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How To Use Red Lobster Gift Card Online

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How to Send Red Lobster Gift Cards

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Red Lobster Gift Cardholder Support

Red Lobster gift cards, both egift cards and plastic gift cards, may be redeemed at any participating Red Lobster location in the U.S. Red Lobster gift cards are not redeemable internationally. These gift cards do not expire nor do they carry any non-use or inactivity fees. If you have funds remaining on your gift card after paying for a meal, you may use the balance to leave a tip for the server. Please note. Gift cards should be treated like cash. Red Lobster will not replace lost or stolen cards.

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What Should I Know About Red Lobster Gift Cards

Red Lobster offers two types of gift cardsphysical and electronic.

In their terms and conditions document, Red Lobster states that you should treat these gift cards like cash. They also say the following about both physical and electronic gift cards:

  • The gift cards are not redeemable for cash unless required by law
  • Red Lobster cant replace a gift card if you lose it or it gets stolen
  • You can use the gift card at any Red Lobster restaurant in the U.S.
  • Red Lobster gift cards cannot expire
  • The gift cards cover delivery costs when you place your food order on the Red Lobster website

After I Check Balance On A Red Lobster Gift Card Whats Next

Red Lobster $50.00 Gift Card (Email Delivery)

You checked your Red Lobster gift card balance, and you realized you have a few dollars left. What now? We advise you not to throw away your card because there are ways you can put it to good use. You can do one of the following:

  • Combine Red Lobster gift cardsIf you have more than one gift card, you can combine them for another purchase at Red Lobster
  • Sell your gift cardIs the balance on your Red Lobster gift card high enough? You can sell the card if you dont want to use it any longer
  • Get cash backYou can ask Red Lobster for cash back. Only 11 U.S. states and Puerto Rico have a gift card cash back policy, but thats where DoNotPay steps in. We will help you get your money back regardless of the state you live in

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Are There Restrictions With Using Red Lobster Gift Cards

Right now, you are only able to use Red Lobster gift cards at participating Red Lobster restaurants in the United States. Acceptance of this gift card is contingent on the location’s participation. Use your gift card any timethere are no expiration dates or inactivity fees. For complete terms and FAQs, visit Red Lobster’s website.

Red Lobster Gift Card

Enjoy classic seafood in a casual dining atmosphere at Red Lobster. From classics like Cheddar Bay Biscuits and Endless Shrimp to new creations and fresh, seasonal items, you are sure to find a dish to love. Red Lobster has over 50 years of experience in delivering mouth-watering creations from traceable, sustainable seafood resources. Prefer to dine at home? Most Red Lobster locations now offer takeout, delivery and curbside pickup, and even family-sized meals.

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Buy Red Lobster Gift Cards And Earn Up To 400% Back*

Save money when you buy Red Lobster gift cards. Receive up to 4.00% cash back on Red Lobster gift cards from MyGiftCardsPlus. Order gift cards online securely. Gift cards never expire.

Red Lobster is Americas favorite seafood restaurant. It offers a wide variety of freshly prepared dishes, including fresh fish, shrimp, crab and live Maine lobster. For locations, visit us at

Redeemable at participating restaurants. Not redeemable for online orders.

Frequently Asked Questions About Red Lobster

Red lobster restaurant review
Where can I buy a Red Lobster gift card?

You can get a Red Lobster gift card online or in-store at any Red Lobster locationbut you can reel in the best deal by buying it right here at Gift Card Granny.

How do I use my Red Lobster e-gift card?

Red Lobster gift cards are available in both plastic and electronic formats. To use your Red Lobster e-gift card, you can either print it and present the paper copy at the restaurant or just save it to your smartphone and show it that way.

Do gift cards to Red Lobster expire?

Nope! Theres no expiration date on Red Lobster gift cards.

How can I check the balance of my Red Lobster gift card?

Not sure how much is left on your Red Lobster gift card? Check your balance here.

Where can I find nutrition and allergy info for Red Lobster?

Visit the Red Lobster website for information about nutrition and allergies. Thanks to the Red Lobster Nutrition Calculator and Allergy Wizard, you can find out exactly what goes into each and every dish. But you should still be sure to notify your server about a food allergy before you order!

I love Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuits! How can I make them at home?

Red Lobsters Cheddar Bay Biscuits is one of its most popular signature itemsso much so that Red Lobster started selling biscuit mix at grocery stores like Sams Club and Walmart. Look for it in a grocery store near you!

