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How To Use Disney Gift Card Online

What Is A Discounted Disney Gift Card

QUICK TIPS: Using the Disney Gift Card Website

The actual definition of a discounted Disney gift card is pretty easy. It is simply a Disney gift card that is purchased in such a way that the cost of the card is less than the face value of the card. For example, a $100 Disney gift card which actually cost $95.

Unfortunately, actually buying discounted Disney gift cards is a bit of an art form and can take some effort. The amount of effort you are willing to put in is really up to you. There are some very straightforward ways to easily save 5% off each gift card you buy.

While 5% isnt the greatest discount in the world, when you take it off of a few thousand dollars it adds up. For example, lets say you buy $3000 worth of Disney gift cards at a 5% discount. With little to no effort you just saved $150.

But what if you can make that discount even greater? Thats what this post is about.

The Case For Discount Disney Gift Cards

As far as travel hacking and saving on Disney goes, these methods are are pretty straightforward. At the end of the day, you wind up with a Disney gift card in hand, ready to be spent on your vacation, either for less than you spent to get it or with a nice cash back statement credit sitting on your credit card. That’s pretty compelling, we admit.

On the face of it, the math is pretty compelling, too. If your Disney vacation costs you $3000 and you can save the baseline 8%, you’re saving $240, a good amount of money.

Where Can I Buy Disney Gift Cards

You can buy Disney gift cards almost anywhere gift cards are sold. Some popular places to buy Disney gift cards include the grocery store, wholesale clubs, department stores like Target, electronics stores like Best Buy, and even some home improvement stores. Depending on the particular outlet, you may be able to purchase Disney gift cards in store, online, or both.

Disney gift cards are generally sold in denominations of $25-$500, both as fixed denomination cards and variable denomination cards. A variable denomination gift card will require you to tell the cashier how much money you want to put on the gift card .

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How To Save Money On Disney Gift Cards

Weve learned the basics about Disney gift cards, but the real fun starts when we learn how to save money when buying Disney gift cards. Buying Disney gift cards at full price works well for budgeting purchase . But why pay full price when you can save some money? Lets look at how to save some money when purchasing Disney gift cards!

Disney Gift Card By Mail

5% off Disney Gift Cards &  Other Entertainment Cards with ...

Free shipping to any U.S. addressGood for practically all things Disney!

Available in denominations starting at $25 up to $500.

Redeemable at, Disney Store locations in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico, participating locations at Walt Disney World® Resort in Florida, Disneyland® Resort in California, Disney Cruise Line®, and Adventures by Disney®.

To check your available balance, click here.

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Activate Your Visa Gift Card:

First, you have to make sure youre Visa gift card is activated. If you bought it in a brick and mortar retail store then your gift card was most likely activated when you bought it at the cash register.

If you bought your gift card online it is possible that you have to activate it. Normally all you have to do is go to the website thats printed on a label stuck on the card and enter the 16 digit number along with the security code. You may have to call the 800 number printed on the gift card if there is no website.

Not sure if youre Visa Gift Card is already activated?

Just go through the process of activating your card again. It wont hurt and youll know for sure if its already activated or not.

Can You Use Disney Gift Cards At Universal Studios

Because Universal Studios and Disney Resorts are two completely different theme parks, the answer is no. However, Universal has their own gift cards with their own benefits. Guests can also save on Universal Orlando tickets by purchasing from a travel agency such as The Park Prodigy.

We hope you found this post helpful and be sure to check out some of our other theme park at home blogs!

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Can Disney Gift Cards Be Used At Disney Restaurants

Disney gift cards are accepted at all Disney owned and operated food locations where credit cards are accepted, including all Quick Service and Table Service restaurants.

Pro Tip: Its best you make reservations before dining in one of Disneys delicious restaurants. However, if you plan far ahead, you may forget about all the reservations you made where they are and what times. Using a Disney reservation finder will help you keep track of your future meals.

Top 10 Q& a About Disney Gift Cards

Using Disney Gift Cards at Disney World

Disney gift cards are a great gift idea for Disney lovers out there. In a lot of cases, they also make sense to purchase to use for upcoming vacations. If you are curious about gift cards, here are your top 10 questions answered about Disney gift cards:

10 What can I use Disney gift cards for at Walt Disney World?

Just about everything. Most of the locations at Walt Disney World will accept Disney gift cards. A good rule of thumb is to notice if they take electronic payments. If they do and are a Disney-owned location, they typically also accept gift cards. Not only that, you can use the gift cards at restaurants, recreation around Walt Disney World, your resort package stay, dining plan, etc. You can even pay the balance of the charges you made back to the resort using Disney gift card funds.

