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Is Apple Gift Card Same As Itunes

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what is the difference between apple gift card and itunes card

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Check How Much Cash Your Apple Gift Card Has Using Donotpay

Are Apples methods for checking your gift card balance too slow? Why not use DoNotPay to check your Apple gift card balance in a minute? All you need to do is:

  • Click on the Check Gift Card Balance product
  • Upload some photos of your gift card and enter your email address
  • DoNotPay can even help you get some free gift cards or check the balance on many other popular brand cards, such as:

    Does The Recipient Need An Itunes Account

    Although it is more convenient for the recipient to have an iTunes account, you can give anyone iTunes credit regardless of whether they use Apple’s online store. However, for them to redeem the gift and purchase digital products, the recipient needs an Apple ID, which is free. It is the recipient who applies for the Apple ID, which is the credential necessary to log in to the iTunes website and redeem the credit.

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    Apple Gift Card Launches In Australia Replaces Separate Apple Store And App Store & Itunes Cards

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    With five designs and a collectible sticker featuring five Apple logo illustrations, giving the gift of Apple via an official Apple Gift Card is now possible in Australia.

    Although Apple has made its App Store & iTunes gift cards available at retail for years, the company has now launched Apple Gift Cards for consumers as well as Apple Gift Cards for business in Australia.

    Billed as “the gift card for everything Apple”, it is a single Apple gift card to purchase products and accessories, and pay for content and services from Apple. The card has no expiry date, and obviously only expires when you transfer the funds to your Apple account balance, as was the case with iTunes cards.

    What happens to the existing Apple Store and App Store & iTunes cards currently available?

    Well, this new Apple Gift Card replaces the Apple Store and App Store & iTunes Gift Cards, and obviously, makes gift giving easy and simple, as there’s only one card to get. Clearly, you’ll still be able to use existing cards, the cards are simply being replaced with this new unified card.

    All you need to do is choose how much you want to gift, purchase on Apple’s site and then send directly via mail or digitally via email.

    As with everything Apple does, Apple Gift Cards sport a beautiful design, and they come with a collectible sticker featuring five Apple logo illustrations.

    So, what are some examples of what more traditional amounts of gift card amounts can buy?

    With a $25 Apple Gift Card:


    The Gift Card Scammers


    In the class action complaint, the plaintiffs do not claim that the scam in question was operated by Apple or Apple employees. Rather, they allege that Apple allowed the scam to continue because it was profitable for the company.

    Although the details for each impacted plaintiff differs, the basic formula is the same. A victim receives a panicked phone call from someone who says they desperately need help. That person then urges the victim to buy an Apple App Store, iTunes, or Apple Store gift card from any retailer and share the code on the back of each card over the phone. Once the mystery caller has the code, they disappear, leaving the victim with no way to contact them.

    The scammer then spends the gift card funds on their own apps, in-app purchases, and other media they have put up for sale via Apple platformsmeaning that the scammer will eventually receive the gift cards funds in cash, minus Apples 30% commission. The scammer may also resell the gift card numbers.

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    Apple Music Gift Card

    There are also older gift cards that Apple doesnt technically make or sell anymore, but they are still very present in stores on the gift card racks, and add another layer of confusion to the process. Yes, you can still buy these cards, and they will still work for the foreseeable future, but if possible, choose one of the two cards above.

    For the Apple Music card, you can quickly spot one because it has the Apple logo and MUSIC on the front. At first, this may seem like a newer card meant to fund music purchases after iTunes was replaced. Not so! Its just a confusingly named older card that doesnt really have a unique purpose anymore. However, it can still be redeemed for Apple ID credit that can be used for pretty much any software purchase, just like the App Store & iTunes card. Both go into the same larger, all-purpose pot.

    How Do You Send A Digital Itunes Gift Card

  • Books is located in the Books app, App Store app, and iTunes Store app.
  • To donate an item, tap it.
  • Gifting App: Tap the share button in the App Store, then tap Gift App to donate online
  • Send your gift to a friend or family by following the instructions onscreen.
  • A message is sent to the recipient after the gift has been given.
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    What Can You Do With An Apple Gift Card

    You can use an Apple Gift Card in an Apple Store or redeem it online. When you redeem an Apple Gift Card online, you can make purchases with your Apple ID balance, including apps, subscriptions like Apple Music, products from, and more. But for some purchases, Apple ID balance cant be used.

    How To Use The Itunes Pass

    Are iTunes and App Store Gift Cards The Same ?

    If you don’t have a payment method on file with your Apple ID but don’t want to buy gift cards for yourself, Apple also offers a service called the iTunes Pass. This lets you add credit to your Apple ID by visiting an Apple Store or other participating retailer.

