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What Are Good 5 Dollar Gifts

A Pack Of 16 Hydrating Sheet Masks With Over 1200 Positive Reviews It’s The Closest You Can Get To Giving Them The Gift Of Soft And Glowing Skin

5 Dollar Tree FATHERS DAY GIFT Ideas for $5!

Promising review: “This contains a great assortment of masks. Most seemed to have a fruit base. The sheets were easy to unfold and put on. I find they don’t stay on the face when sitting or walking around, so this is a lay down and relax mask. There was a lot of concentrate in it but a minimal smell. It was very light and natural smelling, not like a perfume. This sheet has eye folds you can either leave then down or you can fold over your eyes. The mask left my skin soft and smooth and felt wonderful on. It had a cooling effect that was very soothing while wearing it.Elizabeth Cameron

Get the pack from Amazon for $9.99.

Samantha, a writer here at BuzzFeed, has actually tried these masks and loves them! She says that, despite her normally sensitive skin, “these face masks have ZERO negative effects and they actually have POSITIVE effects! They hydrate my skin and leave it feeling firmer.” Read her full Dermal Face Mask Review for more.

Reindeer Games Wax Melts

If youre shopping for someone who loves the holiday aestheticlike the reindeers and Santa and et ceteraand also someone who loves scented things , this is probably the perfect gift!

These awesome reindeer games wax melts are handmade and cut in the shape of adorable reindeer heads . Theyre redolent of plums, black cherry, amber, musk, and even a hint of citrus.

This is a great gift to get someone who would, you know, enjoy displaying this in their home, or even on their desk. But its also great for someone who could maybe stand to, well, experiment with some more congenial fragrances.

A Terracotta Brown Sugar Bear That They Simply Soak In Water Gently Dry Then Pack In With The Brown Sugar To Keep It From Hardening Up Into An Impossible To Userock

Promising review: “After multiple containers for my brown sugar and continuously throwing my brown sugar away due to giant hard lumps… I began to wonder why our brown sugar never lumped as a child… And that’s when I remembered a weird brown bear in our sugar… After a quick Google search I found this! I soaked it in water for 30 mins and then added to my lumpy brown sugar… Two days later there is not a single lump in my sugar! Yay!” Sneezeloaf

Get it from Amazon for $5.74.

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Hair & Makeup On Amazon For $5 Or Less

Express your style with fashion-forward hair and makeup products on Amazon Prime for $5 and under! Great source of Amazon hair products for women.

These affordable hair styling tools can help to create endless looks!

Tie hair back with style and comfort with a wide variety of hair ties.

These hair stylers have thousands of great reviews and offer an affordable way to achieve the latest looks!

Apply makeup with precision and ease with these highly-rated makeup tools including a brush cleaning pad, makeup sponges, and fluffy makeup brushes!

This makeup sponge holder keeps your makeup blending sponge off of your countertop while allowing plenty of room for it to air dry.

These affordable makeup choices will even out skin tone for a fresh-faced look!

Go for natural looks or ultra-glam with a wide variety of lip colors and treatments.

Purchase an eyeliner to suit any mood at these great prices!

Create dazzling looks with a set of complementary eye shadow shades.

These highly rated Essence products make lashes absolutely pop! Mascara has over 130,000 recommendations!

These eyebrow pencils are available in multiple shades and include a spoolie brush to tame flyaway brows.

These makeup options add a finishing touch to a wide variety of looks.

Dollar Store Mugs: Cheap Christmas Gifts

$5 Dollar Store Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List ...

This is just one of five super cute Christmas Dollar Store mug ideas that are UNDER $5!!!

For this mug I stuffed it with cozy socks, tea and candy canes. I wrapped a piece of ribbon around the mug to make it even more festive.

The themes of the other mug gifts from the dollar store are sugar and spice & everything nice, warm winter wishes, sugar plum fairy, ho ho hostess gift and baby its cold outside!

Check out all five of the dollar store Christmas mugs in this post here!!

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Hopefully Our List Helped You Find The Perfect Secret Santa Gift For Under $5 You Were Looking For

Were confident weve provided you with a great and varied list of the best $5 secret Santa gifts available. And, if we didnt, hopefully we were able to at least point you in the direction of the perfect secret Santa Gifts under 5 dollars youre looking for.

This isnt a gift purchase you want to take lightlywho knows when the tables will be turned and youll be banking on their magnanimity. Then youll be wishing you wouldve put more thought into this gift exchange.

Kitchen Essentials Gift Basket

GET DIRECTIONS from Texas Crafty Kitchen

Who doesnt need kitchen utensils? This gift basket is overflowing with dollar store kitchen items and handmade treats. What a thoughtful and unique gift!

You really have to check out all the useful things the women at Texas Crafty Gift included in this gift basket.

One adorable thing in the basket is a sweet and festive framed print that you can download for free, score!

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A Mini Sriracha Keychain So They’ll Never Be Forced To Choke Down Another Meal Without Their Favorite Condiment Ever Again

BTW, the sauce isn’t included, so you’ll have to fill it from your own stash before giving it to them!