9 Do the gift cards expire?

No. The funds are available for use until they are completely gone. There are also no fees acquired at any point for maintaining a Disney gift card with a balance.

8 How do I pay for my Disney vacation with multiple gift cards?

7 How do I check my balance?

You can call the number on the back of your card and reference the numbers on the back. You can also check your balance online from the Disney Gift Card site at . When you make purchases, the remaining balance should also be on your receipt at many locations.

6 What is this discounted gift cards thing I hear people talking about?

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Save On Dining At Disney Locations

At many Disney table service locations, a 10% dining discount is one of the perks of the Chase Disney Visa credit cards. Discounts for Disney World annual passholders are also available. AtDisneyland, annual passes get you access to a wide range of discounts at quick service stops as well.

Besides that, this is probably the situation where stocking up on discount Disney gift cards makes the most sense for most Disney travelers. This can be a great way to add a little bit of savings when planning your budget Disney vacation!

Discounted Disney Gift Card Standards

There are a few basic standards to consider when embarking on your discounted Disney gift card journey. Because not all savings are created equal.

Anything Less Than 5% Savings is NOT a Good Deal

Like I mentioned above, getting a 5% minimum discount is actually pretty darn easy. It takes no extra thinking, planning, or jumping through hoops. If you are bending over backwards for a 3% discount, its really just not worth the effort.

Ideally, we want the discount to be even greater, but this is the minimum threshold.

Stacking Deals Gives the Greatest Results

This is the beginning of where everything starts to get way more complicated but the savings become even greater.

There are a few different techniques which involve combining deals with credit card cash back rewards or other shopping rewards. This doesnt take the money off the up front purchase price. Instead, you get the discount on the back end in the form of statement credits, direct deposits, or gift cards.

More on that below!

Best Uses of Discounted Disney Gift Cards

As I mentioned above, you can use Disney gift cards to pay for any aspect of your Disney vacation. However, there are some pieces of the vacation you *might* be able to find cheaper in other ways than using discounted Disney gift cards. Two examples are park tickets and resort.

Always do the math first to see which avenue gives you the greatest deal.

  • Any dining
  • Disney Vacation Club dues

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The One Big Catch: Insufficient Funds

This is the most common issue people have when using Visa gift cards online. So whats the problem?

Well, using a Visa gift card online is a little different than using that same gift card in a store.

When you go to the store with a $25 Visa gift card and buy something thats $30, the cashier would use the Visa gift card and then ask for a second form of payment for the remaining $5. This is known as a Split Tender Transaction.

Unfortunately, almost no online merchants are set up to accept Split Tender Transactions. This means if you attempt to buy something that exceeds the value on your Visa gift card youll get an insufficient funds error.

There are some hacky ways around this that allow you to use a Visa gift card for partial payment.

Discount Disney Gift Cards With Cash Back Apps

Lady In Wonderland: Save on Gas by buying Disney Gift Cards

Dosh is an app that gives you cash back for your purchases, one of the places that is always on the list to get cash back is Sams Club. When you use the card linked to your Dosh account you will get 2% back of what you spend, what is great is that you can combine the Discounted Disney Gift Card price at Sams Club with the Dosh app cash back and get even more savings.

I also use Ibotta, where I save money by getting cash back on my groceries. I then take the cash back and use that to buy Discounted gift cards!

I also scan all of my grocery receipts into the Fetch app, which earns me points that I then cash in for Gift Cards.

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Paying For Your Disney Reservation Using Disney Gift Cards

Chip and Co Past Writers and FriendsPlease note: some posts may contain affiliate links which means our team could earn money if you purchase products from our site

Have you been debating purchasing Disney Gift Cards to pay for your Disney Vacation? Maybe youve been wondering exactly how using a Disney Gift Card to pay off your Disney Reservation works. As a frequent visitor to Walt Disney World Ive come to love the ease of using Disney Gift Cards not only to pay off my resort package reservation but also for all of my spending while on vacation.

Disney Gift Cards can be used to pay for your entire vacation reservation as long as you are staying on Disney property, purchasing your tickets through Disney and completing your booking through Disney . They can even be used to pay your vacation package deposit.

There are a few things to remember, however. If you are booking online, you can only use 2 Disney Gift Cards to complete your transaction. You can, however, call Disney and have as many Disney Gift Cards as you like applied to your reservation. Even better yet, allow me, a Travel Magician with World of Magic Travel, the preferred agency of Chip & Co. to book your magical Disney vacation for you and Ill make sure every gift card you have gets applied to your account!

Let our friends at Destinations to Travel help you plan your next Disney Vacation! Just fill out the form below and someone will be in touch! Remember their services are 100% Free!

