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What Do You Give For An Engagement Gift

Best Unique Engagement Gifts

What type of gift do you bring to an engagement party?

What do you get the pair who has everything? Go for something unique. These creative engagement gifts are perfect for the hard-to-shop-for couple.

Avid travelers? Give your globe-trotting friends a map of the world. Once they’ve visited a destination, they can scratch off the area with a coin to reveal pops of color. They can track all their tripsâit might even inspire their honeymoon.

Uncommon Goods scratch map, from $26,

This cute trio of succulents will fit pretty much anywhere: a windowsill, the kitchen counter, the coffee table, you name it. They’re a fun alternative to the traditional congratulatory bouquet.

The Sill succulent trio, $50,

Give a nod to the couple’s hometown with these cherry wood coasters sporting a laser-engraved state of your choice. This would be the perfect engagement gift idea for the couple with tons of home-state pride.

Sugar Tree Gallery state and city coaster set, $27 for a set of 4,

Instead of giving them yet another bottle of wine, help them keep track of all that celebratory vino with this fun wine cork shadow box.

The Knot Shop wooden wine cork holder shadow box, $19,

Make sure the couple still takes time to relax together by helping them organize a date night. DateBox Club sends out a monthly subscription box filled with everything they need for an enjoyable evening together. You can choose to gift them one month’s box, or an entire year’s worth of dates.

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For The Kid At Heart: A Fun Card

Best engagement gifts: 3D Card

Sending a card is a foolproof gift option. We love this top-rated one from Love Pop because it has a fun 3D effect when opened. You can order it blank to write on yourself or have Love Pop include a custom message. Either way, its sure to put a smile on the couples face when opened.

How Much Money To Give For Wedding Gifts

Engagement parties are a growing trend among the newly -betrothed, but can pose a dilemma for their friends when it comes to giving gifts. With more couples living together before they get married, there’s less need for the typical bridal registry. Some friends and family may prefer to give cash, and some couples may prefer to receive it. Deciding on how much cash is appropriate or acceptable for an engagement party gift depends on a number of factors. But you may choose not to give an engagement gift at all.

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Engagement Gift Tip #: A Group Gift

I had eight groomsmen in my wedding party and I have been the best man in five weddings, so Im used to hanging out with a tight group of guys. One way we like to give engagement gifts is by doing a group gift. We pool our money together and get the happy couple something from all of us. It ends up being a very nice present and saves us a lot of money individually.

Presents are not about money they are about the thought.

Group gifts dont have to just come from groups of friends. A family can also give a group gift. Wedding gifts tend to come from a person or a couple, but engagement gifts can be from the whole family. The engagement gift is also the best time to give a unique gift. For example, six of my friends came together and got me a TiVo for my engagement. It was a very generous gift, but because it was split among a group, it didnt break their individual banks.

Opting For A Host And Hostess Gift

Do You Need to Bring a Gift to an Engagement Party?

You might have been asked not to bring an engagement gift, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring anything. Since it’s normally nice to show up at a hosted event with a little something, select something small that the host can use later.

A good rule of thumb: Bring whatever you would to a dinner party. If you know the hosts well , consider choosing something related to what they enjoy doing together. For example, if they are weekend cyclists, bring personalized matching water bottles. A couple that enjoys cooking together might enjoy a new set of culinary tools. If you’re not sure of the hosts’ interests, a pre-made dessert, nice bottle of wine, or pleasant-smelling candle is a great neutral option.

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Is $50 A Good Wedding Gift

How much should I spend on a wedding gift? If youre a coworker or a distant friend, the minimum wedding gift amount you can get away with is $50 to $75. If everything left on the registry is over your budget of $50 to $75, its a good idea to get the couple a gift card to one of the stores where they registered.

Would You Buy Your New Fiance An Engagement Present

    I’m all for guys giving their girlfriends fancy engagement rings when they propose. I’m equally for ladies marking this major moment in their relationships by offering their guys awesome presents. So what did I get Paul?

    An LCD flat-screen TV! He may have brought up wanting one as often as I talked about wanting to get engaged, so I knew it was the perfect present. Since I don’t know the first thing about electronics, I had to spoil the surprise and ask for his help in choosing a model and a size. He didn’t seem to mind.

    After my friend Jeff proposed to my friend Emily, she decided to surprise him with an engagement/birthday present that he really wanted and couldn’t stop talking about: a puppy! Jeff, unlike Paul, was so surprised, and, like Paul, thrilled that Emily cared to give him an engagement gift.