Promising review: “I actually bought this as sort of a white elephant style gift for my boyfriend for Christmas, but it is really good quality. It is sturdy and I dont worry about the lid popping open when it is not in use!” Celesta Nagel

Get it from Amazon for $7.95.

Creative $5 Gift Ideas For Kids


This post may contain affiliate links. If you click and make a purchase, I may receive a small commission, at no extra cost to you. I only recommend products and services I use and love. Thanks for supporting The Little Frugal House!

Looking for some unique and creative gifts for kids under $5? In this post, Im sharing some awesome $5 gift ideas for kids you can buy or DIY.

Whether you need to get a small gift for your own child, a friends kid, a niece or nephew, grandkid, or your group set a $5 gift limit for Christmas, these ideas will help you find the perfect gift!

These are great little gifts for kids to give other kids!

And these are also great for stocking stuffers for kids of all ages!

Look through these creative gift ideas for kids to find the perfect gift!

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For The One Who Loves Games: Playing Cards

A deck of cards is an easy way to get everyone socializing, which is why it’s the perfect small gift. Everyone needs a deck of cards, whether they play solitaire by themselves, poker with their buddies, or Go Fish with their grandkids. These ones from Bicycle are highly rated and are available in several prints like dragons, unicorns, and more.

Dollar Store Oven Mitt Cookie Neighbor Gift

GET DIRECTIONS from Its Always Autumn

If you need some easy last-minute Christmas gift for your neighbors, this dollar store oven mitt idea is so quick to throw together.

And get this, it only takes about $2.75 to make!

Autumn also includes 16 other easy neighbor gifts like this one that are pretty inexpensive and easy to make.

Be sure to grab these free printable neighbor Christmas gift tags she made as well! This gift is perfect for neighbors or anyone who loves to bake on your list!

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Five Dollar Gift Card

This can be to their favorite coffee shop, local grocery store or a gas station.

It really doesnt matter where you snag a five dollar gift card to the recipient will be grateful. This is also great for a secret Santa gift exchange if there is a small dollar amount.

A five-dollar lottery ticket is a great way to spend five dollars, and the recipient might even come out with a lot more than your investment!

Just make sure they are 18 or older.

Unbelievably Good Stocking Stuffers For Guys Under $5

$5 Dollar Store Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List ...

Filling up a stocking can add up quickly and bust any Christmas budget. So if you are trimming back or you want to add just a couple more inexpensive items, weve created a list of 65 unbelievably good stocking stuffers for guys under $5.

This is a list of 65 affordable gift ideas that your dad, husband, brother, uncle, or best friend will love. Weve separated them out by category so you can quickly browse and make sure to add variety to your mens stocking stuffers. Every item listed can be ordered and shipped with so if youre in a pinch or just dont want to fight the crowds, 2-day shipping can save your behind!

Note: all items were listed below $5 at the time of writing this post. The prices are subject to change based on the sellers discretion. If you click on a link and find the product is over $5, do a quick search in Amazon and sort by price low to high to find a similar product.

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Malicious Women Co Candles

Despite the name, Malicious Women Co. candles are unisex. In fact, the company even produces a cedar-bourbon scented candle called Because Men Like Candles Too. Also, if your employees work in a particular field, then Malicious Women Co.s roster includes industry-specific scents, like the healthcare themed Because Patients, a happy hour in scrubs scent. Before purchasing, be warned that the language on several selections may not be HR-approved. However, you can steer into safer territory by opting for tamer choices, such as All I Do Is Win, infused with the tears of my opponents, or the apple and pear scented, I Talk to Everyone Moving My Seat Wont Help. Candles usually come off as impersonal gifts, but these funny alternatives add humor and personality to the present, which enables further bonding.

Learn more about Malicious Women Co. candles.

For The Beauty Lover: Exfoliating Gloves

Similar to dry brush, exfoliating gloves can do wonders for your skin. Daily use can help improve circulation, unclog pores, and remove dry skin, which any beauty and skincare lover will appreciate. These gloves work similarly to an exfoliating washcloth but are much easier to use, and more than 2,000 Amazon reviewers say they work wonders.

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Give A Gift And Get A Smile

  • A $5 scratch-off ticket or 5 $1 tickets placed in a homemade card.
  • Bottle of their favorite color nail polish. Include a homemade coupon for a manicure and/or pedicure.
  • Make a cake in a jar. It’s a simple process that a child could also help with.
  • For friends who like to drink, fill a flute, goblet, or a shot glass with Hershey’s Kisses.
  • Homemade cookies, baked bread, or a pie. Purchase a plate to display your goodies on.
  • A $5 gift card would be appreciated. It could be for Starbucks or a grocery store.
  • For the sports fans, a pack of baseball, football, or basketball cards.
  • A coloring book and box of crayons. Kids of all ages would enjoy this.
  • Knit or crochet a scarf or throw. If you don’t know how to knit or crochet you could learn.
  • A crisp $5 bill tucked into a takeout menu from a sandwich shop.
  • A paperback book from their favorite author.
  • How about a celebrity gossip magazine? You could enjoy some laughs while reading it.
  • DVDs have gone down in price. You could easily find one at Walmart for $5.
  • Chocolate. Any shape, size, or form. Be creative.
  • Earbuds or a phone case from eBay. I’ve purchased supplies for my iPhone at rock-bottom prices. But I’d stay away from sellers in China because delivery takes forever.
  • Give a picture frame with a photo that will guarantee a smile.
  • Prepare a colorful fruit basket. You could purchase a bowl at a dollar store and add a few pieces of fruit. Wrap in plastic wrap and add a bow.
  • Prepare a bowl of Chex Mix and add extra M& Ms. Yum!
  • Hatch Baby Rest Night Light

    $5 Dollar Birthday Gift on a BUDGET!

