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How To Transfer Gift Card To Paypal

How To Convert Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Money Instantly

How to transfer your gift card balance to paypal
  • May 8, 2020September 18, 2021

PayPal allows you to attach your Amazon gift card to your Paypal account and make payments with your Amazon gift card balance through PayPal.

To do this, you would have to transfer your Amazon gift card balance to your PayPal.

Overall, this method is easy and you should be able to make the transfer with your PayPal account in a matter of minutes.

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How To Add Money From Amazon Gift Card To Paypal Account

Before you begin to transfer money from Amazon gift card to PayPal, you need to link these two together. After that, the card can support all sorts of transactions. Lets take a look at how that works.

  • Open your PayPal account by providing the login credentials.
  • Tap on Wallet. The option will be visible at the top of the page.
  • Then click on Link a credit/debit card.
  • Choose Debit Card and enter its card number, expiration date, address, CVV, and other data if required.
  • Click Continue.
  • This will complete the process. Now you can easily send funds from Amazon gift card to PayPal whenever you want.

    How To Send Gift Card Balance To A Linked Bank Account

    You can also send the gift card balance to your bank account and use the cash to shop anywhere you like. However, you will need a third-party app to complete this task. In our case, we recommend using Square.

  • Reload your gift card or activate the pre-loaded card by calling at the number provided.
  • Sign-in your Square account.
  • Open Square Settings and choose to connect your bank to the app by providing the account number and other relevant information.
  • Then enter gift card details on the Square App. Alternatively, you can use the Square card reader as well*.
  • Wait for Square to accept your card.
  • The amount that you had entered will be deducted from the gift card and deposited in your bank account within 24 hours.
  • *Card reader carries additional charges. You will pay 2.75% for each entry in contrast to manual fee that costs 3.5%+$0.15.

    Funds can be instantly sent from Gift card to bank account whereas transfer to certain apps such as Venmo or PayPal may take up to 3 business days.

    In contrast, it is not possible to transfer money from gift cards to debit cards. You may think that the transfer should work simply like sending money from one debit card to anotherbut, unfortunately, that is not the case.


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    Getting Support For Gift Card Purchases From Paypal Gifts

    Trade in your unwanted gift card for a vendor you love and get paid up to 0% more. Its the gift that keeps on giving! Its the gift that keeps on giving! Turn unused gift cards into cash or buy discount gift cards to save money every time you shop with CardCash.

    Card Pool exchanges physical and electronic gift cards for hundreds of popular stores in exchange for a check in the mail, and they also exchange store credits for checks. At the website, you enter the card name, balance, card number or digital code to get a quick quote, and then choose the offer you like.

    PayPal is an easy, more secure way to pay from one spot. Connect your credit/debit cards or bank account to your PayPal account and pay however you want. How do I set up a PayPal account? You only need two things to start using PayPal. An email address. A credit card. Learn more about PayPal

    At these times ask around to see if anyone can make use of a gift card in exchange for the cash. One reason people may decline is that the gift card balance isnt high enough. For example, the gift card balance is $50 but they plan to spend $100. This is OK. Simply let them know that retailers can usually do a split tender transaction.

    How To Transfer Amazon Gift Card Balance To Paypal

    How to transfer amazon gift card to paypal

    Maximum numbers of people are quite familiar with the world’s largest e-commerce online platform- Amazon. But, not every one of us is familiar with the Amazon gift card. And only a handful of people know the answer to a question such as – Is an Amazon gift card transferable to PayPal or not?

    When I figured out that many of my readers also have no idea about it, I thought it would be a good idea to put forward the truth. Before we proceed with this important topic, it is worthwhile to have a quick introduction to the Amazon gift card.

    As the name suggests, an Amazon gift card is a card with the help of which you can buy a broad range of products available on the Amazon platform. Products like mobile phones, housewares items, books, clothes, footwear, and many other electronic items could be purchased. Also, if you wish, you can decide on the design and color of the card. And gift it to your dear one.

    Important Note: Beware of online scam in which Amazon gift card for PayPal is sold out.

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    How To Get Cash From A Vanilla Visa Gift Card

    The answer to the question of how to get cash from a Vanilla Visa gift card is the same as how to convert any Visa gift card to cash: using one of the strategies mentioned in this article.

    That is, while you cant get cash from a Vanilla Visa gift card directly, nor can you transfer money or withdraw money from your Vanilla Visa gift card, there are several workarounds that have the same outcome.