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Sell Unwanted Gift Cards

Do you have a Red Lobster gift card youre not going to use? CardCrazy will turn it into cash. Thats right! We pay top dollar for gift cards to many popular restaurants, stores, and websites! If interested, stop in one of our retail locations for fast on-the-spot payment or fill out our online form, and well make you an offer. Whether you buy or sell your gift cards from CardCrazy, weve got you covered!

File A Cash Back Request In Under Five Minutes With Donotpay

Instead of selling the gift card, you can file a cash back request. Doing it by yourself can prove to be a complicated process that requires a lot of research. With DoNotPay, there are no complications because well do everything in your stead. We will determine if your state has a cash back policy and send the request to Red Lobster in a few clicks.

If you dont live in a cash back state, DoNotPay will locate a Red Lobster office in one of the states that have the said policy.

All you need to do is and follow the steps below:

  • Find the Gift Card Cash Back product
  • Provide information about the gift cardcompanys name, remaining balance, your email, and the gift card number
  • Tap on Sign and Submit
  • DoNotPay has a helpful learning center where you can find answers to all your questions regarding gift cards. With us, you can learn how to:

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    General And Corporate Information Red Lobster Gift Cards, Multipack of 4
    How do I see hours of operation, driving directions and menu prices?
    You can get this information by choosing a specific restaurant on our restaurant locator, found at the top of every page:

  • Select a restaurant and click on View Local Page to see the address, phone number, and hours of operation. If no locations are found, it means we dont have any restaurants within the radius you selected, so you may want to expand your search area.
  • Enter your city or zip code to see a list of Red Lobsters within that area.
  • You can see menus and pricing by clicking on Order Now on the top navigation.
  • What is the mailing address for your headquarters?

    You can reach us at P.O. Box 4969, Orlando, FL 32801-4969.

    Does Red Lobster offer Franchise opportunities?

    We may have international franchise opportunities available. You can learn more on our INTERNATIONAL FRANCHISES PAGE, or you can with questions about specific opportunities.

    Where can I buy Cheddar Bay Biscuit® Mix?

    You can find our signature biscuit mix at Walmart, Sams Club and most grocery stores. For questions call Continental Mills at 800-457-7744.

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    Red Lobster Tips And Tricks

    From crispy crab and luxurious lobster to savory shrimp and fresh fish, Red Lobsters menu is a seafood lovers dream come true. The family-friendly restaurant has locations worldwide, bringing the oceans finest cuisine to even the most landlocked towns. Treat yourself or a friend to a mouthwatering meal at the best price possible when you buy one of our discount gift cards to Red Lobster.

    Not a Fan of Fish? Here Are Some Non-Seafood Items on the Menu

    Red Lobster might be best known for its seafood, but not to worry, landloversyou wont be caught hook, line, and sinker if you stop in for a bite. Filet mignon, New York strip steak, maple glazed chicken, and linguini alfredo are just a few of the options for someone whos not feeling fishy.

    Are Red Lobster Gift Cards Good at Other Restaurants?

    Depending on where your gift card was manufactured, you might be able to use your Red Lobster gift card at other restaurants. If your gift card was issued by Darden Restaurants, Inc., you can use it at any Darden-owned restaurant, including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Capital Grille, and more. But if your gift card was issued by RLSV Inc. or Red Lobster Hospitality, then you can only use it at Red Lobster.

    Swimmin in Savings: Red Lobster Rewards, Deals, and Coupons
    Feast at Red Lobster Lobsterfest and Crabfest

    $50 Red Lobster Gift Card

  • For locations, visit at
  • Value: $50
  • Flat Rate Shipping

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    Shop at from any device.

    Get your groceries within two hours, or when you want them.

    Get your groceries within two hours, or when you want them.

    BJ’s Wholesale Club to your front door!

    Fresh handpicked groceries from BJ’s Wholesale Club to your front door!

  • For locations, visit at
  • Value: $50
  • Includes 1 gift card
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    How To Do A Red Lobster Gift Card Balance Check Easily

    Do you have a Red Lobster gift card but have no idea how much money is on it? Maybe you used the gift card and want to know what your remaining balance is. Youre in the right place because well tell you how to perform a Red Lobster gift card balance check in a snap.

    Well also teach you how to get your remaining money back. to turn your gift card into cash hassle-free.

    Who Can Load A Red Lobster Gift Card From Cardnow Buy Gift Cards Online

    To load a Red Lobster gift card from CardNow, you must first have a CardNow box and be a U.S. resident, 18 years or older, with a valid debit or credit card. If you dont yet have a box, order one today!

