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How To Use Itunes Gift Card

Use Your Apple Gift Card Wisely

How to Use an iTunes Gift Card on iPhone : iPhone Tutorials

Providing that you don’t want to sell your gift card for real currency, an Apple Store gift card can bring an expensive new gadget within reach of your budget. The best aspect of Apple’s credit is that it’s so versatile. If you want to buy a few iPhone apps, rent a movie, and start an Apple Music subscription, go for it.

Your gift card will go even further when paired with Apple hardware discounts you should take advantage of.

How Does An App Store & Itunes Gift Card Work

With an App Store and iTunes Card you can top up your Apple ID credit. You can then purchase apps in the App Store, download music or activate your music subscription in the iTunes Store. Perhaps you like reading books? Take a look at the iBooks app. You can also use your Apple ID credit to upgrade your iCloud storage. That really comes in handy if you have many important photos or documents that you want to keep safe.

Is this your first time topping up your credit using an App Store & iTunes Card? Or do you want to give this card as a gift to someone else, but you are not sure how this gift card works? Either way, we have created a step-by-step guide for you so that you know what to expect from the iTunes Gift Cards.

You can redeem iTunes / App Store Cards in three ways:

  • Via an iPhone, iPad or an iPod
  • Via a Mac or PC
  • Via your Android phone.
  • What Is Itunes Gift Card Where To Use It

    You must be wondering what an iTunes Gift card is and how to make use of it? No problem, we will clear out your queries regarding the same. Read the outline below to surface an idea about the iTunes Gift card.

    First of all, it is a gift card that contains a special code at the back of the card, which can be transferred to the account of the one who is currently using it. It can benefit them with a balance in the Apple Store and facilitate in making any purchases in it. A person may get confused by its name stating ‘iTunes Gift Card’ but in fact, it can be redeemed in various other apple stores. An iTunes gift card, can also be added in your Apple ID as a ‘redeemable credit’, which is compatible enough with the purchases be in the App store, iBooks store etc. Thus, you have a good range of options to redeem, by your end.

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    What Is An Itunes Card

    An iTunes gift card is a pre-purchased credit that can be used to purchase a myriad of application, software, and digital services on the iTunes and Apple store. Furthermore, you can use this gift card to subscribe to Apple Music and a whole lot of other services.

    Many people often make the mistake of intertwining iTunes gift cards with Apple Store gift cards. While Apple store gift cards help you purchase physical products such as the iPhone, MacBook, or iMac, iTunes gift card basically helps you in the purchase of media files such as movies, applications, and music.

    iTunes gift cards are sold as physical cards while they also operate as digital codes. You can receive the codes to any card through your mail. And you would be excited to learn that unlike other digital cards, iTunes card doesnt have an expiry date at all.

    A lot of people might consider the fact that you can only redeem your card at the same iTunes store you purchased it as a downside, however, it doesnt deter the reliability and flexibility of the iTunes gift card.

    Redeem The App Store & Itunes Card Via Your Android Phone

    How to Use an iTunes Gift Card: 9 Steps (with Pictures ...

    On your Android phone you can redeem the App Store and iTunes gift cards for an Apple Music subscription. Follow the steps below to listen to unlimited music via the Apple Music app:

  • Open the Apple Music app
  • At the bottom of the screen, tap Library, For you, Discover, or Radio.
  • Tap the menu button and then Account Settings. If you do not see this, first log in with your Apple ID
  • Choose the option Redeem gift card or code
  • Enter the code and click Redeem
  • You will be asked if you want to redeem the gift voucher for a monthly subscription. If you do not choose this option, the gift voucher will be exchanged for Apple ID credit. This credit will be used every month
  • until the balance is insufficient to pay for the following month.
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    How Do I Use Apple Gift Card On Samsung

    Redeem a gift card on your Android device

  • Peel or gently scratch off the label on the back of the gift card to reveal a 16-digit code that starts with X.
  • Open the Apple Music app.
  • Tap the menu button. , then tap Account.
  • Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code.
  • Enter the 16-digit code that begins with X. Then tap Redeem.
  • How Do You Redeem Itunes Gift Card Your Ultimate Guide

    it’s pretty easy to redeem an iTunes gift card. All you have to do is open the iTunes, iBooks or Apple store apps and hit Redeem. You can also open iTunes on your computer and redeem your gift card.

    My family loves giving me iTunes cards for Christmas, so I’ve redeemed my fair share of them. Discussed below is how you can do it too.


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    How To Buy Bitcoin

    There are different ways in which you can get access to Bitcoin. Everything depends on the type of platform you use. The process should be quite easy in most cases. Now that you know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, you could easily start using other types of platforms to engage in other trading activities.

    The easiest way to purchase Bitcoin is by using a crypto exchange. But if you now know how to buy Bitcoin with iTunes gift card, then, other methods shouldnt be difficult for you. Indeed, if you have already used Paxful or LocalBitcoins, you have already tried a Peer-to-Peer platform.