    Other Things To Do With Paypal On Amazon

    Presently, Amazon and Paypal are not in the best of terms so you cant make payments for products purchased on Amazon with PayPal. There have been many speculations as to why Amazon is yet to add PayPal to one of the numerous payment methods they accept.

    According to some analysts, it is believed that it is because Paypal was once a part of one of Amazons biggest competitors, eBay. Between 2002 and 2015, Paypal and eBay were linked though PayPal was later split into an independent brand.

    This might not sound like a valid reason to restrict payments via PayPal but there is another reason that makes more sense.

    Note that PayPal is a payment service and on Amazon, there is also a payment system introduced by the e-commerce giant known as Amazon Pay.

    Just like PayPal, Amazon Pay is accepted by numerous third-party retailers and there are hopes that it could grow as large as PayPal in the future.

    With all these said, it wont make sense for Amazon to include PayPal as one of its payment methods since PayPal is one of its direct competitors.

    But this doesnt mean there arent things you can do on Amazon with your PayPal balance. While you cant pay for products on Amazon directly with your PayPal account, there are several ways to work around the impasse.

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    Add It To Your Paypal Wallet

    PayPal lets you add prepaid cards, including Via gift cards, to your PayPal wallet. What this means is that youre then able to treat the balance like cash, by using it to purchase things from any merchant that accepts PayPal which is most major ones, these days.

    How can I get money off of a gift card through PayPal?

    To get money from a Visa gift card to PayPal accounts, just do the following:

  • Log in to your PayPal account.
  • Select the Wallet option at the top of the page
  • There should be an option on the left to Link a card or bank. Youll be able to find this under any existing cards or banks you have linked. Click this and continue through the prompts.
  • When you get to the point where PayPal asks you for the relevant information, add your Visa gift card details. Then click Link Card.
  • Theres a chance that you may get an error when trying to do this. If that happens to you, you may have to first register the card with the issuer so an address is linked to the Visa gift card. After that, PayPal should have no problem accepting it.


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    Why Cant I Use My Vanilla Gift Card Online

    How To Add Visa Gift Card To Paypal Balance

    If you have a problem using your gift card for online or telephone purchases, the most likely reason is that the merchants fraud screening process is matching the billing information entered at checkout with the billing information on your gift card account. If the addresses dont match, the card may decline.

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    How Do I Transfer A Gift Card To Paypal

    How do I exchange a gift card for PayPal balance?

    • Go to CardCash.
    • Enter the merchants name and the balance amount on your gift card, and click GET OFFER.
    • To add another gift card, just enter the information below and click ADD CARD.
    • If you agree to the exchange offer, click Continue.
    • Enter your gift card number and PIN, and click Connect with PayPal.

    Transfer Visa Gift Card To Bank Account Through Paypal

    This is easily done by adding your card to your PayPal account and transfer the balance to your own account because Paypal allows you add prepaid cards, including Visa gift cards to your Paypal wallet.

    Easy right?

    Here is a step by step guide on how to achieve that:

  • Create a PayPal account and if you already have one, just login to your Paypal account.
  • Select the wallet option at the top of the page.
  • Youd see a Link a Card or Bank option at the left side. Click it and continue.
  • When you get to the point where PayPal asks you for the relevant information, add your Visa gift card details. Then click Link Card.
  • If you get an error after doing this, then go back and make sure your visa gift card is registered so that an address is linked to the card. Once youve done this, then PayPal would not have a problem accepting your card.

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    How Do You Transfer Money From A Visa Gift Card To Paypal

    PayPal accepts Visa gift cards, and you could use your Visa gift card to fund your transaction in PayPal. All you need to do is to link your card to your PayPal account, and then add cash from the Visa gift card to your PayPal account.

    As well, you can always use the Visa gift card balance to fund your transactions whenever necessary. This is the same way you link credit cards and debit cards to your PayPal account to use the card balances for various transactions. Linking a card to PayPal is easy. Even the second chance credit card with no security deposit attaches so easily with PayPal so long as it is active.

    With Paypal You May Purchase Amazon Gift Cards

    Transfer visa gift card to paypal

    If you have money in your PayPal account and want to use it to buy something on Amazon, youll need to first buy an Amazon gift card. You can pay for the item with the balance on your gift card.

    The nicest part about Amazon gift cards is that you wont have to buy them from Amazon directly. Many Amazon gift card vendors, such as, allow you to purchase an Amazon gift card with your Paypal balance.

