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How To Swap Gift Cards For Other Gift Cards

Make Gift Card Baskets For A Good Cause

How to Exchange Gift Cards Online @

Heres another example of a gift card donation. My sons football team asked parents to donate items that could be auctioned off or raffled off to raise money for the team. I took one of our Happy Cards gift cards and turned the Happy Teen gift card into a fun Teen-themed gift card basket. I bought some inexpensive items at a dollar store to make the gift more eye-catching. The fundraising committee loved the donation! If you receive a gift card you dont want or cant use, then see if you can package it up for a good cause.

Exchange Your Unwanted Gift Cards With People You Know

Chances are people you know also have a number of gift cards they will never use. Maybe they let dust gather on the exact gift cards that you could put to good use. In exchange, you could be owning a valuable gift card for them.

Network with people in your office, college, gym or wherever you meet people to discover what you could exchange.

Selling And Exchanging Gift Cards Through Cardcash buys gift cards directly from consumers, offering up to 92% cash back for your unwanted gift cards. Catering to the ease of digital exchanges, CardCash operates exclusively online.

While gift card prices fluctuate based on supply and demand, we found that many of the cards we tested fetched a decent value on CardCash. For example, when we checked, a $100 Best Buy gift card was valued at $86 and a $100 Walmart gift card was valued at $88. Of course, your experience may vary.

Additionally, CardCash features a robust list of accepted gift cards. Along with popular options such as Target and Walmart, you can sell gift cards from places like 7-Eleven, Costco, Starbucks and Uber Eats.

Selling gift cards at CardCash is easy: Simply enter a merchant and card balance, and you can see your offer instantly. You can also add multiple cards at once and see their total value. Only gift cards with a remaining balance of $10 or more are eligible.

Once youve selected your desired payment method via check in the mail, ACH deposit or PayPal Express Checkout enter your gift card number and PIN.

If youd rather exchange your gift card for other store options, CardCash is one of your best bets. Indeed, the site offers up to 11% more value for your cards if you trade the gift card rather than sell it.

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Consider Ways To Get Paid

Depending on the service you choose, when you sell a gift card you can receive a check in the mail, a PayPal payment or a more useful gift card.

Payment apps might be quick, but keep those pesky transaction fees in mind if you want to maximize your payout. Checks may take a little longer, but theyre as good as cold, hard cash. And depending on your spending habits, another gift card might be the best choice, as the conversion rate is going to be the highest.

Each selection has its own perks, so choose whichever best fits your needs.

Can You Exchange Visa Cards For Cash

Buying and Selling Gift Cards

Wondering, can you trade visa gift cards for cash? Getting cash from your gift card is possible through apps and websites. The easiest way, however, is to sell your card in person!

This involves selling your gift card to other people or converting your visa card at a gift card exchange kiosk into money. Also, adding money to either your PayPal account or bank account is close to having money in cash by simply adding the extra step of withdrawing it.

So, how can you get cash for your Visa Gift Card fast? Here is how:

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Are Visa Gift Cards Redeemable For Cash

If you have a Visa card and questioning and thinking if it is redeemable for cash the answer is no. This is due to the fact that while Visa gift cards and prepaid debit cards are somewhat similar, only the former can be cashed out on an ATM. The only way to get value from your gift card is by using it to make a purchase at a select retailer.

Other than that, you can sell a gift card online or in person for cash. You can also exchange your gift card for a different gift card to a store of your choice.

What Is A Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

  • Can You Get Cash for Gift Cards at Coinstar?
  • A gift card exchange kiosk is a self-service place, usually in a grocery or big box store, where you can exchange your unused gift cards for cash.

    There is usually a fee you must pay to exchange your gift card, which can be between 10 and 40%.

    It depends on where and what company you use to exchange your gift card.

    This article will tell you all you need to know about exchanging your gift cards for cash, including where you can exchange them, the costs of exchanging, and how the exchanges work.

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    Buy Things To Sell With Gift Cards

    The store you have a git card to might not have merchandise you enjoy, but perhaps somebody else will. If you have a gaming store gift card, for example, you can buy the latest video game and sell it via an online auction site or social media. If its back-to-school time and you know your friend is looking for a specific pair of shoes, go to the shoe store together. Pay for the shoes she wants with the gift card and she can give you the cash she would have spent on the shoes. As a good friend, Id give her a discount for helping me liquidate the card. Look for things that are okay to buy used and see if you can do a little shopping to earn a little cash.