    In the next sections, we share with you which are some of the possibilities you have in order to get access to Bitcoin and other virtual currencies.

    How To Use Your Apple Or Itunes Gift Card

    How to redeem iTunes & App Store Gift Cards on your iPhone Apple Support

    Have an Apple or App Store or iTunes gift card? Here’s what you can buy, how to redeem them, and suggestions on what to pick up.

    Not everyone knows how to use an iTunes gift card.

    It all depends on which gift card you’ve received. The good news is that Apple credit is often versatile. which means you can use it for all sorts of purchases. Everything from apps and music to subscriptions and accessories is fair game.

    Here’s a guide to what you can spend each kind of Apple gift card on. We also have a few recommendations for items you might want to pick up.

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    Where To Use Itunes Gift Card

    • The iTunes Gift Card money can be used to purchased e-Books, Apps, and Songs. It can be used at Mac App Store, App Store, Apple Book Store, and iTunes Store.
    • Make sure to use the same Apple ID to make a purchase in which the iTunes Gift Card is redeemed.
    • The iTunes Gift Card cant be used to buy iPhone, iPad or any other Apple Products, neither in Apple Local Store nor at resellers.
    • However, if you have an Apple Store Gift Card, then it can be used to buy Apple Products from Apple Store.
    • And iTunes Gift Card is only be used to buy Apps, e-Books, and Songs.
    • More theres one more gift card, Apple Music Membership Gift Card is only be used at Apple Music Membership.
    • Theres one more benefit of Apple Music Membership Gift Card and iTunes Gift Card, they both can be used as vice versa. You can use iTunes Gift Card at Apple Music and Apple Music Membership Card into your iTunes account.

    Add An Itunes Gift Card To Your Family Sharing Account

    As the family organizer, you’re charged for every purchase made by members of your Family Group it’s all billed to whichever credit card you assigned to your Apple ID when you set up your Family Group. Applying a gift card to your own Apple ID means that purchases made by other members of the Family Group will be charged to your credit card, but any purchases you make while logged into your Apple ID will be charged to the gift card, including shared family subscriptions such as Apple Music or iCloud storage. This method requires some bookkeeping on your part, as you’ll want to keep track of how much credit you still have on the gift card vs. how much each family member is spending via Family Sharing.

    To add an iTunes gift card to your account on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch:

  • Open the iTunes Store app.
  • Tap the Featured tab.
  • Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and tap the Redeem button.
  • Use your phone camera to scan your iTunes gift card, or enter the card code manually.
  • After redeeming your card an updated balance will appear.
  • Tap Done to finish or Redeem Another Code if you have another iTunes card to enter.
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    How To Check Your Itunes Gift Card Balance

    Your iTunes gift card balance is also known as an Apple ID credit, because you can use it for a number of Apple services.

    How to check your iTunes gift card balance from an iPhone:

    Launch App Store.

    On the Today tab, tap your user icon in the upper-right corner.

    If you have iTunes credit, it is displayed below your name.

    To check your iTunes gift card balance in macOS Catalina and later:

    First launch the Mac App Store and click on your name at the bottom of the left sidebar.

    If your credit is linked to your Apple ID, it will appear below your name.

    To check your iTunes gift card balance on a Mac or Windows PC run iTunes:

    Launch iTunes and make sure youre signed in under Account > Sign In. If youre signed in, youll see your Apple ID at the top of the dropdown list.

    If you dont have a balance, you wont see the value at any of these locations.

    When you do redeem your iTunes gift cards, the balance is transferred to your Apple ID account. If youre not sure whether youve already used a gift card, try redeeming it.

    How To Redeem Itunes Gift Card Received Via Email

    How To Redeem And Use iTunes Gift Cards

    Heres how to redeem Apple ID gift card received by email,

  • Open the Mail app on your iPhone.
  • Tap on the email on which you have received the iTunes Gift Card.
  • Tap Redeem Now.
  • For security purposes, you may need to verify Touch ID or Face ID, otherwise, enter the Apple ID Password.
  • Now check the iTunes Pass, the gift cards amount will be redeemed in your iTunes account.
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    How To Add App Store And Itunes Gift Cards On Iphone And Ipad

    In the next few days, lots of App Store and iTunes gift cards will be gifted. If you were just given one or treated yourself, follow along for how to add App Store and iTunes gift cards on iPhone and iPad. Also, a gift card with instant email delivery is a great last-minute gift option!

    App Store and iTunes gift cards are interchangeable, so no matter which one you received you can use the credit for apps, games, music, movies, and more with your Apple ID. You can to add any of these gift cards in the App Store or iTunes app.

    If you need a super last-minute gift idea, you can solve your problem with an App Store and iTunes gift card with instant email delivery. Going forward, keep an eye on 9to5Toys for gift card discounts up to 20% off.