    To create an iTunes Pass:

  • Open the iTunes Store app on your iPhone.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Music page and tap your Apple ID. Sign in if you’re not already.
  • Choose View Apple ID.
  • Select Add iTunes Pass to Wallet.
  • You’ll see a preview of the pass. Tap Add in the top-right to send it to your Wallet app.
  • Image Gallery

    Now, you can open the Wallet app to view your iTunes Pass. When it’s open, show it to a store employee and let them know how much you’d like to add to your balance. They’ll complete your purchase in the store and you’ll have access to the credit right away.

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    How Do I Redeem An Itunes Gift Card From Another Country

    You cant redeem cards outside of the country or region of purchase. For example, an App Store & iTunes Gift Card purchased in France cant be redeemed in an iTunes Store in the U.S. When redeeming Apple Music Gift Cards, make sure to redeem the cards in the iTunes Store for the same country or region.

    Is Itunes Gift Card The Same As Apple Gift Card

    Gifts available from Apple were two distinct types: an iTunes card which enabled you to purchase goods on the App Store, the iTunes Store, and , and an Apple Store card, which you could redeem using the stores or the online stores Apple operates at. There is currently no Apple Gift Card available outside of the United States.

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    What Can You Buy With An Itunes Gift Card

    Once redeemed, you can spend iTunes credit on these services:

    • Apps and games from the iOS App Store and Mac App Store, including Apple Arcade subscriptions.
    • Music, TV shows, and movies from iTunes or the Apple TV app.
    • Books from Apple Books.
    • Subscriptions that normally charge your iTunes account, such as Apple TV+ or Apple News+.
    • iCloud storage space upgrades.

    What Is Itunes Gift Card And How To Use It

    Apple iTunes Gift Card US $5

    by Jenefey Aaron Updated on 2019-07-25 / Update for iTunes Tips

    You come across your pal’s birthday in the Facebook notification! And in such a moment of hurry, you cannot even rush to buy a good present but, here is a golden solution! Break the conventional modes of presents by gifting them an iTunes gift card. It can prove to be of a great use to them. So, now your friend gets the leverage to redeem the iTunes gift card at the nearest apple store or use it for the iTunes store or App Store. Stay tuned to know about the iTunes gift card!

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    Apple Gift Card Vs Itunes Gift Card: What Are The Differences

    In this digital world where there are many similar digital products, it is very possible to misunderstand or mistake one product for another.

    Apple users enjoy a lot of benefits through the various digital content, hardware and gadgets available on the Apple Store and iTunes Store. To have access to or buy from either the Apple Store or the iTunes Store, one needs an iTunes Card or an Apple Store Card with a sufficient balance.

    However, Apple Store Gift Cards and iTunes Gift Cards are not the same, though many often confuse them to be the same because theyre both stores on Apple devices. Truth is, there are some differences between Apple Cards and iTunes Gift Cards and this is what this article intends to show you. Before highlighting the differences between them, its important to know what an Apple Card and an iTunes Gift Card are.

    Redeem A Gift Card With Your Iphone Ipad Or Ipod Touch

  • Find the 16-digit code on the back of the card. For some gift cards, you might need to peel or gently scratch off the label to see the code.
  • On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, open the App Store app.
  • At the top of the screen, tap the sign-in button or your photo.
  • Tap Redeem Gift Card or Code. If you dont see Redeem Gift Card or Code, sign in with your Apple ID.
  • Tap Use Camera and follow the instructions on the screen. If you have trouble redeeming the card, tap “You can also enter your code manually,” then follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Tap Done.
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    App Store & Itunes Gift Card

    These gift cards are, thankfully, clearly labeled on the card itself so you can see what they are. The problem is that the name is still a little confusing. After all, while people may still have iTunes downloaded onto their computers, iTunes has technically been replaced by Apple Music now, so this cards name is odd and is likely to change in the future or be replaced entirely.

    But for now, when you buy one of these cards, you can spend them on pretty much any Apple software. That includes songs, apps, games, books, iCloud subscriptions, and a number of other streaming subscriptions .

    Because these cards are so versatile, they tend tomake the best stocking stuffers and applicable gifts when you dont really knowsomeone but you know that they have an Apple device. When in doubt, go withone of these.

    How Do I Use Itunes Gift Card Instead Of Credit Card

    How To Add Apple Gift Card To iTunes And Check The Balance

    Question: Q: How do I get charges to the itunes card instead of my credit card???????????

  • Tap iTunes Store, App Store, or iBooks Store on your device.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the Featured section and tap Redeem.
  • Tap « You can also enter your code manually. »
  • Type your gift or content code and tap Redeem.
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    More Content In The Us Itunes Store

    The US iTunes store has more content than you could go through in ten lifetimes! Wielding over 12-million songs, 250,000+ apps, hundreds of thousands of movies and TV shows, and a dozen libraries worth of iBooks to read or audio books. All of this content is available on-demand directly to any of your Apple devices.

