company. Remote employees often feel alienated and isolated owing to their work-from-home lifestyle hence keeping them engaged and rewarding them with gifts is a great idea to keep them inspired.

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    How To Send Electronic Visa Gift Cards

    The easiest way to send electronic Visa gift cards quickly, plus images of what the Virtual Visa eGift Card looks like to the recipient.

    Need to send someone a gift card in a hurry? Then look no further than electronic Visa® gift cards.

    With some of the same flexibility of plastic Visa gift cards, the recipient can use the value to shop ONLINE or OVER THE PHONE wherever Visa is accepted. The two main differences between plastic and virtual Visa gift cards is that the egift card arrives via email so the card number will most likely have to be manually entered in order to be redeemed and the Visa eGift Card is only usable online.

    Below are the steps to show you how to send electronic Visa gift cards quickly and easily.

    Shop Visa eGift Cards and Top Brand eGift Cards. Weve got both!

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    Cheap Gifts For Coworkers

    Look at some of the options for cheap gifts for coworkers if you do not have enough budget to buy expensive items. These items will fall right in your budget,

  • Luggage tags Luggage tags are one of the cheap office gifts items that can be cute and inexpensive.
  • Virtual Gift Ideas Desserts Nothing says thank you like a box full of mouth-watering desserts. When bought in bulk these can be cheap gifts for office staff.
  • Aromatherapy Candles Aromatherapy candles are scented candles that can immediately uplift the mood and relieve stress. These are also best holiday gifts for coworkers.
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    Refund To An Egift Card

    Sending virtual gift cards

    From Point of Sale, Square Retail, or Square Appointments apps on iOS devices:

  • Open the navigation menu and tap Transactions.

  • Enter the receipt number or the credit card number in the search bar to find the transaction.

  • Tap the transaction you want to refund and select Issue Refund.

  • Select the items or the amount you want to refund and tap Next.

  • Under Refund To, select Gift Card> Create eGift Card.

  • Enter the customers email address in the box. This will autofill if you have already added your customers email to their profile in your customer directory. On the customer-facing screen, your customer can edit the email address or enter in a new email, if needed, then tap Done.

  • Confirm the email address with your customer, then tap Done.

  • On the Refund Complete window, tap Done.

  • After issuing a refund to an eGift card from your point of sale, your customer will receive an email with their eGift card that they can use for store credit the next time they shop with you.

    Note: Refunding to an eGift Card is available on only iOS devices at this time.

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    Be Thoughtful With Your Gift Card Selection

    The gift card you choose is also an opportunity to personalize your gift. Consider choosing something that your recipient really needs or wants.

    How can you make his or her life a bit easier? How can you encourage them to treat themselves to something special? While gift cards are always appreciated, you want to make sure your selection is a good fit for them specifically.

    Are Chipotle Egift Cards Refundable

    Once a Chipotle eGift Card has been emailed, it is non-refundable. If the intended recipient does not receive the eGift or accidentally deletes it, ask the recipient to check SPAM folders, deleted email folders or automatic filters. If the gift card is not found, contact Customer Service for assistance.

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    Options Are Growing For Global Rewards

    Instant electronic delivery and wide acceptance make virtual Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards a very convenient option for global rewards programs. They also allow the exact same reward to be used across multiple countries, a huge benefit for multi-country surveys and campaigns, as it takes the hassle out of rewarding international participants.

    You now also have the option to get around the limitations of e-gift cards or PayPal with the help of the right digital rewards management platform. A tool like Rybbon can automatically detect the recipients location and curate available gift card options based on their country and currency. It can also streamline PayPal rewards to eliminate manual processes.

    Need an easy international rewarding solution? Rybbon has you covered, with virtual Visa and Mastercard prepaid cards, its Smart Global Choice feature, or PayPal rewards. Request a demo today to figure out which option works best for you.

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    Hannah is a reformed journalist who has more than 15 years of experience and now focuses on content marketing for innovative tech companies.


    Happy Mom Gift Card Support

    Send Virtual Gift Cards on Gwick App To Socialize And Show ...

    Are you looking to check your Happy Mom eGift Card balance or have specific questions? Use the check balance link or call the Happy Card support number below. Ask the Gift Card Girlfriend a question about checking a Happy Mom eGift Card balance and find answers to common gift card balance questions.

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    The Recipient Gets An Email

    First, the recipient gets an email that should look similar to the one shown below. You can see that it does not show the personalized image or custom message at this point. The email simply notifies the recipient that they received a Virtual Visa Account and need to claim the card.

    If you do not hear from the recipient after the Visa egift card has been sent, you might want to check in. The recipient may need to look in a SPAM folder or Junk folder.

    Can I Buy A Chipotle Egift Card For Myself

    You can buy a Chipotle eGift Card for yourself. To do so, enter your own email address in the Recipient Email fields, and enter your own name as the recipient name. Complete the transaction normally. When you receive your eGift card alert , follow the instructions in the message to retrieve and redeem your eGift card.