    Others of my friends didn’t buy their guys anything. As one of these ladies put it, “I get a diamond. He gets me! I think that’s a fair trade-off.” Funny, of coure, but I don’t see why guys shouldn’t get engagement gifts, even small tokens, if girls get rings. And I like that Paul and I watch our TV pretty much every day, so we’re constantly reminded of the happy occasion that prompted that present.

    Do you think accepting his proposal is enough of a present? Or would you get your guy an engagement gift? What would you get him?

    More About Getting Engaged__

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    Betty Lu Paperie Custom Wedding Address Stamp

    Courtesy of Etsy

    When it comes to practical gifts, this one may just take the cake. Between save-the-dates, wedding invites, and thank you notes, the couple is going to have a lot of mail going out.

    Make their lives easier and help them streamline the process with this custom ink and set stamp featuring their return address.

    Uncommon Goods Wedding Keepsake Library

    WEDDING PRESENT IDEAS 2017: Budget Friendly Gift Ideas!

    Courtesy of Uncommon Goods

    Think ahead and give them this beautifuland very functionalstorage system in which to house all their most important keepsakes post-wedding. It comes with everything theyll need, from labels to drawers to envelopes, and looks so much more beautiful than the cardboard box theyd likely end up using otherwise.

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    Best Engagement Gifts For Couples

    Maybe you know the future groom well, but you’re meeting his partner for the first time at the engagement party. Or perhaps you’re shopping for the couple who already has everything. Finding the perfect gift for a duo can be tricky no matter what. Our expert tip: Choose something they can enjoy together. Here are a few of the all-time best engagement gift ideas for couples.

    A cake is probably in this couple’s very near future, so present them with these tried-and-true, traditional engagement gifts: a cake knife and server. Opt for a simple and timeless design the pair can use to cut their first official slice, then well beyond their wedding day.

    The Knot Shop Classic Gold Romance cake serving set, $43,

    If you’re looking to send something small but seriously thoughtful as an engagement gift for the couple, Greetabl is a fantastic option. First, choose a design for the box, which you customize with photos and a sweet message. Then, browse all sorts of gifts, from a diamond bottle opener to a scented aromatherapy candle. The couple will be thrilled to get such a cute surprise in the mail!

    Greetabl gift with customized box, from $13,

    It’s time to pop bottles for the to-be-weds! Bring some elegance to their first toasts as a newly engaged couple with a set of champagne flutes. This design has a contemporary ombre finish they haven’t seen before.

    The Knot Shop modern stemless champagne flute with silver ombre fade, $10 each,

    For The Home Chef: A Cookbook For Newlyweds

    Best engagement gifts: Newlywed Cookbook

    Part of being a couple is teamwork, and what better way to practice that than by cooking together? The Newlywed Table is full of delicious modern and classic recipes that couples can make and enjoy together. Whether theyre entertaining friends or having a weeknight dinner for two, this cookbook will be both an aesthetically pleasing decor piece for the kitchen and a useful meal guide.

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    Planning And Practical Gifts

    The parents of the engaged couple can opt for a gift that helps the couple plan their wedding or a gift the couple can use in their home. For example, the parents may buy the couple a wedding-organizing book or donate their time by taking the couple around to visit prospective reception halls and caterers. If the parents wish to buy the couple something useful, they can opt for a household appliance, such as a new toaster oven, barbecue or even a washer and dryer set.

    Fun Engagement Gifts For Men That Your Future Husband Will Love

    Fantastic Engagement Party Gift Ideas

    If youre stuck on what to get your hubby-to-be or you want ideas on engagement gifts for men in general, consider our list of suggestions!

    Some of the links included may be affiliate however, everything we feature has been independently selected and reviewed by our editorial team. We never include a venue, vendor, or product unless we believe they have a proper place on When you make a purchase, we may receive revenue. Thank you for your support!

    When it comes to getting engaged, all of the pressure is traditionally on the grooms-to-be however, the brides-to-be get most of the attention afterwards! Of course, some friends and family members will send engagement gifts to the couple, but many times, engagement gift ideas are focused on the bride versus the groom. Even with the couple themselves, women typically do not present the men with an engagement gift or offering, though modern couples are changing these practices.

    Getting down on bended knee is no easy feat making the decision to propose marriage to your significant other is an exciting and anxiety-inducing practice. Women typically receive a diamond engagement ring when the question is popped, but there has not been a societal push to present the groom with some sort of nuptial marker or gift. As of late, however, giving the man in your life a token post-engagement is becoming increasingly popular.

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    Personalised Stemless Wine Glass From 280 Each Hitched Shop

    Choose a logo, a print colour and add a personalised message and give them something they can toast their engagement with! We adore these stemless wine glasses.

