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How To Use Your Vanilla Gift Card Online

How To Activate Vanilla Gift Cards

How To Use Vanilla Visa Gift Card Online
  • To activate the card, go to
  • Enter your Vanilla account User ID and Password to begin the Vanilla Gift Card activation procedure.
  • Go to the official Vanilla balance checking page. Youll need to input the long card number across the front of your card after youve arrived at the website.
  • After entering that information, select activate, and the card will be ready to use.
  • What Other Prepaid Cards Can I Use For Online Payments

    While Visa Vanilla Gift Cards are great for instant online payments without a credit card in the US, they cannot be used outside the United States. However, there are other similar payment cards that you can use for online payments abroad:

    • Bitsa Virtual Visa Card – Can be requested in Europe through a mobile app. Usually ready to use within 24 hours.

    • Virtual Visa Card – Can be used worldwide. Instantly delivered by email, issued when you click on the redeem link and ready to use once youve redeemed it.

    How Do I Activate My Visa Gift Card Online

    Activating Your Card Online. Visit the activation link listed on the sticker on front of your card. If you dont feel like making a phone call, you can usually activate your gift card online. There should be an activation link listed either on back of your card or on the sticker on the front of your card.

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    Where Can I Use My Vanilla Gift Card

    Where can I use my Vanilla gift card?: If you have been gifted with a vanilla card, you purchased one, or by some other means, you have yourself in possession of a vanilla gift card, there could be possibilities that you may be stuck on how or where you may use it. Gift cards are becoming more acceptable and people tend to find themselves more comfortable giving a gift card instead of stressing about the best gift to give. They avail the gifted the opportunity to get whatever he wants so long as it stays within the amount of the gift card.

    Vanilla prepaid cards can be physical cards or virtual in the form of e-gift cards. At Cardvest, we make it possible for you to make transactions with your vanilla e-gift card through our website at Your vanilla gift card is the ideal prepaid card you can use for your spending. Pre-approvals or checks of any kind are not needed before you can use them. They are not credit cards and do not require activation after purchase.

    Asides from that, your vanilla gift card is a perfect gift for any occasion. What you are simply doing is giving your benefactor a gift that allows them to exercise their power of choice. They get a gift from you and the same time, have a chance at getting the very item at the top of their secret wish list. How awesome could that be?!

    If you want to use your Vanilla gift card to shop online through Cardvest @, there are simple steps to follow:

  • Present your card at the time of payment
  • Request Your Vanilla Gift Card Refund Fast And Easy With Donotpay

    Vanilla VISA giftcard scam at CVS! : Scams

    Do you want to avoid having to explain the Vanilla gift card customer care specialists every detail regarding the purchase you want to refund? DoNotPay offers the most efficient solution. You can request your refund with us by following these steps:

  • Open your DoNotPay account from a web browser
  • Scroll down to the Chargeback Instantly option
  • Answer all of the questions
  • Confirm your signature
  • Once you complete your refund request, it will be automatically faxed to your bank. DoNotPay will also send a letter that contains all the Visa and Mastercard codes. Another perk of relying on DoNotPay is that we will also contact the merchant on your behalfas requested by the Fair Billing Credit Actto collect evidence.

    DoNotPay can help you request your refund from many other companies, even the most popular ones, including:

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    Can I Use Paypal To Buy A Gift Card

    Some gift card merchants allow you to purchase gift cards through PayPal. You select the gift card you want to buy and use PayPal as your payment method to authorize the transaction.

    Should you not have enough credit to make your transaction but you have a linked bank account or card, the money will be withdrawn from there. You must make sure that the gift card balance can be used on PayPal.

    How To Use Visa Vanilla Gift Card Online

    How do I Activate my vanilla Visa card?

    • Vanilla Visa Gift Card Activation by Online Open the Vanilla Visa Gift Card official web portal to activate the card at After that, enter your Vanilla account User ID and Password in order to start the activation process of Vanilla Gift Card.

    To activate your card online, you need to visit the official Vanilla balance checking page. You can get there through our link here. Once youre on the site, youll need to enter the long card number across the front of your card. With that information entered, you can press activate, and the card will be ready to use.


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      How Can You Get A Free Vanilla Visa Gift Card

      Want to give a Vanilla Visa gift card to a friend or loved one this year? Swagbucks can help you secure one of these visa debit cards free of charge. How? When you sign up for a free account at Swagbucks, youll have the opportunity to take quizzes, and play games in exchange for points.

      You can also use Swagbucks to earn your free visa gift card by completing online surveys. This is a great way to stack up your Swagbucks points, called SB, to get a free Vanilla Visa gift card. Once you have earned enough points, youll be able to cash those points out in exchange for free gift cards.