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    How To Sell Your Egift Cards To Your Customers From Your Square App:

    You can sell eGift Cards from the Square app on all devices . Make sure to update your app to get the latest functionality.

    To sell an eGift Card in-app:

  • From your item library, tap Gift Cards> eGift Card.

  • Rotate your screen to face the customer> ask them to pick a design, eGift Card amount, and to enter their email address.

  • Complete the sale.

  • Note: Customers will receive the eGift Card via email and they can then print or send it to a friend.

    What Exactly Does The Recipient Receive When I Send A Chipotle Egift Card

    Sending Christmas Cards and Gifts

    On the delivery date you choose, an email is sent from to the recipient informing them of your gift, with your customized message and video or picture, if chosen, and with a link to retrieve it online. The link in the email goes to a page showing the Chipotle eGift Card you created, its value and eGift card number. The page also gives simple instructions for redeeming the eGift card.

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    Simple Gifts For Coworkers

    We have got you covered if you are looking for simple gifts for coworkers,

  • Virtual Gift Ideas Mason Jars Mason Jars are available in plenty of colors and designs and would make a great gift for a coworker.
  • Cellphone Holders Cellphone holders can be a good gift for office colleagues who like to keep their desks organized. It comes in various quirky designs to suit everyones taste.
  • Bamboo Bento Box People looking for eco-friendly work gift ideas can consider gifting a bamboo bento box. It is a very thoughtful gift that would also encourage sustainable living among your colleagues.
  • Gifts For Office Staff

    Holiday seasons are a great time to appreciate all the hard work your office staff has been putting throughout the year. Here are some great ideas for gifts for office staff,

  • Personalized notebooks or diaries Customised notebooks, planners, or diaries can be good Christmas gifts for coworkers. The price can vary based on the quality of the product you pick.
  • Virtual Gift Ideas Passport Cover Passport covers are perfect gifts for offices where employees take frequent business trips.
  • Bluetooth Speakers Bluetooth speakers are a useful gift for staff and they also make as an ideal Christmas gifts for staff.
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    What If Someone Makes A Copy Of My Printed Chipotle Egift Card

    You must safeguard your eGift card for your own protection. If someone makes a copy of your eGift card and redeems it for the full amount, your copy will have no value. No matter how many copies are made, the value of the eGift card is tied to the gift card number. When that number is used, the value of the purchase is deducted from the eGift card.

    Looking For Gift Card Ideas

    Amazon gift card send google play gift card

    Clothing Who doesn’t need clothes? Whatever theyre into, get them something that always fits and keeps them in style from top fashion retailers.

    Gifts for HimWhether he’s a gamer, handyman or outdoorsman, pick from his favourite brands and get him something he will truly love.

    RestaurantsTreat someone to an inspired dining experience. Browse our diverse range of dining and restaurant gift card options.

    Gifts for HerFind the perfect gifts for her – from great reads, hot tech to jewellery and cosmetics, surprise her with something special.

    MoviesWhat better way to spend an evening than heading to the movies? Give a movie gift card tonight and let them enjoy the show!

    Gifts for TeensGet a gift that will help teens stay on trend with the latest tech, accessories and fashion from their favourite brands.

    TravelTreat yourself or your favourite travellers with a gift card for the perfect hotel in over 200 countries.

    Gifts for KidsGet them a gift card that gives them everything they want including their favourite books, movies, music and video games!

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    What If Someone Makes A Copy Of My Subway Gift Card

    You must safeguard your gift card for your own protection. If someone makes a copy of your gift card and redeems it for the full amount, your copy will have no value. No matter how many copies are made, the value of the gift card is tied to the gift card number. When that number is used, the value of the purchase is deducted from the gift card.

    Visa And Mastercard Virtual Accounts

    Immediately send a personalized, virtual gift card that can be used everywhere that Visa and Mastercard are accepted. These prepaid cards make a convenient gift for any occasion.

    Its easy to personalize Visa and Mastercard gift cards. Simply add a favorite photo or choose a predesigned card. A custom message can also be included. The Virtual Account will be sent to the recipient via email.

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    Virtual Gift Ideas Your Attendees And Partners Will Love

    There are endless ways to surprise and delight your event attendees, speakers, and sponsors in a digital world. If youre planning a virtual event, this list of virtual gift ideas will help inspire you with some ideas to get you started.

    COVID-19 has completely altered the live events landscape. Many events have had to pivot to virtual conferences. Which raises an important question: what gifts should you give attendees, speakers, and sponsors when you cant give them the physical offerings you were planning to?

    Weve created a list of 19 virtual gift ideas across 4 distinct categories that you can feel confident about sending at your virtual event.

    And if youre looking for some examples to get you inspired, check out these virtual event ideas.

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