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What Do Teachers Like For Gifts

Personalized Teacher Library Stamp

TEACHERS DAY GIFT GUIDE | Teacher Appreciation Gifts Teachers Actually Like

Teachers build their classroom libraries with loving care. Help them keep their selections from disappearing with a personalized stamp like this one. Real teacher review: This stamp is very sturdy. I have had other custom stamps fall apart after a long session of classroom library building but this is still going strong.

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Ultimate List Of Teacher Gifts That Teachers Actually Want

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What in the hell does my kids teacher/s really want for the holidays, and what are they going to politely accept only to dump into the trashcan the second they get home from school or re-gift? Its a question that stresses me out every year as a parent. Thats usually when I turn to Amazon and rage-scroll for teacher gifts, or Pinterest for ideas that will dub me thee coolest parent that my kids teacher gushes about in the break room over my amazingly awesome gift of choice. But the things recommended to me by Amazon are always a huge let-down. So, I decided to ask any teachers who follow me on Instagram to give me their honest, unfiltered answers, and over 40 chimed in with what teachers really want, and what they dont.

Grab a tissue, because one of their absolute top favorite gifts made me want to ugly cry.

First, lets cover what teachers said they dont want so you can knock that shit off of your list ASAP. While every single teacher told me that they are truly appreciative for any gift they receive, there were some running themes for shit they could do without. Number one on their list ofthanks, but no thanks items is: coffee mugs.

Dear God NOT another coffee mug!imom.iteach.iwine

I appreciate the gesture, but I dont need more sugary food.- literacy_and_lattes

A Thank You Is Enough

Well, weve been speaking to teachers from across the UK, and many we spoke to added that its not necessary to spend loads of money at all. They told us a simple thank you for teaching my child is often enough ?

That said, they appreciate ANY token and are super grateful for all the things they get its always a joy to receive gifts, after all.

Still, we wanted to make sure we were buying things theyll definitely use and enjoy, so we also asked the same teachers to share their present-buying tips with us

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Uncommon Goods Library Card Tote Bag

A sturdy tote bag is something everyone needs, but especially a teacher who has books, graded papers, and more to lug around. This 100 percent cotton tote isn’t just useful, but the library card design is super fitting. Measuring 18 inches long, the bag can hold quite a bit and the interior pocket keeps smaller items from getting buried.

The concept of giving a teacher an apple might be a bit outdated, but this small accessory is kind of along those lines. The apple-shaped enamel pin comes in colors like black, white, or red and the gold lettering reads, “I am a teacher. What is your superpower?” This is a small giftit’s less than 1.5 inches, but a way to show appreciation and your teacher is sure to wear it with pride.

Lunya Washable Silk Sleep Mask

Teacher appreciation gift, thankful for sweet teacher like ...

Lunya is a brand known for great robes and loungewear, and this sleep mask is also a winner. The silk mask fits snug against the eyes without being restrictive, so there are no annoying gaps or light peeking through. The elastic band also aides in comfort. When it needs to be cleaned, the mask can just be thrown in the washing machine.

Whether he uses this message board for classroom announcements or as a place to post a rotation of inspirational quotes, its a fun addition to any learning space. The one-inch plastic letters slide easily into the grooves on the board, making it easy and quick to change out the message on a daily basis. Kids will love walking into the room and seeing something new each and every day. Its the little things that count!

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Best Teacher Appreciation Week Gifts Under $25

Teachers are some of the most important people in your kids lives, and they always appreciate knowing that you appreciate them. They have a hard joband a stressful one, especially as they navigated pandemic teaching, whether virtual teaching, hybrid teaching or a combo. Getting holiday gifts for teachers is a sweet way to let them know that you recognize all the effort they put into shaping your childs future.

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Baked By Melissa Cupcakes

Nothing says celebration like scrumptious cupcakes! You can bake them yourself, of course, but if you dont have the time, try this selection of flavors like smores, cake batter crumble, and electric tie-dye. There are even gluten-free and vegan options. Check out their latest discount codes.

Exclusive Discount: Take 10% off your order, no minimum, with code: TEACH10 through 5/24/21.*

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Great Gifts For Teachers

How do you show your gratitude to the person who spends half their day with your child? The person who is helping mold your child into a future doctor, engineer, leader of the free world, or the next generation of teachers. Sometimes its hard to know just what to get for someone who does so much for your children. We asked local teachers to tell us about some of the gifts theyve received from students that were their favorites. They also gave us some suggestions for things that would bring them joy, or any other time you feel like doing something to make them smile.

How To Make A Starbucks Gift Card For A Teacher

What do Teachers REALLY want for Christmas? BEST Teacher Gift Ideas (from a TEACHER!)