      Even if you would like to earn cash instead, you have the ability to connect your Paypal account and select Paypal cash as an option for reimbursement. And there is a wide selection of free gift cards to choose from, including Amazon, Target, Nordstrom, Lowes, Home Depot, Kohls, Apple, and Macys.

      There are a ton of ways to earn points on Swagbucks besides just taking surveys on your spare time. You can:

      Ready to get shopping? Sign up for a Swagbucks account today to earn free gift cards.

      Do Vanilla Gift Cards Have Pin Numbers

      How To Activate And Register Vanilla Visa Gift Card

      Vanilla Visa gift cards do have a PIN that youll need to use to make online purchases. These PIN numbers are not located on the cards themselves. Instead, youll need to call the number presented on the back of your gift card and enter your gift card number a sixteen-digit number to set up your PIN.

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      What Online Card Payment Looks Like

      When you get to the online payment processing portion of checkout, enter the gift card number, expiration date and Card Verification Number into the fields you typically use for debit and credit card payments. Do not enter a Visa gift card number into the gift card field. That field is reserved for retailer-specific card numbers.

      Below is an example of what online payment often looks like. This example shows many payment options including bank-issued debit and credit cards, store credit cards, PayPal, PayPal credit, a payment plan, store gift cards and even Bitcoin.

      Most online shopping carts do not have this many ways to make a payment, but nearly all have a place to enter a credit card that is different from the area in which you would enter a gift card .

      Possible Reasons Why Your Visa Gift Card Might Not Be Working Online

      Although Visa, Mastercard, Discover and AMEX gift cards are accepted online, in stores and just about anywhere these major brand debit cards are accepted, sometimes people have difficulties using their bank-issued gift cards online. If you are entering the gift card into the correct field on the website, then it is possible the gift card is being rejected for another reason.

      In addition to this list of things to try if your Visa gift card is not working, the most common reasons gift cards decline online are listed below:

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      Pending Transactions Are Affecting The Balance

      Every time you swipe or enter your Visa gift card number into a payment system , the system checks to see if the card has sufficient funds to complete the transaction. During this authorization check, the system will place a hold on the funds needed for the purchase. If the transaction is cancelled or later declined, then the pending amount is released. If the transaction is completed, then the pending amount is finalized and the card balance is reduced by the dollar amount of the final purchase.

      Sometimes holds are not released immediatelyit can take several hours or several days to remove a pending charge depending on how each merchant system works. During that time, your gift card may decline if pending charges are tying up a portion of the gift card balance that you know should be available.

      If your card is not working and pending charges are still affecting the card balance, wait a few days and try again. If you want to understand the process more, heres an article on why it takes so long for charges to clear.

      How To Transfer The Balance Of A Visa Gift Card To Paypal

      How to Activate a Vanilla Gift Card

      PayPal is a money transfer platform that allows you to transfer money from one person to another. In addition, you can transfer the balance of a Visa Gift Card to your PayPal account to use it for different types of transactions.

      To do this, you can link the gift card to your PayPal account so that the money can be added to the balance. The linking process is straightforward follow these steps:

      • Log in to PayPal, either on the App or on the online version.
      • Go to the PayPal Wallet section.
      • Look for the option Link a debit or credit card.
      • Enter the card information.
      • Select Link Card.

      When the card has been successfully linked, you can add the balance to your PayPal account. Go to add money to your account and choose the gift card as the money source. This balance can be used to fund all your PayPal transactions.

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      How To Transfer A Vanilla Gift Card To A Bank Account

      Getting a Vanilla gift card as a gift or on a special occasion can be a great surprise. Anyone would love that extra bonus of money to spend.

      Perhaps you needed some money on a card quickly and have decided to get that money into your account. Regardless of your purchasing reason, Vanilla gift cards are beneficial for many people for many different reasons.

      There are many different ways to use a Vanilla gift card. Whether this is at gas stations, restaurants, retail stores, or anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted, your Vanilla gift card will have you covered.

      What if you decide that money would be better served in your checking or savings account? Getting your Vanilla gift card balance transferred to your bank may seem difficult but it is not a daunting task. Lets look at this in more detail.

      Do You Have To Activate Your Vanilla Visa Gift Card

      Because Vanilla Visa gift cards are not credit cards or Mastercards, you do not need to activate them before you use them. Instead, all you need to do to use your card is present it to a cashier or type the applicable code into the appropriate submissions form upon online checkout. This is a great Visa prepaid card for your children if you want to limit their spending. Utilizing this type of visa card will allow them to shop with ease at all convenience stores while learning how to budget. Because you set the limit, they can not go over.