    Multi-functional and customizable, this high-tech machine will become a sleep essential. A nightlight, sound machine, and the time-to-wake clock are rolled into one smart device, controlled right from your phone. Portable, its perfect for a baby’s nursery and any upcoming travel.

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    For The Vino: Vacu Vin Wine Saver Vacuum Stoppers

    Oftentimes a bottle of wine will lose it’s flavor a few days after opening, but these vacuum sealing wine stoppers will ensure your giftee’s bottle will stay fresh for up to a week. Each stopper has a pump that removes air the wine bottle. Pretty neat, right? Reviewers say they’ve seen a big improvement in their wine after using these stoppers.

    Los Angeles Trading Co Mama Bear Robe

    Embrace Moms new role with this luxe white robe with an embroidered Mama Bear on the robes back. Highly rated, the all-white robe is plush and soft, better for lounging than getting out of the shower. Complete with deep pockets and a tie waist, its one size fits most and will fit sizes 2-12.

    Great for a group gift when you cant all be together, use Impart to create a custom book filled with wisdom from the group. A simple process that’s all online, the website allows you to assemble a one-of-a-kind gift thats filled with meaningful advice and messages from friends and family.

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    Diy Hurricane Lantern Using Picture Frames

    GET DIRECTIONS from Grosgrain Fab

    Once you see this hurricane lantern, youll be shocked at how expensive it looks.

    But, it is actually super cheap to make and is just dollar store frames glued together. Say what? I was shocked by this as well!

    Seriously, Ive seen hurricanes like this at Pottery Barn, which by the way are quite costly. Anyone would love to receive this gift!

    This project may look intimidating, but dont worry Kathleen breaks it down into easy steps for you!

    GET DIRECTIONS from Hip 2 Save

    Another fun way to gift kitchen utensils is wrapped inside kitchen towels and potholders.

    This is a must see simple folding technique that is super clever!

    Health & Beauty For $5 And Under On Amazon

    $5 Dollar Store Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List ...

    Whenever you are wondering what to get on Amazon for 5, pick out one of the latest health and beauty products for a reasonable splurge on self-care.

    These jade facial rollers provide soothing anti-aging therapy for the face and eyes. Store inside the refrigerator for an even more refreshing treatment experience!

    Take great care of your skin with these targeted skincare tools.

    These silicone face scrubbers help to deep clean makeup and other impurities from the skin. Multiple color sets are available.

    Choose your favorite way to cleanse your face with a basic cleansing bar, micellar wipes, or an innovative microfiber cloth!

    Remove eye makeup easily with one of these eye makeup remover options.

    Keep your skin naturally radiant with these skincare products that are suitable for men and women.

    This Smores flavored lip balm skin protectant by Chapstick comes in a pack of 3 distinct flavors so you can get the sweet balance of flavors just right. Other flavors are available.

    This set of 14 nail files includes buffer blocks, crystal glass files, and 100/180 grit nail files.

    This Vanilla-Neem ayurvedic soap claims to benefit delicate and aging skin while helping to mitigate Vata and Pitta imbalances.

    These travel-friendly sizes include amazing scents of sugar scrubs, salt scrubs, shave cream, and more!

    Be ready for almost anything with travel-friendly sizes of versatile castile soap.

    Keep skin feeling happy and hydrated with a highly-rated body lotion.

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    Inexpensive Snowman Soap With Free Printable Tags

    GET DIRECTIONS from Down Redbud Drive

    Give plain hand soap an adorable snowman makeover! Not only is this gift perfect for winter, but its also very practical as well.

    Each snowman soap is only about $1.25 to make, so you can make a ton of them and not worry about breaking the bank.

    Sammie also gives you a free printable of the sweet handsoap gift tags that are pictured.

    Either give these individually or combine them with other little gifts.

    For The One Who Misses The Nail Salon: Sally Hansen Nail Polish

    While many of us haven’t been to a nail salon in months because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean they have to skip out on pretty nails. This polish from Sally Hansen is plant-based and vegan, meaning even your eco-conscious giftee will love it. It comes it several color options and reviewers say that the color appears bright and only requires two coats.

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    Elfish Rfid Blocking Credit Cards Holder Aluminum Wallet Metal Id Case

    Do you know someone who is worried about their identity being stolen? With an Elfish RFID Blocking Credit Cards Holder Aluminum Wallet Metal ID Case, they can rest easy knowing their credit cards are safe on the go. This little case can fit up to 9 credit cards, and there are plenty of colors and styles to choose from.

    Dont make it easy for pickpockets.

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