Step 1: Print out the free printable tags on white card stock paper. Step 2: Cut out the tags and punch a hole through the circle at the top of each tag. Step 3: Fill the bottom of the empty Starbucks Frappuccino cup with kraft brown crinkle paper. Stick the gift card in the middle, surrounded by the paper.

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For The Teacher Who Embraces Cozy: A Barefoot Dreams Blanket

While it’s a bit of a splurge, this insanely soft and chic Barefoot Dreams blanket will improve any teacher’s hyggekrog . Like a baby blanket for adults, its cozy, lightweight and comes in a range of neutral colors. We loved a similar model from this cult-favorite brandit’s hard to go wrong with this luxurious throw.

Get a Barefoot Dreams Ribbed Throw Blanket at Nordstrom for $147

For The Teacher Who Needs To Relax: An Essential Oil Diffuser

Scents are extremely personal. The vanilla aroma that relaxes one person might make another lightheaded. An essential oil diffuser allows for user choice while doubling as a mini-humidifier. The soothing steam eases anxiety and transforms a work area into an oasis. This streamlined model from InnoGear is one of our favorite essential oil diffusersor, for those who prefer a more natural look, there’s InnoGears wood grain exterior model, too.

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    For The Teacher Who Is Constantly On The Go: An Insulated Mug

    In general, we teachers are up to the eyeballs in mugsespecially those with apple and ruler motifs. But a vacuum insulated, no-spill tumbler that keeps an Earl Grey warm for hours like this cult-favorite from Yeti? Thats a different story. Include your teachers favorite box of tea or bag of coffee to make it more personal.

    Gift Cards To Starbucks So They Can Treat Themselves To Their Favorite Drinks And Pastries

    Teacher Appreciation Gifts and End of Year Teacher Gift Ideas

    Two in particular stand out. The first was from a student who I became close to during his sophomore year, although I didn’t teach him until his senior year. On his last day, he gave me a plaque thanking me. This was early in my teaching career, and still means the world to me. The second came from about a dozen of my students from last year, most of whom were graduating. They pooled their money together and secretly bought me a Playstation 4! I was completely shocked by their grand gift. They went above and beyond! thurmanfc

    As a Geography teacher I talked a lot about different cultures and the places I’ve traveled. One of my students, whose father is a welder, made me a metal globe of the earth. It was flat, to hang on the wall as a decoration. I was astounded at how much work and effort went into it. kenzhunter

    Get a custom plaque made from Graphics2Art on Etsy for $17.95+ .

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    Ventured Living Hand Sanitizer Holder Set

    Speaking of hand sanitizer, its clearly a classroom must-have thats here to stay. Teachers can clip these holders to their lanyard or belt, refilling as needed. They come in a cute floral pattern, too. Heres what one reviewer has to say: Im a teacher and this product is perfect to keep on my backpack. I can easily use entering/leaving school, with peace of mind for sanitation. We are buying more for my teacher friends and family.

    Buy it:

    Teacher Appreciation Week Ideas For The Staff

    • Candy bars in the teacher workroom
    • Stock the Teachers Lounge with gourmet coffees & teas.
    • Have a Teachers Car Wash at a local car wash place or even have them come to the school. All teachers get a free car wash.
    • Dress up the teachers lounge with new books, magazines, snacks, or even new decor.
    • Get a membership to somewhere like for the school- teachers can watch it in the teachers lounge or during planning periods.
    • Coordinate a car wash and invite the school staff and teachers to get their vehicles washed for free.
    • Have breakfast for the staff. You could ask parents to volunteer to prepare breakfast on specific days so you get a variety of foods each day.
    • Plant flowers near the school or outside of the classroom windows to give the teachers something beautiful to look at each day.
    • Host a luncheon for the teachers and ask parents to volunteer to cover the classroom for one period so the teachers can attend.
    • Ask local restaurants, bakeries, shops, or spas to partner with you to provide teachers with a free item or small gift card.

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    Boxes & Bags For Teacher Goodies

    Below are some cute boxes and bags that you can put little teacher goodies in. Two and three below are actually made of paper and you download them print them off and then fold them to create these adorable little boxes that would be perfect for a small gift like a teachers favorite candy.



    What Teachers Really Dont Want

    $5 – $10 Teacher Gift Ideas that Teachers Will Use!

    #1 Coffee Mugs

    I cannot tell you how many coffee mugs I have received from kids/families. Every year I get a multitude of coffee mugs, which is sweet when you think about it because my kids watch me drink coffee every morning so they know its something I like, BUT, I have too many. And the only time I use actual coffee mugs is when Im at home on the weekend. So realistically, I need about 4 basic coffee mugs- not 54. I will think its cute if it has Cat in the Hat on it or something, but I still dont need it.

    #2 Candles, Lotions, Beauty Products

    I love candles, but I am pretty picky about the kind of candles I use. Most candles I receive as gifts either get re-gifted or are put in the Good Will box to be given away. I feel the same way about lotions and beauty products. If I receive it as a gift, I will use it because its there, but theres a good chance you could purchase a scent/kind the teacher cant stand and then it will just sit around forever .