    What Is An Apple Itunes Gift Card And How To Use It

    iTunes is the commercial center for Apple on which you can discover a wide range of things, for example, media, programming, and excitement. You can utilize an Apple iTunes gift cardto purchase various things, for example, applications, books, or motion pictures from this commercial center.

    In the event that you are not effectively acquainted with this sort of gift cards, you may have a various inquiry regarding what they are or how they work.

    In what pursues, I will address probably the most widely recognized inquiries concerning Apple gift cards. Along these lines, in the event that it is the first occasion when you have purchased a gift a card, this article can be extraordinary assistance for you.

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    How To Add Itunes/ Apple Gift Card To Wallet On Ios Device

    Within a few taps, you can Add Apple Gift Card to your iTunes account and use it to purchase the things mentioned above. Also, it doesnt matter whether you have added iTunes Pass earlier to the Wallet App or after following the below steps to redeem Apple Gift Card. The balance will automatically reflect your Wallet App if it is associated with the Apple ID you are using with your iTunes Account.

  • Launch the App Store on your iOS device.
  • Scroll down to the end.
  • Choose Redeem.
  • Next, select iTunes Pass and then Get Started.
  • Thereafter, tap on Add iTunes Pass to Wallet.
  • When the gift card appears, select Add on the upper-right side of the screen.
  • How To Use Itunes Gift Cards

    How to Put an App Store/iTunes Gift Card Using Camera On iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch

    Looking for how to use iTunes gift cards? If you have an unwrapped iTunes gift card, you are probably thinking of ways to use it.

    An iTunes gift card is a deposited credit for Apples iTunes market store. You can buy music, apps, and movies with iTunes gift cards from the iTunes store. However, you cannot use the gift card on Apple Store. iTunes gift cards can only be redeemed from the iTunes store.

    iTunes gift cards provide an easy way to buy items from iTunes stores when you dont have a valid means of making payments.

    In this article, we will consider some of the ways through which you can put your iTunes gift card into use.

    Here are some of the things you can use an iTunes gift card for:

    • Apple Music subscription

    In this section, I will shed more light on each of the lists above.

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    Itunes Gift Card How To Buy And Redeem Itunes Gift Card

      iTunes Gift Card How To Buy and Redeem iTunes Gift Card: iTunes gift cards are redeemable at the App Store, iBooks Store, and also the iTunes store. This means that there make the perfect gift for your friends and family who are music lovers, game or even book lovers.

      You can always get a physical gift card from a retailer, or just go on the web and buy a virtual card and email it to who you want, all at the comfort of your home!

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      Redeem A Gift Card With Your Iphone Ipad Ipod Touch

    • Peel or gently scratch off the label on the back of the gift card to reveal a 16-digit code that starts with X.
    • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app.
    • At the bottom of the screen, tap Today.
    • At the top of the screen, tap the sign-in button or your photo.
    • Tap “Redeem Gift Card or Code.” If you dont see Redeem Gift Card or Code, sign in with your Apple ID. Learn what to do if you forgot your Apple ID.
    • Tap “Use Camera” and follow the instructions on the screen. If you have trouble redeeming the card, tap “You can also enter your code manually,” then follow the instructions on the screen. Make sure that you enter the 16-digit code that begins with X.
    • Tap Done.
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      Redeem Itunes Gift Card On Your Pc Or Mac

      You can also redeem iTunes Gift Cards on your PC or Mac by going to iTunes.

      1. Open iTunes on your computer

      2.Sign into your Apple ID, in case you are not already signed in.

      3. Next, tap on Account option from the top menu bar and from the drop-down select Redeem.

      4. Next, you will asked to enter the password for your Apple ID

      5. On the next screen, you can either use the Camera of your computer to scan the Code or enter the Redeem Code manually .

      6. Enter the code manually into the designated box, or use the Camera to scan the code.

      Can I Use An Itunes Gift Card On My Android Phone

      Redeem iTunes and Apple Music Gift Cards with the camera ...

      Its because Apple makes the Apple Music app and streaming service for Android devices too, so you can use iTunes gift cards to pay for it. To redeem an iTunes gift card on an Android device: Open the Apple Music app and your Android phone. Enter the code from the back of the iTunes gift card and then tap Redeem.

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      How To Add Money To Itunes Account/apple Id

      You can add money to the iTunes account in a snap. Heres how to add money to the iTunes account.

    • Navigate to the App Store and scroll down to the last.
    • Tap Add Funds to Apple ID.
    • Alternatively, go to your iTunes Pass> tap on three-dot menu> Add Funds to Apple ID.
    • Choose the amount that you would want to add to iTunes Account and tap Next.
    • Verify the action with Face ID/Touch ID or Apple ID Password to add money to the iTunes account.
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