    Once you have your CardNow Box, simply download the CardNow app to load your Red Lobster gift card.

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    How Can I Check My Red Lobster Gift Card Balance

    You can check your Red Lobster gift card balance in two waysonline or over the phone. Check the table below for more information:

    How To Check Gift Card BalanceSteps
    Heres how to check your Red Lobster gift card balance over the phone:

  • Call the Red Lobster customer support at 877-720-6601
  • Ask the customer support agent to check your balance
  • Provide your 16-digit gift card number
  • Where Can I Sell My Red Lobster Gift Card

    You can sell your gift card for cash online or in person.

    Heres how you can sell your Red Lobster gift card online:

  • Find an online reseller who will give you cash for your card
  • Send your physical card to the buyer by mail
  • Provide the buyer with your card number and PIN if your gift card is electronic
  • Places you can go to for a gift card exchange are:

    • Mall kiosks or other stores
    • Service centers

    The downside of selling your gift card in person is that you have to do your research thoroughly, and theres always a risk that your card wont be accepted. Another drawback is that you probably wont get 100% of your cards value.

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    Red Lobster Egift Card

    The Red Lobster eGift Card is the perfect gift for the seafood lover in your life, with world-famous lobster, scallops and crab dishes, plus their famous sides, starters and biscuits. Its a great way to say thank you, or to show appreciation. Make tonight a Red Lobster night.

    It can take up to 48 hours from the time of purchase to review and process your order. Please visit our FAQs for further info.

    How To Use Red Lobster Special Offer

    Pin on Gift Cards Exchange!

    Finding and using your Red Lobster promo codes are not as hard as you think if you follow these steps:First, you can get the coupons you want to use at just enjoy the pleasance of shopping at can checkout your order at any time if you want.You can see an empty box near your item list. That’s where you enter your coupon codes.The reduced price of your Red Lobster order will be presented to you when you complete above steps.

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    Is My Order Secure

    The security of your personal information is important to us. We follow generally accepted standards to protect the personal information submitted to us, both during transmission and once it is received, including encrypting the transmission of any sensitive information, such as payment card information. If you have any questions about the security of your personal information, you can contact us at .

    How Do Red Lobster Egift Cards Work

    GiftCardsRed Lobster Gift Cardagift cardagift cardGiftCardstoRed Lobsterredlobster

    Then, how do I use my Red Lobster gift card?

    There are two ways to use your eGift Card:

  • Print it: Click the “Print your gift card” button.
  • Save it to your mobile device: Just show the eGift card on your device when you pay your check.
  • Please note that Red Lobster gift cards can only be used in the U.S.
  • Also, does Red Lobster still take Darden gift cards? 7 answers. No you can not use a Darren’s gift card at Red Lobster unless it has a Red Lobster logo on it. Darden gift cards may be redeemed at any Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, Yard House, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, Bahama Breeze, and Eddie V’s in the U.S.

    One may also ask, what gift cards work at Red Lobster?

    A Red Lobster gift card can also be used at any Darden owned restaurant chain: Olive Garden, Longhorn Steakhouse, Bahama Breeze, Seasons 52, The Capital Grille, Eddie V’s/Wildfish Seafood Grille, Yard House. New stock of Red Lobster gift cards may become available at any time.

    How does the waitlist at Red Lobster work?

    Once members earn 125 points, they will receive a reward the choice between three tasty offers which can be redeemed during a future restaurant visit. In addition to rewarding guests with points, the app will allow guests to put their names on the waitlist at their local Red Lobster restaurant, where available.

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    What Is Red Lobster

    Since 1968, the Red Lobster restaurant has been serving high-quality sustainable seafood. They have locations in 44 out of 50 US states, from Oregon and Washington to Louisiana, Florida, and Georgia. Not only are they America’s favorite seafood restaurant, but they’ve also gone international with franchises in Latin America, Asia, and the Middle East. Their menu is varied and flavor-forward, including not just Maine lobster but also crab, shrimp, fresh fish, and even chicken and steak. There’s something for the whole family, including the kids. Red Lobster Hospitality LLC is one of the world’s largest buyers of wild-caught and farmed seafood, and they take that responsibility seriously. Red Lobster has helped to establish many of those industry best practices, having been a founding member of the Global Aquaculture Alliance since 1997. They use their expertise to strike just the right balance between wild-caught and farm-raised seafood, making sure that their business helps to keep fish and shellfish populations growing. There’s a reason why their motto is Seafood with Standards. When you use a gift card from Red Lobster, you know you’re eating responsibly.

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