    After youve purchased your gift card, go to the payment page for the item you wish to buy and select a gift card as your payment method.

    The cost of the item will be deducted from your gift card balance when you enter in the gift card number or choose the gift card you want to use for payment.

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    Buy A Money Order With The Visa Gift Card

    Places such as Walmart let you purchase a money order using a Visa gift card. Keep in mind this can vary depending on the location, so make sure to call the Walmart you are going to visit to make sure this option is available in your area.

    Once you receive your money order, you can deposit it into your bank and use it as cash. If you arent sure how a money order works, check out this article by Nerd Wallet. It goes through everything that you may need to know before getting started with getting a money order.

    How Do I Exchange A Gift Card For Paypal Balance

    You can exchange as many gift cards as you want in one go. Rates for gift card exchange value can differ from company to company depending on the gift card’s demand. If you’d like to trade in your unwanted gift card, here’s how: Go to CardCash. Enter the merchant’s name and the balance amount on your gift card, and click GET OFFER. If an offer is available, you’ll see the amount of PayPal balance you can exchange with this gift card.

    How do I exchange a gift card for PayPal balance? How do I redeem a digital gift card bought from PayPal Gifts? More ways to get help. Community Forum. Find answers or join the conversation. Resolution Center. Resolve transaction or account issues. Contact us. Contact Customer Service.

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    Can I Sell A Visa Gift Card To Other People

    Yes, if you choose to, you can definitely sell a Visa gift card that you have and dont want to other people. Places such as Facebook Marketplace and Gift Cash let you sell your unwanted gift cards and get cash for them.

    You can even sell them to your family and friends if you dont want them. If selling online isnt your thing, try asking family or friends if they would be interested in your Visa gift card.

    How To Transfer Money From Gift Card To Paypal

    How to get gift card to paypal account

    Well, this article seeks to explain to you how you can transfer money from a gift card to PayPal and spend it the way you want. No one likes limitations and as I have just mentioned above, some of them limit you to buy goods from specific stores or even related businesses. What if you do not find what you want to buy in the specified store? You will be forced to buy anything that may help you in one way or another, which is inconvenient.

    Gift cards are available at certain stores such as Walmart and Amazon. You can buy gift card online with a checking account or even visit a physical store where you can purchase yours. The reason businesses give out gift cards is that they want to create brand awareness, attract more customers, improve cash flows, and even generate useful data about certain commodities purchasing trends. This way, they can know what to stock in large numbers as well as what to stock in small quantities.

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    Sell It On The Raise App

    Another way to convert a Visa gift card into cash is by selling it on an app called Raise. Raiseis a site where you can sell your unwanted gift cards with ease.

    Its really simple! All you have to do is find all your unwanted gift cards then list them to sell on the platform. Lastly, you will get paid either via Check, PayPal, or by direct deposit when someone buys the gift card.

    Raise is an amazing site if you have unwanted Visa gift cards or any other gift cards from stores such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. In addition to selling unwanted gift cards on the site, you can save money when you buy other gift cards on their site.

    You can also check out their coupon section to find some of the latest deals on popular stores and brands.

    How To Transfer Money From Visa Gift Card To Paypal

    How to add a gift card to PayPal

  • Go into your PayPal Wallet on a desktop computer.
  • Tap Link a card manually if given the option to link manually or through a bank.
  • Enter the gift card information.
  • Tap Link Card.
  • 18 nov. 2019

    Where can I buy a Visa gift card using PayPal?

    • Sites Where You Can Buy Virtual Visa Gift Card with PayPal Gift Card Mall. Gift Card mall is among the largest gift card sites online that allow you to buy a virtual visa gift card with PayPal. Gift Cards. Gift Cards is a place where you can find a huge collection of gift cards from more than a hundred retailers to suit various occasions. eGifter. Gyft. One4all Gift Cards.

    To sendmoney from your Visagiftcard to your PayPal, heres how you can do it: After you log into your PayPal account, look for the Wallet link, which is located at the top of your page Click on Link a card or bank and continue to your prompts until you get to the point to link your card


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    How To Get A Paypal Business Debit Mastercard

    PayPal Business Debit Mastercard is only available to users with a U.S. Business Account and a confirmed physical street address.

    In addition, you would be required to provide information like your Social Security number and date of birth.

    To apply for the PayPal Business Debit Mastercard

    Click on Wallet and then PayPal Business Debit Mastercard

    To start the application process, click on Get Started and complete the application process..

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