Can I Use Multiple Disney Gift Cards To Pay For My Park Tickets Online

Now that you have upwards of 100 gift cards in your possession, you need to actually use them to pay for your vacation. Very rarely will a retailer carry gift cards larger than $50.

If you have multiple gift cards, its best to combine them into one. Merging Disney Gift Cards is fairly easy and straight forward. Regardless of denomination, simply create an account on the official Disney Gift Card Website, upload your Primary Gift card this is where you want all the money to be loaded on to and add 4 more cards to your cart. Transfer the balance, delete the empty cards and repeat. Each card can hold a maximum of $1000 USD.

Registering your cards on the website is also a great idea because if you lose one with a balance, you can go online to your account and transfer it to another card! Do this for any cards that remain in your possession and will tour with you into the parks or left in your hotel room.

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Disney Gift Card Best Buy Deal Breakdown

When you cash out Swagbucks, for 990 swagbucks you will get a $10 Visa Gift Card. You will also get $5 Best Buy Rewards Certificate for every 250 points you earn with your Rewards account. The amount that your earn per dollar spent is based on your spending at Best Buy but ranges from .5 point per dollar to 1.25 points per dollar spent.

The baseline savings for Buying Disney gift cards at Best Buy is Paying $100 for $110 worth the Disney Gift Cards. Then as you buy more gift cards you earn more Swagbucks and more Best Buy Rewards that make the savings even bigger.

What I like to do is save my Swagbucks until the first week of the month, the first $25 gift card you cash out for you get a 12% discount on, so a $25 Visa gift card is 2175 swagbucks instead of 2500.

I save my swagbucks points until I have bought $500 in Disney Gift Cards at Best Buy because I find the savings even more.

If you are using a credit card that earns you points you will be able to earn points there too. If you are looking for tips on how to use your credit card for crazy good savings on your Disney World Trip be sure to check out my How to go to Disney Cheap Post.

Best Method Part : Rotating 5% Cash Back Categories

disney gift card

Different credit cards offer different rotating categories in which they’ll give you 5% cash back or points back for spending in those categories. Here is the Chase Freedom Calendar for 2019:

And the current Discover Calendar:

And finally the Citi Dividend calendar:

If you can buy gift cards at any of these places, youll usually get 5% back. Companies are always trying to devise ways to exclude gift cards from promotions like this, so your mileage may vary. Remember, for Chase Sapphire Reserve cardholders that is effectively 7.5% back.

If you’re going to spend that $1,500 anyways, you’re not really saving on Disney gift cards by buying them first . You ideally want to make your Disney gift card purchases in categories you would not otherwise get the bonus in.

For example, lets look at January to March. In that quarter, Discover had 5% back at Grocery Stores and Citi had 5% at Home Depot and Gas Stations.

Now, lets say my local grocery store and local Home Depot both sell Disney Gift Cards. Since I never shop at Home Depot and will definitely spend $1500 on groceries this quarter, I want to go use my Citi Dividend card to buy $1500 in Disney Gift Cards at Home Depot.

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Is The Disney Visa Worth It

Disneyworth itHere’s how to gift a Disney Plus annual subscription:

  • Visit this page to purchase the gift.
  • You’ll enter your information, your recipient’s name and email, and what date you’d like the email to be delivered.
  • The $69.99 fee will be charged to your account as soon as you make the purchase.
  • How Can I Find Discount Disney Gift Card Deals

    When we use the phrase discount Disney gift card, were actually talking about two different things.

    The first is the more common and obvious use of the term. Youre getting a Disney gift card at a discount when you purchase a gift card for less than the value of the card. A purchase of $50 in Disney gift cards for $45 cash is a purchase of discount Disney gift cards.

    One thing we dont count as a discount is just using credit card points or cash back you earned to purchase gift cards. If you have $100 of cash back sitting in a credit card account, thats as good as any other $100. If you decide to spend it on a $100 Disney gift card, its no better than using any other $100 to buy a $100 gift card.

    The second, and less common way to get a discounted gift card is to purchase it used a credit card that earns a significant amount of cash back or bonus points. Roughly speaking, everyone should be able to get 2% cash back, so a discount involves getting more than 2% or 2X points back.

    So lets say you have a way to get 5% back using a credit card and you purchase a $100 gift card. Youll get $5 back, meaning the card only cost you $95. If you dont understand the difference between this and spending your cash back for a gift card, take a second, theyre two very different things.

    There are a few methods for earning discount Disney gift cards and finding Disney gift card deals. Were going to start with what we consider the best method before moving on to some other options.

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