    #3 Apple-Themed Decor or Hand-Made Decorations

    #4 Jewelry or Accessories

    #5 Gift Baskets That Arent Useful

    Again, I must reiterate that whatever gift you give your childs teacher will be appreciated. Any gift that is heartfelt and thoughtful will make him/her happy. However, if you wan to make him/her EXTRA happy, you might want to follow these guidelines.

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    Diy Kindle Case Cover

    My daughter needed a DIY teachers gift this semester so we decided on a DIY cloth kindle cover. A hand sewn laptop case is a great DIY gift idea for the student in your family. I used an 80s retro printed cotton and some leftover blue fabric I had from making a blazer last Fall. I followed this very simple tutorial and it only took about an hour to complete. Of all the DIY laptop cases Ive seen, this one is my favorite.

    Something Personal Like A Handmade Card

    , I got 5 cards, 3 boxes of chocolates, a bottle of wine and a bunch of flowers and the flowers and cards with a personal message meant more to me than any of the others really, says secondary teacher AC.

    Our Year 11s generally club together a couple of quid each to get their tutor a nice meaningful present so like candles, photos, a football shirt, personalised golf tees, guitar pics and like gin glasses etc

    I think that works better and it ends up being something you would use more chocolate definitely gets a bit much!

    But personally the cards mean more to me coz Im super soppy ???

    Indeed, every teacher we spoke to said cards with handwritten messages from their pupils were their absolute fave thing to get

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    Here For The Burn World’s Best Teacher Candle World’s Best Teacher Candle

    Candles are a great, relaxing gift and this one from Here for the Burn has a burn time of 60 hours. Choose from a variety of scents, like mango guava, Moroccan amber, or bergamot, green grass, and tonka bean. Even after the candle has burned, the nine-ounce glass with “World’s Best Teacher” is sure to be something they keep and upcycle for other uses.

    A history teacher or just a tea lover will get a chuckle out of this present. The set includes five glass vials of teas, specifically varieties that were thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party. The package comes with brewing directions and even a few fun facts about tea. The cherry wood display would look great on a countertop and is perfect for a traditional English tea party.

    Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers

    Amazing Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

    Teachers are always in need of school supplies like pencils and markers. Help your teacher to stock up her writing supplies. This set of 10 dual tip markers are great for writing, drawing, coloring, hand-lettering, and more. They have a flexible brush tip perfect for creating bold strokes, and on the other end, a fine tip suitable for smooth straight lines.

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    Unique Teacher Gift Ideas

    These next gifts are unique and creative ideas that I never would’ve thought of but Im glad some one else did. Get inspired to get something very unique for your childs teacher this year.


    She took an ordinary bouquet and added pencils, what a cute idea! Love this, the other items are from Target.


    Teachers always need more bookmarks. I love these one because they’re not only pretty, but they have positive sayings on them.

    Or A Really Cool Piece Of Merch Like Harry Potter’s Wand

    I teach fifth grade, and one year I introduced a student to Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. He gave me a very fancy replica of Harry Potter’s wand for Christmas. It was the best present I’ve ever gotten. I still keep it in my classroom and use it as a pointer from time to time.


    Get Harry’s light-up wand from Amazon for $35 .

    Editor’s Note: BuzzFeed does not support discriminatory or hateful speech in any form. We stand by the LGBTQ+ community and all fans who found a home in the Harry Potter series and will work to provide a safe space for fans. If you, like us, feel impassioned about trans rights, learn more or donate here.

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    Best Christmas Gifts For Teachers According To Teachers

    Teaching is often a thankless task, so the holidays offer an opportunity to show your kids’ educators just how much you appreciate them. But buying gifts for teachers can be tricky. What can you give that the twenty other sets of parents didn’t already and that won’t break the bank?

    I was a teacher for over a decade. During that time, I amassed more “Best Teacher” mugs, scented candles, and body wash than any one person can ever hope to use! The presents I remember having the most impact, however, were the ones that were a little out of the ordinary. And my teacher friends agree.

    Homemade gifts from the heart really get teachers teary-eyed, as Veronica, a teacher in Connecticut, explained. “When I can see little smudgy fingerprints embossed in a clay tree decoration it just melts my heart that they put in so much effort for me,” she says.

    “In my opinion, the greatest gift you can give someone is from the heart. Bonus points when it’s homemade,” says Samantha Barnes a former teacher and the founder of Raddish, a cooking club for kids. She also says that parents shouldn’t worry about gifting a perfect Pinterest-worthy present and reminds us that teachers know when a child has made something themselves. “A 5-year-old’s phonetically spelled gift tag for his piano teacher might be more charming than your perfectly penned label.”

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