    When you first get engaged, the house is usually filled with flowers, but even the best bunches don’t last for more than a week or two. This 3-month flower subscription from Bloom & Wild will keep the magic of this momentous occasion alive for that little bit longer.

    If youve been invited to the hen party, check out these hen party cocktail games and list of hen party dares to get you in the mood.

    Lucy Addicott

    Are Guests Expected To Give Engagement Shower And Wedding Gifts

    A wedding is a joyous occasion, right? It usually is, anyway. If two people you care about have decided to take that big step, you ought to be happy for them. You should be excited about the prospect of sharing in their big day — in person if possible — and at least in wishing them well. But then reality starts to intrude. How much is your joy going to cost you?

    Make no mistake: Weddings are one of the biggest gift-giving-and-getting occasions in our culture. Of course, the specter of the big day raises a host of questions. What sort of present do you have to give? How much should it cost? And if you’re close enough to the happy couple to be included in engagement celebrations and showers as well as the wedding day festivities, must you come up with a gift for every event?

    Much has changed in social customs and expectations over the recent decades. But when a wedding is involved, traditional etiquette usually comes into play. The apparel, the music, the venue — many wedding details change from year to year. When it gets down to the essentials, however, most people — those getting as well as those celebrating with them — stick with tried-and-true notions of propriety. And giving gifts is one of the big wedding essentials.

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    For The Tea Lover: A Tea Blend Inspired By Love Itself

    Gift this teacup that is inspired by love itself available at Wayfair.

    If wine isnt the couples choice of celebratory beverage, a rose tea blend could be the perfect solution. With just the right amount of floral and full-bodied tea, this multi-colored teacup and saucer comes available in a heart-shaped and will be loved by all.

    Wax And Wane Congrats Candle

    Wedding Present for the Guy Who Has Everything!

    Courtesy of Etsy

    If youre looking for an affordable option thats sure to please, pick up this champagne-scented candle. Made from soy wax and premium essential oils, it delivers over 50 hours of burn time. Its fun and festive like a bottle of bubblybut lasts longer and comes without the risk of a hangover.

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    And A Set Of Embroidered Luggage Tags So The Last Thing They’ll Have To Worry About On Their Honeymoon Is Losing Track Of Their Luggage

    Promising reviews: “Very cute product with nice packaging. I bought this as a gift for a friend who recently got engaged and she loved it! Great size and it feels like it would last a while.” Shine

    “The material and durability of these are great. The labels are embroidered in for a classier look. Great gift for any couple, especially those who love to travel!” Alicia

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99.

    For The Whimsical: Wedding Countdown Blocks

    Best engagement gifts: Wedding countdown blocks

    Adults can play with blocks, too. Although these are less about building castles and more about counting down the days until I do. Not only are these a fun decor piece, but its something theyll actively get to update every single day as the excitement builds.

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    Do I Bring A Gift To Every Tea Or Party

    Unless you’re a close family member or part of the bridal party, you should not be invited to more than one celebration. Brides and grooms should be attentive to how many times they invite a guest so as not to overburden them with events or costs. Even people who are invited to more than one event are owed a little notice from the couple that they aren’t expected to bring a gift to each one. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, for example, may be invited to multiple events because they share a lot of common friends with the couple and would welcome the opportunity to celebrate with them. A gift, in this case, is not necessary unless you just want to offer one. After all, attending weddings is expensive. Being in a wedding is costly, too. A gift is a way to honor the couple, but your presence and time does that, too.

    If you’d prefer to give one gift for the many wedding festivities, you can let the couple know you’ve decided to “splurge” on one gift. But of course, do it in a proper way. Let them know how much you know they wanted this larger gift”It was important to me to get you something I know you two will use a lot and enjoy together”so you chose to wrap up all your offerings into one larger gift.

    Gift Them A Session With A Well

    What Do You Give for a 50th Wedding Anniversary?

    If your friends or family members are getting engaged, they’ll likely want to book a photo session with a photographer to announce their engagement to the world. A thoughtful way to relieve some of their expenses is to find a reliable photographer they like and purchase a gift certificate so they can enjoy their session even more.

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    A Set Of Cake Forks They’ll Be Able To Save For That ~sweet~ Moment On Their Wedding Day

    I threatened my husband with his life if he dared to smash cake in my face on our wedding day, so feel free to do the same . We were gifted similar forks just for “feeding” each other cake and I will admit they looked very cute in our photos.

    Get it from BlockandHammer on Etsy for $29.99.

    Note: this shop has a variety of styles for any couple in your life.

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