    Which Gift Cards Can You Exchange

    How to swap unwanted Christmas gift cards

    When you receive a gift card as a present, ask the person who gave it to you what store they got it from.

    If there is any doubt about whether or not that retailer accepts exchanges then find out if their partner stores do so instead.

    While some brands have restrictions on which of their partners can accept returned cards, others may allow customers to use them at any retail location in general.

    This means even if your voucher cannot be exchanged for another purchase directly with Sears themselves, perhaps an associate at Kmart will honor the same terms and conditions when accepting this form of redemption.

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    Where Can I Sell Amazon Gift Cards

    are among some of the most popular to sell. It’s understandable why. Amazon’s marketplace allows buyers access to a versatile array of products. Whether you’re on the platform to find a gift, purchase outdoor sports gear, or you’re looking for a good book, Amazon has it.

    All of the platforms mentioned above offer assistance reselling an Amazon Gift card. However, if you’re looking for money fast, you can offer to sell your Amazon Gift card to friends, co-workers, or your family members. We can almost guarantee that you’ll find a solid group of interested buyers within your own personal network.

    Let them know you’re looking to sell your Amazon gift card for a discount, give them the card details and let the bidding begin.


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    Can You Get Cash Back From Free Gift Cards

    Companies such as Netflix, , Starbucks, and American Eagle often give out free gift cards to people who:

    • Participate in various surveys
    • Send referral links for certain services to their friends
    • Shop through various apps and websites

    If you received and used a free gift card, but you didnt spend all the money, you can rely on DoNotPay. You dont have to lose time trying to figure out how to use the remaining balance on your gift card. We will help you claim extra cash in a matter of minutes so that you can spend it someplace else.

    Whats A Gift Card Marketplace

    Use Prepaid Gift Cards at Other Stores and Locations

    As the name implies, gift card marketplaces are online and physical markets designed to help you swap and sell gift cards. There are several sites advertising gift card sales, such as eBay and Craigslist, but these are known hunting grounds for scammers. Tap or click here for 5 types of eBay scams.

    One popular scam is selling the card, then using up the balance the moment a buyer turns their back. With digital gift card holder apps and the ability to upload balances with just the numbers from the card, you can wind up getting nothing in the end. Tap or click for apps that help you manage your gift cards in one place.

    If you want to purchase or trade gift cards without worrying about being scammed, visit dedicated gift card marketplaces. These sites have built-in safety measures and help the process go off without a hitch.

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    How Much Do Gift Card Exchanges Cost

    If youre selling an unwanted gift card, exchange websites take a cut. It depends on the website, card youre selling and overall demand, but most take 15% or less. If youre buying gift cards you can expect to see discounts of up to 35%, meaning youd pay $65 or more for a $100 gift card. This too depends on the retailer and demand for that card. We found these discounts to usually be a bit more modest.

    Visa Gift Card Atm Withdrawal

    Can you withdraw cash from a visa gift card? The simple answer is no!

    While prepaid cards can be used to withdraw cash from an ATM or as cashback in a store, gift cards dont carry the same privileges. To get cash from a cash machine, you first have to find a way to transfer the gift into your bank account. You can do this by selling the card for cash aid directly to your bank.

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    Sell Your Visa Card Gift Through Apps

    Preaid2Cash/Google Play Store

    This is one of the most common methods of cashing gift cards. Typically, you can choose to either sell through an app or a website. However, this can somewhat be expensive since the fees charged by some platforms fees can be too high.

    For example, Raise an app for both Android and iOS devices, takes a 15% commission. Another legit app to liquidate gift cards instantly is Prepaid2Cash that charges an 8% fee.

    Next, lets discuss the process involved in selling your visa card on various websites

    Sell Your Visa Card To Other People

    Gift cards and exchange tips

    There are always people around you who are willing to buy gift cards cheaply. And through this, you will have evaded the commissions incurred in online exchanges.

    That said, you probably have to accept less than the balance on your card for people to buy your card.

    Additionally, if you are going to sell a physical card to a buyer who is far from your location, keep in mind the shipping cost.

    Start by check out sites like Craigslist or eBay for such arrangements, and ensure due diligence to avoid scammers.