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      Dont Stress Over Contacting The Customer Support Repsrely On Donotpay

      Many users complain that the Vanilla gift card customer support is impossible to reach because they rarely pick up the phone. If you want to avoid getting stressed dialing their number multiple times and navigating the complex phone tree, we can help you.

      DoNotPay will hold the line for as long as needed and connect you with one of the representatives. Youll be notified as soon as one of the customer care agents picks up the phone.

      Other than contacting the Vanilla gift card customer support specialists, DoNotPay can also help you get in touch with other large companies, such as:

      Other Popular Survey Sites

      How to Activate & Register Vanilla Gift Cards Online? Vanilla Gift Card Sign Up 2021

      You can earn free cash and gift card rewards on other online survey sites, too. With most popular survey sites, you can directly earn Visa gift cards, or free money and PayPal that you can use to purchase a Vanilla gift card directly yourself.

      Swagbucks is one popular rewards and survey site other paid survey sites to check out:

      • InboxDollars : Get paid to complete surveys, shop online, play games, and more. You can cash out your earnings for a free Visa gift card. InboxDollars has an especially generous referral program. Earn cash for referring friends, and then get 30% of their eligible earnings for life. . So while youre sleeping, you can earn money when your friend takes surveys or plays a game. Its a great way to earn passive income.
      • MyPoints: Known as a cash back rewards site , you can also earn rewards for completing surveys.
      • Ysense: An international survey platform with extremely loyal members who are tuned into survey trends and the community forum boards.
      • Survey Junkie

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      Whats The Difference Between A Visa Gift Card And A Vanilla Visa Gift Card

      Visa has recently expanded its gift card family with the introduction of its Vanilla line. Where Visa Gift Cards are meant to be used either by the person doing the purchasing or by another recipient, the Vanilla strain has a more specific purpose. Vanilla Visa Rewards Cards are meant to be used as viable payment methods for employees whove received them as a workplace incentive with a card balance. Comparatively, Vanilla Visa Gift Cards are meant to be given to friends or family members as gifts, with the details handled at the time of purchase.

      Where To Buy The Stores Egift Card

      Sometimes you do not know the transaction is going to exceed the gift card balance until the shopping cart gets loaded up with shipping charges and taxes. When that happens, there are two ways to quickly get an egift card to use:

      1. Empty the Cart and Start Over When the total purchase is greater than the value of the gift card, one solution is to cancel the items in your cart and buy an egift card instead. When the egift card arrives, you can start over.

      2. Buy the eGift Card Elsewhere Another option is to buy the egift card from a different website. If you want a , for example, you can buy that here at

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      How Do You Use Gift Cards

      These cards are simple to use, as they can be used at the store that issued them. However, some are tangible gift cards, which can be used to purchase products at different stores or even online.

      Tangible gift cards can be used both online and in physical stores, and when you run out of funds, you can easily throw the card away. If the card is reloadable, you can keep it and reload it whenever you want.

      Do Vanilla Gift Cards Have Pins

      Vanilla Gift Card : Vanilla Visa® Gift Card Introduces the New ...

      Vanilla Visa gift cards do have a PIN that youll need to use to do any shopping online. These PIN numbers are not located on the cards themselves. Instead, youll need to call the number presented on the back of your gift card and enter your gift card number a sixteen-digit number to set up your PIN. Once youve submitted the information that the automated phone service requested, youll be able to set up a four-digit security PIN, or your visa gift card code.

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      Buy A Vanilla Egift Card Online In Seconds

      Get a Visa Vanilla eGift Card in just a few clicks to pay securely on your favorite US-based websites. Purchase it at Dundle , and your digital card is delivered to your inbox instantly, ready to use within 24 hours-no credit check necessary. Make payments online without fear of sharing private information or overspending. Because with this eGift card, you dont need to share any banking details at checkout and you can only spend the available balance. Get your Vanilla Gift Card via email and start shopping safely online, hassle-free and in no time at all.

      Where Do The Gift Card Numbers Go

      In the payment example above, you would enter gift cards as follows:

      1. Visa Gift Card: Input a Visa gift card, Mastercard gift card, Discover gift card or American Express gift card into the Credit/Debit card fields on the left, circled in red.

      2. Store Gift Card: Input a store gift card into the card number field on the right, circled in blue.

      Keep in mind, the fields could be anywhere no the payment screen youre looking at. The most important thing to look for, however, is the fields marked as Credit/Debit card.

      Incidentally, this example also shows how to make a payment online when a store gift card amount will not cover the full amount of the purchase. Using two forms of payment is called a split tender transaction. You would enter the store-issued gift card into the gift card field and use another form of payment to complete the purchase.

      If you do not have a store-issued gift card and need to make a partial payment with a Visa gift card, then read this tip on how to make a partial payment with a Visa gift card online.)

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