    A World Of Itunes Entertainment Awaits

    Now you know what iTunes gift cards let you buy, how to use them, and where to check your balance. In short, since iTunes gift cards add credit to your Apple ID, they’re good for pretty much any digital service Apple offers. Whether you want to buy paid apps, subscribe to Apple Music or Apple News+, or get more iCloud storage, iTunes gift cards let you pay for it.

    If you’re not sure what to buy, we have you covered. Check out great uses for your iTunes or Apple gift card, including some hardware ideas if you have an Apple Store card.

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    Can You Use Itunes Gift Cards For Apple Music

    You can use your iTunes gift card to pay for an Apple Music subscription. Redeem your card as described above, then start an Apple Music subscription using the Music app on your iPhone, Mac, or Android phone. On a Windows PC, you can subscribe to Apple Music using iTunes.

    As long as you have credit on your Apple ID, your subscription will deduct from that balance. Once it runs out, you’ll be charged on your primary payment method instead.

    How To Purchase And Gift An Apple Gift Card

    £75 iTunes Gift Card (UK)

    Follow these steps to purchase and deliver an Apple Gift Card, which can be used to purchase music or any Apple product.

  • Go to the Apple Gift Cards website, and choose Buy.

  • Select either Email or Mail as the preferred delivery method.

  • Pick a card design and a gift card amount.

    If you selected Email as your delivery message, enter the recipient and sender details.

  • Optional: If you’d like to add a message for your recipient, select Your Message/Add under Want to add a personalized message.

  • Click the Add to Bag button on the right side of the gift card page.

  • On the checkout page, choose Check Out to finalize the purchase.

  • You have several options when you want to give someone credit to be used in the iTunes Store or App Store.

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    How To Add Funds To Your Apple Id Without Gift Cards

    If you have a credit card attached to your Apple ID, you don’t need to buy gift cards for yourself. You can add funds to your Apple ID account by charging your payment method.

    To do this on your iPhone:

  • Open the App Store.
  • Tap the Today tab, followed by your profile picture in the top-right.
  • Select Add Funds to Apple ID, choose an amount, and complete your purchase.
  • On a Mac or Windows PC:

  • Open the App Store on macOS Catalina. Launch iTunes on an older Mac or a Windows PC.
  • On a Mac, choose Store > View My Account. On Windows, select Account > View My Account. Sign in again if needed.
  • Scroll down to the Apple ID Account section and choose Add Funds to Apple ID.
  • Choose the amount you want to add and walk through the steps to complete payment.
  • Can I Get Itunes Card In South Africa

    There is a Game Card Delivery in South Africa that sells Gaming Cards, iTunes Gift Cards and Gift Vouchers that gives you access to purchase TV Series, Movies, Music, and App items from the US iTunes Store even if you are not located in that country. Play games with a US Game Card or iTunes Gift Card today give it as a gift.

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    Apple Unified Gift Cards


    Sorry, didn’t follow up trend Why unified GC will end discount?


    lefroset wrote: Because then one could buy discounted GCs for the purpose of buying Apple hardware, which they don’t want to allow.


    Thanks I always thought discount is from retailers such as Costco


    Sadly for digital movies and tv shows hoarder is will be the end of 15% off for itunes giftcard I think if you need to buy apple hardware in the near future its could be a nice way to get a discount if costco pop-up a new 15% off discount before the switch in Canada.

    How To Check Your Itunes Gift Card Balance

    How to Redeem Gift Card from App Store iTunes Store iBookstore Mac App Store

    Your iTunes gift card balance is also known as Apple ID credit, since you can use it for many Apple services.

    To check your iTunes gift card balance from an iPhone:

  • Launch the App Store.
  • On the Today tab, tap your user icon in the top-right corner.
  • If you have iTunes credit, it displays below your name.
  • To check your iTunes gift card balance on macOS Catalina and later:

  • Launch the Mac App Store and click on your name at the bottom of the left sidebar.
  • If you have credit tied to your Apple ID, it will show below your name.
  • To check your iTunes gift card balance on a Mac or Windows PC running iTunes:

  • Launch iTunes and ensure you’re signed in under Account > Sign in. You’ll see your Apple ID at the top of the dropdown list if you’re signed in.
  • Click on the Store tab and look for your balance in the top-right corner.
  • If you don’t have a balance, you won’t see a value in any of these places.

    When you redeem your iTunes gift card, the balance is transferred to your Apple ID account. If you’re not sure if you’ve used a gift card already, try redeeming it.

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