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    Raise: Selling Your Gift Card

    • Promises less than competitors
    • Not the best option if selling a physical card

    At first glance, selling cards on Raise isnt quite as good a bargain as it could be. While other websites like CardCash claim to give you up to 92 percent of the full value of your unwanted card, Raise takes a heftier 15 percent commission off your selling price. This means you can only get 85 percent of your card’s value, and that’s if you sell it at its full value, which is highly unlikely. If you’re selling a physical card, Raise also takes either 1 percent of the value of the card or $1.00, whichever is greater. You’ll be told whether you need to ship your physical gift card or if it can be converted to an electronic card, but if you need to mail it you’ll need to do so within 72 hours of it selling.

    With this in mind, we tested how much we would get for a $20 Walmart card and were pleasantly surprised to be offered $16.92. If youre selling an eCard wed suggest checking out how much Raise would give you for your money, as this offer is right up there with the most generous weve seen.

    If you do sell your card you can get paid via direct deposit, PayPal or a check in the mail. Don’t pick the latter option because there is a $30 fee for doing so and it can take up to 15 days, one of the slowest payout times of the websites we tested. There’s no way it’s worth it.

    Ebay Gift Cards In A Nutshell

    There are two types of eBay gift cardsphysical and electronic. Here is what you should know about them:

    • Both types of gift cards work like cash and are not reloadable
    • Gift cards dont have any expiration date
    • There are no additional fees associated with using the card
    • In case your gift card gets lost or stolen, you need to provide your purchase receipt and gift card number to get a replacement

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    Get Cash For Gift Cards In A Few Clicks With Donotpay

    DoNotPay can help you get your gift card cash back in under five minutes. These are the steps you should complete:

  • Choose our Gift Card Cash Back product
  • Provide the necessary information regarding your card
  • We will send your request after checking whether:

    • The state you live in has a cashback policy
    • The retailer in question has an office in one of the states that offer cash back

    Some of the companies DoNotPay can help you with are:

    Where Can I Sell Itunes Gift Cards

    $25.oo PayPal only or will trade for other Gift Cards of equal value ...

    Game Flip allows you to sell iTunes gift cards on their site, and, in fact, iTunes cards are one of their more popular resale items. Once you’ve created a user account, complete with login and password, you’re able to register your card within the platform and, hopefully, resell it.

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    Trade Gift Cards Online

    To get cash for gift cards, you can use one of a number of gift card exchange websites that will offer you cash or another retailers gift card for your unwanted gift card.

    Youll never get 100% back on online gift card exchanges. That’s because the exchange itself typically takes a small fee, and shoppers using the exchange won’t want to pay full price to buy a gift card secondhand. But if you exchange your gift card online, you should be able to recoup at least half of the full value.

    Depending on the type of gift card, the amount, and the supply of similar cards, you could earn anywhere between 54% and 92% of the cards value via an online gift card exchange, says Mark Romanelli, executive vice president of product for, the largest aggregator of online gift card exchanges.

    A Few Tips About Giving Gift Cards

    Before long, youll likely turn from a gift recipient to a gift giver. Gift cards are one of the most requested holiday gifts each year, according to the National Retail Federation.

    Avoid placing your friends and family in a precarious gift card position by selecting your gifts carefully. Aside from opting for a store you know they like, here are some other trusty gift card tips from the Federal Trade Commission:

    • Take the financial situation of the retailer into account. If a business files for bankruptcy, the gift recipient may be left in limbo.

    • Give the receipt along with the gift card so the receiver has verification of the purchase.

    • Read the fine print. Check for expiration dates and fees.

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    Trade Gift Cards / Exchange Gift Card

    In case you have received a gift card other than the one you had targeted, you can exchange it and get your target gift card. Several stores deal with the exchange of gift cards. Even in instances when you have used some part of a gift card, you can still exchange the remaining part. You can ask people within your circle if they would consider exchanging their gift cards. You can also exchange gift cards for other gift cards online. Sites where you can trade gift cards for other gift cards include Raise.

    Are There Other Ways To Sell My Gift Cards For Cash

    How to Change a VISA Gift Card into an Amazon Gift Card

    There are popular options such as Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace where you can sell your gift cards for cash.

    Unlike the online sites dedicated to buying and selling gift unused gift cards, you can set your own rates on these sites and competition and demand can heavily fluctuate.

    eBay has a secure online platform through which to make and receive payment, but Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist usually require you to meet the prospective buyer in person or, if you both have PayPal or similar accounts, you can transfer funds that way.

    Important note: when selling gift cards privately , its important to verify the gift cards balance. This can be done by meeting the prospective buyer at the store where the gift card is for where the cashier can check the balance of the card.

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